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Taft Public Library

Taft, formerly known as Mesquital, was established in the early 1900’s on the San Antonio and Aransas Pass railroad in east central San Patricio County. Taft was named for Charles Taft, half-brother of President William Henry Taft.

Talkington Clement Family Archives

The Talkington/Clement Family Archives include 500 pages and 50 photographs that provide accounts of the Texas frontier before the Civil War, as well as a memoir of Perry Clement Talkington. The family archives also provide a genealogy of both the Talkington and Clement families.

Tarleton State University

Tarleton State University contributes its collection of school newspapers and serials The Texas Miner and Texas Mining and Trade Journal, published by the Texas Pacific Coal Company, that recounts company life in Thurber, Texas.

Tarrant County Archives

As part of its mission to collect, preserve, and offer for research documents which are a record of the history of Tarrant County, the Tarrant County Archives has partnered with us to provide access to the Woman's Wednesday Club minutes. The minutes are a record of 115 years of meetings and document club business, motions, events, and membership.

Tarrant County College NE, Heritage Room

Tarrant County College District Archives contributes digital copies of materials that document local and state history, including images of businesses, cemeteries, churches, courthouses, lawmen, monuments, outlaws, schools, Native Americans, and early pioneers of Tarrant County.

Taylor Public Library

The Taylor Public Library contributes hundreds of photographs to the Are We There Yet? Transportation in Central Texas collection. The photos date from 1883 to the 1960s and show buildings, automobiles, businesses, and various other aspects of the history of Taylor, Texas and outlying communities.

Texas Art Education Association

The Texas Art Education Association presents its annual publication Texas Trends in Art Education dating back to 1941.

Texas Chapter of the American Fisheries Society

The Texas Chapter of the American Fisheries Society collection contains photos, documents, and newsletters from the Chapter’s beginnings in 1975 to the present. TCAFS membership includes people from various state agencies, universities, and businesses. Its mission is to inspire the conservation, development, and wise utilization of recreational and commercial fisheries, promotion of all branches of fisheries science and practice, and the exchange and dissemination of knowledge about fish, fisheries, and related subjects.

Texas Department of Transportation

The Texas Department of Transportation Photo Library contributes a selection of photographs from its vast collection.

Texas General Land Office

The Texas General Land Office contributes items from their Historic County Map Collection, ca. 1838-1939 ( 926 maps), Lorenzo de Zavala Online (13 items), and the O. Henry Collection (11 items). The historic county maps are cadastral (land ownership) maps, showing original surveys, usually made by virtue of a land grant, within a particular county in Texas. In Lorenzo de Zavala Online, see the Expediente of de Zavala's 1829 colonization contract, as well as correspondence to or from Jose Angel Navarro, Jose Domingo Ugartechea, Jose Maria Falcon, Martin Perfecto de Cos, Stephen F. Austin, Manuel de Mier y Teran, and Ramon Musquiz. As part of the O. Henry Collection, the General Land Office contributes maps drawn and signed by O. Henry, administrative records, newspaper clippings, a written account, and a land grant records.

Texas Historical Commission

Texas Historical Commission (THC) contributes its quarterly publication The Medallion containing articles about historic sites, preservation issues, and heritage tourism opportunities in Texas. The Texas Historical Commission is the state agency for historic preservation. THC staff consults with citizens and organizations to preserve Texas' architectural, archeological, and cultural landmarks.

Texas Historical Foundation

The Texas Historical Foundation sponsored digitization of two projects. They partnered with us to provide access to their quarterly Heritage magazine, which publishes articles related to the preservation of historic artifacts and sites around Texas. The Texas Historical Foundation also funded the digitization of several volumes of the early session laws of the Republic of Texas.

Texas Medical Association

The Texas Medical Association (originally Texas State Medical Association) was founded in 1853, six years after the American Medical Association and eight years after Texas statehood.

Texas Parks & Wildlife Department

The Texas Parks & Wildlife Department (TPWD) manages and protects the state's parks and historical areas as well as its wildlife and habitats. The TPWD and the Battleship TEXAS State Historic Site present a photograph collection which documents the battleship from its beginning as a warship to its current status as a permanent memorial museum.

