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  Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections
 Decade: 1920-1929
 Year: 1923
[Administration Building at North Texas State Teachers College]
Photograph of the Administration Building, in center background, at North Texas State Teachers College. This photograph was taken from a paved street. The Historical Building is visible in the left foreground, and the Science Building is in the right foreground. A walkway, with open white gates, leads between the Historical Building and Science Building to the Administration Building. The walkway is lined with trees and shrubbery. Part of an automobile is also visible in the left foreground parked at the curb. Handwritten notes on the back of the photograph read, "admin. bldg. before 1935" and "Campus Inner, Historical Bldg. [L], Auditorium (Admin before '35) Bldg. [Center], Science Bldg. [R]."
[Letter from Irene Biffle Williams to Byrd Williams, Jr., August 23, 1923]
Letter from Irene Williams to Byrd Williams, Jr., discussing surgery for their sons B.M. and John, how much it cost, and their need for money. She says the money is not for her but the children and discusses their past relationship.
[Letter from Irene Williams to B. M. Williams, February 11, 1923]
Letter from Irene Williams to her husband, complaining that he has not been writing to her and updating him on family and local news. She also enclosed clippings of four newspaper articles on various topics related to El Paso, Texas. The envelope is addressed to Mr. B. M. Williams in Long Beach, California.
[Letter from Johnathan Theodore Biffle to Byrd Moore Williams, Jr., August 14, 1923]
Letter from Johnathan Biffle to his son-in-law, Byrd Williams, Jr., regarding the relationship between Byrd Williams, Jr. and Irene Biffle Williams.
Library scene, North Texas State Normal College
Library interior at North Texas State Normal College, 1923.
[North Texas State Teachers College Yell Leaders, 1923]
Photograph of North Texas State Teachers College Yell Leaders from 1923.
The Passing of the West, 1923
This photo shows a row of seven standing cowgirls, with seven mounted Indians behind them, in an arena. The cowgirls are, from left to right: Ruth Roach, Florence Hughes, Bea Kirnan, Bonnie Gray, Rose Smith, Kitty Canutt, and Ruby Roberts.
The Passing of the West, 1923
This photo shows eight women on horses, standing in a row, in an arena. From left to right, they are: Mabel Strickland, Florence Hughes, Bea Kirnan, Kitty Canutt, Rose Smith, Bonnie Gray, and Unknown. There are rodeo Indians on horses behind them and large buildings, including the dome of the nation's capital, in the background.
Texas and Oklahoma Boundary: Big Bend Area, Sheet Number 1
Map of the Big Bend area around the Red River showing portions of both Texas and Oklahoma. Various areas are marked off into numbered segments and there are red lines radiating from specific points on either side of the river. A legal notice at the bottom of the page asserts that the map is accurate, verified by the Supreme Court of the United States. Scale 1:6,000
The Yucca, Yearbook of North Texas State Normal School, 1923
Yearbook for North Texas State Normal College in Denton, Texas includes photos of and information about the school, student body, professors, and organizations.