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  Partner: The Williamson Museum
 Decade: 1910-1919
[First Car in Granger Texas]
Photograph of First car in Granger which belonged to John R. He is in the driver's seat. The girl to the right of the automobile is named Marta Bartosh.
[Georgetown Firemen on Firetruck]
Photograph of Georgetown firemen on their firetruck, including Lonnie Watkins. Left to right: Mr. Mood, George Klohey, Jeff Gordan, driver R. D. Bole Davis (Fire Chief), Pay Goodlet, Sid Peerl (standing), and M. Wilcox. Mr. Davis and his wife lived upstairs and had a sliding pole in their apartment.
[Jonah Bridge]
This is a photograph of the original bridge over the San Gabriel River at Jonah before it was washed away in the 1921 flood.
[Main Street of Granger, TX]
Photograph that has writing stating the photograph is the West side of Main Street in Granger in 1916. There are also several buggies and automobiles in the street.
[Main Street of Thrall]
Photograph of automobiles and people on Main Street in Thrall. There is writing in white at the very bottom of the photograph describing the scene.
[Martinets Bros on Motorcycles]
Photograph of Three mail carriers on motorcycles in front of Jno. P. Trlica Photography Studio. Left to right: Joe Huser, Frank Martinets who were part-time mail carriers, and finally Edward Bartosh.
[Milk Delivery Truck]
Photograph of an early twentieth-century motor truck used to gather milk from the Granger-area farmers and deliver it.
[Photograph of Five Military Officers Sitting at a Table]
Photograph of five men wearing military uniforms and peaked caps. They are sitting together around a table. A handwritten caption under the men indicates that one of the men is Lieutenant Quincy Sharpe.
[Photograph of Infant John M. Sharpe, Jr.]
Photograph of infant John M. Sharpe, Jr. standing with a chair. He is wearing a lightly hued jacket with a belt and mantle, stockings, and open shoes. The reverse side of the photo's grey mat has a handwritten note that says he was born on April 27, 1913.
[Portrait of James Quincy Sharpe.]
Photograph of James Quincy Sharpe posing for a portrait. He is wearing a high-collared shirt, bow tie, and dark jacket. The reverse side of the photo has a handwritten note that indicates that he was the brother of John M. Sharpe. Typed notes indicate that he died in 1916 following a mill accident and that his daughters were adopted by his brother.
[Youth Hayride on Horse-Drawn Wagon]
Photograph of Youth group hayride with horse-drawn wagon.