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  Partner: Wolf Creek Heritage Museum
[Young Couple]
Photograph of a young woman wearing a dress seated in an embrace on the lap of a young man. The woman is holding her right hand as if there is something in her hand.
[Young Girl]
Photograph of a young girl with short hair, wearing a white, lace dress, seated in front of a blank portrait background. She is cradling a small doll in her hands.
[Young Girl]
Photograph of a young girl dressed in a white dress and long white stockings, holding a small doll in her left arm. The girl is standing on a round object, covered in a dark cloth she is holding in her right hand.
Young Girl in Fur
Dark studio photograph of a young girl in a fur wrap. Half of her hair and face is in a shadow. She has dark curls and her lips are parted.
[Young Infant in Yard]
Photograph of an infant child in a white gown standing in a yard in front of a chicken wire fence attached to the side of a white house. The side of the house behind the child is covered in vine plants and several bushes are in front of the child.
Young Man in Suit
Photograph of a young man from the bust up. He is wearing a pinstriped suit with a vest, white collared shirt, and a striped tie. His hair is parted on the side and combed.