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[Group of people in carriage]
Photograph of a group of people sitting inside of a horse-drawn carriage.
[Portrait of Donald R. Bonfoey]
Photograph of Donald R. Bonfoey in a military uniform.
[Street scene in Memphis Texas]
Photograph of a street scene in Memphis, Texas. There is a large number of horse-drawn vehicles and a crowd near a row of stores. The "Commerical Club", "Hoghland merc Co. Fancy Groceries" and "Baldwin and Co." are in the background.
Henry Cook at Payne Place
Photograph of Henry Cook, who was in charge of the Matador Land and Cattle Company line camp at Payne Place. He is sitting on a horse. There is a barn and corral in the background.
[Group of Men]
Photographic portrait of ten pioneer men. They all wear suits and hats. Most of them have mustaches.
[Midland in 1884]
Photograph of a street scene in 1884 Midland, Texas. There are men on horse-drawn wagons in the photograph as well as multiple store fronts on the right.
[Portrait of C.O. Edwards]
Photograph of C.O. Edwards. Edwards is wearing a suit and tie.
First Texas and Pacific Railway Station on Fire
Photograph of a fire at the Texas and Pacific Railway Station in Fort Worth, Texas on April 3, 1909. The fire originated in a barn and quickly swept through the city. The damages to the T&P railway were estimated at $250,000. The red brick station was built in 1899 and was torn down in 1931.
[Billiard Hall & Judge Roy Bean]
Photograph of Judge Roy Bean in front of the Jersey Lilly and Billiard Hall. The text, "Judge Roy Bean Notary Public, Justice of the Peace, Law west of the Pecos", is posted on the building.
[Street scene in Midland]
Photograph of a busy street scene in Midland, Texas. There is a crowd of people and wagons in the middle of the street. The photograph was taken on Christmas Day. Back of photograph: "A Midland far different from the one seen among will celebrate Christmas Monday. This picture was made at Midland on Christmas Day in 1892. It has been preserved by Lum Daugherty who sent it to the Pioneer Editor of the Star-Telegram."
[First Methodist Church]
Photograph of the First Methodist Church in Marlin, Texas. There are two dirt roads in front of the church. The photograph was taken in the early 1900s.
[Residence of Dr. J.W. Torbett]
Photograph of the residence of Dr. J.W. Torbett. There is a vehicle parked on the side of the home. There are young trees planted in front of the home. The Torbett Sanatorium in Marlin was named after the Torbett family.
[Mrs. T.W. Wren on horse-drawn wagon]
Photograph of Mrs. T.W. Wren at the reins of a horse-drawn vehicle in a field.
[Crowd in Pecos]
Photograph of a large crowd in Pecos. There are multiple horse-drawn carriages. Some of the people are sitting on horses and in carriages or standing. There is a dog sitting on the ground on right.
[First State Bank]
Photograph of the First State Bank. There is a group of men standing in front of the bank.
[Portrait of Professor William Hudson]
Photograph of Professor William Hudson.
[Group of men drinking outdoors]
Photograph of a group of men drinking beer at a table.
[Portrait of Mrs. Dalton]
Photograph of Mrs. R.S. Dalton. Mrs. Dalton is wearing a pearl necklace.
[Street scene in Haskell]
Photograph of a street scene in 1905 Haskell, Texas. There are various stores and other places of business on the street.
Cowboys at the Bar S Ranch
Photograph of cowboys dancing to a fiddle at the Bar S Ranch which was located in Reagan and Irion Counties out in west Texas. A wagon and building stand in the background.
[Grunewald Pavilion on Samuels Avenue]
Photograph of the Grunewalk Pavilion on Samuels Avenue. There is a man and child riding inside of a vehicle in front of the pavilion.
Buildings at Bar CC Ranch in 1866
Photograph of the old Bar CC Ranch in 1886. The men on horseback are (L-R) Ed Brainerd and Mac Gates. One of the men on the porch is Dave Lard.
Section Foremen of the T&P Railway
Photograph from 1890 of the section foremen on the Texas and Pacific Railway that ran between Sherman and Fort Worth. Standing L-R: William Ballew who had the Pilot Point section, T. Flynn who had the Collinsville north section, Joe Boston who had the Denton section. Seated L-R: B. Price who had the Tioga section, J. Wiggs who had the Collinsville south section, and John McLamore who had the Aubrey section.
"Texas and Pacific Railway" Trolly
Trolley made to look like a Texas and Pacific Railway train.
[Portrait of W.S. Holman]
Photograph of Professor W.S. Holman in uniform. Holman is sitting near a tent while holding a pair of binoculars.
[Group of Men]
Photograph of a group of 34 men. Most of them have mustaches and some have beards.
[Man awaiting execution]
Photograph of Jim Toots awaiting execution. Joe McMillan and Daggett Phillips are shown with Toots.
