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Cotton year in Killeen, Texas
Photograph, taken 1905 or 1906, depicts cotton loaded on a railroad car. A group of men stand atop the bales and alongside on a platform; men sit in two horse-drawn drays next to the pile of bales. The caption for the photograph reads: Loading bales of cotton on flat cars at Santa Fe Station in a bumper cotton year. Two-wheeled drays (left) hauled bales from cotton yard located in the 400 block of Avenue D.
[Aerial view of Killeen]
An aerial view of Killeen, Texas.
[Portrait of a Woman]
Photograph of a woman.
[Lone Star Gas Company in Killeen]
The Lone Star Gas Company building in Killeen.
[Young Girl Under Shade Tree in Yard]
Photograph of a young girl under a shade tree next to a large wooden frame house with a porch on the front.
[Novalyne and Maxine]
School photos of two girls, Novalyne and Maxine.
Charles Levy and Maxine Elmore
Charles Levy and Maxine Elmore.
Pete and Donward Elmore
Pete and Donward Elmore, two men standing by a well.
[Old Killeen High School Building, now City Hall]
Photograph of a three-story brick building. The old Killeen High School, now city hall in Killeen, Texas. The school had separate entrances for boys and girls.
School projects on display at Killeen Community Center
Students display their artistic creations at the Killeen Community Center.
[Woman and a Man]
Photograph of a woman in a dress and a man in a suit. She has a brooch on her dress and he has a vest and watch chain. Appears to be a clipping from a newspaper page.
[Portrait of a Woman]
Photograph of a woman in an outdoor setting.
[Three Men Dressing a Hog]
A hog hangs from a tree while three men prepare to dress it before butchering it.
[Group of Five Upon a Rock]
Group of five men and women seated or leaning upon a large rock.
[Building a New Church]
Thirteen men working on the construction of a church building in Killeen, Texas. They are preparing to put the roof on the building.
Construction of New Highway 190
Color photograph of roads and a bridge under construction for Highway 190 near Killeen, Texas.
[Group of Children]
Group of children seated on the steps of a building.
Color photograph of a young man wearing athletic clothing running down a street. He holds a ribbon in his hand.
[Group in Front of a House]
Photograph of a man and two women standing by the front door of a wooden frame house.
Killeen Community Center, interior view
Interior view of the Killeen Community Center built in the 1960's. The building is located at the intersection of W. S. Young Blvd. and Veterans' Memorial Blvd. (Business Hwy. 190), near Nolan Creek.
[Group with Bicycles]
Group of nine men and women sitting in front of some bicycles.
[Harvesting Hay]
Farmers with tractors harvesting hay in a field.
Rio Airways Airplane, twin prop
Rio Airways twin prop airplane, with the registration number NIOHA. Several people are boarding the plane. Rio Airways, a regional passenger airline, was owned by Ted Connell and based in Killeen.
[Man by a Silo and Barn]
Photograph of a man in a suit standing in front of a house, a barn, and a silo.
[Aerial View of Killeen]
Aerial view of Killeen, Texas.
[Portrait of a Man]
Photographic portrait of a man wearing glasses, a shirt, vest, and tie.
[Businessmen and Women]
Group with two women and three men in business attire. One man has a beard. Two of the men wear glasses. There is a patch on one man's jacket that appears to say, "Killeen Chamber of Commerce" with an emblem of Texas.
[Woman in a Cap and Gown]
Photograph of a young woman in a cap and gown. Inscribed on the photo is, "Love, Edna Ruth"
[Farmer Holding a Baby]
Photograph of a farmer wearing overalls and a hat, standing in a flock of sheep while holding a young child. Chickens are in the background.
[Aerial view of Killeen]
An aerial view of Killeen, Texas.
United States Post Office in Killeen, Texas
Photograph of the new United States Post Office in Killeen, Texas in 1968. In front of the building is a parking lot and a flagpole.
Fort Hood High School
Photograph of Fort Hood High School. Three students and an automobile are in front of the building.
[Man Standing by an Automobile]
Photograph of a man wearing a hat standing near an automobile, a wire fence, and a tree.
Killeen Municipal Airport
Photograph of the Killeen Municipal Airport building during construction. The airport was located between FM 2410 and Business Hwy. 190 on the east side of Killeen until the new airport opened in August 2004.
Killeen Football Team, 1923
The 1923 Killeen Football team.
[Two Women]
Photograph of two women in front of a wooden building.
[Standing Man with a Medal]
Photograph of an older man wearing a dark suit with a bow tie and a medal on his lapel. He is standing near the corner of a brick building.
Construction of the Killeen Community Center
Killeen Community Center, located on the NE corner of Business 190 and W. S. Young, under construction. The photograph shows the front (south side) of the building, with scaffolding against the south wall of the gymnasium as its walls are in progress. The building was opened March 1974.
[Man in a Cowboy Hat]
photograph of an older man with a white mustache wearing a dark cowboy hat, a bow tie and a vest.
Killeen High School automotive class
Male students watch as a teacher instructs them in automotive body work on a station wagon. Part of a Volkswagen Beetle is visible on the left side of the photo.
Century Plaza apartment complex in Killeen
Exterior view of the front of the Century Plaza apartments on Hallmark Ave.
[Participants Registering for a Running Race]
Color photograph of men and women registering for a running race in Killeen, TX.
[Killeen Live Stock Show, Blue Ribbon Winner]
The Killeen Livestock Show in 1974, features a blue ribbon winner.
[Young Lady near a Tree]
Young lady standing near some trees. Her dress is dark with a light collar and belt.
[Aerial view of Highway 190 in Killeen]
Aerial view of Highway 190 in Killeen, Texas.
[Smiling Woman]
Photographic portrait of a smiling woman.
Dolph Briscoe political rally
Photograph of Texas governor Dolph Briscoe, Jr., giving a speech at a banquet held in the Killeen Community Center in 1974. A banner behind the podium reads "Opportunities Galore in '74."
[Portrait of a Man]
Photographic portrait of a man in a suit.
Killeen Hotel
Photograph of the Killeen Hotel, a two story building with upper and lower porches, three chimneys, some out buildings, and a windmill. Four of five people are seated on the lower porch. Text on photo reads, "Killeen Hotel -- photo taken approx. 1895-1900..... located on northwest corner of Avenue D and 8th Street...built in late 1880s or early 1890s...after Camp Hood came. hotel was moved to street south of railroad tracks, to make room for another building at D and 8th"
[James Chambliss Gresham with a Cigar]
Photograph of a James Chambliss Gresham in a light-colored suit holding a cigar in his right hand. He has glasses and a football helmet lapel pin with a longhorn on it. Mr. Gresham's family owned one of the early newspapers of Temple.