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Arm for Telegraph - Poles.
Patent for a new and useful arm for telegraph poles.
Attachment for Ginning-Machines.
Patent for improvements in attachment for ginning machines: "provide mechanical means for conveying the cotton and seed that is delivered from the gins through pneumatic tubes to the baling room and see house" (lines 15-19).
Attachment for Locomotives.
Patent for a safety attachment for locomotives that is simple and prevents unwelcome people from getting into a position to take control of the train. It consists of steam pipes with open jets connected with the boiler that go around the entrances of the cab, and the train engineer can turn a valve and make hot steam project across the entrances.
Back or Lining for Fireplaces.
Patent for improvement linings of fireplaces including the cost for creation, the adaption to fireplaces of different sizes, the expansion and contraction of parts under the influence of heat.
Bale-Box Attachment.
Patent for improvements in cotton-presses, in which “it comprises two presser-rollers between which the cotton as it comes from the gin, is compressed, yielding bearings for one of the said presser-rollers, two guard-bars, one for each presser-roller, to prevent the cotton being carried out by the rollers, the ends of the guard–bars being threaded to receive nuts by means of which the attachment is clamped to the baling-box, and a conveyer to transfer the cotton from the gin to the said rollers.” (Lines 22-32) Illustration is included.
Patent for "new and useful Improvements in Baling-Presses" (lines 5-6) including instructions and illustrations.
Bed Bottom.
Patent for a new and improved bed bottom. This design "consists in a spring-bed formed of two U-shaped spring-rods or frames formed by the rods, which frames have their end pieces crossed and secured at their free ends in the opposite ends of slates. To the longitudinal pieces of the spring-frames the side edges of a piece of canvas are secured, and spiral springs are secured on the slats below the canvas" (lines 11-19).
Bed-Drawer Attachment for Bedsteads.
Patent for improvement in bed-drawer attachments for bedsteads by “having bed-drawer arranged to slide beneath the usual mattress-support.” (Lines 8-10) Illustration is included.
Bolt Lock.
Patent for a new and improved bolt-lock. This design is for a flat piece of metal (the "lock") that secures the head of the bolt so that, when the adjoining nut becomes rusted, the nut and bolt can be successfully separated without damaging the surrounding material.
Box for Meat and Oil Presses
Patent for box for meat and oil presses. This box prevents meat from adhering to the box by using a lining, preferably sheet metal (p. 2). This keeps the box from breaking.
Car Coupling.
Patent for a new and improved coupling for railroad cars. This design consists in "[t]he combination, with the draw-head having the downwardly and forwardly inclined floor and the floor slot or opening, of the coupling-bar having a curved or angular lever secured to its rear end and extending first downward through said opening and then under the draw-head" (lines 82-88).
Car Coupling.
Patent for a new and improved coupling for cars. This design "relates to that class of couplers that are self-couplers; and it consists of an open-top hook-shaped draw-bar provided with a pivoted T-shaped vertically-moving coupling-bar, and provided also with an end socket for using the ordinary coupling link" (lines 7-12).
Car Coupling.
Patent for a new and improved coupling for railroad cars. This design "consists in the construction and novel arrangement of the fork-shaped draw-heads having under-beveled bearings between the branches, the slotted coupler-bars having hook-lugs in front of the slots and adapted to interlock, the side bearings or ledges on each side of each hook-lug, designed to support the sides of the bar and to allow the hook-lugs to enter the slots in coupling" (lines 19-27).
Car Coupling.
Patent for a new and improved coupling for railroad cars. This design is "composed of the draw-heads having bars and forward cross-bar, and beveled on its outer end, and provided with slot above [the] bar, the coupling-bar pivoted at its rear end between [the] bars, and enlarged . . . immediately in advance of said pivot, and provided near its outer end with an opening, and the hook pivoted to and depending from the coupling-bar" (lines 78-86).
Car Coupling.
Patent for a new and improved coupling for railroad cars. This design consists "[i]n a car-coupler, the coupler having at its forward end a loop or link, hook, and connected rigidly with the ball or any suitable device moving in a passage" (lines 78-81).
Car Coupling.
