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[Photograph of Men in Field]
Photograph of four men in a field. Three men are standing with two dogs, and the fourth man sits in a surrey pulled by a single horse. Handwritten note on the back of the photo states that the men are "not identified" but could be the Rayburn men. It says, "third from left could be Sam Rayburn."
[Photograph of Rayburn Family]
Photograph of the Rayburn family on the Rayburn house's porch. Handwritten note on the back of the photograph names those in the photo (L-R) as Sam Rayburn, Tom Rayburn, Lucinda (Lou) Rayburn, and (mother) Martha Waller Rayburn.
Photograph of Robert E. Lee
Photograph of Robert E. Lee. General Lee served as a Confederate General during the U.S. Civil War. He died on October 12, 1870. The photo is a head and shoulders view of Lee. He is wearing a dark suit, white shirt and black bow-tie. He has gray/white hair and a medium-length beard. Text under the image reads, "Last Photograph General Robert E. Lee."
Photograph of Ruth Bryan Owen
Photograph of Ruth Bryan Owen (1885-1954). Owen was the daughter of William Jennings Bryan. She served in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1929-1933 representing Florida's Fourth Congressional District. She served as an Ambassador to Denmark from 1933-1936. The photo is black and white. In the portrait Mrs. Owen wears a pearl necklace and pearl earrings. Her hair is gray and is waved. She wears a floral print dress, only the collar can be seen. The background is all white.
Photograph of Sam Rayburn
Photograph of Sam Rayburn. The photo is a head and shoulders view of Mr. Rayburn. He wears a dark suit jacket, dark tie, white button-down shirt, and a tan colored cowboy/fedora style hat. This image was taken of Mr. Sam later in his life, most likely between 1950 and 1961.
Photograph of Sam Rayburn, 1911
Photograph of Sam Rayburn. Photo taken in 1911 when Sam Rayburn was age 29. At the time, he was serving as the Speaker in the Texas House of Representatives. The portrait is a head and shoulders photo of Rayburn. He wears a dark, suit jacket, white button-down shirt and dark-colored bow tie. The photo is black and white. Text on reverse of print reads, "Sam Rayburn age 29 when Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives. Please return to Sam Rayburn, Bonham, Texas."
Photograph of Sam Rayburn and Another Man Riding Horseback in a Parade
Photograph of Sam Rayburn and another man riding horseback in a parade. Sam Rayburn, at right, rides a palomino-colored horse. He wears cowboy boots, khaki pants, a white button-down shirt, a tie and a cowboy hat. The other man, on the left rides a dark bay colored horse. He also wears trousers, a white button-down shirt, a tie and a cowboy hat. The men are riding down a paved street with buildings, curb, signs, parking meter, fire hydrant and people in background. The horses appear to be stepping over tracks, possibly for a streetcar.
Photograph of Sam Rayburn and Group on Horseback
Photograph of Sam Rayburn and a group of you people on horseback. The photo appears to be colorized. This is likely a photogaph of Sam Rayburn with the Bonham Quadrille, a Bonham, Texas riding club. Sam Rayburn rides a dark bay colored horse. He is at the center, right. To the left are two mounted young men wearing pink/red shirts and holding American flags. The group behind all sit atop horses. The group is divided into pairs, with each pair wearing similar clothing in colors of green, white, red, gold and blue. They all wear cowboy hats, chaps and boots. Sam Rayburn is wearing khaki pants, white button-down shirt, dark tie, and straw hat with black hatband.
Photograph of Sam Rayburn and his sisters, Katherine (Rayburn) Thomas and Medibel (Rayburn) Bartley
Photograph of Sam Rayburn and two sisters; Katherine [Kate] (Rayburn) Thomas and Medibel [Meddie](Rayburn) Bartley. The women are on the left wearing dark dresses with brooches. Sam Rayburn is wearing a dark suit and tie. They are standing outside Sam Rayburn's home, near the screened porch on the south side of the home.
