Texas Chapter of the American Fisheries Society

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The Texas Chapter of the American Fisheries Society (TCAFS) collections contain photos, documents, and newsletters from the Chapter’s beginnings in 1975 to the present. TCAFS membership includes people from various state agencies, universities, and businesses. Its mission is to inspire the conservation, development, and wise utilization of recreational and commercial fisheries, promotion of all branches of fisheries science and practice, and the exchange and dissemination of knowledge about fish, fisheries, and related subjects.

The TCAFS supports the American Fisheries Society (AFS) by promoting the conservation, development, and wise use of Texas fisheries by supporting and evaluating the development and advancement of all branches of fisheries science and practice. The Texas Chapter gathers and disseminates to its members and the general public scientific, technical, and other information about fisheries science and practice through publications, meetings, and other forms of communication, such as newsletters.

Annual meetings allow fisheries students, professors, and other professionals to give presentations for lively discussions on current topics. By supporting the teaching of fisheries science and practice in colleges and universities and the continuing education and development of fisheries professionals, the TCAFS encourages the proper use of aquatic resources by initiating and participating in special projects that increase public awareness, expand participation, improve habitat, and protect fragile resources.

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Name: Michele Nations
Partner URL: http://www.sdafs.org/tcafs/

Texas Chapter of American Fisheries Society
Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
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Phone: 940-779-2031