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We appreciate your feedback. The Portal to Texas History staff reads every comment and question, and will respond in a timely manner. On each page in the Portal, there is a link to submit your feedback.

Some types of feedback you can provide are:

Comments - Your comments are very important to us. Many of our visitors have expressed their delight at finding an image of a long lost relative or a rare manuscript. Others have identified typos or errors and brought them to our attention. We always look forward to hearing your comments about the Portal and welcome your suggestions for improvement.

Technical issues - If you encounter a technical problem on the Portal, such as a page that does not open or a link that is broken, we would like to know about it. We will quickly respond to any technical errors that are reported.

Requests - Your research questions regarding information on the Portal will be forwarded to a librarian who will answer your questions through e-mail. Quite often we receive questions about the value of a historical item belonging to a personal collection. Unfortunately, we cannot provide appraisal information, but we will share information on how to locate a professional appraiser.

Identification - We appreciate receiving information on the identity of a person, location or object. Once we confirm that the information is accurate, we will add the information to the Portal.