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  Partner: Wilson County Historical Society
 Decade: 1900-1909
[Baby in Large White Garment]
Photograph of baby James Hunten McDaniel wearing a large white garment and sitting in a chair with a blanket over it.
Floresville Public School
Photograph of white, two-story, brick building with tres in foreground and water tower and trees in background.
[Floresville Tigers Baseball Team]
Photograph of the members of the Floresville Tigers baseball team posing in a line in their uniforms. They are, from left to right, Russell Houston, Albert Seale, R. Ezell, Tom Johnson, John Mayes, Horace Rideout, an unknown man, Clarence Myers, Sam Fore, and Homer Black.
Floresville Trades Day, 1906
This is a photograph of a hanging picture of downtown Floresville during the 1906 Trade Days. This photo shows the buildings, people, horses, wagon. On the back of the photograph it is noted that Mrs. Ed Franklin was queen and Rosalie Stevenson and Maude Neal were the princesses. R.R. Smith, attorney, crowned the queen for the festivities.
[Interior of White House Cafe]
Photograph of the interior of the White House Cafe in Floresville, Texas. Several tables and chairs are set up to the right of the counter and stairs, and a sign leading to the wash room is visible in the background.
J.A. Vornon & Son Blacksmith Shop
Photograph of blacksmith shop. Men and boys are standing under sign the left front of the shop that says "J.A. Varnon & Son". Horses drawing buggies are parked in front of the shop. The tower of the Wilson County Court House can be seen in the background.
W.E. Crandell Photography
Photograph of white frame building sign that says, "Photographer".
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