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[Aerial of Downtown Port Arthur]
Photograph of downtown Port Arthur, TX. At the bottom of the photograph is the Jefferson County Sub-Courthouse in the middle of a large courthouse square. It is surrounded by tall downtown buildings. In the distance, the petroleum storage tanks can be seen near the chemical plants.
[Aerial of Mary Gate Memorial Hospital]
Photograph of Mary Gates Memorial Hospital in Port Arthur, TX. The hospital is a three story building at the far left. Residential neighborhoods are to the right of the hospital. According to accompanying information, the hospital was converted and used as a city hall from 1930-1970.
[Aerial of National Guard Armory]
Photograph of the shoreline of Port Arthur, TX. Most of the downtown area is to the right. In the distant background are the chemical plants and petroleum storage tanks. The National Guard Armory is in the lower middle. A storm levee surrounds the building and the coastline.
[Aerial of North Port Arthur]
Photograph of the northern portion of Port Arthur, TX. A large residential portion is visible. On the left is the Carver Terrace Apartment Complex. Railroad tracks also run by the apartments.
[Aerial of Port Acres Community]
Photograph of the Port Acres community on the outskirts of Port Arthur, TX. The area appears to be a rural, residential area. Many of the houses have large pastures and lots between them. The West Port Arthur Road is at the bottom of the picture.
[Aerial of Sabine-Neches Shoreline]
Photograph of the shore of the Sabine-Neches Canal in Port Arthur, TX. In the center of the photograph is Woodrow Wilson Junior High School on the shore. Pleasure Island is behind the school, across the canal. Much of downtown and residential Port Arthur is below the school. Also visible in the picture are Gates Library and Port Arthur College.
[Aerial of Stephen F. Austin High School]
Photograph of Stephen F. Austin High School in Port Arthur, TX. The school is located on 61st Street. The Port Acres neighborhood surrounds the school. In the distance, the smokestacks from the petrochemical plants can be seen.
[Aerial of Texaco Island]
Photograph of Texaco Island in Port Arthur, TX. Several ships are docked by the shore. On the island are a large grain elevator and a motor oil packaging factory. At the far end of the island, the is a grouping of petroleum storage tanks.
[Aerial of West Port Arthur]
Photograph of the sparsely populated western portion of Port Arthur, TX. A water tower is in the center bottom. At the top is the main "B" drainage canal for the Texaco Company.
[Aerial of Woodrow Wilson Junior High School]
Photograph of downtown Port Arthur, TX and Woodrow Wilson Junior High School. Behind the town and school are the Sabine-Neches Canal and Sabine Lake. A ship is sailing by the junior high on the canal.
[Aerial Photograph Canal and River Confluence]
Photograph of the confluence of the Sabine-Neches Canal and the Neches River. The Rainbow Bridge is seen at the top left. The top corner of the petroleum storage fields is in the middle left.
[Aerial Photograph of Port Arthur]
Photograph of Port Arthur, TX. It is a light, partly cloudy day. The Sabine-Neches Canal is to the bottom-right of the city.
[Aerial Photograph of Port Arthur]
Photograph of Port Arthur, TX taken from the Navy aircraft "Dirigible Akron." Most of the city, canal, and lake are visible. A train is traveling through the rail yards. A tanker is sailing through the canal towards the raised Pleasure Pier Bridge. Pleasure Island and a majority of the coast of Sabine Lake can be seen.
[Aerial View of Groves]
Photograph of the town of Groves, TX. The photo is taken from the air and the area surrounding Groves can be seen, including oil storage tanks, the Jefferson Chemical Plant, and Hogaboom Road. The town is small and surrounded by crop fields.
[Boy Scouts on Church Steps]
Photograph of a troop of boy scouts standing on the steps of the Methodist Episcopal Church in Port Arthur, TX. Most of the boys are wearing boy scout uniforms. Most are also wearing campaign hats. The boys appear to be of a variety of ages. No adults are present in the picture.
[Brick Complex at Texaco Refinery]
Photograph of a brick complex at the Texaco Refinery in Port Arthur, TX. Three workers are walking around the building. A tall storage tank is on the left with a ladder leaned against it. An object that appears to be an oven is in the picture foreground with a tall pipe protruding from the top.
[Bridge to Pleasure Island]
Photograph of a group of people walking across a bridge in Port Arthur, TX towards Pleasure Island. The bridge is framed by large, steel girders. The people are all on a foot path on the right-hand side.
