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Hereford Cattle - J. J. Stevens' Ranch
Photograph of three Hereford bulls in a corral on the Stevens' Ranch. A cowboy is standing in front of one of the bulls. There is a watering trough to the right, with a water tank and house in the background.
Herford Cattle on J. J. Stevens' Ranch
Photograph of Young Hereford cattle in corral on J. J. Stevens' Ranch. A water tank is on the right of the corral and a ranch house in the background.
Hermann Sons Hall - Poth
Photograph of large frame building with flames and smoke over it. Snow is on roof that isn't burnt.
Home of Fritz Eilert
Two-story, unpainted, wood farm house on the Dewees Ranch. There is a small covered front proch added, as well additional living space in the rear of the house.
Home on 7th and D Street
Photograph of large, white frame house with porch on front and extending around to the side. A white picket fence surrounds the house.
Home on the Thornton Ranch
Photograph of back side of large two-story frame house. A large porch is on the ride side extending to the front of the house. A large tree is on the right side of the house.
House on First Street
Photograph of frame house with circular porch extend from the front of the house to the right side. A man is sitting on the steps of the porch and a woman is walking on the right side of the house. Outbuildings are to the rear of the house.
J.A. Vornon & Son Blacksmith Shop
Photograph of blacksmith shop. Men and boys are standing under sign the left front of the shop that says "J.A. Varnon & Son". Horses drawing buggies are parked in front of the shop. The tower of the Wilson County Court House can be seen in the background.
J. J. Stevens' Home
Photograph of large single-story frame house surrounded by a fence with several large trees. An adult standing near one of the fence posts is holding a child.
T.J. Short Home
Photograph of white frame house with large porch wrapping around to the left side of the house. White picket fence surrounds the house.
J. W. Manak Blacksmith and Woodwork Shop
Photograph of blacksmith shop. Two men and three children are standing by the doorway in front of the shop. The sign on facade states: "J.W.MANAK, BLACKSMITH & WOODWORK".
Jeff Varnon & Mexican Chowako
Two men sitting on plows pulled by mules.
The John Hern Gin
Photograph of the John Hern Gin in Fairview. Trees are in the front of the gin with the smokestack and water tower shown in the background.
John McDaniel, Sr. Home
Photograph of large two-story frame house with large porches on both floors. House is surrounded by a picket fence. Several trees are are in the yard around the house.
John Nance Garner
John Nance Garner of uvale, Texas as Vice President of the United State. Mr. Garner is photographed in a suit and tie.
Judge S. T. Morris
County Judge S. T. Morris for Wilson County Texas. Judge Morris dressed in a starch white shirt and dark tuxedo with a bow tie.
Man, Woman and Holy Bible
Unknown man and women photographed. They are an older couple and she has her left hand on his shoulder. The man is dressed in a dark three piece suit with white shirt. There is a chair from his vest to a pocket. The man is holding a large copy of the Holy Bible. The couple may be standing in front of a scalloped pattern quilt.
Mary Bell King
Portrait of Mary Bell King as a young child. Her blonde curls are styled is a short and stylish fashion. Her baby smile is sweet and endearing she is wearing a white lacy dress. She is posed with her ankles crossed and is wearing black patent leather shoes.
Methodist Church, Floresville, Texas
Methodist church with bell tower on the corner of a dirt road. The church is fenced with a white picket fence and a bloom tree in the front courtyard. Next door to the church is the patronage. On the opposite side of the street from the church is the beginning of a crop.
Methodist Parsonage
This is a black and white photo of the Methodist parsonage in Floresville, Texas. Featured in the photo are four young children and a dog. The house has to two covered porches with step leading upto the landings. The house also has lattice work from the ground up to the porches.
Mrs. W. B. Toone
Mrs. W. B. Toone poses for a professional photograph studio. She is wear of beautifully embroidered gown that is dark in color with butterfly design stitching,
Mules on the Stevens' Ranch
Photograph of mules in a corral.
Old City Hall - Downtown (C Street) Floresville
Photograph of brick, two-story building. Signs indicate City Hall on lower floor and Floresville Masonic Lodge on second floor.
Old Faireview School
Photograph of the old Fairview school house. It is a two-story wood structures with two visible doors with steps.
Original Creed Taylor House
The Creed Taylor house is featured in this photo. Photographed are (first row left to right) Willie Lightfoot Fraesier, Pearl Lorenz, Oliver Lightfoot and Adolph Houseton; (second row left to right) Eunice Ware, John Peter Lorenz, Sr., Wilhelmina Schell Lorenz, Lena Lorenz, Katie Lorenz, John Peter Lorenz, Jr.
Otto Reininger Home on the Dewees Ranch
Rustic two story wood frame home on the Dewees Ranch. There is a porch attached to the front of the house along with a outlying building behind the structure.
Oxen and a Windmill
Four oxen bulling a wagon with men in the picture. There is a windmill and water tank in the background.
Peter B. Barnes
Photographer Peter Barnes is posed to be counting his fingers. He is posed to take the photo in profile style. He is dressed in a suite. He is sporting his short haircut and full beard.
[Portrait of D. Richard Voges, Jr.]