Photograph of Sam Rayburn Eating Breakfast
Photograph of Sam Rayburn eating breakfast with members of his family. Seated at the table from left to right: Will Rayburn (Sam's brother), Sam, and Lucinda Rayburn (Sam's sister). The Rayburn family's cook, Bobbie Phillips, is seen in the background. The family is seated in the Sam Rayburn House breakfast room. Sam Rayburn is eating a porkchop for his breakfast. Other foods that can be seen include biscuits, fried eggs, sausage and berries. Many of the serving items seen in the photo are on display in the Sam Rayburn House Museum today. Will Rayburn came to live with his brother Sam, following the death of his wife. Lucinda Rayburn served as the hostess of the household. Bobbie Phillips served as the family's cook for many years. She married Charlie Phillips, the Rayburn's groundskeeper and together they lived on teh property in the caretaker's cottage. They eventually moved into their own home in Bonham. The Rayburn's breakfast room was converted from a kitchen following the addition of a modern kitchen in the 1940s (prior to this photograph being taken). After the conversion, the old kitchen was modified into a breakfast room, with the family eating the majority of their meals here.
[Photograph of Sam Rayburn Library Dedication Day]
Photograph of men standing and talking in groups outside of the Rayburn house on the day of the dedication of the Sam Rayburn Library. Handwritten note on the back of the photo states the event and day of the photograph.
[Photograph of Sam Rayburn with a Boy and Dog]
Photograph of Sam Rayburn sitting on the edge of the porch of the caretaker's house with a boy and dog. Sam Rayburn has a hand on the boy's shoulder as the boy looks down at the dog. Handwritten note on the back of the photo states that the photo is at the Rayburn home.
Photograph of Sam Rayburn With Four Siblings
Photograph of Sam Rayburn with four of his siblings. The black and white photograph was taken on the day of the dedication of the Sam Rayburn Library, October 9, 1957. The photo was taken in the parlor of Sam Rayburn's home. From left to right are: Tom Rayburn, Medibel (Rayburn) Thomas, Sam, Katherine (Rayburn) Thomas and Richard "Dick" Rayburn. The men wear dark suits with ties. The women wear dresses. They are sitting on a sofa that is now located in Sam Rayburn's bedroom. The Porfirio Salinas painting hanging in teh background is still on display at the Sam Rayburn House Museum as are many of the other items in this photograph.
[Photograph of Sam Rayburn with Two Men]
Photograph of three men in suits sitting at a table with food. Sam Rayburn sits in the middle, with a man on either side.
Photograph of Sam Rayburn with two women
Color photograph of Sam Rayburn standing with two women. The girls are the daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Parker who owned a grocery store near Mr. Rayburn's ranch near Ivanhoe, Texas which he often visited. Sam Rayburn stands in the front yard of his home with a young woman an either side of him. They are standing to the far left in the photograph. The women both wear light-colored, calf-length, sleeveless dresses. Both have dark, short hair. Sam Rayburn wears a white button-down shirt, dark tie and slacks. The background of photo shows the lawn of the Rayburn's front yard and paving stone walkway leading from the front porch. There are trees and bushes in the background along with a green field in the distance.
Photograph of Sam Rayburn's Grandparents' Home in Tennessee
Photograph of the Waller (Sam Rayburn's grandparents)home in Roane County, Tennessee. Prior to moving to Texas in 1887, Sam Rayburn's parents, William and Martha, along with their children lived with Martha Waller's parents in this house. The wooden house has a large front porch and a brick chimney. Two large trees are visible in the foreground.
Photograph of Senator Clarence Dill, President Franklin Roosevelt and Sam Rayburn
Photograph of Senator Clarence Dill of Washington, President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Sam Rayburn. Roosevelt is seated at his desk with Dill on the left and Rayburn on the right. The two men watch as Roosevelt signs the Emergency Railroad Act of 1933. Dill and Roosevelt wear gray colored suits. Rayburn wears a dark colored suit. All men are wearing white button-down shirts with ties. The desk at which Roosevelt sits is covered with papers, pens, pen stand, ashtray and telephones.
Photograph of the Grounds of the U.S. Capitol
Photograph of the grounds at the U.S. Capitol in Washington D.C. The capitol building is in the background and the trees are the focus of the image. It is matted on a cream board.