Patent for a new and improved coupling for railroad cars. This design "consists in the improved construction and combination of parts of such a coupling, in which the link may be raised and supported at different heights for the purpose of coupling with cars of different height, or for the purpose of raising the link out of engagement with the hook of another draw-head" (lines 26-32).
Car Coupling.
Patent for a new and improved coupling for railroad cars. This design consists in "a draw-head having a longitudinal slot extending in the upper face into a groove, and formed with notches or recesses in the upper face at the side of the slot, and having a beveled upper corner and a flat face and a downwardly-extending portion at the under side, an anchor-bar pivoted at its inner end in the inner end of the slot, and having an anchor or arrow-head at its outer end formed with rearwardly-hooked flukes or barbs, and a link pivoted with its eyed rear ends upon a transverse bolt in the anchor-bar" (lines 20-32).
Patent for new and useful improvements in car fenders, including instructions and illustrations.
Car Seat Recorder.
Patent for a new and improved car-seat recorder. This design consists in "[t]he combination of the following elements: a car-axle, the depressible car-seat, and the recording apparatus arranged alongside the seat and consisting of friction feed-wheels, a paper strip, meshing spur-gears, and a puncturing device arranged vertically, a lever which operatively connects said seat and apparatus, and gearing which connects the latter with the axle, whereby movement of the car operates said apparatus and enables the record to be made by slitting the strip when the seat is depressed" (lines 22-33).
Patent for certain new and useful improvements in chimneys, including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a churn that consists of an upright frame, an adjustable central ring, a dasher rod, and devices for operating the rod.
Patent for a new and improved churn. This design consists "[i]n combination with the base, the frame having the cross-bars, churn provided with a dasher-shaft, a second shaft passing through cross-bars and connected with the dasher-shaft, pinions . . . secured to the shaft and adapted to rest upon the cross-bars . . . a[nother] shaft journaled in [one of] the cross-bar[s], and a mutilated gear engaging the pinions" (lines 16-24).
Patent for a new and useful improvement in churns, including instructions and illustrations.
Clock Striking Mechanism.
Patent for a new and improved clock-chimes. This design consists in "[t]he combination, with the chime of bells in the clock case, of the wheel having the lateral pins, the rock-shaft, a lever extending from the rock-shaft and engaging the said pins, and the hammer arms respectively connected with the rock-shaft by the short arm" (lines 21-26).
Cloth-Bolt Clamp.
Patent for a clamp "to hold the folds of a bolt of cloth in position and to prevent the same form being unwound except when desired." (Lines 23-25) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Combined Chair, Cot and Bed
Patent for a combination of a chair, cot and bed and improvements made unto it. Illustrations and instructions included.
Combined Pen or Pencil Holder and Pin.
Patent for a new and improved writing-utensil holder and pin. This design "not only forms a convenient receptacle for a pen or pencil, but . . . it is also adapted for use as an ornamental scarf or breast pin, and to this end the bands may be appropriately shaped to confine a stone or other setting, which can be held from endwise displacement, if necessary, by means of lugs . . . at each end of the bar" (lines 63-71).
Corn Sheller.
Patent for a new and improved corn sheller. This design "comprises a double-shelling surface of peculiar construction in one plate or bed-piece, whereby a corn-sheller having but little weight is produced, which shall be capable of shelling either one ear of corn, or, by using both hands, two ears of corn at the same time, and which shall do its work with increased ease, ready clearance for the shelled corn, and protection, when using both hands, against their striking each other" (lines 12-21).
Patent for a mechanism that aims "to promote convenience in adjusting and regulating cotton choppers" (line 44-46), including instructions and illustrations.
Cotton Chopper and Harrow
Patent for "a cotton chopper, the combination, with the wheeled vehicle, of the side and central section-bars carrying the inclined knives, the handles secured to the central section, and double rack connecting said handles, the adjusting-levers pivoted to the central section, and the pivoted perforated arms connecting the levers and outer section bars" (lines 40-47).
Cotton Chopper and Scraper
Patent for new "construction and combination of devices" (lines 10-11) to improve cotton choppers and scrapers, with illustrations.
