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  Partner: Matthews Family and Lambshead Ranch
[Framed Portrait of a Young Man]
Portrait of a young man, encased in an oval frame which is in a foldable card frame. He has short, dark hair and is wearing a buttoned jacket, tie, and shirt with a winged collar.
[Cowboys Holding Down a Calf near a Cow]
Photograph of three cowboys with a restrained calf. A man on the right kneels on the calf's neck, pinning it down. Another man on the left is kneeling down and touching the animal. A third man is gazing into the nostrils of a horned brown and white cow (right). They are on a rocky beach of a pond.
[People at an Outdoor Picnic Table]
Photograph of a group of people at an outdoor picnic table. Several people sit at the food and drink laden table. Two men stand on either side. In the foreground to the left, a teenage boy holds a crutch. To the right near a car's open trunk, a man holds food.
[Watt Matthews in Military Uniform]
Photograph of Watt Matthews in military uniform. He is wearing a broad brimmed hat with ties around the dimpled crown.
[People with a Horse and Car at a Dirt Road]
Photograph of people standing at and near a dirt road. A black car with a yellow license plate sits in the dirt road with a man standing to the left of it. Off the road to the left, three people are around a horse. A younger person is in mid leap behind the horse.
[Two Young Boys on Horseback]
Photograph of two young boys seated atop a couple of horses that have been saddled and reined. They are both wearing newsboy caps, long-sleeved shirts that tie at the collar, knee-length shorts, and socks. A couple of boys are standing behind them. A vine-covered house is partially visible in the background.
[Four Girls in Bathing Suits]
Photograph of four girls in early twentieth century bathing suits and caps. They are sitting along a rocky outcropping and dipping their feet into the waters of Clear Fork River below.
Two of My Thoroughbred Fillies
Photograph of a man in a ranch yard who is holding two horses by their reins. Writing underneath the photo indicates that the horse on the left is named "Fashion" and that the one of the right is "Armie Gentry." Their ages and coat types are mentioned.
[Two Men at a Campfire]
Photograph of Charles Standifer and Watt Matthews sitting on a log in front of a campfire and plucking ducks. A stoney piling is to the left of the men.
[Lucile Bartholomew Sitting and Smiling Outdoors]
Photograph of a young Lucile Bartholomew seated on a lawn atop an unidentified object. She is smiling and has her arms folded in her lap. A picket fence is visible behind her.
[Three Riders in front of a House]
Photograph of three riders in front of a house. The two closest people are women with broad brimmed hats, while a man rides a horse closer to the house. The rightmost horse has been branded with a B and an S.
[Watt Matthews in Military Uniform]
Photograph of Watt Matthews in military uniform and facing the camera.
[Elder Man and Susan Alice Matthews near Shrubs]
Photograph of Susan Alice (“Aunt Susie”) Matthews and a man standing outside by shrubs. The grey haired and bespectacled woman is wearing a hat and a dark dress. The man is wearing a hat darker than his three piece suit.
[Campsite on Ranch Land]
Photograph of people at a campsite on ranch land. The people are among bare trees, tents, and wagons near a worn dirt path.
[Woman Examining a Camera]
Photograph of a woman in a dark dress examining a camera. She is standing outside of a brick house.
[Matthews Family Members Standing Outdoors]
Photograph of four individuals standing outdoors, three of which are women and one of which is a man. The two women on the left, Lucile Matthews (Brittingham) and Sallie Reynolds Matthews are wearing full-length, long-sleeved dresses. The man to their right, John A. Matthews, is wearing a brimmed hat, a shirt, a tie, a vest, and pants; he has his hands clasped at his stomach. On his right is Sallie Matthews (Judd), whose face and a portion of her dress are the only part of her that is visible.
[Yearbook Clippings]
Four yearbook clippings affixed onto a scrapbook page. The picture on the top left features young men waving hats next to a picture of a man and a little girl that are bordered by a Christmas wreath. On the top right, a red ribbon and green snowflakes are illustrated around two photos featuring families. The bottom left has a group of people in a room in front of a painting. On the bottom right, young men and women are dressed for a social event.
