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Bartlett Activities Center and the Historical Society of Bartlett

Bartlett Activities Center and the Historical Society presents their local newspaper, The Bartlett Tribune, dating from 1902 to 1982. Bartlett, Texas is located on the border between Williamson and Bell counties. The town was founded when the Katy Railroad started their survey in 1881 and soon after became a major shipping point for cotton. By 1890 it was a thriving town and had two weekly newspapers.

Bastrop Public Library

The Bastrop Public Library presents their local newspaper, the Bastrop Advertiser for the years 1854-1954. Bastrop is located 30 miles southwest of downtown Austin. Funding was provided by the Tocker Foundation for the digitization of the newspaper.

Baylor County Free Library

The Baylor County Free Library contributes issues of the weekly newspapers the Baylor County Banner and the Seymour Weekly Cresset.

Bee County Historical Commission

The Bee County Historical Commission provided local history materials for the Rescuing Texas History project. Images include local citizens, businesses, and homes.

Bell/Whittington Public Library

Bell Whittington Public Library presents a collection of photographs from San Patricio and Nueces Counties, including images of the 1919 hurricane, portraits of early residents of the county, hunting photos and President Taft's visit to a local ranch in 1909.

Bellaire Historical Society

Through a collaboration between the Bellaire Historical Society and the Friends of the Bellaire Library, the Bellaire Area Newspaper collection has been made available on The Portal to Texas History. It is the purpose of the Bellaire Historical Society to preserve, maintain, restore and display designated historical landmarks, natural beauty, documents, artifacts, records of persons active in the history of the City of Bellaire and any other objects distinctive of this history.

Beth-El Congregation Archives, Fort Worth

The Beth-El Congregation Archives collection includes photographs of confirmation classes dating from 1905 to the present, as well as social events from their community. The collection also includes handwritten notes from the first and second organizing meetings of Beth-El Congregation in 1902.

Bosque County Historical Commission

The Bosque County Historical Commission contributes local history materials for the Rescuing Texas History project. Images include photos of early businesses and citizens, maps, and documents from Texas land agent and colonizer, Jacob De Cordova.

Boy Scouts of America National Scouting Museum

The National Scouting Museum features all its existing issues of Scouting magazine dating back to 1913. The magazine is written for Boy Scout leaders, officials, and others interested in the work of the Scouts. It includes articles about events and activities, updates from the national headquarters, topical columns and essays, and news from various chapters nationwide.

Boyce Ditto Public Library

The Boyce Ditto Public Library materials include local history from the A. F. Weaver Collection featuring resort souvenir guides and photos of Mineral Wells from its founding to the present. There is extensive coverage of the Hexagon House, the Baker Hotel, Camp/Fort Wolters and the many mineral wells that made the city a major resort in the first half of the 20th Century.

Breckenridge Library

The Breckenridge Library presents a number of historical newspapers including the Breckenridge Daily American (1922-1940), Breckenridge Weekly Democrat (1926-1933), the Stephens County Sun (1933-1940), and the junior and senior high school newspaper published by the journalism students, The Dynamo (1932-1939).

Burnet County Historical Commission

The Burnet County Historical Commission provides a variety of documents, photographs, negatives, and books that represent Burnet County from its founding in the 19th century up to the 20th century.