Photograph of the Texas Delegates during the 86th Congress--Second Session, 1960
Color photograph of the Texas delegates in the 86th U.S. Congress during the second session in 1960. The photograph is of 23 men. One row of men is seated at a long, rectangular table, covered in a white tablecloth and set with plates and three flower arrangements. The second row of men stands behind those seated. The room in the background is rather opulent, with red draperies over the windows, a large, crystal chandelier and a gilt framed mirror. Caption that accompanied photo names all those in the photo and their home districts. The caption reads, "TEXAS DELEGATION - DEMOCRATS - 1960 EIGHTY-SIXTH UNITED STATES CONGRESS - SECOND SESSION WASHINGTON, D.C.--(All Representatives from Districts indicated except United States Senators Johnson and Yarborough.) Front row(left to right): 20th Dist., Paul J. Kilday; 11th Dist., W.R. Poage; 1sth Dist., Wright Patman; Senator Lyndon B. Johnson; 4th Dist., Speaker of House Sam Rayburn; Senator Ralph W. Yarborough; 19th Dist., George H. Mahon; 8th Dist., Albert Thomas; and 21st Dist., O.C. Fisher. Back row (left to right): 22nd Dist., Bob Casey; 14th Dist., John Young; 16th Dist., J.T. Rutherford; 2nd Dist., Jack Brooks; 13th Dist., Frank Ikard; 10th Dist., Homer Thornberry, 17th Dist., Omar Burleson; 6th Dist., Olin E. Teague; 9th Dist., CLark W. Thompson; 18th Dist., Walter Rogers; 7th Dist., John Dowdy; 15th Dist., Joe M. Kilgore; 12th Dist., James C. Wright, Jr.: and 3rd Dist., Lindley Beckworth."
Photograph of the Texas Delegation during the 80th U.S. Congress, 1947-1949
Photograph of the Texas Delegation to the 80th U.S. Congress, 1947-1949. Three rows of men, all wearing dark suits with ties. Texas state flag hangs in background. Front row, left to right: Wright Patman, J.M. Combs, L. Beckley, Sam Rayburn, J.F. Wilson, Olin Teague, T. Pickett. Second row, left to right: A. Thomas, C. Thompson, L. Johnson, R. Poage, W. Lucas, E. Gossett, J. Lyle, Jr. Third row, left to right: K. Regan, O. Burleson, F. Ikard, G. Mahon, P. Kilday, and C. Fisher.
[Photograph of Tom and Dick Rayburn on a Farm]
Photograph of two men on a farm. One man is sitting on a horse while the other sits on a tractor. Handwritten note on the back of the photo identifies the men as Tom and Dick Rayburn.
Photograph of William Marion Rayburn
Portrait of William Marion Rayburn, Sam Rayburn's father. He is seated facing the camera wearing a dark suit and hat. It is matted on a light board.
Photographic portrait of Sam Rayburn
Photograph of. Sam Rayburn. The black and white photo shows Sam Rayburn from the knees up. He is sitting in a chair. He wears a dark, three-iece suit, white button-down shirt and dark, striped tie. A pocket watch chain can be seen at his vest. Rayburn rests his left hand on the arm of the chair. His right elbow rests on the opposite chair arm. The background is gray/ivory.
Poem by Grace Dupree Ridings
Print of a bird on a fence with a poem by Grace Dupree Ridings. The poem, "Have You?", is as follows: "Have you ever / Seen new violets, / Have you heard / A robin sing, / When you can / Keep from thinking / It is Spring... / It is Spring?"
