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  Partner: Wilson County Historical Society
 Decade: 1890-1899
Alec Ormand

Alec Ormand

Date: 1892/12/01
Creator: Barr Photographs
Description: Photograph of Mr Alec Ormand on the night of the Butler's dance. Mr. Ormand appears to be quite young. He is wearing a three piece suit, white shirt and tie and a watch fob. In his left hand, he holds a thin cane or walking stick. His a felt hat is hanging from a fence post to his left. His right fist rests on his hip with his elbow cocked. This appears to be a posed photograph by a professional photographer. At the bottom of the photo are the words "Barr B San Antonio Texas", which may be the photographer's logo. His hair is dark and slicked back and he looks quite dapper.
Contributing Partner: Wilson County Historical Society