[Burton Shipyard]
Photograph of Burton Shipyard just east of Port Arthur, TX. Several ships are on land in the process of construction. Several more ships are already in the water, still under construction.
[City of Port Arthur]
Photograph of the Port Arthur skyline circa 1920. The bridge to Pleasure Island is to the right. Several people are walking on the bridge.
[Construction of Martin Luther King Bridge]
Photograph of the construction of the Martin Luther King Bridge over the Sabine-Neches Canal in Port Arthur, TX. Large nets are suspended from the bottom of the bridge. A large ship is passing beneath.
[Contestants in Beard Judging Contest]
Photograph of a group of men who have entered a beard competition for a celebration of the founding of Port Arthur, TX. All the men are gathered in a room surrounded by a group of spectators. The men are looking up at the photographer in front of them.
[Contestants in Queen Contest]
Photograph of fourteen young women competing for the queen title during Port Arthur's anniversary celebration. Most of the women are standing in a line, wearing white dresses. In the middle is a large throne where of the women is seated with a tall, ornate crown on her head. She is named at Miss Gloria Antone. To her left is one woman in a dark dress. She wears a smaller crown and a very long, dark cape with white, furred edges. She is named as runner-up, Thelma Tadlock.
[Cotton Baling Plant]
Photograph of a storage area for cotton bales. The bales are made in a cotton baling plant in Sabine, TX. Large piles of bales are placed around the room. In the middle of the room, there is a machine that appears to be forming the cotton coming in on a conveyor belt into bales.
[County Courthouse and Pleasure Pier]
Photograph of the Jefferson County Sub-Courthouse and Pleasure Pier in Port Arthur, TX. The Pleasure Pier bridge, which spans the Sabine-Neches Canal from the courthouse to the amusement park, is raised. Pleasure Pier can be seen in the distance on the shore of Sabine Lake. The roller coaster is the tallest structure on the right.
[DeQueen Boulevard Residential Area]
Photograph of a residential area in Port Arthur, TX. The main street running down the center is DeQueen Boulevard. Houses surround the boulevard for about four blocks in either direction.
[Downtown Port Arthur Aerial]
Photograph of the town of Port Arthur and surrounding area. The downtown area is in the center. In the back is the Sabine-Neches Canal and Pleasure Island. A ship is sailing the canal past the Pleasure Pier Bridge.
[Downtown Port Arthur in Snow]
Photograph of Port Arthur, TX in January 1948. A ship is passing through the raised canal bridge. On land, the ground is covered in a layer of snow.
[Dredge Digging Canal]
Photograph of an Army Corps of Engineers dredge digging the Sabine-Neches Canal in 1908. The digging apparatus is on the back of the boat, being dragged along the bottom of the canal.
[Early Port Arthur Aerial]
Photograph of Port Arthur. Mary Gates Hospital, the engineers' office, and Port Arthur's first power plant are all visible. In the far background, the smoke off the Gulf Oil and Texaco Oil Refineries is visible. Several houses can also been seen near the hospital and power company.
[First Presbyterian Church]
Photograph of the First Presbyterian Church in Port Arthur, TX. The church is a tall building with a bell tower on the front, left corner. Several palm trees are in the churchyard surrounding the building.
[First Water Well Near Port Arthur]
Photograph of two men standing near the first water well near Port Arthur, TX. The well is a hand pump device with a wooden trough to take water towards a holding container. Both men are wearing hats. The man on the left is holding a small glass of water in his hand.
[Front of Rose Hill Manor]
Photograph of Rose Hill Manor in Port Arthur, TX. The manor is a large, two story white house. Large covers and porches extend in all directions. Large white columns support the front porch and balcony. The manor is surrounded by foliage and trees and an expansive lawn extends from the front porch. A single lamp post is by the walk leading to the front door.
[Front View of Rose Hill Manor]
Photograph of Rose Hill Manor in Port Arthur, TX. The manor is a large, two story white house. Large covers and porches extend in all directions. Large white columns support the front porch and balcony. A wide sidewalk leads up to the front door. The walk is bordered by rows of bushes. Two white lamps are on either side of the walk.
[Gates Day Memorial Celebration]
Photograph of a memorial celebration in memory of John W. Gates in Port Arthur, TX. A large crowd is milling around a large open park near a building. In the middle of the park is a small gazebo. People are in the gazebo seated. Many of the people are carrying umbrellas.