Political Cartoon by Clifford Berryman depicting Sam Rayburn and FDR
Political cartoon drawing by C.K. Berryman, featuring Uncle Sam, Sam Rayburn and President Franklin D. Roosevelt. The cartoon depicts Uncle Sam as the central character. He is holding columns marked "HOUSING" and "BILL" in his left and right arms respectively. He appears to be shaking them and the columns are both broken and surrounded by other broken columns. A hat near his feet reads, "HOUSE." Sam Rayburn stands before President Roosevelt in the lower left corner. Sam Rayburn says, "I'M SORRY, MR. PRESIDENT. BUT THE FELLOW REALLY DOESN'T KNOW HIS OWN STRENGTH." The cartoon is a commentary on the House voting down Roosevelt's proposed $800 million Housing Bill which would have provided funding to the impoverished people in the U.S. This was just one of many bills proposed by FDR that was voted down by Congress. Berryman autographed the cartoon in the lower right corner. It reads, "DEAR SAM RAYBURN--MY HAT'S OFF TO A FELLOW WHO KNOWS! C.K. BERRYMAN, EVENING STAR, AUG., 1939"
Political Cartoon by Clifford Berryman depicting Sam Rayburn and John Nance Garner
Drawing of Sam Rayburn shaking hands with Vice President John Nance Garner. A political cartoon by C.K. Berryman depicting caricatures of Sam Rayburn, dressed as a cowboy holding onto the reins of a donkey noted to be "HOUSE MAJORITY." Rayburn is shaking hands with Garner. Garner says, "NOW RIDE HIM COWBOY!" This is a commentary on Rayburn's election to Majority Leader. Berryman autographed the cartoon in the lower right corner with the words, "TO MY GOOD OLD TEXAN FRIEND SAM RAYBURN WHO WAS 'BORN TO LEAD' WITH HEARTY ASSURANCE THAT I'LL BE ON THE CHEERLINE! LET'ER GO!!! C.K. BERRYMAN, EVENING STAR, JAN. 5, 1937"
Political Cartoon of Sam Rayburn by C.K. Berryman
Drawing by political cartoonist, C.K. Berryman. Done in black ink. The drawing shows caricatures of Sam Rayburn speaking to President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Rayburn is sweating profusely as he appears to say, "Everything is harmonious, Mr. President!" Roosevelt is seated at a desk looking at Rayburn. Roosevelt says, "You may think its harmony but sounds awful sour to me!" The dome of the U.S. Capitol stands in the background. Angry words can be seen around the capitol as if those inside are yelling. Words such as "Boo!" "Blah!" and "Throw him out!" can be seen. The cartoon is a commentary on the difficulty Rayburn had in organizing the Democratic party due to differing viewpoints from the various congressmen. Berryman autographed the cartoon in the lower right corner. It reads, "TO MY GOOD FRIEND RAYBURN WHO NEVER SAYS DIE! C.K. BERRYMAN EVENING STAR, JULY 30, 1939"
Political Cartoon of Sam Rayburn by Clifford Berryman
Drawing of Sam Rayburn and others. A political cartoon featuring Senate Minority Leader Charles McNary, Senate Majority Leader Alben Barkley, House Speaker William Bankhead, Vice President John Garner, House Minority Leader Joseph Martin and House Majority Leader Sam Rayburn. The men all hold dress suits (tuxedos) on hangers along with formal hats. They stand at a store with a sign outside that reads, "SECOND HAND TOGS TAKEN HERE--FAIR PRICES OFFERED!" The men (specifically John Nance Garner) says to the store attendent, " WHAT'LL YOU GIVE US? WE'VE GOT TO GET BACK TO WORK!" This cartoon is a commentary on the visit of the King of England, George VI and his wife Elizabeth to the United States in 1939. The congressional delegation selected to honor the royals consisted of those seen in the cartoon.
[Portrait of a Boy]
Portrait of a young boy in a dark suit. Photo is in a dark brown mat folder. Below the photo the photographer is named as A. M. Howse in Ladonia, Texas.
[Portrait of a Bride]
Portrait of a bride in a wedding dress with a long veil and a large bouquet of flowers. Bride is standing in front of a brick fireplace with flowers on the mantle.
[Portrait of a Couple]
Portrait of couple wearing formal clothing. Woman is seated while man is standing. Photo is mounted on a brown frame with the name of the studio printed, "Howse Bros. Studio, Ladonia, Texas."
