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  Partner: Wolf Creek Heritage Museum
Wheat Display at Fair
Photograph of a fair display. Depicted beneath and in-between streamers are piles of good and bad seeds, milling, flour and bread. The labels on the back row read, from left to right, "Seed Approved Quality, Good Milling Quality, Good Flour, and Light Fluffy". The front row, from left to right, reads, "Seed, Undesirable Quality, Inferior Flour, and Soggy-Heavy." In front these piles is a lable reading "Booker". At the bottom, written in pen, are the words "Our Fair in Lipscomb KB".
Wheat Thresher with Crew
Photograph of wheat thresher in foreground and pile of cut wheat in background with workers and young boy in-between. Photo is cut from magazine and taped onto cardboard backing.
Wheat Threshing Crew
Photograph of threshing crew, horse drawn wagons, workers, and smoke coming from the thresher all in a cut field of wheat.
Windmill, Fallen Trees and Debris After Tornado
Photograph of fallen trees and a windmill with bend blades after the Higgins/Glazier, Texas Tornado. There is a truck and a fence on the left side of the frame. The ground is covered with wooden beams and debris.
[Wolf Creek Museum Military Scrapbook]
Book containing photographs, newspaper clippings, and documents pertaining to military veterans of Lipscomb County, Texas.
[Woman in American Indian Garb]
Photograph of a woman wearing American Indian garb, including a feather headdress, bead necklaces, ornate belts, and leather frill on the clothing. She is standing next to a wire chair in front of a painted backdrop of windows and drapes.
Woman in Dress and Military Hat
Studio photograph of a young woman in a dark dress with puffy sleeves. She has short, dark, curly hair and is wearing a military hat. She is also wearing a crystal necklace and dark lipstick.
Woman Smiling
Photograph of a young smiling woman standing in front of a porch. She is wearing a light colored dress with an ornament hanging from the waist, a pearl necklace and a headband.
Woman With Deer
Photograph of Kate Blau kneeling and feeding a small deer. In the background is grass, a fence, and a house. Typed on the top border is the date, " JUN 60"
[Woman with Dog]
Photograph of a woman, wearing a dark bonnet, seated on a dark rug by a black and white dog. The two are seated in front of a backdrop of draping fabric over a wall with paintings and a flowerpot.
Woman with Embroidered Jacket
Studio photograph of an unidentified woman. Her hair is parted in the center of her head and pulled back. She wears a high-collared shirt with a ribbon wrapped around the neck and a dark jacket with jeweled embroidery.
[Women at Creekside]
Photograph of two women, wearing dresses, standing next to a creek with a very forested creek bed.
[Women by Creek]
Photograph of two women sitting on the banks of a small creek or river. The bank is heavily forested with trees, bushes, and shrubs.
[Women with Wheelbarrow]
Photograph of two young women, wearing identical dresses and hats, in front of a buggy. One of the women is holding the handles of a wheelbarrow, while the other woman is sitting in the wheelbarrow.
Wooden Boards and Sacks After Tornado
Photograph of a pile of sacks and a pile of wooden boards after the Higgins/Glazier, Texas Tornado. In the background are trees, poles, farm equipment, and smoke. In the foreground is a dirt road.
Workers Help After Tornado
Photograph of two women in coats and hats volunteering after the Higgins/Glazier, Texas Tornado. One woman's hat has a small cross on it, the other woman wears glasses. They are in-between a vehicle and a table with food items on it. On the other side of the table are three men in police hats with cups in their hands. In the background are two men in jackets and coats, one is pointing, and a woman in a headscarf. Also in the background are cars and damaged buildings. In the foreground are tanks.
[Young Baby]
Photograph of a young baby, wearing a white gown, standing on a wooden chair for a personal portrait.
[Young Baby]
Photograph of a young baby, wearing a long, white gown and black shoes. The baby is holding a dark object in its right hand.
[Young Boy]
Photograph of a young boy, dressed in overalls, looking to the side in front of an exterior wall.
[Young Child in Dress]
Photograph of a young child, wearing a checkered dress and dark hat, with a hand resting on the back of a chair. The child is standing on a rug draped over a small platform next to the chair.
[Young Children]
Photograph of a large group of children and babies sitting in a group in the middle of the woods. Several caretakers, wearing hats and bonnets, are sitting with the children, holding some of the babies on their laps.
[Young Couple]
Photograph of a young woman seated on a young man's lap in an embrace. A clock is sitting on the covered windowsill behind the couple.
[Young Couple]
Photograph of a young woman wearing a dress seated in an embrace on the lap of a young man. The woman is holding her right hand as if there is something in her hand.
[Young Girl]
Photograph of a young girl with short hair, wearing a white, lace dress, seated in front of a blank portrait background. She is cradling a small doll in her hands.
[Young Girl]
Photograph of a young girl dressed in a white dress and long white stockings, holding a small doll in her left arm. The girl is standing on a round object, covered in a dark cloth she is holding in her right hand.
Young Girl in Fur
Dark studio photograph of a young girl in a fur wrap. Half of her hair and face is in a shadow. She has dark curls and her lips are parted.
[Young Infant in Yard]
Photograph of an infant child in a white gown standing in a yard in front of a chicken wire fence attached to the side of a white house. The side of the house behind the child is covered in vine plants and several bushes are in front of the child.
Young Man in Suit
Photograph of a young man from the bust up. He is wearing a pinstriped suit with a vest, white collared shirt, and a striped tie. His hair is parted on the side and combed.