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St. David's Episcopal Church presents its collection of early photographs, oral histories and parish newsletters and parish registers, 1859-1941. Selected early photographs of individuals include 15 former rectors, 1851-2033; Children's Choir 1931; original print of 1855 church building; other nineteenth and early twentieth century photographs of the church, altar and stained glass memorial windows.

St. David's Episcopal Church has been a vital force in Austin since its charter in 1859. Even its beginnings reflect important facets of the history: St. David's was the result of blending the only two Episcopal parishes in Austin at the time, one Unionist and the other, Confederate. This church has continued to provide leadership in important social, political, and cultural matters in every era since. Many prominent people have been among the membership, including Texas Governor Elisha Pease, novelist Amelia Barr, and (at one time), four Texas Supreme Court judges.

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