[Portrait of a Group of Men and One Woman]
Portrait of a group of eleven formally dressed men in three rows, either standing, sitting in chairs or sitting on the floor. In the middle of the group, sitting in a chair, is one woman wearing a white dress. Photograph border includes the name and logo of the portrait studio, "Driver, Commerce, Tex."
[Portrait of a Group of Musicians]
Portrait of a group of musicians. The group includes men, women, and children. The instruments include guitars, mandolins, violins, and a trumpet. The photograph is on a black mat.
[Portrait of a Lucinda Rayburn]
Portrait of Lucinda Rayburn sitting on a chair and wearing a dark dress with white flowers, with flowers in the background.
[Portrait of a Man]
Portrait of a man in a grey suit with a bow tie. Photograph is on a grey mat.
[Portrait of a Man]
Portrait of a man in a suit and ascot. The man is most likely S. E. Bartley.
[Portrait of a Man and Woman]
Portrait of a man and woman. The man is dressed in a suit and wears glasses, and the woman is in a white ruffled dress. The photograph is on a dark brown mat.
[Portrait of a Young Boy]
Portrait of a young boy in formal clothing standing in front of a table with flowers on it, which is placed in front of a window. The photograph is contained within a tan mat booklet, which states on the cover, "Portrait by Ethel Keene Robbie."
[Portrait of a Young Man]
Portrait of a young man wearing a suit and tie.
Portrait of Abner Rayburn
Photograph of Abner Love Rayburn, Sam Rayburn's youngest brother. He is wearing a dark dress suit and bow-tie. It is matted on an oval board. Abner Rayburn was the only Rayburn sibling to be born in Texas. All of Sam Rayburn and his other nine siblings were born in Tennessee. Sam Rayburn was grooming Abner towards a career in politics. Abner died in 1914 of typhoid fever. He was 23 years old.
[Portrait of Family]
Portrait of a family of five. The mother and father sit in chairs, the youngest son sits on the mother's lap, the elementary-aged daughter sits on the arm of the father's chair, and the older, elementary-aged son stands in the middle.
[Portrait of Little Girl and Little Boy]
Portrait of a young girl wearing a dress and smiling while sitting on a chair covered in a blanket. A young boy stands next to the chair frowning, wearing a white shirt with a bow tie, shorts, knee socks, and shoes. The photo is on a brown mat with the name of the studio printed on it, "A. A. Huckaba, Pecan Gap, Texas."
[Portrait of Lynda Bird Johnson]
Portrait of a little girl in a patterned dress sitting on a stool. Handwritten note on the photograph says, "To Mr. Boss - Uncle Sam - With love from - Lynda Bird."
[Portrait of Mother and Three Children]
Outdoor portrait of mother and three children, all dressed formally but also for warm weather. The youngest and oldest children are girls, the middle child is a boy, and all three have blonde hair.
[Portrait of Sam Rayburn's Nephew as a Baby]
Portrait of a baby, Sam Rayburn's nephew, sitting in an armchair and smiling. He is wearing a onesie and white shoes.
[Portrait of Unknown Little Girl]
Portrait of a little girl with short hair in a white dress spreading her skirt and smiling. She is also wearing white shoes and white socks with bows. The photograph is on a brown mat with the photographer's name printed on it, "A. A. Huckaba, Pecan Gap, Texas."
[Portraits of a Young Boy]
Three portraits of a young boy. In the first photo, the boy is sitting on a stool. In the second photo, the boy is kneeling on a chair. In the last photo, the boy is standing and reading a book on a table. The photos are on a brown card stock mat.
[Postcard of a Baby Portrait]
Postcard of a baby portrait. The baby is wearing a white dress. There is no message on the back of the postcard.
[Postcard of a Man and Baby]
Postcard of a man and baby photographed outdoors. The man, wearing a suit, stands in the background beside a tree while the baby, in a white dress, stands in the foreground looking at the ground. No message is written on the back of the postcard.
[Postcard of Azalea Time in Mobile, Alabama]
Postcard of Azalea gardens in front of houses in Mobile, Alabama. The typed note on the back of the postcard describes the photograph: "Lovely homes abound in color during Azalea Time in historic Mobile, Ala." There is no handwritten message on the postcard.