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[Map of Orange County]
Photograph of a map of Orange County showing oil discoveries.
A derrick and steam engine at the Deweyville oil well
Two men stand on the platform of an oil derrick next to two portable steam engines.
Photograph of two men and the tugboat Smyth. The man standing is named McCarver.
[Dottie Couser with Petrified Elephant Tooth]
Photograph of Dottie Couser holding a petrified elephant tooth found at McFaddin's Beach. A statue and some rocks are on the shelf behind her.
[New Holland Hotel]
Photograph of the New Holland Hotel in Orange, Texas in 1910. The three-story structure has a turret on one corner with a flag pole on top of it. There are palm trees and a gazebo outside the hotel.
[Sells House]
Photograph of the Sells house at 608 Sixth Street. The house has a front porch and two dormers on the roof.
[Wooden Building on the River]
Photograph of a building that flooded along the Sabine River in Orange, Texas. It is a long wooden building, most likely a business. Two automobiles are parked in shallow water near a side entrance to the building.
[Utility Pole in Deep Water]
Photograph of a utility pole in deep water after the Sabine River flooded in 1953.
[Green Avenue at Fifth]
Photograph of Green Avenue and Fifth Street in Orange, Texas. Businesses include First National Bank, the Fair, and Shoe Scene. A traffic light hangs in the center of the intersection.
[Curtis Blaty of the U.S.O.]
Photograph of Curtis Blaty in front of a U.S.O. banner. He holds a pipe in his mouth.
[George W. Michaels]
Photograph of George W. Michaels around 1880.
[Caution - Bad Bridge]
Photograph of a sign reading, "Caution Bad Bridge 1000ft. Drive Slow" The sign is standing in water from the flood of the Sabine River in 1953.
[Allen Buck Patillo]
Photograph of Allen Buck Patillo. He is wearing a hat, glasses and a badge.
Portrait of Jeannette Rodrigue
Portrait of Jeannette Rodrigue in a Bengals Guards uniform and hat.
[Burton Store on Ninth and Burton]
Photograph of the Burton Store on the corner of Ninth and Burton in Orange, Texas. It has a picket fence on either side of the building. A sign says, "Cold Soda Water". Walter Gunstream is standing on the front porch.
Band Hall of the Orange High Bengal Guards
Band hall of the Orange High Bengal Guards.
Four boys in a boat on the water
Four boys sitting together in a boat.
Portrait of Fannie Barben Farwell
Portrait of Fannie Barben Farwell wearing a white, sleeveless dress and a black velvet overcoat.
[U.S.O. Volunteer and Soldier]
Photograph of a U.S.O. volunteer seated at an information desk helping a soldier.
Navy battleship numbered 85
Crewmen stand on a naval battle ship with the number 85 marked on its side as it rests on the ocean.
Company 87, 14th Battalion at Camp Wallace, Texas
Group picture of sailors of the Company 87, 14th Battalion at Camp Wallace, Texas.
[Veteran's Grocery Store]
Photograph of Veteran's Grocery Store on DuPont Drive. It is an example of a small business in Orange, Texas. A mailbox sits outside the building.
Sabine Packing Company plant
Side view of one of the Sabine Packing Company plants in Orange, Texas.
[Fifith and Front Streets in Orange, Texas]
Photograph of the First National Bank, Stauds Jewelry, and Griggs on the corner of Fifth and Front Streets in Orange, Texas.
Front of the Dragon Theatre
Front entrance to the Dragon Theatre with several people walking on the sidewalk.
1903 newspaper clipping of several portraits
A 1903 newspaper clipping shows the portraits of several men in suits.
[Attakapan Arrow Heads]
Photograph of six small Atakapan Indian arrow heads in a man's hand. These small arrow heads were used for fish and birds.
Five ushers at a Stark Contest
Five women in formal Crinolin-layered dresses and gloves stand together as ushers at a Stark Contest.
[Downtown Orange in the early 1950s]
Photograph of downtown Orange in the early 1950s, looking north. Businesses at Division and Fifth include: the Orange Chamber of Commerce, the Holland Hotel, Texas State Optical, a small appliance store, and a hardware store. Automobiles are parked along the curb.
People erecting a booth for a Gumbo Cookoff
Photograph of people building a booth in preparation for the 9th Annual International Gumbo Cook-Off at Orange, Texas. It took place from May 18 - 19 in 1984.
Two women with serving trays at a Gumbo Cookoff
Photograph of two women carrying serving trays with drinks and bread at the 9th Annual International Gumbo Cook-Off at Orange, Texas. It took place from May 18 - 19 in 1984.
[U.S.S. Dyess DD880]
Photograph of the U.S.S. Dyess DD880.
[Woman with Oxen on Front and Fifth Street]
Photograph of a woman in a striped dress standing at Front and Fifth Street with a pair of oxen.
[Employees at Consolidated Steel during World War II]
Employees of U.S.Steel in Orange, Texas during World War II.
[Fuller Funeral Home]
Photograph of the Fuller Funeral Home at Green Avenue and Eighth Street in Orange, Texas. The white house has a front porch and a dormer above the front door. A turret is visible on the back right corner of the building.
[Covered Wagon, Tent, and People]
Photograph of a tent with some men standing under it and a covered wagon with a sign on the side reading, "Rodeo."
[Riverfront in Orange, Texas]
Photograph of debris on the Orange, Texas riverfront. A riverboat is docked to the right and a sailboat is on the left.
DD Destroyer]
Photograph of a DD Destroyer. This ship was part of the mothball, or reserve, fleet docked in Orange, Texas.
First Baptist Church between the Stark House
Photograph of the First Baptist Church situated between the Stark House turrets.
A Gumbo booth in the middle of a flooded street
Photograph of people building a booth in preparation for the 9th Annual International Gumbo Cook-Off at Orange, Texas. It took place from May 18 - 19 in 1984.
[General Douglas MacArthur addresses dignitaries at the signing of the Japanese Surrender]
Photograph relating to the signing of the Japanese Instrument of Surrender which ended WWII. General of the Army Douglas MacArthur, Supreme Allied Commander, address the crowd at the beginning of the ceremony. Behind him from left to right stand: General Hsu Yung-Chang of China; Admiral Sir Bruce A. Fraser, Royal Navy; Lt. General Kuzma Derevyanko of the U.S.S.R.; and General Sir Thomas Blamey of Australia.
[Congressman Jack Brooks and Two Men at the US Supreme Court]
Signed photograph of Jack Brooks (center), member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Texas's 2nd congressional district. He stands between two men in front of the U.S. Supreme Court building in Washington, D.C.
[U.S. and Japanese officers during surrender negotiations]
Photograph relating to some type of surrender negotiations with the Japanese. U.S. and Japanese officers sit around a table on a navy ship.
[Tugboat Katherine]
Photograph of men with a cart backed up to a barge at the edge of the Sabine River. The steam tugboat Katherine is ready to pull the barge down the river.
Starlight Church - West Orange
Photograph of part of the the Starlight Church in West Orange, Texas.
[Orange Jail, 1888]
Photograph of the Orange Jail in 1888. It is a small building on the river's edge.
[Buick Dealership]
Photograph of the Buick dealership in Orange, Texas.
[U.S.S. Hollis DE794]
Photograph of the U.S.S. Hollis DE794.
Gas Station - 1002 Green
Photograph of a car parked at a gas station.
[Gulf Station Men on Motor Bikes]
Photograph of five men seated on motor bikes in front of the Gulf service station in Orange, Texas around 1920.