Texas Southern University

Texas Southern University presents more than 200 photographs from its extensive Barbara C. Jordan Archives collection. The photographs record Barbara Jordan's political activities during the early 1970's.

Texas State Genealogical Society

The Texas State Genealogical Society partnered with us to provide access to their quarterly journal, Stirpes, from 1961 to 1990. Stirpes contains unpublished records and other materials whose purpose is to stimulate and support the research and teaching of genealogy.

Texas State Historical Association

The Texas State Historical Association features its publications The Southwestern Historical Quarterly (1897-2004) and the Texas Almanac (1857-2004). Organized in Austin on March 2, 1897, the Texas State Historical Association is the oldest learned society in the state. Its mission is to "foster the appreciation, understanding, and teaching of the rich and unique history of Texas and, by example and through programs and activities, encourage and promote research, preservation, and publication of historical material affecting the state of Texas."

Texas State Library and Archives Commission

The Texas State Library and Archives Commission contributes select items for the Lorenzo de Zavala Online: Empresario, Statesman and Texas Revolutionary collection. Three times de Zavala resigned as the interim Vice-President of the Republic of Texas, and all of those letters can be found here, along with correspondence to or from Enrique Rueg, J. Benito Camacho, David G. Burnet, J. Mariano Irala, Jorge Antonio Nixon, Joaquin Noriega, Archivaldo Hopkins, and Philip Dimmitt.

Texas State Preservation Board

The Texas State Preservation Board was established in 1983 to preserve, maintain, and restore the State Capitol and the General Land Office building. The Preservation Board contributed photographs of artifacts that were in use at the General Land Office when O Henry worked in the department.

Texas State University

Texas State University was established by the 26th Legislature in 1899 as the Southwest Texas State Normal School; 313 pupils were enrolled in 1903-04, the first year classes were held. The school name changed to Southwest Texas State Normal College in 1918, to Southwest Texas State Teachers College in 1925, to Southwest Texas State College in 1959, to Southwest Texas State University in 1969, to Texas State University-San Marcos in 2003, and to Texas State University in 2013.

Texas Tech University Rawls College of Business

Texas Tech University's Rawls College of Business contributed issues of its alumni newsletters and funding reports.

Texas Wesleyan University

Texas Wesleyan University, founded in 1890 in Fort Worth, is a United Methodist institution with a tradition in the liberal arts and sciences and a focus on professional and career preparation. Our mission at Texas Wesleyan University is to develop students to their full potential as individuals and as members of the world community. Texas Wesleyan has historically combined service to a residential population along with its strong commitment to a commuting and adult population.

Texas Woman's University

Texas Woman's University Woman's Collection partnered with us to provide images of their campus, yearbooks, photographs, and other memorabilia to the Rescuing Texas History, 2010 and From Plowshares to Diplomas: Digitizing Early Denton History collections.

Travis County Clerk's Office

Travis County contributes selected records from the office of the County Clerk, including probate, deed, and county court records and Commissioners Court minutes, dating from the 1840s to the early 1900s. The Travis County Clerk is the county recorder, clerk to the County Courts, and clerk to the Commissioners Court.

Travis County District Clerk's Office

The Travis County District Clerk's Office has provided a selection of criminal case documents from 1853. The Office of the District Clerk in the office of record for all proceedings heard in the state district courts.

The 12th Armored Division Memorial Museum

The United States 12th Armored Division Memorial Museum contributes a selection of its photograph collection. Located in Abilene, Texas, the 12th Armored Division Memorial Museum serves as a display and teaching museum for the study of World War II and its impact on the American people.

Tyrrell Historical Library

The Tyrrell Historical Library presents a selection of its local history archives that consist of personal papers, business, civic, fraternal, organizational, and city records. The collections capture a wide array of material including family letters, journals, diaries, scrapbooks, newspaper clippings, business reports, minutes and correspondence, along with thousands of photographs. The Tyrrell Historical Library is a unique library in that it collects and preserves the history of the greater Beaumont area, which also includes the history of southeast Texas and southwest Louisiana. The library as a historical research repository was established in 1975.