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 Collection: John J. Herrera Papers
[Obituary for John J. Herrera, Houston Chronicle - 1986-10-14]
Obituary for John J. Herrera published in the Houston Chronicle on October 14, 1986.
[Obituary for John J. Herrera, Houston Post - 1986-10-14]
Obituary for John J. Herrera published in the Houston Post on October 14, 1986.
Rites set for local Hispanic leader John Herrera
Article, "Rites set for local Hispanic leader John Herrera", published in the Houston Chronicle on October 14, 1986. The article gives a brief obituary and list information regarding the memorial services for John J. Herrera. A photograph of John J. Herrera is included.
Rites Wednesday for John Herrera
Newspaper article published in the Houston Post on October 14, 1986. The article, titled "Rites Wednesday for John Herrera", announces Herrera's recent passing, contains a brief obituary, and lists information regarding the memorial services.
Civil Rights activist Herrera to be honored
An article published in the Houston Chronicle on October 4, 1986 and written by Maureen Bayless Balleza. The article, "Civil right activist Herrera to be honored", describes the life and career of John J. Herrera and lists information regarding a benefit to be held in his honor.
Bonilla says state must provide better education for minorities
Newspaper clipping about that Rubén Bonilla, Head of the League of United Latin American Citizens, responding to the statistics from the Texas Education Agency. Bonilla says that the Texas schools may soon have white populations in the minority over Mexican American and African American students. It will be necessary for the Texans to adjust their way of life to provide for the economic needs of a growing minority population.
"Oh, my God, they've really thrown him in"
Clipping of an article, "Oh, my God, they've really thrown him in" by Gary Taylor, published in The Houston Post on September 16, 1977. The article covers hearings regarding accusations that Houston policemen beat Joe Torres and pushed him into Buffalo Bayou. The document includes the front page story as well as the continuation on page 19A.
Reyes says LULAC request to halt Torres trial was misunderstanding
Clipping of article, "Reyes says LULAC request to halt Torres trial was misunderstanding," by Tom Moran, published in the Houston Chronicle on September 10, 1977.
Espejo: John J. Herrera remembers when
Biographical article about John J. Herrera in the Houston Post titled, "John J. Herrera remembers when," under the "Espejo" section, written by Richard Vara, a Post Reporter. This article begins with a few specific injustices Herrera worked to rectify. "Herrera remembers clearly when employment offices displayed signs declaring, 'Mexicans need not apply.' Or when there were three sets of restrooms for whites, blacks, and browns."
Editor viewpoints: purpose of penal code: to reform
Editorial written by John J. Herrera suggesting that some of the systemic problems with the Harris County penal code be addressed. Using the issue of Harris County jail overcrowding to illustrate his point, Herrera recommends that the penal code be revised to better screen convicted criminals and expedite criminal cases to move offenders through the system more efficiently.
300 attend appreciation dinner for Judge Duncan
Brief newspaper article describing a dinner held in honor of Judge Jimmie Duncan, including some notable attendees, including E. A. "Squatty" Lyons and District Attorney Carol Vance.
My point of view
Biographical newspaper article about John J. Herrera's work fighting discrimination against Mexican-Americans titled "My Point of View," written by Lauro Cruz. This article highlights Herrera's work as a leader in the Mexican-American community fighting for equal rights and educating members of the community about their rights.
Editor viewpoints: Needville is living in the past
Letter to the editor in response to a story about a discriminatory sign posted at a business in Needville, Texas. John J. Herrera recounts his experiences with discrimination and the exclusion of Mexican Americans in Houston and around the state.
Editor viewpoints: Needville is living in the past
Letter to the editor in response to a story about a discriminatory sign posted at a business in Needville, Texas. John J. Herrera recounts his experiences with discrimination and the exclusion of Mexican Americans in Houston and around the state.
Editor viewpoints: 'Chicano' Is a part of the idiom
Letter from John J. Herrera to the Houston Chronicle in response to Mrs. Marta Daumas' letter published on August 9th criticizing the use of the word "Chicano". Herrera explains that this word, once part of the Mexican American slang, has now become an American language idiom. He and other Mexican-Americans, unlike Mexicans from Mexico, appreciate the appellation as a source of pride and recognition of their Mexican ancestry.
The next four years
An editorial from the New York Times endorsing George McGovern for the President of the United States.
UT Prof G. I. Sanchez dies, page one
Page one of a newspaper clipping about the passing of Dr. George Isadore Sanchez y Sanchez Thursday, April 6, 1972.
UT Prof G. I. Sanchez dies, page two
Page two of a newspaper clipping about the passing of Dr. George Isadore Sanchez y Sanchez Thursday, April 6, 1972.
The Texas diplomatic core
Newspaper article providing details regarding the 1836 Texas Independence Convention and the delegates that were in attendance.