[Golden Jubilee Speedboat Race]
Two photographs of the Golden Jubilee Celebration of 1948 in Port Arthur, TX, pasted back-to-back. The front photograph depicts a large group of people seated on a wooden pier on the left side of the photo. This pier is on Rue de Soldats Drive parallel to the waterway. Several boats are in the water, racing past the group of spectators. The photograph on the back is photographed from a high vantage overlooking the Rue de Soldats Drive with a number of automobiles and people in the foreground. A line of spectators runs diagonally into the background from the right foreground and disappears in the distance. The storm levee and Pleasure Island are visible across the waterway.
[Gulf Oil Coke Stills]
Photograph of the coke stills at the Gulf Oil Refinery in Port Arthur, TX. The coke stills are in a long building with five smoke stacks. Two cylindrical buildings are to the left of the stills. A short wire fence is between the photographer and the buildings. Railroad tracks run by the stills.
[Gulf Oil Coking Operations]
Photograph of the coking operations at the Gulf Oil Refinery. On the left of the picture are several tall brick storage containers. Near those are tall, brick chimneys. Two workers appear to be performing maintenance on a brick wall in the picture foreground.
[Gulf Oil Docks and Refinery]
Photograph of The Gulf Oil Company docks and refinery. Several ships are docked at the shoreline by the refinery. A field of many storage containers is in the picture background.
[Gulf Oil Machine Shops]
Photograph of the machine shop at the Gulf Oil Refinery in Port Arthur, TX. Several workers are working at worktables on the right side of the factory. Several more are on a locomotive crane on the left. The shop walls are covered in windows.
[Gulf Oil Plant]
Photograph of the Gulf Oil Plant from the entrance in Port Arthur, TX. A man is standing by the gate, holding it open. Several smokestacks are to the right. There are several large buildings on the left.
[Gulf Oil Refinery Wax Works]
Photograph of the Gulf Oil Refinery in Port Arthur, TX. The main focal point of the picture is the refinery's wax works. One smokestack is on the main building. On the right side of the building, there is a line of five stacks behind a grouping of storage tanks. Long lengths of pipe are running through the bottom.
[Gulf Oil Structure]
Photograph of workers in front of a tank at the Gulf Oil Refinery in Port Arthur, TX. The top half of the tank is covered in bricks. Behind the tank are two tall towers.
[Gulf Refinery Structure]
Photograph of a structure at the Gulf Oil Refinery in Port Arthur, TX. A set of railroad tracks runs by the building.
[Gulfport Shipyard]
Photograph of the Gulfport Shipyard on the Sabine Neches Canal in Port Arthur, TX. Several ships are under construction. The Kansas City Southern rail yards run next to the shipyard. In the background is the town of Port Arthur. Beyond the town are the Gulf and Texaco Oil Company tank farms.
[Holmes-Manley Batteries]
Photograph of the Holmes-Manley Batteries at the Texaco Refinery in Port Arthur, TX. The batteries are all similar. Each unit has a small white shack and one smokestack. There is also a circular device with each battery unit.
[Kansas City Southern Depot]
Photograph of the Kansas City Southern Railroad Depot. Two towers are on either side. Two flags are flying from the left tower. According to accompanying information, the depot was built by Arthur Stilwell.
[KCS Train Crew]
Photograph of a Kansas City Southern train outside the Kansas City Southern Depot in Port Arthur, TX circa 1914. The train's crew of six men is posed in front of the engine. Some men are standing on the engine, while are others are on the platform around it.
[Men at the Palace Saloon]
Photograph of eight men on a porch in front of the Palace Saloon in Port Arthur, TX. Several of the men are policemen. A bartender is standing to the left. Three men in the middle are holding glasses of beer and cigarettes.
[Men Making Wooden Barrels]
Photograph of two men at the Texaco Refinery in Port Arthur, TX building wooden barrels. The barrels are being made to hold petroleum product. Both workers have the barrel boards secured by a single barrel band at the bottom and are placing a top band on the barrel.
[Menhaden Fish Plant]
Photograph of the Menhaden Fish Plant in Port Arthur, TX. The plant is a grouping of buildings, dominated by a long structure to the left of the rest. An area for storage of raw building materials is to the right. Four fishing boats are docked in the Sabine-Neches Canal adjacent to the plant.
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