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 County: Galveston County, TX
[Letter from D. S. Kennard, February 2,1862]
Letter from D.S. Kennard to his mother regarding the letter he received from her and Jenni. He mentions the health of everyone, and he also mentions a case where a hundred were killed.
[Letter from D. S. Kennard to A. D. Kennard Jr., February 2,1862]
Letter from D.S. Kennard to his father regarding his health and the weather. He also discusses the battle where a hundred Yankees died. He mentions the prices of food, shoes, and books. He comments on the poor food they are eating, but is willing to suffer as long as he can fight for independence.
[Letter from D. S. Kennard to A. D. Kennard Jr., January 29,1862]
Letter from D.S. Kennard to his father A.D. Kennard regarding the health of his company and of himself. He mentions a battle which took place in Kentucky and comments on muskets.
[Letter from D. S. Kennard to his Father, March 4, 1862]
A letter from D.S. Kennard to his father, stating that not much is happening, but his regiment may soon be sent to Arkansas, He also discusses the high price of commodities and dry goods.
[Letter from D. S. Kennard to his Father, March 20, 1862]
Letter from D.S. Kennard to his father informing him that his regiment will be leaving for Arkansas in two weeks. They will be marching between the Trinity and Brazos Rivers and maybe through Waxahachie
[Letter from David S. Kennard to his sister, March 24, 1862]
Letter from David S. Kennard from Eagle Grove, Galveston County, to his sister discussing a fire in Houston and his regiment's plans to march to Arkansas. He is not sure if he will get to go home on the way. He received a letter from John Hawthorp saying their relations were well. Also mentioned in the letter is that three or four of the boys have measles.
[Letter from Maud C. Fentress to David W. Fentress, September 28, 1865]
Letter from Maud C. Fentress to her son David discussing news from Bolivar, Tennessee and it includes: a discussion regarding finance; news concerning the financial situations of family; a dialogue regarding crops to be planted and animals to be raised; news about Frank becoming Chancery Clerk and his plans to study law; news about Kate and her portion of the family's land which will be farmed on a small scale between Frank, Maud, and Kate; financial advice from Maud and news about a real estate transaction in Bolivar; a discussion about the state of society in Bolivar; a dialogue about David moving; updates on the lives and health of family and friends; a discussion about endeavoring to be a pious christian; and a dialogue concerning David's debt to Maud.
[News Script: Zonta]
Script from the KXAS-TV/NBC station in Fort Worth, Texas, covering a news story about Babe Zaharais (Zaharis?), a woman athlete, receiving the World's Outstanding Sports Woman award from Fort Worth Zonta club members.