People So Jubilant They Didn't Listen
Newspaper article chastising both white and black racists for their jubilation at President Lyndon B. Johnson's announcement that he would not be running for re-election. The author also criticizes (and defends Johnson against) "the young," the "super-hawks," and the "doves" and decries the levels of hate directed at Johnson.
In the manner that a LULAC Council dishonored LULAC
Copy of an article from the Laredo Times covering the pickets at the Laredo Civic Center during the annual local LULAC Council banquet, published on June 11, 1967. The article includes a photograph of the crowds picketing in front of the banquet hall and also contains handwritten notes demanding that the Laredo, Texas LULAC Council be censured by the National LULAC assembly for their lack of support during the rally.
Columnist attack hurt, Barry says
Newspaper clipping from Houston Post about Barry Goldwater's remarks the effect of columnists and media during his campaign for President. Goldwater comments that these attach hurt his chances for the White House.
One Republican is left in legislature
Newspaper clipping from the Houston Post stating that the Democratic Party has made a clean sweep in the Texas Legislative districts, except for one Republication position in the House. There are no Republicans in the Texas State Senate.
Complete Harris returns
Newspaper clipping of the complete election returns from all of Harris County's 279 voting precincts for the 1964 general election.
[Los Angeles Times Political Cartoon - 1964-06-29]
Newspaper clipping from the Los Angeles Times, published on June 29, 1964, containing a political cartoon entitled "On the Beach."
Don Yarborough manager denies cold beer served
Newspaper clipping from the Houston Chronicle reporting a publishing error that said that cold beer was served at the Don Yarborough campaign headquarters. This was denied by Rex Braun, Harris County Campaign Manager for Yarborough.
Harris County Democratic vote
Clipping from an unidentified newspaper of the semi-official Democratic primary returns compiled by County clerk, R.E. Turrentine.
Why 'Enforcement' Omitted
Newspaper clipping titled "Why 'Enforcement' Omitted" from 1964. The title refers to the "omission of the word 'enforcement' from the Republican civil rights plank" and details the reasons behind it. Followed by another article titled "Scranton Will Fight Again" and a section of comics.
Government leaders coming here for Garza reception
Clipping appearing in the Houston Press by staff writer, Noe Perez, on the reception to be given to the LULAC State director, Joe Garza, at the Rice Hotel, Houston, Texas. Among the attendees will be President John F. Kennedy, Jacqueline Kennedy, Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson and his wife, Lady Bird Johnson. The article also mentions the possibility that Jacqueline Kennedy may talk in Spanish during the trip to Texas.
[Copy of editorial "Bandwagon has gone, Mr. Commissioner," from the San Antonio Evening News, September 21, 1962]
Reproduction of an editorial from the San Antonio Evening News criticizing Albert A. Peña, Jr. and his Political Association of Spanish-Speaking Organizations (PASO) organization for being derailed from their purpose, for not responding to the desires of most Latinos, and inability to solidify a party plank.
Connally jumps on 'outsiders' meddling'
Article about a rally in Amarillo at which John B. Connally decried "'out-of-state' meddling in Texas politics" as a counter to his opponent's charges that he represented Eastern interests.
John Connally deserves your vote in the runoff primary
Houston Chronicle editorial endorsing John B. Connally in the runoff primary elections, since the Chronicle's other choice, Price Daniel, did not make it into the runoff. Connally's qualifications as the newspaper sees them are explained, and the paper's reservations about Don Yarbrough are mentioned.
[Clippings about the Little School of 400, 1960]
Article titled "Trustee Set Pre-School English Program," written by David Lopez and published in The Laredo Times on Friday, January 15, 1960. The article discusses the pre-school summer program sponsored by the Laredo League of United Latin American Citizens Council. Second article: "English project: Lulacs to aid schools," published in unspecified paper. Article on the reverse: "'Little School of 400' sets pace, and San Antonio falling in line," written by Charles Richardson and published in The Houston Press on Saturday, January 23, 1960. Includes a photograph of Ralph Cardenas, John A. Esquivel, Joe Olivares, Felix Tijerina, and Roy S. Padilla.
[Article on San Jacinto Day Celebration - 1958-04-22]
Partial clipping of an article from The Houston Post covering the San Jacinto Day Celebration published on April 22, 1958. The article includes two photographs: a photo of Texas Governor Price Daniel addressing the audience and posed photo of Joyce and John J. Herrera and Governor Daniel with a memorial wreath.
Tijerina denies LULAC 'passed word' on Nixon
Article about League of United Latin American Citizens National President Felix Tijerina denies reports that LULAC has been urging members to vote against Richard Nixon in the upcoming presidential race: "The 51-year-old restaurant operator, wearing an 'Ike' pin in his lapel, said in a later statement to newsmen that he personally endorsed the Eisenhower-Nixon administration and will vote for their reelection Nov. 6."
