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Viewing Photographs


  1. Select an item from your search results list by clicking either its title or thumbnail image.
  2. A medium-sized image is presented with a brief record.
  3. To view the photograph, click on the image or select “View this Photograph” from the red navigation bar.
  4. To view the photograph in different sizes, click on "More Sizes".
  5. To dim the screen around the photograph, click on the “Lower Lights” command just above the photograph. To turn the “lights” back on, click anywhere in the dimmed area.
  6. To rotate the photograph, use the arrows just above it.
  7. If a photograph has information on the back or from a photo album page:
    • You can choose a “page” (or sequence) by using the drop-down list located above the map.
    • You can view the next or previous photograph “page,” by using the right and left arrows located just above the photograph, or by simply clicking on the right- or left-hand side of the displayed photograph.
    • You can view thumbnail images of all the photograph’s “pages” by clicking “All Pages” on the right-hand side of the screen. When the thumbnails appear, click on the one you want to see. The page will open in the “View this Photograph” view.
  8. To view the photograph in different sizes, select “All Image Sizes” from the menu on the right-hand side of the screen or "More Sizes" located above the photograph, and then choose the image size you wish to view (square, thumbnail, small, medium, large, extra large).