[Six Women Posing for a Portrait]
Photograph of six women wearing white high-collar blouses and ornate hats. The photo is shaped into an oval and set into a mat. Numbers are written in pencil around the photo, corresponding to the following women: 1 - Susette Matthews, 2 - Beulah Casey, 3 - Johnie Le Mond, 4 - Carrie Hoover, 5 - ?, 6 - Ruby Conrad.
[Two Photos of Cowboys Restraining a Calf]
Photographs of cowboys restraining a calf. In the left photo, men are gathered around a calf that is being held by two cowboys. Cattle are behind them. The photo to the right shows a calf being held down by two cowboys while a third person holds an object inside of a bowl.
[Tom Blanton with Shotgun Standing over a Dead Hog]
Photograph of Tom Blanton holding a shotgun and standing over a dead hog. He is wearing a lightly colored hat, blue denim jack, and blue jeans. They are in a wooded and shrubby area.
[Four Young Women in White Dresses]
Photograph of four young women wearing white dresses and headbands. They are standing outdoors in front of trees and passing people.
[Man on Horseback Holding a Long Gun]
Photograph of a man on horseback holding a long gun in the air. He is wearing a hat, a long-sleeve shirt and pants. His horse is a light-color. The remains of a deer are lying across the horse's back.
[Watt Matthews Standing over a Dead Hog]
Photograph of Watt Matthews standing over a dead hog. He is wearing a lightly colored hat, blue denim jacket, dark blue jeans, and black boots. The hog and an axe lies at his feet. Materials lie in front of trees and shrubs in the background.
[Two Women Standing Outside of a House]
Photograph of two women standing just outside a house, each of them poised near a plant. On the left is the elderly Anne Maria Reynolds, who is wearing a black shawl and a long-sleeved dress with a full length skirt, standing next to a floral bush. On the right a relatively younger woman, also wearing a long-sleeved dress, is standing next to a larger, leafy plant; she is holding a vine from the plant in front of her. The reverse side is inscribed with "G. T. R., Easter Greetings from Sisters Kodak."
[Photograph of John and Sallie Matthews by a Well]
Photograph of the elderly John and Sallie Matthews standing together by a stone well. Sallie is wearing spectacles, a low necked blouse, knee length skirt, hose, and shoes. John is wearing a cowboy hat, glasses, patterned white shirt, dark pants, and shoes.
[Portrait of Two Children on a Chair]
Photograph portrait of two children sitting in a dark chair. The child on the left is perhaps toddler age and is wearing a white dress. The child on the right is younger and also wearing a white dress.
[People in a Car near a Water Tower]
Photograph of people in a car which is sitting in front of a ranch house and water tower.
[Watt Matthews and a Gesturing Boy]
Photograph of Watt Matthews seated in front of the camera, wearing a buttoned white shirt and holding his leather belt. A young man in the background leans into the shot with his hands flared on either side of his face.
[Two Women with a Baby]
Photograph of Susette Matthews and Netta Pyle seated on a bench with a toddler-aged Bill Nail between them. While holding the child up on its feet, Matthews gives it a kiss. Both women are dressed in early twentieth century Gibson Girl fashion.
[Two Men and a Dead Hog]
Photograph of two men in blue denim standing over a dead hog. The man on the left is a senior, wears a black fedora hat, and holds an axe over his shoulder. The smiling young man to the right, Tom Blanton, holds a pistol in his right hand.
[Cowboys and Animals in a Dusty Clearing]
Photograph of two cowboys in a dusty clearing with horses and cattle. One man stands behind a group of horses to the left, while the other man sits atop a horse near a green livestock bed truck on the right. Cattle are distributed around the area with some in the clearing and some under trees to the left.
[Charlie Standifer Holding a Turkey By His Side]
Photograph of Charlie Standifer standing in an expansive field where cattle can be seen grazing in the distance. He is holding a turkey at his side and in his other hand he is holding a jug. He is wearing a long-sleeve, collared button-up shirt and pants that are held up by a belt.
