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  Partner: The Private Collection of the Sutherlin Family
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[E.B. Sutherlin Jeweler and Watchmaker Insruction Envelope]
Envelope from E.B. Sutherlin Jeweler and Watchmaker business with written instructions by James Sutherlin for engraving a piece of jewelry.
[CASU #22 GTAB Ground Training Certification Card for James E. Sutherlin]
A CASU #22 GTAB Ground Training Certification Card for James Edgar Sutherlin issued to him when he completed the 12 Day Plane Captain's Course at the base.
[Demobilization Form for James Edgar Sutherlin]
Demobilization form for James Edgar Sutherlin with orders on his protocol while he was berthed at the Kohler Building in Boston, Massachusetts.
[Dictionary Entry for U.S.S. Kasaan Bay-CVE-69]
Entry for the U.S.S. Kasaan Bay from the "Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships."
[Honorable Discharge Ceremony Pamphlet for US Naval Personnel Held at Camp Wallace, Texas]
Pamphlet for the Honorable Discharge ceremony for sailors of the U.S. Navy, held at the U.S.S. Houston Memorial Chapel.
[Honorable Disharge Certificate for James Edgar Sutherlin]
Copy of James Edgar Sutherlin's Honorable Discharge certificate from the United States Navy.
[Letter by James Sutherlin to his parents - 12/24/1944]
Letter from James Edgar Sutherlin to his parents where he comments on his relationship with his girlfriend, Arlene, and his views on his personal growth since he entered the Navy.
[Letter from James Forrestal to James Edgar Sutherlin - 04/26/1946]
Letter from James Forrestal (Secretary of the Navy) to James E. Sutherlin wishing him luck as he is separated from active service and goes into civilian life.
[Liberty Pass Card for James E. Sutherlin]
Liberty Pass, a card issued to James E. Sutherlin "allowing him to leave on liberty and pass through gate" of his station.
[Notice to Active Personnel and Veterans ]
A US Navy message from the Commandant to all Navy personnel and veterans asking for continued interested in service.
[Notification of Transfer Records for James E. Sutherlin]
Card notifying James E. Sutherlin that his records are being forwarded to the Federal Office Building in Houston, Texas.
[Notification of Transfer Records for James E. Sutherlin]
Card notifying James E. Sutherlin that his records are being forwarded to an office in Rhode Island.
[Presidential Letter In Gratitude of Service to James Edgar Sutherlin from Presiden Harry Truman]
A formal presidential letter from President Harry Truman to James Edgar Sutherlin thanking him for his service to his country.
[Selective Service Notice of Identification for James Edgar Sutherlin]
Selective Service System's Notice of Identification card for James Edgar Sutherlin. The purpose of the card was to notify the bearer of his Selective Service identification number so that and be able to refer to it in any communication regarding his selective service status.
[Selective Service System Registration Certificate for James Edgar Sutherlin]
James Edgar Sutherlin's Selective Service Registration Certificate.
[Suggestions Regarding Your Sailor - Booklet]
Booklet from the U.S Naval Air Station in Corpus Christi, Texas regarding rules about family contact with recruits.
[Texas Military Institute Senior Prom, 1943 Booklet]
Booklet for the Texas Military Institute Senior Prom. The booklet belonged to James Sutherlin, in which he collected the signatures of several seniors and guests.
[U.S. Naval Personnel Separation Center, Camp Wallace, Texas. Office of the Chaplain letter to Edgar Sutherlin]
Letter from Jack Lewis, Chaplain at the U.S. Naval Personnel Separation Center at Camp Wallace Texas to Edgar Sutherlin, James Sutherlin's father, about James' readjustment into normal civilian life.
[U.S.S. Kasaan Bay CVE-69 - Christmas 1944 Dinner Menu]
Menu of the Christmas Dinner held aboard the U.S.S. Kasaan Bay in 1944.
[U.S.S. Kasaan Bay-CVE-69 Ship's Store ID Card]
An identification card issued to James Edgar Sutherlin to use at the ship's store, including the Barber Shop and Press Shop.