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 Decade: 1890-1899
 Language: English
 Collection: Texas History Collection
Rules for the courts of Texas: adopted by order of the Supreme Court at Tyler on the first day of December, A.D. 1877: together with amendments thereto at various times up to the close of the Austin term, A.D. 1890
This book contains rules for the Supreme Court of the state of Texas. Also includes pictures of the justices of the Texas Supreme Court in 1846 and 1888.
Statistics and information concerning the state of Texas: with its millions of acres of unoccupied lands...
This book covers statistical information for the state of Texas. It includes "great inducements for the investment of capital, health for the invalid, interesting sights and scenes for the tourist and pleasure seeker, broad fields of research for the historian, unsurpassed hunting grounds for the sportsman, and other resources waiting to be unlocked by the key of capital in the hands of labor and industry" (title page).
Rules for the courts of Texas. Adopted by order of the Supreme Court at Austin on the eighth day of October, A.D. 1892.
A book containing rules for the courts of Texas. The Court of Criminal Appeals and the Court of Civil Appeals are two examples of court rules listed in this book.
Message of Gov. J. S. Hogg to the twenty-third Legislature of Texas.
This document is a message to Texas legislature from Governor J. S. Hogg. The document was a call to action concerning the matters of: railroad bonds and stocks, municipal indebtedness, land corporations, the railway commission, land and county boundaries, state banks, public education, mechanics' liens, convict labor, indigent ex-confederates, taxation, criminal laws, deadly weapons, lotteries, injunctions, stock quarantine, charities, board of pardon advisers, and the overall condition of the state of Texas.
Message of Governor James S. Hogg to the twenty-fourth legislature of Texas
This message is about the condition of the state of Texas at the time the message was written. The book contains information about Texas' economics, government money allocation, organizations, and other issues relating to Texas at that time.
Prospectus of Twelve Central Texas Counties.
This book gives an overview of the twelve Blackland Counties of Texas in alphabetical order. For each county, a brief description of the geographic and agricultural characteristics is given as well as statistics on population and county income. Additionally, a geological description of the Black Prairie Region gives more specific aspects of the area and the soil compositions and a final chapter discusses the property market of the area.
The Texarkana Gateway to Texas and the Southwest
This text gives an overview of the places and resources in Texas with an emphasis on the locations where the railroads run through the state. Indexes start on page 220.
The Cuban and Porto Rican campaigns
This book covers the organization of warships during the Spanish American War, and discusses the battles in Cuba and Puerto Rico. Also mentioned in the book are the Rough Riders, General Miles, General Shafter, General Wheeler, General Sumner, Colonel Wood, General Young, the Red Cross, General Wilson, Key West, Admiral Sampson, Captain Chadwick, General Kent, General Lawton, Buena Ventura, Ensign Curtin, Captain Paget, Commander Davis, General Breckinridge, and General Chaffee.
Locations and Depths of the Artesian Wells of the Black and Grand Prairies of Texas
This map shows a portion of Texas with markings for different kinds of artesian wells. In the top, left-hand corner, there is an inset showing the entire state and marking the area detailed in the map. The header at the top of the map says, "U. S. Geological Survey, Twenty-First Annual Report, Part VII, PL. LXVIII." Scale [1:316,800] "Contour Interval 100 feet."
Marine School
Marine School. Marked beginning of Castleberry School District
Sabine Pass, Texas: A Few Facts concerning the Harbor and Town
Pamphlet about Sabine Pass, Texas gives an overview of the area and its potential as an area of trade and industry. According to the start of the text, "The object of this pamphlet is to present such facts in a strightforward manner as it will enable the fairminded investigator to draw just conclusions [...] to call attention to the advantages of Sabine Pass as the natural site, and where the most favorable conditions exist, for the building of a city upon Sabine Pass Harbor" (p. 3).
Geology of the Black and Grand Prairies of Texas including the Eastern and Western Cross Timbers
Geologic map shows surficial, sedimentary, crystalline, and igneous formations of the Black and Grand Prairies in Texas. Also displays topography, streams, cities, and railroads. Includes legend.
Map of the Black and Grand Prairies of Texas including the Eastern and Western Cross Timbers.
Topographic map of the Black Prairie and Grand Prairie regions of Texas and southern Indian Territory, including the Eastern and Western cross timbers. Also displays streams, cities, and railroads.
Cross Sections on the Lines A-A. B-B. Etc. PL. LXVI, Showing Geological Structure of the Black and Grand Prairies.
Profiles to illustrate section lines on Plate 66, Geologic Map of the Black and Grand Prairies of Texas.