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  Partner: University of Texas at Arlington Library
 Decade: 1590-1599
Map shows towns on the Danish islands of Fionia [Fyn], Alsen, Arr, Langeland in the Baltic Sea. Scale not given.
Nueva Hispania tabula nova.
Map shows known geography, rivers, and settlements in late sixteenth century New Spain [Mexico]. Relief shown pictorially. Scale not shown.
Typus orbis terrarum, ad imitationem universalis Gerhardi Mercatoris : cuius secundum tam veterum quà€m recentiorum supputationem 5400 miliaria Germanica ambitus complectitur..
Map shows geography and place names of the eastern and western hemispheres as known during the late sixteenth century. Includes notes, Cicero quotation, and portrait of Jesus. Relief shown pictorially. Scale not given.
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