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  Partner: Tarrant County College NE, Heritage Room
 Collection: Tarrant County College Northeast, Heritage Room
Dan Coble and Charles Lawrence
Dan Coble sitting in wicker chair. Charles Lawrence is standing. Coble was a gunslinger killed in a gun battle in Witchita Falls, TX. Lawrence was killed in that same shoot out.
Total Solar Eclipse in Fort Worth (1878)
Photograph of seven astronomers -- Leonard Waldo, R.W. Wilson, J.K. Rees, W.H. Pulsifer, F.E. Seagrave, Alfred Freeman, and A.M. Britton -- with various telescopes set up out-of-doors near a large wooden barn or other structure. According to accompanying information they are on the S.W. Lomax farm, waiting to observe the total solar eclipse that happened on July 29, 1878.
Aerial View of a Section of Downtown Fort Worth
Aerial photograph of a section of downtown Fort Worth, Texas, possibly around 1890. This image is a reverse of a photo included in D.H. Swartz's "Photographs of Fort Worth."
Pleasant Run School
Pleasant Run School students and teachers
Texas Sesquicentennial Wagon Train in Sierra Blanca
Photograph of John Chester in Sierra Blanca, Texas while traveling with the Texas Sesquicentennial Wagon Train. John Chester is pictured next to a wagon sponsored by Copenhagen, Skoal, and Billy Bob's Texas.
Wagons Passing Down Main Street
Horse and wagons in downtown Grapevine on Main Street. The photo was made looking northwest from a hotel located on the corner of Main and Worth Streets.
North Texas State Normal College
Large group of students at entrance, on the lawn and some looking through windows of the college.
Florence School
Students and teacher outside of one-room Florence School.
Nora Bobo
Nora Bobo, mother of Walter Fitel (detail of Bedford School, 1907 picture)
Andy Nelson Postcard
Postcard with a photo of Andy Nelson in a wagon. He was born in slavery in 1862. His life spanned from slavery to the Civil Rights movement. Andy served for 35 years as the Worshipful Master of the Mosier Valley Masonic Lodge No. 103 until his death in 1960. He served on several grand juries in the 1950s. He posed for this postcard in 1912.
Bideault Home
Henrietta, Louise and Nan Bideault in front of their home
Miss Taylor's Class at Old Bedford School
School picture. Old Bedford School, Miss Taylor's class, about 1913. Individuals are identified on the photocopy inside plastic sleeve with photo.
Mary Alice Bobo
Mary Alice Bobo, wife of Weldon Wiles Bobo, on 80th Birthday. They moved from Bedford County, Tennessee in 1870.
Hurst School Class (1914)
Students in front of school
Hurst School Sixth and Seventh Grades
6th and 7th grade classes photographed together
[111th Engineers Returning Home from France after World War I]
Photograph of 111th Engineers marching through downtown Dallas after returning home from France after World War I.
Hurst School Students
Group of students in front of Hurst School building
Nan Bideault Holding a Baby Pig
Nan Bideault holding a pig. Lieutenant Sheronet, and Sargent Laurie and Jeanne Bideault looking on.
36th Division USA (WWI) Passing in Review
World War I troops passing in review, marching down Main street in Fort Worth, TX, April 11, 1918
Hurst School (Eighth Grade)
Eighth grade class and teacher outside of school
Thomas School
Students in front of school in 1919.
Goat and Wagon Picture
Young boy sitting in a wagon harnessed to a goat. Traveling photographers in the 1920's and early 1930's would occassionally go out and photograph children in small carts that were harnessed to goats.
I. M. Terrell High School, Fort Worth
Graduating class of 1921 on steps of Fort Worth Colored School. School later renamed I.M. Terrell.
I. M. Terrell High School, Fort Worth
Fort Worth Colored High School. High School for blacks. The school was later named I.M. Terrell
Hurst High School Girls Basketball Team
Students and coach of the basketball team in a group.
