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  Partner: Wolf Creek Heritage Museum
 Language: No Language
 Collection: Rescuing Texas History, 2011
[Baby in Bowl]
Photograph of a very young baby not wearing any clothes, sitting in a small, white wash bowl. The child is leaning against a painted backdrop of an ornate wall and pot of flowers.
[Baby in Stroller]
Photograph of a young infant laying in a stroller on uneven ground in front of an ivy-covered wall. The infant is wearing a white gown and white head covering.
[Baby Standing on Chair]
Photograph of a young baby, wearing a white gown, standing on a wooden chair in front of a dark backdrop.
[Cattle Drive]
Photograph of four cowboys on horseback in front of a column of cattle in an open field. Behind the cowboys and cattle are two small, wooden houses.
[Cattle Grazing]
Photograph of a herd of cattle, tended by several mounted men and women, grazing in an open field. The entire group is inside a barbed wire fence.
[Cattle Grazing]
Photograph of a herd of cattle grazing in an open field with a man and woman, riding horseback, on the hill behind the herd.
[Country Home]
Photograph of a square house with a sprawling farm pasture behind and several children, a young boy and a baby, around the front porch. The young boy is standing on the porch, while the baby is seated in a small swing in the yard in front of the porch.
Photograph of a two-story house with a porch on the front and windows on all sides. A small outhouse is to the back right of the house.
[Farmhouse on Horizon]
Photograph of a house, surrounded by a wooden fence, in the middle of a pasture next to a country road. A bridge spans a small waterway on the road in front of the house.
[Farmhouses in Pasture]
Photograph of several barns and a house next to a windmill in the middle of an open pasture. A woman wearing a dress and large, dark hat is seated in a small, horse-drawn wagon stationed in front of a wood-fenced corral filled with several horses.
[Farming Operation]
Photograph of a large barn complex with a surrounding fence and large windmill behind the structure. A group of farmers is standing in front of the barn next to several teams of horses hooked to carts and wagons. Behind the structure are several large piles of hay with wooden supports.
[Girl with Doll]
Photograph of a young girl, wearing a white dress and stockings, standing on a covered platform. She is holding a doll in her left arm and a small bottle for the doll in her right hand.
[Girls Relaxing in Tree]
Photograph of two women laying in a tree with many vines and leaves. One woman is laying above the other, with the lower woman's hand draped over her leg.
[Grandstands in a Field]
Photograph of an empty field, surrounded by a barbed wire fence, with empty grandstands built to the right. A large building is in the distance, next to several smaller structures and a tall windmill.
[Group in Car]
Photograph of four people (two women and two men) in and around a parked car on an empty dirt road in the country. One couple is standing outside the vehicle, the man with his leg on the car, and the other couple is seated on the car's seat.
[Group of Young Children]
Photograph of a large group of children seated in a semi-circle with several caretakers. The caretakers are all wearing hats and the children are dressed in gowns and young infant clothing, with some wearing hats and bows in their hair.
[Group on Porch]
Photograph of a group of people standing and sitting on the porch of a small house with a wrap around, covered porch. A small horse and buggy are sitting in the yard in front of the house and a single rider is on a horse to the side of the house.
[Group with Dogs and Horse]
Photograph of four young people, one man and three women with several animals in the middle of a field with a row of trees in the distance. The man is kneeling on the ground between two dogs and the women are all sitting on the back of a horse.
[Horse and Rider]
Photograph of a lone rider mounted on a horse in an open field. The landscape behind the pair is empty, except for a building in the distance beyond the horses head.
[House at Intersection]
Photograph of a large, two-story house with a spire at the intersection of two dirt roads. A windmill is in the backyard next to a row of trees extending into the front yard.
[House in Wooded Field]
Photograph of a house behind a grove of trees in a large field. A team of horses, hitched to a cart, is standing to the left of the house.
[House on Windy Day]
Photograph of a house with a large yard, planted with young trees blowing to one side. Several young people are standing on the porch of the house while several children are riding and standing in front of a horse standing in the front yard.
[House with Fence]
Photograph of a house in the middle of a large fenced yard with swing in the front and several young trees on all sides. The house is painted a dark color with light trim and two chimneys.
[Infant by Folding Chair]
Photograph of a young infant standing next to a cloth and wood folding chair underneath a young tree. Behind the tree is a fence and a small, white house.
[Infant in Rocking Chair]
Photograph of a young infant, wearing a white gown, seated in a large, wooden rocking chair with several patterned cushions. The chair is placed in front of a painted backdrop of ornate window coverings and flowers.