Cotton Gin Feeder.
Patent for a new and improved feeder for cotton gins. This design consists in "the combination, with the driving mechanism, of the alternating sections, the shaft or rod, loop-rods and staples, the crank-shaft, and hooked rods . . . [and] of the adjustable comb, the crank-shaft, hinge-connection, arm, and cross-bar" (lines 3-12).
Cotton Planter and Chopper.
Patent for planting and chopping cotton.
Cotton Seed Planter.
Patent for a new and improved planter. This design consists in "the combination, with the side bars of the main frame, the plow-standard connecting the front ends thereof, and the covering board connecting the rear ends of the side bars, of the handles secured to the side bars near the front end of the machine, the rectangularly-bent brace-bar secured to the side bars and to the handles, and the centrally-bent brace-bar secured to the side bars and the brace-bar" (lines 86-95).
Patent for a new and improved cultivator. This design consists in "a draft-bar, a connecting rod or bar which connects the two beams together at any suitable distance . . . vertical standards which are secured to the rear ends of the beams, adjustable connecting-bars . . . and a connecting-rod which connects the bars together in a line with the beams . . . to loosely attach two cultivators to a single draft-bar, and then connect these two cultivators together . . . [so] each of the cultivators has a universal movement independently of the other, and yet they are always kept at about the same distance apart" (lines 15-32).
Patent for a new and useful improvements in cultivators. This design is for "bedding cotton, corn, and all other seed which are planted in beds or rows" (line 14-18).
Curtain Fixture.
Patent for a new and improved curtain fixture. This design calls for a rubber roller in which a curtain can withdraw and from which a curtain can emerge. The roller has holes for screwing and mounting.
Cycle Brake And Motor.
Patent for a new and useful cycle brake and motor, including instructions and illustrations.
Cylindrical-Bale Cotton-Press.
Patent for certain new and useful improvements in cylindrical bale cotton presses, including instructions and illustrations.
Dental Tool
Patent for a dental tool that is to "prevent the loss of amalgam" (p. 2).
Detergent Compound.
Patent for an all-purpose detergent composed of water, lye, ammonia, borax, indigo, and mountain balm. Includes instructions.
Device for Preventing Hens from Setting.
Patent for improvements to a hood that prevents hens from flying (by cutting off vision above or to either side) while allowing them to continue scratching and eating.
Electric-Arc Lamp.
Patent for improvements to electric-arc lamps to regulate the feed of the carbon-carrying rod, with illustrations.
Elevated Electric Car-Line.
Patent for a new and useful improvements in "elevated double-track electric car lines and car and electric-wire supports combined, including instructions and illustrations" (line 5 - 7).
Elevated Railway.
Patent for improvements in elevated railways: "provide simple means for regulating and adjusting the weight of the car so as to throw the preponderence thereof upon either the upper or the lower track or to equally divide the weight so that each track bear a like proportion" (lines 12-17).
Fence-Making Machine.
Patent for a simple, portable fence-making machine meant to separate crossed wires, re-utilizes old wires, and has "a wedge being employed in the twisting-head for the purpose of separating the old twists and causing them to pass through the twisting-eye" (lines 22-25). The machine allows the wires to be equally spaced apart, and the space is adjustable. A picket-gage is included in the invention, which regulates the space between pickets.
Patent for a new and useful fertilizer distributer, including instructions and illustrations.
Fork for Handling Cotton and Other Substances.
Patent for a new and improved pitchfork. This design "relates to a hand-fork for handling cotton in the seed and cotton-seed at the gins, as well as for other useful purposes; and it consists in the novel construction of the teeth and tines or head, together with the means for fastening the teeth to the head" (lines 9-15).
Patent for an inexpensive, simple, and improved construction for sliding gates that is easily opened and closed with minimal effort. The gate slides back and forth on a track which is set in a frame above the gate.
Patent for a gate that improves "the construction of sliding gates, and to provide a simple and inexpensive one, which will be positive and reliable in its operation, and which may be opened and closed a distance from it approaching it in either direction, without dismounting or leaving a vehicle" (lines 10-16). It also prevents farm animals from passing through when the gate is closed.