Texas History for Teachers

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Texas History for Teachers (TX4T) provides Texas social studies teachers access to evidence-based historical content and resources for teaching Texas history, with all content mapped to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) standards.

To that end, TX4T is building a broad suite of historical and pedagogical resources (all curated by leading historians and educators) that are freely available online, organized into 15 chronological units that correspond to historical eras identified in the TEKS. Within each unit on the TX4T site, teachers will find: an overarching unit plan; interconnected lessons that center on primary sources; curated primary sources documenting both people and events named in the TEKS; and professionally produced videos and virtual field trips.

The project is focused on making these educational resources widely available and accessible. Whenever possible, TX4T pedagogical materials are offered in both Spanish and English, as well as accommodated versions of lesson plans to support students with learning differences.

Visit the Texas History for Teachers site to find lesson plans, activities, and links.

Need access to our older materials? You can find Resources 4 Educators here

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