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 County: Dallas County, TX
[Letter from Carlos E. CastaƱeda to John J. Herrera - 1945-02-20]
Letter to John J. Herrera from Carlos E. CastaƱeda regarding several complaints received against the Texas Gulf Sulphur Company. Also, the Region X of FEPC has been completely reorganized.
[Letter from Dallas P. Lee to Reverend Manuel Urbina - January 5, 1967]
Letter from Dallas P. Lee of the Baptist General Convention of Texas to Rev. Manuel Urbina thanking him for his service at Magnolia Baptist Church. The letter notes Rev. Urbina's impending retirement and his recommendation of Brother Martinez to be in charge.
[Letter from Eduardo Morga to Roberto Ornelas - 1977-07-17]
Letter from Eduardo Morga, League of United Latin American Citizens National President, to Roberto Ornelas, referring to an enclosed distribution list and copy of Resolution #4 that was passed at National Assembly. The letter is dated July 17, 1977.
[Letter from Edward H. Thompson, III, to John J. Herrera - 1977-04-18]
Letter from Edward H. Thompson, III, Controller at Gittings Texas, to John J. Herrera. The letter is a reminder of an unpaid invoice. The letter is dated April 18, 1977.
[Letter from John J. Herrera to Luther Holcomb - 1962-09-10]
Onionskin paper carbon copy of letter from John J. Herrera to replying to Reverend Luther Holcomb, Executive Director of the Greater Dallas Area Council of Churches, accepting his invitation to attend the next meeting of the Advisory Committee of Texas on Civil Rights, to which Holcomb had just named Herrera. Herrera goes on to discuss his knowledge and support of John B. Connally.
[Letter from John J. Herrera to Roberto Ornelas and William Bonilla - 1976-08-24]
Letter from John J. Herrera directed to Roberto Ornelas and William Bonilla, dated August 24, 1976, and printed on John J. Herrera letterhead. The letter is regarding LULAC Special Fund and LULAC National Foundation.
[Letter from John M. Herrera to Roberto Ornelas - 1965-02-26]
Letter from John M. Herrera to Roberto Ornelas, Industrial Employment Policy Specialist, concerning job placement for Latin-Americans.
[Letter from Ralph Yarborough to Hector P. Garcia - 1955-04-19]
Letter from Ralph Yarborough explaining to Dr. Hector P. Garcia a Democratic publication in the Dallas area called The White Rocker and the need for pro-Democratic writings and Spanish-language publications. Yarborough asks Garcia to explore possibilities for such in the Corpus Christi area, Nueces County, or other areas of Texas. The letter was also sent to some other publishers of Spanish-language newspapers in the state.
[Letter from W. Don Ellinger to John J. Herrera - 1945-02-10]
Invitation to John J. Herrera to participate in a conference to be held at the Moorland Branch YMCA, Dallas, on the occasion of the presence of Malcolm Ross, Chairman of the Fair Employment Practice Committee in Dallas on February 26th. Invitation sent by W. Don Ellinger, Regional Director of the Committee on Fair Employment Practice in New Orleans.
[List of names of people invited to the meeting with Malcolm Ross]
A list of names of people who are invited to meet with Malcolm Ross on February 26, 1945, at a conference at the Moorland Branch YMCA in Dallas, Texas. Sent to John J. Herrera by W. Don Ellinger.
[Note by John J. Herrea about John F. Kennedy's assassination]
Note by John J. Herrera based on the book "The death of a President," by William Manchester.
[Postcard from J. L. Goggans to John J. Herrera - 1943-09-05]
Postcard to John J. Herrera from J. Goggans, notifying Herrera that he passed the State Bar Examinations.
[Press statement and telegram from Ed Idar, Jr., to E. M. Dealey - 1951]
Onionskin carbon copy of press statement and telegram from Ed Idar, Jr., State Chairman, American GI Forum of Texas, to E. M. Dealey, Publisher of the Dallas Morning News, with handwritten date of 1951. This press release is a response to a story by Roy Rody in the October 19, 1951 issue of the Dallas Morning News regarding the bracero program and workers.
[Resolution, LULAC Council 272, June 1977]
Resolution submitted by LULAC Council 272 at National Convention of the League of United Latin American Citizens in Los Angeles, California, June, 1977.