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 County: Hale County, TX
Hale Co.
Map shows land patents, block and tract numbers, landowners, towns, and railroads; portions of adjacent counties where property boundaries extend beyond county limits. Scale not given.
Plainview, Texas, Methodist Church
Photograph of the Methodist Church in Plainview, Texas. The building has an eclectic architectural style with four large columns on the front. A horse and buggy stands by the curb outside the building.
Street Scene in Plainview, Texas
Photograph of the downtown area in Plainview, Texas in 1897 showing businesses on the west side of the square. Two freighting teams, comprised of horses and carts, fill the block. Businesses include: Mrs. M. B. Fowle Dry Goods, Notions, Millinery, etc.; Irick and Dyer Groceries; City Drug Store; Williams Bro's. Cheap Cash Store; and Donohoo and Ware Dry Goods, Boots, Shoes, Groceries and Hardware.
Street Scene in Plainview, Texas
Photograph of a hotel being moved from Demmitt (45 mi. away) into Plainview, Texas in 1893. It was supported by eight wagons that were pulled by 32 horses. Businesses along the street include a hotel, Mrs. M. B. Fowle Dry Goods, Notions, Millinery, etc. and City Drug Store.
Wayland Baptist College in Plainview, Texas
Photograph of the First Baptist College in Plainview, Texas. The three-story brick building has six large columns on the front of it. The student body stands in front of the building. Two automobiles stand outside of the building to the left.