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  Partner: The Williamson Museum
[Molly Asher and Weber McNeese with ducks]
Photograph of Molly Asher and Weber McNeese with ducks. 1938-39 Chevrolet in the background. Photograph was taken in Merrilltown, near Round Rock, Williamson County.
[Women standing by bus]
Photograph of seveal women,possibly high school students standing by a bus.
[Hutto Swedish Lutheran Church Sunday School picnic]
Photograph of the Hutto Swedish Lutheran Chuch Sunday School picnic on the San Gabriel River, just east of Jonah, on Gattis gravel bar.
[Group with old car]
Photograph of a group of young people in front of an old car.
[People standing by car]
Photograph of two women sitting in a car, and two men standing outside the car.
[Charles P. McCormick in front of car]
Photograph of Charles P. McCormick, born in 1879, standing in front of a car.
[Frances McNeese Archer standing with car]
Photograph of Frances McNeese Archer wearing her Round Rock High School football letter sweater, and standing on a Model A in 1939. She claimed that "seven of us rode to school in that car".
[Second automobile owned in Taylor, TX]
Photograph of the Grau family in Taylor, TX. 505 Washburn St. This is a two-cylinder Buick, the second automobile owned in Taylor.
[Frank Danforth's garage and Odd Fellows Building]
Photograph of Frank Danforth's Garage and Odd Fellows building. Pictured: Frank Martinets, baby Dan Martinets, E. Blaylock, Frank Danforth, and others. The building is the International Order of Odd Fellows (IOOF) lodge building in downtown Granger, TX
[Fred Harrison Gin]
Photograph of the Fred Harrison gin located in Jarrell, TX in Williamson County.
[Gentry's Trained Animal Show in Parade]
Photograph of two elephants wearing blankets with their names on them, "Pinto' on the left and "Little" on the right. They are walking in front of the fourth Williamson County courthouse and were a part of Gentry's Trained Animal show that participated in a parade downtown.
[Gentry's Trained Animal Show in Parade]
Photograph of a decorated cart driven by horses. The side reads "Gentry's Trained Animal Show". The animal show was part of a parade that passed in front of the fourth Williamson County courthouse in downtown Georgetown, TX.
[Catholic Daughters of America Parade Float]
Photograph of the Catholic Daughters of America parade float that took place in Taylor, TX. Circa 1930s.
[Truck loaded with cotton bales]
Photograph of a truck loaded with cotton bales in Williamson County.
[I & GN Railroad Station, Taylor, TX]
Photograph of the I & G N Railroad Station in Taylor, TX. The Murphy Hotel is on the right. Kaw Paving Compnay is preparing to lay pine block paving on E. First Street between the station and hotel.
[The Sladecek Garage in Granger, TX]
Photograph of the Sladecek garage, located at 502 S. Commerce St., Granger, TX. Pictured is Victor and Edward J. Sladecek and their Aunt Victoria Wiezek, visiting from Chicago. Victor and Edward operated their father's business after World War II, and Edward was still operating the business in 1988.
[Main Street in Jonah, TX]
Photograph of Main Street in Jonah, TX. Several Model T cars are parked in front of old buildings.
[Public Square in Georgetown, TX]
Photograph of the public square in Georgetown, TX.
[Percy's store in Jonah, TX]
Photograph of Percy's store next to the Methodist Church in Jonah, TX.
[Harrison Hardware Store]
Photograph of the Harrison Hardware Store, owned by Fred and Eva Lee Harrison and operated in Jarrell, TX during the 40s.
[Mickan Motor Co. in Walburg, TX]
Photograph of Mickan Motor Company in Walburg, TX. This was, and still is, a German family owned business.
[Three men and boy in front of buggy]
Photograph of three men and a boy outside with a dog standing in front of a buggy.
[Three soldiers on furlough from World War II]
Photograph of three soliders on first furlough from World War II while stationed at Kelly Field, posing by a car. Left to right: Privates William Eugene Howland, Gene Preston Pealson, and Hoard Grady Howland.
[Old Hare Cotton Gin]
Photograph of the Old Hare Cotton Gin, located 11 miles East of Circleville and was destroyed by fire in the mid-1960s.
