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General Questions

What is the Portal?

The Portal is a gateway to Texas history materials for educators, lifelong learners, and researchers. It includes collections from museums, archives, historical societies, and libraries throughout the state of Texas. It is maintained by the University of North Texas Libraries' Digital Projects Unit.

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What is in the Portal?

The Portal's content embraces all geographic areas of Texas and covers prehistory through the twenty-first century. It features digital reproductions of photographs, maps, letters, documents, books, artifacts, and more. By 2011, the Portal had more than 170,000 historical materials consisting of 2.3 million images.

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Can you tell me the value of an item in my collection?

Quite often we receive questions about the value of a historical item belonging to a personal collection. Unfortunately, we cannot provide appraisal information; however, we can recommend that you visit the Smithsonian Institution's Encyclopedia Smithsonian, which provides an overview on identifying and valuing collectible objects. The page includes links to several American appraisal organizations and a reference list of helpful books and magazines.

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Why did I get an error message?

You may be using an unsupported web browser version. Try repeating your action with a recommended browser (Firefox 3, Google Chrome3, Internet Explorer 7, Opera 10, Safari 3, and their newer versions). If you still get an error message, click on the Feedback link from the bottom of any Portal page to send a technical issue to the Portal staff.

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What web browser does the Portal support?

We recommend viewing the Portal with Firefox 3, Google Chrome 3, Internet Explorer 7, Opera 10, Safari 3, or their newer versions. See the Optimal Browsers guide for more information.

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How do I report a technical problem?

Near the bottom of every page there is a link to the Feedback Form which you can use to report a problem to our technical support. Our staff reads every comment and question and will respond in a timely manner.

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Whom can I contact if I notice a mistake or have additional information about an item?

Near the bottom of every page there is a link to the Feedback Form which you can use to report corrections or additional information. Once we confirm that the information is accurate, we will update the information in the Portal.

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How do I become a Partner?

The Portal's partners include private and family collectors, as well as institutions such as libraries, museums, archives, churches, and historical commissions. Placing materials on the Portal to Texas History is a great way to provide free public access to people wanting to connect with your information and materials. Please see our section on How to Participate for more information.

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Do you have a Glossary?

Yes. If you have questions about any words or icons found on the site, please see our Glossary page. If you encounter a word that is not in the Glossary, please contact us using the Feedback Form.

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