[Two Men at a Campfire]
Photograph of Charles Standifer and Watt Matthews sitting on a log in front of a campfire and plucking ducks. A stoney piling is to the left of the men.
[Watt Matthews Fishing in a Creek]
Photograph of Watt Matthews wearing a broad brimmed hat, sitting on a rock with a dinner plate on it, and fishing in a creek with a stick. A shrub covered hill rises on the other side of the creek.
[Portrait of William David Reynolds]
Photograph portrait of William David Reynolds wearing a three piece suit and glasses. He has white hair. To the right of the portrait is a horizontally placed white plastic twelve inch ruler printed with "The Portal to Texas History." There is a color swatch with twenty four different colors in the top right section.
Watt Reynolds Matthews
Photograph of Watt Reynolds Matthews as a boy, wearing a checked jacket, high collar, and a neck tie. An artist's signature is written underneath his vignetted form. His name is written along the bottom of the page. The left side of the photo is a cover with a venous pattern.
[Six Men on Horseback]
Photograph of a line of men on horseback on treed range land. From left to right: Unidentified; Pink Halbert; Watt Matthews; Bill McKeichan; Frank Reynolds; and Archie McKeichan.
[Three Men and a Child at Burkett Bend]
Photograph of three men and a child along the side of a creek. Rocks protrude from around the edges of the stream, with trees and a hill rising behind them. The squatting man may be Ardon Judd, Sr.
[Four Men on Matthews Ranch Land]
Photograph of four men on Matthews Ranch land. A note written on the bottom left of the note mentions the location, the address, the date, and the photographer. The man, left, is an unidentified young man in a coat and a large hat. The man with the paper to the left is identified as Merry Howard. The older man in the three piece suit is identified as Judge J. H. Matthews. Most of the fourth man is obscured by blurred white space.
[People Swimming]
Photograph seven people swimming in body of brown water in a wooded area.
[Four Boys in a Yard]
Photograph of four boys in a yard. A boy in a striped shirt sits to the left, and another boy sits in a toy wagon to the right. Two boys stand behind them. The boy on the left may be Watt Matthews.
[An Infant Lying in Blankets]
Photograph of an infant lying down in an assortment of blankets and linens.
[Two Men and a Turtle]
Photograph of two men standing over an overturned turtle. The man to the left, Tom Blanton, leans over the turtle wielding an axe. The man to the right holds a foot on the creature. The remnants of a fire are to the right of the pair, and benches covered with materials are in the background.
[Portrait of Lucinda Elizabeth Matthews]
Photograph of Lucinda Elizabeth Matthews ("Aunt Bettie") wearing glasses, a necklace, and a dark top.
[Portrait of a Young Child on a Chair]
Photograph of a young child in a frilly white shirt, buttoned trousers, and stockings. The child leans on a fringed arm of the chair he's sitting in.
[Portrait of a Young Man]
Photograph portrait of a young man wearing a buttoned white shirt. He has dark hair and gazes off to the left. Below the portrait, "Walter Trigas Ada 29" is hand written.
[Portrait of Joe B. Matthews]
Photograph of a bespectacled Joe B. Matthews wearing a dark three piece suit with a striped tie.
[Cowboys, a Horse, and Industrial Vehicles on a Hillside]
Photograph of cowboys, a horse, and industrial vehicles on a rocky hillside. A man stands alone to the lower left, while a group of three cowboys stand near a horse in the center. The yellow vehicles, the left of which is manned, appear to the upper left.
[Staircase and Hallway]
Photograph of a staircase and hallway in Nathan Loomis Bartholomew House. The hall, left, has an ornate rug on the floor, two chairs, and a cabinet topped with a candelabra. There is a door at the end of the hallway. The staircase, right, has a newel carved with a spiral pattern, white risers, and natural wooden treads.
[Men on a Sidewalk with Catfish]
Photograph of men on a sidewalk near businesses. Two men in straw hats are holding a pole with three catfish of varying size.