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[Gusher Running Wild - Orange Oil Field]
Photographic postcard picturing an oil gusher at an Orange oil field.
[Laboring in the Rice Fields]
Photograph of a worker in a rice field at the Kishi Colony.
Man Picking Cotton
Photograph of a cotton field. On the right side of the frame is a man in a hat with a large bag picking the cotton. In the background are trees.
[Japanese Group Portrait]
Photograph of a group of Japanese, Kichimatsu Kishi is in the middle row, second from left, wearing glasses. Most of the people are dressed in western clothing but one woman wears a traditional kimono.
Alyce Claire Cheatham Howell in her Wedding Dress
Photograph of Alyce Cheatham Howell in her wedding dress. The dress is white with lace, a high collar, and puffed sleeves. There is a flower corsage pinned to her chest and large bow in her hair. Her left hand is on her hip and she is wearing a wedding ring. Her right hand is on a wooden chair.
Dr. Phillip's Residence
Photograph of Dr. Phillip's residence. The residence is a two-story Victorian style home. There is a porch with a stoop and a balcony. Surrounding the house is mowed lawn and trees.
Evergreen Cemetary, Brown Mausoleum
Photograph of the Brown Mausoleum in Evergreen Cemetery. There is a tent set up next to the mausoleum and covering other graves. Two large headstones are beside the tent. There are trees and other headstones in the background.
Little Cypress-Mauriceville School
Photograph of the Cypress-Mauriceville Schoolhouse. There is a wooden fence and gate in front of the building and it is surrounded by pine trees.
[Little Japanese Girl]
Photograph of a little Japanese girl wearing a traditional kimono decorated with butterflies. She has sandals on her feet and holds a basket of flowers.
Three Women with an Umbrella
Photograph of three friends in long-sleeved dresses sitting on a mowed lawn with an umbrella. The girl in the center is wearing a checkered dress. In the background is a wooden fence, several trees, a telephone pole and large houses.
Evergreen Cemetary, Brown Mausoleum
Photograph of an upright tent next to the Brown Mausoleum in Evergreen Cemetery. Beside, in front of, and beneath the tent are headstones, one with a small Virgin Mary. In the background is a chain link fence behind which is a pine tree and telephone pole.
Lillian Adams Manley
Studio portrait of Lillian Adams (Manley). She is standing behind a dark chair with a woven back. She is holding a handbag and a matted photograph of a woman in a hat. She is wearing a white dress and a necklace.
Allie Bland's House and Cove School
Photograph of the Cove School at left and Ms. Allie Bland's house on the right. There is a white-picket fence surrounding the yard of the house and the school. In front of the fence is a man in a dark suit and hat. Within the house yard are two women in long skirts and a man in a vest and hat. There are large trees with moss surrounding the buildings.
Dr. E.W. Thompson
Photograph of Dr. E.W. Thompson. He is standing outside with a cigarette in his left hand. He is wearing a dark suit with a vest, and tie. Behind him are several bushes. On the right side of the frame is a partial view of somebody's leg.
Dr. S.W. Sholars
Studio portrait of the best of Dr. S.W. Sholars. He is wearing a white shirt, dark jacket, and a bow tie. He has a large mustache and long beard. Written across the bottom is, "Dr. S.W. Sholars".
Evergreen Cemetary, Brown Mausoleum
Photograph of the Brown Mausoleum next to an upright tent in the Evergreen Cemetery. Behind the tent and the mausoleum are several headstones and and tall pine trees.
Man Diving from Flag Tower
Photograph of a crowd with a saddled horse watching a man dive off of a large flag tower. In the background are two-story buildings and a telephone pole.
[Two Mule Teams at Kishi Farm]
Two mule teams with four mules each working on the Kishi Rice Farms in Terry, Texas.
Dr. S.M. Brown Residence
Photograph of Dr. S.M. Brown's residence. The house is one-story with a front porch and a large white picket fence surrounding the house and the tree-filled yard. In the foreground is tall grass and puddles. In the lower right-hand corner are railroad tracks. Written on the photograph is, "Dr S.M. Brown Res. Front St. To Freight Depot, To Adams Bayou."
Young Man in Suit with Chair
Studio portrait of a young man wearing a suit with a vest, pocket watch, and large white bow tie. He is standing with his left hand on a wooden chair in front of him. There is a fake backdrop behind him with flowers on it. Printed on the bottom border is, "Dr. W.E. Handler, Orange, Tex."
Young Boy with Cow Horn Chair
Studio portrait of a small boy leaning against a chair made of cow horns. He is wearing a smock, belt, dark stockings, knickers, bow tie, and a checkered hat.
Dr. A.G. Pearce
Studio portrait of Dr. A.G. Pearce. He is wearing a white collar, dark jacket, and dark bow tie. He has gray and white hair that is parted on the side.
Five Men and One Boy with a Debarked Log
Photograph of five men, one boy, and a team of two horses with a large debarked log on a wagon. Two of the men are standing on top of the log and the boy is standing in-between the horses. Two of the men wear overalls and all of them wear hats. In the background is a wooden building, trees, houses, and a water tower.
Holland Tailor Shop
Photograph of the interior of the Holland Tailor Shop at 612 Fourth Street in Orange, Texas. Five men are in the shop. One man is being measured. There are bolts of fabric and illustration of men's suits on the walls. On the back of the photo it states that Harry Merrill is the man taking measurements.