Cowboys Chapping another Cowboy on the Bar S Ranch
Photograph of eleven cowboys on the Bar S Ranch located in the west Texas counties of Reagan and Irion. The men appear to be horsing around after work, giving one man a "chapping." The cowboy on his stomach is restrained while the man on the far right prepares to strike him with the leather chaps laying over his shoulder.
[Water plant in Grapevine]
Photograph of the Grapevine Municipal Water Plant in 1909. The building has two of the three windows facing the street open. There is a water tower behind the building.
[The Dormocrat, Vol. 3, No. 13, April 22, 1942]
Weekly newspaper issued by the men of Davis Hall at the North Texas Agricultural College in Arlington, Texas. It includes articles written by residents, announcements, gossip, and birthdays.
[Pilot Point Town Square]
Photograph of 1876 Pilot Point Town Square filled with traffic. There are saloons and stores in the background.
[Military Portrait]
Photograph of military personnel. The portrait is of a single man dressed in military uniform. Handwritten on the back of the photograph is, "For Jessie."
Ten Cowboys on Ranch Near Clarendon, Texas
Photograph of nine cowboys on horseback and one on a wagon at a ranch near Clarendon, Texas. Buildings and a windmill are in the background.
Coal Car in Strawn, Texas
Steam engine and coal cars in Strawn, Texas. Engineers stand in front of the trains.
[Portrait of Ben Prewitt]
Photograph of Ben Prewitt. Prewitt is wearing a coat, vest and striped tie.
[Portrait of Mr. Rhodes]
Photograph of Mr. Rhodes in uniform.
Cowboys Having Dinner in Coke County, Texas
Photograph of cowboys having dinner on a ranch in Coke County. The lid for a skillet in the foreground was used for baking bread. On the lid of the chuck box, lowered to serve as a cook table, can be seen an old time coffee grinder and leg of roasted beef. An oil lantern hangs on the bow above the chuck box and the harness is hanging over the front wheel. The men are, L-R: Henry Russell, unknown, Jack Montath, Ned Richards, Jake Stubblefield, and John Dodd.
[Mexican War Veterans of 1846]
Photograph of the Mexican War Veterans of 1846. The group of men are standing on steps. The men on the front row are seated.
[Mansfield Cumberland Presbyterian Church]
Photograph of a group of people standing outside of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church in 1892 Mansfield, Texas.
Wood Burning Engine on the Texas and St. Louis Railway
Photograph of an old wood-burning locomotive, the "John Krauss" of the Texas and St. Louis Railway, also known as the Cotton Belt Route. This engine pulled the first train on the Tyler Tap Railroad.
[Portrait of Mr. Horace Wilson]
Photograph of Mr. Horace Wilson. Back of photograph: Horace Wilson, old mill iron cowboy, now salesman for Cassidy Southwestern. Ben Prewitt & Horace Wilson are "Pals from the Pecos."
First Texas and Pacific Railway Station on Fire
Photograph of a fire at the Texas and Pacific Railway Station in Fort Worth, Texas on April 3, 1909. The fire originated in a barn and quickly swept through the city. The damages to the T&P railway were estimated at $250,000. The red brick station was built in 1899 and was torn down in 1931.
[Clay Street in Nocona Texas]
Photograph of North Clay Street in Nocona, Texas. There is a hardware and furniture store on the left as well as a grocery store. The road in front of the shopping center is not paved.
[Hall County Courthouse in Memphis]
Photograph of the Hall County Courthouse, built in 1892. A horse-drawn pumper belonging to the Memphis Fire Department is shooting up a stream of water.
[Portrait of Father Chataignon]
Photograph of Father Chataignon of the First Texas Infantry.
Texas and Pacific Freight Station
Photograph of men standing outside of the Texas and Pacific Freight Station in Fort Worth, Texas. The men are, L-R: Ben Booze, George Littlefair, Dan Harrington, Walter Angell, L.D. Belden, Leonard Chevenell, Frank Sory and G.C. Matthews.
[Street Scene in Memphis]
Photograph of a street scene in Memphis, Texas. Horse-drawn wagons loaded with cotton bales populate the street. Named businesses in the background include the Memphis Supply Company, the Memphis Democrat, the Hoghland and Mercantile Company, and the Panhandle Jewelry Store.
[A Handwritten Note]
A copy of a handwritten note. The note reads, "T.W. Wren made 1898- Summer in old Bob Maddox Pasture on Sycamore Creek last of Fort Worth, Mrs. T.W. Wren in buggy."
[Boy on donkey]
Photograph of a young boy on donkey in front of a house.
Hendrix and Royer's Outfit in Oklahoma
Photograph of a ranch scene in 1893 near Honey Creek in Oklahoma. This is Hendrix and Royer's outfit who operated a steer ranch in the Chickasaw Nation of Oklahoma, near Turner Falls. This was taken near the Texas-Indian Territory line when one of the yearling herds was moving from South Texas to the Nation Ranch. F. D. Hendrix stands to the rear of the chuck wagon. To the left is Alva Roff for whom Roff, Oklahoma is named.
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