[Infant on Wire Chair]
Photograph of a young infant, dressed in a long gown and wearing a white hat, seated on a wire chair. The backdrop behind the baby is painted with drapings and flowers.
[Lone Horseman]
Photograph of a lone man, wearing a cowboy hat, sitting in the saddle on a horse. The pair is standing in the middle of an empty grassland pasture.
[Man and Woman]
Photograph of a couple, dressed in formal attire, seated side-by-side in front of a blank background. The man is wearing a dark bowler hat.
[Man on Soap Box]
Photograph of a man with his right hand raised in the air, wearing a tie and pants with suspenders, standing on a soap box. In his left hand, he holds a picture of a man named Eugene V. Debs.
[Mother and Child]
Photograph of a woman, wearing a dark dress with a lace collar, seated with a young baby in a white gown standing on her lap.
[Mule and Rider]
Photograph of a lone rider mounted on a mule in an open field. The landscape behind the pair is empty, with a single plow on the ground behind the mule.
[Pasture Land]
Photograph of an empty pasture fenced on several sides with a small farm compound in the distance. Several groves of trees are scattered over the area of the photograph.
[People at Pond]
Photograph of four people (3 women and 1 man) near a small pond in the country. Two of the women are standing in the pond, carrying a small pail. The man is sitting on the side of the cement pond walls smoking a pipe.
[People in a Field]
Photograph of a group of people on a hunting trip in a large, open field with several trees. Several men and women with guns and hunting dogs are standing next to bundles of hunted fowl.
[People in the Woods]
Photograph of a large group of people, some seated and some walking around, congregated in a densely wooded area. The group is broken into small cliques in various parts of the woods.
[People with Car]
Photograph of a group of four people (three women and a man) around an open car. Two of the women are standing outside the vehicle, on either side, with a hand placed on it. The other woman and man are seated in the cab of the car.
[Portrait of Baby]
Photograph of a a young baby, wearing a long, white gown and booties, seated on a rug in front of a leafy backdrop.
[Portrait of Couple]
Photograph of a couple, wearing formal dress clothes, seated side-by-side in a portrait setting. The background is a painted picture of a blank wall with a large column, draped in a dark cloth on the right.
[Portrait of Couple]
Photograph of a man, wearing a suit, and a woman, wearing a white dress, sitting together for a portrait in front of a dark, painted backdrop.
[Portrait of Cowgirl]
Photograph of a cowgirl wearing a large-brimmed hat, neckerchief, gun belt, and gloves embossed with a large star. She is standing next to a small, wire chair in front of a painted backdrop of windows and curtains.
[Portrait of Family]
Photograph of a three person family, two parents and a young infant, in front of a painted portrait backdrop. All the individuals are wearing formal clothing and leaning in towards the child in the middle, with his hand around the necks of his parents.
[Portrait of Mother and Daughter]
Photograph of a mother and daughter sitting together with the young daughter seated on a raised platform and leaning against her mother. The daughter is holding a small doll on her lap.
[Portrait of Three Family Members]
Photograph of three family members in a portrait-style setting in front of a dark background cloth. Two young men are seated, wearing suits and ties, in front of a young woman wearing a lighter dress with a high, stiff collar.
[Portrait of Woman]
Photograph of a woman, wearing a dark dress with a tall collar and a single stripe down the front. She is seated in front of a painted backdrop of windows and drapes.
[Portrait of Young Couple]
Photograph of a woman and a man in a portrait. The man is seated, wearing a suit and bow tie with a bowler hat while the woman is standing behind him, wearing a white dress with a tall collar and broach fastened at the neck.
[Portrait of Young Girl]
Photograph of a young girl with short hair, wearing a white, lace dress, seated in front of a blank portrait background. She is cradling a small doll in her hands.
[Small Neighborhood]
Photograph of a small neighborhood comprised of several small houses, with many trees and long, wood fences, along a deserted dirt road. A set of power lines runs perpendicular to the street and houses and a small windmill is in the distance.
[Three Horsemen]
Photograph of three men, all on horseback, wearing hats and carrying lassos on their saddles. The men and their horses are lined up side-by-side in an open grassland.
[Three People in Buggy]
Photograph of three people (two women and one young boy) sitting in a black buggy hooked to a dark horse. The buggy, horse, and passengers are in the middle of a field, in front of a very large tree.
[Three People with Dog]
Photograph of three young people, two boys and a girl, standing next to a small, man-made body of water fenced in by chicken wire. They are all wearing hats and the two boys are wearing identical outfits. A dog is laying down at the feet of the middle boy.
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