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  Partner: Houston Metropolitan Research Center at Houston Public Library
 Collection: The Mexican American Family and Photo Collection
[Inauguration of Club Mexico, 1933]
Photograph of the inauguration of Club Mexico at the M & M Building on April 16, 1933. Professor Adolfo Martinez is seated in the center. Left side: Jose Lopez - director seated with his group, Tipica Groupo de Senoritios. Right side - seated (left to right): Ignacio Mexcado, saxophone ; Rudy Rubio, clarinet ; Jose Rivas, trombone ; Jose Castro, trumphet ; Prof. Jesus Gavino Gonzales, cello. Right side - standing (left to right): Pomposo Macha ; Miguel Rivas, violin ; Gertrudis Gabino Gonzales, piano ; Jose Torres, violin ; Tomas Aguilar, violin. On the left is a large group of young women in matching dresses and hats, each holding a banjo, mandolin or guitar.
[Francisco Villa y Estado Mayor]
Postcard of Francisco Villa y Estado Mayor and other Mexican Revolutionaries.
[Graduation photograph of Primitivo L. Niño]
Photograph of Primitivo L. Niño in his graduation cap and gown. Mr. Niño was a graduate of Rice Institute in 1928.
Gral. Emiliano Zapata
Postcard of General Emiliano Zapata.
[Cargo ship unloading, Houston port]
Photograph of a cargo ship being unloaded at the Houston port.
[Alamo Furniture Company baseball team]
Photograph of the Alamo Furniture Company's baseball team, taken in the late 1920s. Top row (left to right): Jessie Chavez, Frank Gabino's nephew ; unknown ; unknown ; Lupe Garcia ; unknown ; Jessie Aldaco ; Henry Perry ; Francisco Gabino, sponsor ; Ignacio Rodriguez, Gabino's nephew ; Arturo Rodrieguez. The man on top of the automobile with the dog is Steve Alfaro. The man in the background is Ruben Munguia, the owner of the Alamo Furniture shop. Mr. Francisco (Frank) Gabino sponsored the team for many years. They played in town and out of town.
[Two men in suits]
Photograph of two unidentified men in suits.
[Soldier with machine gun at target practice]
Photograph of a young man, a soldier, laying down on the ground at a machine gun at a practice range.
[Two soldiers pose with rounds of ammunition]
Photograph of two young soldiers posing with rounds of ammunition hanging down their left sides.
[Group of men and women in a restaurant]
Photograph of a group of men and women in a restaurant.
[Group of young men]
Photograph of a group of unidentified young men.
[Small house with shrubbery]
Photograph of a small house with shrubbery.
[Soldiers pose in front of military tank]
Photograph of eighteen soldiers posing in front of a military tank during the summer of 1948. One man, facing away from the camera, stands at the entrance to the tank. Two other tanks flank the group.
[Soldiers between two military vehicles]
Photograph of six soldiers standing and crouching in a field between two military vehicles.
[Frank Gabino and employees on the 1800 Block of Congress]
Photograph of Mr. Francisco (Frank) Gabino, son and employees outside of the Alamo Furniture Store on the 1800 block of Congress Avenue, Houston, Texas. Line of delivery trucks in front of store. From left to right: Frank Gabino ; Frank Gabino, Jr. ; Anatoin Reyes ; Ignacio Rodriguez. The Crystal Cafe is visible at the far corner; it was run by Gus Gavriel.
[Soldiers in barracks]
Photograph of six soldiers, four standing, and two crouching, at an unidentified barracks.
[Two soldiers, standing outside of barracks]
Photograph of two men in uniform standing in a field outside of a barracks.
[Photograph of a man from the Gabino family]
Photograph of man wearing a suit.
[Photograph of a woman from the Gabino family]
Photograph of a woman wearing a long dress and holding a bouquet.
[Rice Hotel employees]
Photograph of seven men and twemty-eight women, all employees at the Rice Hotel, in Houston, Texas.
[Rice Hotel, chefs and cooks]
Photograph of thirty-two men, cooks and chefs at the Rice Hotel, in Houston, Texas.
[Rice Hotel, chefs and cooks in kitchen]
Photograph of five men, chefs and cooks at the Rice Hotel in Houston, Texas.
[Farmer in field]
Photograph of a farmer standing in a field.
[Field laborers in the Harris County area]
Photograph of field laborers in the outlying agricultural areas of Harris County in the 1920s.
[Five young men]
Photograph of five young men, left to right: Pete Arce; Alfonse Aguilar; Paul Vera; Tomas Ramirez (Texas Middle Weight Champion, c. 1946), and Nango.