[Japanese Couple]
Photograph of a Japanese man and woman wearing traditional costumes.
[Fuji Kishi, wife of Kichimatsu Kishi]
Photograph of Fuji Kishi, wife of Kichimatsu Kishi. She came with her husband to Texas in 1908. He was the owner of a 3500-acre rice colony in Terry, Texas between Beaumont and Orange. She wears a string of pearls around her neck and a lace collar on her dress.
Fox Terrier
Photograph of a white fox terrier show dog wearing a thin dark collar. The dog has a dark-colored ear.
[Two Men in a Carriage by a Large Tree]
Photograph of two men wearing suits and seated in a carriage. They are stopped in front of the base of a large tree.
Ch. Mordem Bullseye, Fox Terrier
Photograph of a white fox terrier show dog named Ch. Mordem Bullseye. The dog is wearing a dark, think collar. Printed across the bottom is, "Ch. Mordem Bullseye".
S.P. Depot in Orange, Texas
Photograph of the S.P. train depot in Orange, Texas. On the left side of the frame is a pole and a horse-less buggy on a patch of grass. In front of the depot is another buggy and a man facing it. He is wearing a suit and a hat. In the background are trees and buildings. There is a sign on the depot that reads, "ORANGE".
Interior of the Methodist Church at Terry
Photograph of the interior of the Methodist Church at Terry. In the foreground are several folding chairs. On the stage are vases with bouquets of flowers. There is a piano on the right side of the frame with flowers on top of it. There are two dark, shiny doors against the back wall.
[Kichimatsu Kishi in the Rice Fields with Laborers]
Photograph of Kichimatsu Kishi standing on a tractor and harvesting rice on his 3500-acre farm. Two laborers are working alongside him.
Aileen Stratton Merkle
Photograph of Aileen Stratton Merkle standing in front of a wire fence with bushes behind it. She is wearing a light-colored dress, shoes, and stockings and a necklace. She is holding papers. Behind her are trees and wooden structures.
Dr. Karen Inena Peterson Mitchell
Portrait of Dr. Karen Inena Peterson Mitchell. She is wearing a dress coat with puffed sleeves and a checkered bow tie. Her hair is dark and in a high bun.
Plowed Land, Tractors and Cars
Photograph of a group of men in hats standing on or around old cars, tractors, and buggies. In the foreground is a plowed field. Written on the bottom is, "About 1918".
Armistice Day Parade, Orange, Texas
Photograph of an Armistice Day Parade in Orange, Texas. There is a large crowd holding a large American flag. In the bottom right hand corner is a tin roof and on the left hand side is a building under construction and a telephone pole. Written across the top is, "Nov. 11th 1918 Orange Tex".
[Kishi Rice Farm's Headquarters]
Photographs of the buildings at the headquarters area of the Kishi Rice Farm in Terry, Texas.
Armistice Day Parade
Photograph of an Armistice Day Parade in Orange, Texas on November 11, 1918. In the foreground is an American flag covered vehicle. A large crowd is moving towards the top of the photograph. Within the crowd are uniformed men, individuals and families. On the bottom left hand corner are wooden beams.
[Team of Mules Pulling Cultivator at Kishi Farm]
Team of four mules in a field.
Two Workers with Large Pieces of Equipment
Photograph of two men sitting inside a wooden and tin building surrounded by large pieces of equipment. There is a teapot on top of one of the machines. One of the men is wearing overalls and the other has a mustache.
Two Men, Smokestack, and Slough
Photograph of a tin building with a large smokestack next to a water slough. A man is standing in the doorway of the building and another man is standing on a wooden walkway next to the slough. In the foreground are weeds and in the background are tall trees.
[Japanese Women in Traditional Costume]
Photograph of two Japanese women wearing traditional costumes. Their kimonos are striped.
[Six Men Picking Fruit on the Kishi farm]
Photograph of men picking fruit on the Kishi Farm in Terry, Texas. They are putting the produce in baskets.
Captain George Levingston
Studio portrait of the bust of Captain George Levingston. He is wearing a dark suit and vest with a collared shirt and monogrammed tie with the letter, "L". He is wearing glasses and his white hair is parted on the side.
[Japanese Couple]
Photograph of a Japanese man and woman wearing traditional costumes. He stands to the right of her.
Dr. E.W. Brown
Studio portrait or painting of Dr. E.W. Brown. He is wearing a high white collar and and dark coat. He has dark hair parted on the side and a mustache.
Dr. Jefferson Davis Yates
Studio portrait of Dr. Jefferson Davis Yates. He is wearing a dark suit, vest, high collar, and a tie. He is bald and is wearing glasses.
Barges, Boats, and Logs on Waterfront
Photograph of a water front along a pier. A large wharf with workers wearing hats standing on it is pulling up a large log. In the background are barges .
[Tractor working at Kishi Rice Farm]
Photograph of a man running a tractor on the Kishi Rice Farm in Terry, Texas. This 3,500-acre farm was founded by Kichimatsu Kishi, located on the Southern Pacific Railroad between Beaumont and Orange. The town of Terry, Texas no longer exists.
Evergreen Cemetary, Brown Mausoleum
Photograph of an upright tent next to the Brown Mausoleum in Evergreen Cemetery. On the left side of the photograph and in the background are headstones and trees.
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