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Patent for improvements in fertilizer distributers by using a combination of a hopper, a detachable drill-chute, two shafts with fingers inside the hopper, and an inclined spring-held and adjustable apron attached at the rear end of the hopper. This adjustable apron allows the shafts to operate effectively and efficiently. Illustration is included.
Riveting Machine.
Patent for a new and improved riveting machine. This design "consist[s], essentially, of an upright-frame having a vertically-movable driving-rod therein, a vertically-separable set loosely mounted upon the lower end of the driving rod, and a stationary upright removably mounted in the frame beneath the driving-rod and set, [and] said upright having a spring-actuated sleeve extending above the upper end thereof" (lines 66-74).
Patent for an improvement on a patent granted on the 4th of October 1870, numbered 108,032.
Word-Counter for Type-Writing Machines.
Patent for certain new and useful improvements in word counters for type writing machines, including instructions and illustrations.