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[Haslet Baptist Church]
Photograph of three buildings taken on March 25, 1923: a private home, barn and church are visible. The private home is far in the left background and was the four room home of Charles and Susan Maloney. The barn is closer in the right background. The church is the focal point and occupies most of the frame. The church chimney, porch, front doors and seven windows are visible.
[Unidentified farm]
Photograph of an unidentified farm. In the photo there is a white fence, farm home and barn. There is visible a chimney, windows, doors and a tree.
[Haslet public school]
Photograph of the original Haslet school. Two young girls are standing in front of the school building on a sidewalk that has the phrase "Public 97 School" affixed to it in big white letters. There are five visible windows. The girls are wearing blouses, skirts, socks and dress shoes. On the back of the photograph it is written "Original Haslet School, Built 1914."
[Lone Star School]
Photograph of a rural class and teacher. Class stands in front of school building. Two doors are visible on building. Girls are wearing hair bows and dresses. Teacher and most of the boys are wearing coats and ties. One boy is wearing overalls and one boy is wearing a buttoned, collared shirt with neck tie. Class names are identified as best as possible by Jack Britain. Top row, from left to right: Lennie Underwood, Mona B. Britain, Virgie Morgan, Rosana Francisco, Gene Allen (Teacher), Gracie Morgan, Bertha Francisco, Margaret Francisco, Evie Mosaly. Second row (girls from left): Ola Clower, Emma Clower, Fern Francisco, Mattie Combs, Bernice Combs, Norma (Noma) Bremman. Second row (boys to right): Johnny Mosaly, Walter Combs, Claude Francisco, Walter Francisco, Charlie Green, Bill Mosaly. Bottom row: Eunice Britain, unidentified first name Francisco, Tinny Frisbie, Earl Combs, Jack Britain, Herschel Green, Roy Haley, Henry Haley.
[Unidentified group of young women]
Photograph of unidentified group of young women standing outside close to the Highway 156 Bridge. They are all wearing dresses and holding unidentifiable objects in their hands, sometimes close to their mouths. One face is missing from the left side of the photograph and an electric pole can be seen in the distance.
[Haslet baby and street]
Photograph of a baby sitting on a blanket in a field across from Main Street in Haslet. Background includes in unidentified order the lumber yard, blacksmith shop, grocery story, Masonic Lodge, Elkin's Cafe, Doc and Ben Gammill General Store. Baby is Doris Shelton Marcum at 18 months old.
[Man and two woman]
Photograph of two women and one man. There is a partial view of a vehicle and signs behind them. One sign reads "Mill Dry Goods & Groc" and the other sign is a partial view of a Coca-Cola sign. The women are wearing dresses and the woman on the left is holding an unidentifiable object. The man is standing between the two women and has his arms around them. He is wearing spectacles, a white collared shirt and tie with vest. On the back of the photograph it is written "Haslet Drug Store, 102 Main, Hellen Frank, Olalee Holt, Forace Frank, Haslet Post Master)."
[Haslet boys basketball team]
Photograph of a boys basketball team and their coach. There are six members of the team and the third boy from the left is holding a basketball that has writing on it that says "Haslet 1930-31." There is a wooden sign, building and automobile in the background. As appearing in the photograph, from left to right, these are the names and positions of each team member: Mr. Bridges (coach), Clifford Hall (guard), J.D. Thompson (forward), Clarence Frank (guard), Leo Stogsdill (center), Leslie Jackson (forward), and Loyd Jackson (guard).
[Haslet girls basketball team]
Photograph of a girls basketball team and their coach. There are ten members of the team and the third girl from the bottom left row is holding a basketball that has writing on it that says "Haslet 1930-31." A building and three automobiles are visible in the background. As appearing in the photo, top row, from left to right: Pauline Cherry (coach), Marguerite Butler, Irene Powell, Elva Murphy, Carmen Hanes, and Artie Veta Freeman. Bottom row, from left to right: Opal White, Lela Bell Hill, Nina Washington, Lila Mae Franks, and Leona Owens.
[Unidentified group of children]
Photograph of an unidentified group of twelve children standing outside in front of a fence. "Ruth" has been written above the head of the girl standing in the fourth spot from the left. The boy all the way to the left is sticking his tongue out. There are five partially viewable buildings behind the group. There is also a partial view of an automobile to the right side of the photograph. There are nine girls in the group and they are all wearing dresses; some are holding hats. One boy in the background is not visible. The two boys at the left and right of the photograph are wearing jumpers.
[Unidentified group of people]
Photograph of unidentified group of people standing outside of the new Haslet Fire Station. The mixed group of men, women and children are standing alongside FM 156. There is visible a side garage, trees and electric poles in the background. This building is currently still used and it is now Haslet City Hall and offices.
[Young man and woman sitting on an outside chair]
Photograph of a man and woman sitting on an outside chair. The chair is on a dirt road. In the background there is visible a home and barn. The chair is a wooden fold-out with an attached cloth cover. The woman is wearing a white dress, socks and white heels. The young man is wearing a cowboy hat, collared buttoned shirt, slacks and black shoes. Written on the back of the photograph is "Ona Holt Lee (Stewart) and Ray Rust." It has not been identified how they are related.
[Portrait of the Moon Family]
Photograph of the Moon family during a family reunion in Cleburne, Texas. Partially seen standing on the house's front porch to the left are Gordon Bennett Moon Jr. and Geraldine Moon Johnston. Standing in front of the house from left to right are: Glenda Ann Moon Owen, Glenda's son (name unknown), Charles Owen, Gordon Bennett Moon Sr., Minnie Holloway Moon, Lullie Moon Cooper, James Cooper, Allie Eastwood Moon, Ross Moon, Jasmine Nett Moon, Finis Moon, Cuimella Moon Young, Aaron Young, Pluma Moon Frank, and Horace Frank.