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  Partner: Houston Metropolitan Research Center at Houston Public Library
 Decade: 1970-1979
 Language: No Language
 Collection: The Mexican American Family and Photo Collection
[Arturo Rosales standing at podium]
Photograph of Arturo Rosales, Professor of Chicano History at the University of Houston, standing at a podium. Rosales is wearing glasses and a white shirt.
[Decorated car with banner in Fiestas Patrias parade]
Photograph of a decorated car with banner in the Fiestas Patrias parade, 1978.
[Decorated Fiestas Patrias car]
Photograph of a decorated Fiestas Patrias car, 1978.
[Fiestas Patrias parade near Rice Hotel]
Photograph of Fiestas Patrias parade near the Rice Hotel, 1978.
[Houston Mexican Chamber of Commerce float in front of Kress building]
Photograph of Houston Mexican Chamber of Commerce float in front of the Kress building, Fiestas Patrias Parade, 1978.
[Photograph of Miss Fiestas Patrias in parade car]
Photograph of Miss Fiestas Patrias 1977-78, Martha Quintanilla, waving in a parade car, 1978. Sakowitz Building in background.
[Photograph of Rice Hotel]
Photograph of the Rice Hotel, 1978.
[Spectators at Fiestas Patrias parade]
Photograph of spectators at Fiestas Patrias parade, 1978.
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