[Cousins at the State Fair in Dallas]
Photograph of cousins Ouida Whitefield, Ruby Howland, Grace Smith, and Marie Howland. This picture was taken at the State Fair in Dallas during the Great Depression. The girls are from Andice, TX.
[Street scene]
Photograph of a street scene with horses, wagons and buggies. Located in Williamson County.
[Service station and garage in Jonah, TX]
Photograph of a service station and garage built by Homer Hood in Jonah, TX.
[Cotton wagon on Jonah bridge]
Photograph of a cotton wagon on the Jonah bridge over the San Gabriel River. The bridge was washed away in the 1921 flood.
[Lanesport bridge]
Photograph of the Lanesport bridge, built in 1922 and later replaced by a low water bridge. Located 12 miles east of Circleville, Northeast of Taylor, TX.
[A.W. Storrs Opera House in Granger, TX]
Photograph of the A.W. Storrs Opera House in Granger, TX. This building has also served as a hotel, newspaper office, and appliance store. It was torn down in 1983.
[Emilee Baker Love beside car]
Photograph of Emilee Baker Love standing beside car in her wedding dress. Taken in Andice, Williamson County.
[Baby in buggy]
Photograph of a baby in a wooden and metal baby pram.
[Downtown Taylor]
Photograph of Main Street, Taylor, looking south, during a fair parade.
[Arco Service Station]
This is a black and white photograph of Lum C. Toungate's Arco Service Station located at 409 West Taylor, IH 35 and Highway 79 in Round Rock, Texas. Mr. Toungate stands on the drive with his three sons, Larry, Craig, and Jimmy. "Atlantic Richfield" is visible above the garage.
[Group Pulling Boat Over the San Gabriel River]
Photograph of Three couples pulling a boat across the South San Gabriel River by wire in 1930. Second from left is Frances McFarland of Liberty Hill.
[Three men on Horses]
Photograph of three men on horses in front of a house.
[Men Posing in front of Hot Rod Model T]
Photograph of Hot rod T Model, Bill Bloom and Herbert Swenson, with a cotton field in the background.
[Bethel Baker Sitting with a Saddled Horse]
Photograph of Bethel Baker, son of Robert Zebulon Baker and Minerva Ellen "Bea" Swindle Baker posing in front of his saddled horse.
[A Girl on a Horse]
Photograph of Girl riding her horse on the way to school.
[Barnstormer Airplane]
Photograph of Barnstormer airplane at Gunnar and Irene Rydell farm, northwest of Taylor. He was a barnstormer before 1936.
[Two Girls on Horse at San Gabriel River]
Photograph of Mary Atkinson on the left holding the umbrella of Liberty Hill and another girl on a horse near South San Gabriel River.
[Youth Hayride on Horse-Drawn Wagon]
Photograph of Youth group hayride with horse-drawn wagon.
[Man on Scooter at a Military Base]
Photograph of a younf man on a scooter at a military base. Part of the picture is torn.
[Four Children Posing on a Horse]
Photograph of Chester, Marie, Howard and Hershall Vaughan taking a family picture on a horse.
[Madge McCormick Smith on Horse]
Photograph of Madge McCormick Smith, "cowgirl" of Florence-Andice.
[Car Parked on a Street in Jarrell]
Photograph of Fred Harrison and 1929 touring car; Harrison home and garage in the background. Jarrell High School in far background. This was located west of the gin. A Coca-Cola sign can be seen in the background of the photograph as well.
[Students on Back of Car in Jarrell]
Photograph of Claudia Cowart and Jesse Gristinger with a Chevy car at Jarrell High School. The tire cover reads Jarrel Motor Company.
[A Child Standing near a Car with a Trailor]
Photograph of Small girl standing next to a 1928 Erskine automobile and trailer
[Girl Scout Float in the Christmas Parade]
Photograph of a Girl Scouts troop on a float at the Taylor Christmas parade.
[Flooded streets of Granger]
Photograph of Floods in Granger. After record-setting rain, flood waters devastated many parts of the county in September 1921. This was the scene in Granger.