Cropped copy-photograph of a young man in a bust pose. He is wearing a light-colored shirt with a black jacket and tie. Above his portrait is the word "Bailiff" and, below: "D. Richard Voges - Jr. - Tex." The edge of another photograph is visible on the left side of the page.
Portrait of Sam V. Houston
Oval photograph of Sam V. Houston in a bust pose. He is wearing a jacket, striped tie, and light-colored shirt. "Sam V. Houston" is written under the photograph in red ink.
Postcard of Robert Carl Alexander and Wife
Postcard of a couple photographed together, identified as Robert Carl Alexander (the Probate Judge for Wilson County 1919-1926) and his wife, Mary Emmeline. They are both visible from the chest up, wearing light-colored shirts; Robert is also wearing a checkered bow tie. A letter, addressed to "Mrs. Hattie", was written on the back of the postcard and has been obscured by other handwritten notes in various inks that were added later. The original text appears to read: "Dear Sister, Many thanks for the nice present you sent me. I will remember [...] when I come [...] time."
Poth after 1920 Fire
Two photographs of Poth Texas showing the destruction of the fire in 1920 that destroyed the hardware store, meat market, bank, and drug store.
Poth Bank, Drug Store, and Hotel
Photograph of Poth Texas prior to 1921 fire. In the photo are the bank, drug store and Plaza Hotel. A man and horse are standing in the street.
Poth Texas Stores, circa 1919
Photograph of store fronts in Poth, Texas. centered in photo is "Guarantee Furniture & Hardware Co." To the left is Wm Eckel Store and to the right is Paul Braden Meat Market. Three men are standing on the porch of the hardware store. A white horse hook to wagon is in front of the Eckel store and the back of a wago is in front of the meat market.
Public Carnival, 1907
Carnival of 1907 on the Wilson County Courthouse Square,in Floresville, Texas. A crowd of people on the square.
R.C. Lange House
Photograph of frame house with wide wrap-around porch supported by white pillars. Three ladies are standing on the front corner of the porch. The house is surrounded by a net wire fence.
R. V. Arnold and H. W. Berryman
Two members of Hood's Texas Brigade pose for formal photos during their reunion that took place in Floresville, Texas on October 13, 1915. Pictured left to right is R.V. Arnold of Rockdale, Texas and H. W. Berryman of Cherokee County, Texas. Both gentlemen are wearing their reunion ribbons.
R. W. Hubert
R. W. Hubert poses for a professional portrait. Mr. Hubert was a member of Hood's Texas Brigade. This protrait was taken during Hood's Brigade Reunion that was in Floresville on October 13, 1915. Mr. Hubert has a long beard with a short haircut. He is wearing a dark suit with his Hood's Brigade reunion pin. In his breast pocket there looks to be other photos.
Railroad Track next to the San Antonio - Cuero Road
San Antonio to Port Aransas Railroad track. The railroad track is pictured on the left side of the photo and the road is on the right.
Ranch House of Ed Dewees
Photograph of large white house with upper and lower porches. A young girl is standing on the lower porch. There is a white picket fence surrounding the house. The roofs several other building can be seen behind the ranch house.
Residence of Father Zars & Catholic Church
Photograph of large two-story frame building with upper and lower porches. A brick church build is to the right of the house. Lightning rods are at the ridges of the roof of the house. A picket fence surrounds the house and the church.
Rev. Eli Yarbrough Seale
Photograph of Rev. Eli Yarbrough Seale. Mr. Seale has a short style haircut and bushy beard. He is dreased in a white collared shirt and a dark suit with vest. Taken by photographer P. B. Barnes of Floresville, Texas.
The "Rock" Methodist Church
White frame church, with two doors that are closed. There are shutter on the windows and steps leading up to the doors.
Sam Fore and two other men inside a cattle pen
Photograph of three men in hats standing in front of a wooden fence, inside a cattle pen. The man in the center is Sam Fore, Jr. (newspaper publisher). The man on the right is smoking a cigar. There is an upturned bucket over the fence post to the right.
San Antonio - Corpus Christi Road
This photograph was taken somewhere along the San Antonio to Corpus Christi Road. Off to one side is a general store that is painted with the advertisement for the soda Coco-Cola. As the road curves there is windmill in the distance.
San Antonio - Corpus Christie Road
Photo of the San Antonio to Corpus Christie road. This is a paved street that runs throught the countyside. Pictured in the distance is two late modeled vehicals driving away from the photographer.
San Antonio - Corpus Christie Road
County road that connects San Antonio to Corpus Christie. This portion of the road features a farm house with a wooden fence to one side. Floresville water tower can be seen in the distance.
San Antonio - Corpus Christie Road
Pictured here is the old San Antonio to Corpus Christie road. Along this highway there are electrical poles and white picket fences where people have fenced in their yards.
San Antonio - Cuero Road
Narrow paved road pictureing the open countyside.
San Antonio River Bridge
Unidentified lady at the San Antonio River Bridge located at the prsent Highway 97 west of the city of Floresville. The lady is seated on log down on the dry river bed. Behind her is the bridge. The shadow from the photographer can be seen in the bottom corner.