[Four men in Alamo Furniture Company shop]
Photograph of four salesmen of the Alamo Furniture Co. standing in the shop. Dressers and radios are visible in the front; chairs, tables, and desks are visible further back in the room. Chairs hang from the ceiling around the room.
[Joe Ortiz and woman posing by a car]
Photograph of Joe Ortiz and an unidentified woman posing by a car with "Frenesi" on tire, late 1920s.
[Four young men posing at Hennessey Park]
Photograph of four men posing at Hennessey Park. Left to right: Joe Roy; Rudy Martinez; Eddie "Chuchu" Ramirez, and "Little Simon" Rodriguez.
[Hall of the Obrera Mexicana Mutualista]
Photograph of Sociedad Mutualista Obrera Mexicana located on Canal Street. White two-storied building, with SMOM logo visible on both sides of the front entrance. This is a historic building in Houston's East Side.
[Barbers posing inside La Preferencia Barber Shop]
Photograph of barbers posing inside La Preferencia Barber Shop, 1924-27.
[Barbers and Men inside La Preferencia Barber Shop]
Photograph of barbers and men inside La Preferencia Barber Shop, 1924-27.
[Contract for Statuary for Audelia Gabino's grave, 1929]
Contract for a monument for Francisco (Frank) Gabino's mother, Audelia, who died on December 29, 1928. Houston Monument Company was contracted to build a granite statue and base for $420.
[Sal Garcia and Calistro Valedez]
Photograph of Sal Garcia and Calistro Valedez, 1930s, Main Street, Houston.
[Salon Juarez in Magnolia Park]
Photograph of the Salon Juarez in the Magnolia Park neighborhood. The building is a grey one-story structure. A sign in red font hangs above the front door, reading: "Benemerita Sociedad Mutualista Benito Juarez." This is a historic building in Houston's East Side.
[Salon Juarez on Navigation Boulevard]
Photograph of Salon Juarez on Navigation Boulevard. Two-storied building, partially white-washed. This is a historic building in Houston's East Side.
[La Preferencia Barber Shop]
Photograph of La Preferencia Barber Shop, 1924-27.
[Photograph of The Rebirth of Our Nationality, a mural]
Photograph of Leo Tanguma's "The Rebirth of Our Nationality", a mural spanning a building on Canal Street in Houston, Texas. The brightly colored mural depicts multiple figures reaching toward each other. At the top of the mural: "To become aware of our history is to become aware of our singularity." The work was completed in 1973 during the Chicano mural movement.
[Santa Anita Restaurant, back entrance]
Photograph of Santa Anita Mexican Restaurant back entrance. White stucco building with red-clay tiled roof.
[Tatcho Monsevayos and Gloria Ganara]
Photograph of Tatcho Monsevayos and Gloria Ganara in Chicago.
[Photograph of Mexican Inn Baseball Team]
Photograph of Mexican Inn baseball team in front of the stadium. The spectators are seen in the background.
[Consuelo "Connie" and Sal Garcia]
Photograph of Consuelo "Connie" and Sal Garcia, 1930s, Main Street, Houston.
[Photograph of actor Jose Areu in hat]
Portrait of actor Jose Areu, visible from the chest up. He is wearing a dark-colored shirt, a hat, and heavy make-up.
[Photograph of Carlos Antonio Rios facing street]
Photograph of Carlos Antonio Rios, a photographer for the Houston Chronicle. Rios is wearing jeans and a polo shirt and has a beard. Rios has a camera bag slung over his right shoulder. Rios stands on a grassy area across the street from a movie theater.
[Postcard of the court of Montezuma II]
Postcard of people presenting gifts to Montezuma II, emperor of Mexico from 1480 to 1520.
[Postcard of Maximilian I of Mexico]
Postcard of Emperor Maximilian I of Mexico. He ruled with his wife, Carlota, from 1864 to 1867.
[Postcard of Maximilian I and Carlota of Mexico]
Postcard of Emperor Maximilian I and Empress Carlota of Mexico. They ruled from 1864 to 1867.
[Sixth annual meeting of the Woman's Missionary Society Conference]
Photograph of the sixth annual meeting of the Woman's Missionary Society Conference at Methodist Church "El Mesias", April 5-7, 1938.
[Women's society conference]
Photograph of a women's society conference on March 28, 1940.
[Tom Kreneck and group looking at a document]
Photograph of Tom Kreneck (far left) and group, including Manuel Urbina, II (second from left) and Irene Salce de Urbina (second from the right) looking at a document at the Julia Ideson building.
[Tom Kreneck and two men looking at books]
Photograph of Tom Kreneck (left) and Manuel Urbina, II (center) with another man looking at books at the Julia Ideson Building.