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  Partner: The University of Texas-Pan American
John H. Shary excursion
Excursion party posing in front of a house.
[Big Melch Canal]
Panoramic photograph of a large dirt canal with two men in a car on the right, a man with horse and plow in the center, and fields and farm buildings in the background.
Excursion party posing in field
Excursion of International Land and Investment Co.
Excursion party posing in front of field next to a home
Sharyland excursion
Excursion party posing between house and barn.
[Sharyland 1914]
"Sharyland 1914" barn and house in front of corn fields
Excursion of Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas
Excursion party posing in front of field, white wooden house to the left
Excursion crowd, Lower Rio Grande Valley near Mission, Tex
Excursion party posing in field with 2 farm workers. John Shary standing on far right
John H. Shary excursion party
Excursion party posing in front of Charles Volz's home
Standard Land Co's party at Rio Grande River and Main Pump
Excursion party posing between the Rio Grande and and the pump house near Hidalgo, Texas
Arrival of the Standard Land Co. party San Juan, Tex.
Excursion party and drivers posing in front of automobiles and railroad cars at Sharyland, Texas.
Testimony from W. B. Hinckly
Testimony of a farmer concerning the opportunities in the Lower Rio Grande Valley.