John Herrera wants tighter insurance laws
Newspaper clipping about John J. Herrera published in the Houston Chronicle on July 9, 1954. The article, entitled "John Herrera Wants Tighter Insurance Laws", discusses Herrera's history and experience as well as his commitment to tighter insurance laws if elected to legislature. The clipping also includes a photograph of Herrera.
Well done, Mr. Shepperd
Clipping of an article in The Waco News-Tribune about Texas attorney general John Ben Shepperd and his accomplishments, while in office, for the state of Texas. The article addresses Shepperd's foil of a "Communist inspired plot". It also elaborates on Shepperd's staff and his accomplishments on "a staggering amount of legal labor expended on behalf of the people of Texas." There is an emphasis at the end of the return of unused budget money to the state treasury, a show of his "efficiency" while in office.
Ferree pens letters about Cameron jail
Newspaper clipping about Frank Ferree's letters complaining about the quality of food in the Brownsville, Texas jail, hand-dated July 8, 1952.
Frank Ferree Multado y Sentenciado a 3 dias de Carcel
Full page from the "El Tiempo" newspaper published in Harlingen, Texas, dated June 20, 1952, which features several articles about Frank Ferree of Harlingen, Texas, who was jailed on contempt charges when he wrote a letter to the Texas Good Neighbor Commission complaining that the court had been prejudiced in their decision to sentence Roberto Jiminez to a 10-year sentence.
[Newspaper articles regarding Texas Governor Allan Shivers and other Texas farmers exploiting workers - June, 1952]
Copies of newspaper articles regarding Texas Governor Allan Shivers and other Texas farmers using "exploiting" Mexican workers on their farms, dated June 5 and 6, 1952.
'Latinos' traits pamphlet blasted
Newspaper clipping from the Brownsville Herald of Brownsville, Texas, dated March 11, 1952. The article is entitled "Latinos' Traits Pamphlet Blasted." The article covers discussions held at an assembly of Latin Americans at Mission, Texas, on the pamphlet published by the University of Texas, "The Wetback in the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas," written by Lyle Saunders and Olen E. Leonard. The assembly condemned the features of the pamphlet.
Local Lulac delegates impressed with national convention held last week-end in Laredo hotel
Newspaper clipping from Palacios Beacon with handwritten date of June 28, 1951. The article is entitled "Local Lulac Delegates Impressed With National Convention Held Last Week-End in Laredo Hotel." The main topic of the article is the contest between John J. Herrera and George J. Garza for the office of National President. The voting resulted in a technical tie, with Vice President Herrera granted the right to cast the deciding vote, whereupon he cast his vote for his opponent.
Discrimination story condemned
Newspaper clipping of article "Discrimination Story Condemned," written by J. H. Plenn, Staff Writer of San Antonio Express newspaper, dated March 13, 1951. Review of article published in March 27, 1951, issue of Look Magazine entitled "City Wilderness." The article was based on a study of living conditions among persons of Mexican descent in Texas.
Houston attorney writes of Latin American loyalty to United States
Newspaper clipping from unknown newspaper of a letter written by John J. Herrera, LULAC First National Vice-President, to a Mrs. Jackson, titled "Houston Attorney Writes of Latin American Loyalty to United States", hand-dated July, 1950.
Wharton County Lulac to award scholarships
Newspaper clipping from unknown publication, with handwritten notation of 1950. This article concerns the Wharton County LULAC council scholarships for Wharton County Junior College. It covers the application details for four scholarships to be awarded for the semester beginning in February of 1950.
Latin-American citizens league to meet here
Newspaper clipping from unknown newspaper with handwritten notation of 1949. This is an announcement of the upcoming LULAC Regional Convention to be held in Houston, Texas on January 29 and 30, 1949.
LULACs to assist in Dime March drive
Newspaper clipping from unknown newspaper regarding LULAC's call to Latin-American citizens to aid in the March of Dimes fund campaign. Handwritten date on clipping of 1949.
Tin Types
Clipping of heading only for monthly newsletter, Tin Types. This issue is volume IV, number 8.
Cortez new Lulac President
Newspaper clipping from "San Antonio Light" announcing R.A. Cortez as the new LULAC President-General and names of other office bearers of LULAC. Cortez pledged to fight against segregation of Latino Americans in public schools. San Antonio was selected for the 1949 convention for the LULAC sessions.
Meetings scheduled by Latin American league of citizens
Newspaper clipping with handwritten date noted as October 1947 titled "Meetings Scheduled By Latin American League of Citizens". This article contains information about an upcoming LULAC regional convention to be held in Houston for LULAC delegates from 45 Texas cities.