601 Train Engine at Texas and Pacific Station
Photograph of a group of men standing on and beside the first of 600 class locomotives delivered to Texas and Pacific Railroad.
Hurst School First - Ninth Grades, 1925
Students and teacher in front of school. Principal and teachers identified on back.
Tourists Atop Pikes Peak
Photograph of eight tourists on their way to the top of Pike's Peak. The group is posing together in an open car. A sign on the running board says, "At Glen Cove on Pikes Peak, Alt. 11,425 Ft., No24, July 23 1929." There are various buildings and pine trees visible in the background.
Aerial View at Ninth and Throckmorton Streets
Aerial photograph of downtown Fort Worth at Ninth and Throckmorton Streets around 1930. The Carnegie Public Library is in the center of the photo. The first Fort Worth city hall is on the left.
Proof Sheet of Randolph Field Scenes
Proof sheet - Randolph AFB
U. S. Army Air Corps Squadron Emblems
Bomb squadron emblems for the 1st Observation Squadron; 94th Pursuit Squadron; 16th Observation Squadron; 95th Pursuit Squadron; 22nd Observation Squadron; 9th Bomb Squadron; 26th Attack Squadron; 8th Attack Squadron; 24th Pursuit Squadron; 44th Observation Squadron; 27th Pursuit Squadron; 2nd Observation Squadron; 19th Pursuit Squadron; 3rd Pursuit Squadron; 55th Pursuit Squadron; 99th Observation Squadron; 34th Pursuit Squadron; 73rd Pursuit Squadron; 11th Bomb Squadron; 91st Bomb Squadron; 30th Bomb Squadron; 28th Bomb Squadron; 35th Pursuit Squadron; 72nd Bomb Squadron; 20th Bomb Squadron; 96th Bomb Squadron; 23rd Bomb Squadron; 13th Attack Squadron; 77th Pursuit Squadron; 5th Observation Squadron; 49th Bomb Squadron;17th Pursuit Squadron; 7th Observation Squadron; 6th Observation Squadron; 25th Bomb Squadron; 36th Pursuit Squadron; 90th Attack Squadron; 88th Observation Squadron; 12th Observation Squadron; 50th Observation Squadron.
Yoe High School Football Team
Football team in front of School
Aerial View of Winburn Field
Overhead view of Winbury Air Base
Randolph Field
Overhead aerial photograph of Randolph Filed Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas.
Randolph Field Administration Building
administration building, Randolph Field
Administration Park Randolph Field Tex.
Aerial photograph of the Administration Building and surrounding area of Randolph Field Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas.
Administration Bldg.137 Randolph Field Texas
Photograph of the Administration Building at Randolph Field Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas.
Greenhouse (Randolph Field)
Greenhouse on Randolph Field
Interior Engine Shop
engine shop - Randolph field
Airplane Type BT2B : Basic Stage
Douglas BT2B biplane at Randolph Field
PT-3A (Airplane)
Consolidated PT-3A Trusty trainer plane on field at Randolph Field
Randolph Field Texas
Aerial photograph of Randolph Field Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas with the Administration Building in the center.
"B" Stage Hangar Line at Randolph Field
Hangars at Randolph Air Force Base in San Antonio. Aerial view from 1,000 feet
Cadet Area Randolph Field Tex.
Aerial photograph of the cadet area and buildings at Randolph Field Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas.
Experimental - Primary Training Ship
Training Airplane
Randolph Field Theater
Interior of the post theater at Randolph Field
Sonic Altimeter Transmitter Horn
Soldiers checking sonic altimeter transmitter horn of an airplane
Randolph Field Texas
Aerial photograph of Randolph Field Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas and surrounding land.
Fire Trucks at Randolph Field
Fire Trucks at Randolph Field parked at the fire station
Dual Instruction - Preparing to Take Off
Dual Instruction - Preparing to Take Off
Beta Preview