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... at the Parker County Poor Farm was taken at the abandoned site of the poorhouse in Weatherford. Courlesy D... court members also were regular visitors. The Cass County poor farm declined in the i930s and 194os due... and the farm was closed. The county has since preserved the poor farm cemetery, known as Mockingbird Hill... : Stow, "Cass County Poor Farm," 22-23, (3- 64.... Poor Farm System in Texas 185 This recent photograph of the p)esthouse used

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... of the Parker County Historical Commission studied the poor farm site in the 1980s, they discovered.... Small portions of the Parker County poor farm have been sold over the years but most of the land remains... in county ownership. Parker County leased its poor farm to a local college for dairy and ranch classes from... its poor farm in 1884, though county officials had expressed an interest in such an institution.... Anderson County purchased just over 462 acres in 1884 for its poor farm, located about four miles south

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... Poor Farm System in Texas Recent view of the jail used at Anderson County Poor Farm, established... or Parker counties. A normal agreement between Anderson County and the poor farm superintendent allowed.... The (" Historical marker file for Anderson County Poor Farm, historical narrative, 5. 187... in 1884 near Palestine. Courtesy Texas Historical Commission. Rules at the Anderson County farm were... eventually formalized and posted, though they were somewhat more simplistic than those found in Cass County

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...."' The wife of the Travis County poor farm superintendent in 1903 said her husband's appointment was a... to twenty indigents on that poor farm, while Colorado County records of 1912 show twenty-seven indigents... at its poor farm. Anderson County has records on seventy-five to one hundred burials at its poor farm... the farm superintendent died, and the farm closed. The Wise County poor farm closed in 1962 with two... elements of poor farm history. A suicide at the Parker County farm occurred in 1929. Members of the Parker

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... was made by the county in 1960. Remains of the poor farm today include the dilapidated potato barn... are unique for the amount of written documentation remaining from their poor farms. County poor farm records... for Anderson County Poor Farm 'ISurvey of county clerks, Mike Heskett to D. C, Sept 17, 1987, imteview, 'Texas... that this poor farm was not occupied only by the elderly. Some 243 acres of this poor farm were sold in 19o01... pertaining to the poor farm and in superintendents' records kept at the farm. Commissioners' courts' minutes

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... Poor Farm System in Texas crop. Anderson County grew cotton, potatoes, and corn, raised hogs..., such as hangings. Colorado County hung several condemned criminals at its poor farm, drawing crowds to watch.... In Williamson County in 1906, a criminal was taken from the county courthouse to the poor farm to be hanged... for Anderson County Poor Farm and Collin County Farm; Dallas County Historical Commission survey response, La..., and ran a canning operation. Fayette County grew corn and potatoes." As previously mentioned, poor farms

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...-are Anderson, Cass, and Parker. The Cass County poor farm was established August 14, 1895, when county judge G... miles north of ~ Historical marker files for Parker County Poor Farm and Cemetery, Anderson County Poor... Farm, Site of Wise County Poor Farm and Cemetery, and Collhn County Farm; Survey of county clerks...; Stow, "Cass County Poor Farm," 64. "9Dallas County Historical Commission survey response, Potter county... clerk survey response; Historical marker file for Parker County Poor Farm and Cemetery 4 Whiteside

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... Southwestern Hzstorzcal Quarterly present-day Linden. The poor farm replaced the county's system... of monthly payments (three to eight dollars) to individuals on a county pauper list. The poor farm toughened... of the poor farm was allowed to own more than ten dollars in material goods. At its poor farm, Cass County..., the Cass County poor farm was governed by specific rules, which were drawn up in 1895. Among... this "'Stow, "Cass County Poor Farm," 22-23, 63-64 Ibid., 22-23. 184

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... Poor Farm System zn Texas fact reinforced when staff members in the spring of 1987 surveyed county..., Anderson County Poor Farm, Site of Wise County Poor Farm and Cemetery, and Collin County Farm, Survey... Parker County Historical Commission's research for the poor farm marker was probably the most unique... arrangements for the county when poor farm residents died ~'Georgetown Sunday Sun, Sept. 6, 1987. ,' Texas... historical commissions for poor farm information and received fewer than five responses from 252 commissions

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... to the county poor farm for temporary shelter and improved surroundings.2' Life at the poor farm had its... grown in the garden and also attempted to raise cotton as a cash 20Stow, "Cass County Poor Farm," 63... Poor Farm and Cemetery; Stow, "Cass County Poor Farm," 23; Wallace, A Spirnt So Rare, 153. 22Carpenter... to the county farm with the disheartened couple. A short time after this incident, the widow's daughter came... and took the woman home with her.2" Although most poor farm inhabitants were elderly, several Texas poor

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... order and see that the poor farm tenants were not grossly mistreated. For example, in Parker County, a... compensation from the county. This range of expectations notwithstanding, appointment as a poor farm... historical commissions (Dallas, Kaufman, and Van Zandt counties); Stow, "Cass County Poor Farm," 22-23, 63...-64; Historical marker files for Anderson County Poor Farm, Parker County Poor Farm and Cemetery, Collin County... Farm, and Site of Wise County Poor Farm and Cemetery; Emory Carlson to Debbie Cottrell, Oct. 20, 1987

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.... Economic expedience necessitated the establishment of every county poor farm. Some smaller counties... population in the second half of the nineteenth century, the establishment of a county poor farm was common.... Once a county government determined that a poor farm was a preferable solution to dealing with its poor... on historical marker files foi Parker County Poor Farm and Cemetery and Anderson County Poor Farm, Texas... Poor Farm System zn Texas today) with only minor changes from 1869. The 1869 reference

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... of the indigents' barrack at the Parker County Poor Farm located at Weatherford, Texas. Couresy Texas Historical... unfold on poor farms. In Cass County, another daughter of a farm superintendent recalled this story about... Poor Farm System in Texas This photograph (c. 193o) shows paupers sitting on the front porch... a married couple and a bachelor living on the poor farm. The bachelor at one time had been a fairly... wealthy man but had lost his money through bad investments. He came to live at the county farm several

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..., as in many agricultural states, the poor farm became the county's version of the poorhouse, providing a means... Commission, a survey of all county historical commissions In the state for poor farm information... of the existence of county poor farms in Texas, though obscure, is an important element in understanding how..., the state gave direct responsibility for the poor to its county governments and at the same time reinforced... of poor farm operations in Kaufman and Parker counties, I initiated, through the Texas Historical

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... show 1876 as the earliest date of land purchased for a poor farm in Texas; farms continued... Southwestern Hzstorical Quarterly Locations of poor farms in Texas based on a 1987 survey... of county clerks and county historical commissions. appropriate place, usually a few miles from the county... for the poor and a dining hall (if not included in the superintendent's home) were built, as were necessary

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... support the institution. Thus, the name poor farm or county farm replaced poorhouse in Texas... County Poor Farm," Frontier Tzmes, XLVIII (Dec -Jan., 1974), 63, Cathey, "History of Public Welfare..., and relatives, but certainly not that of the government. In extreme cases, the poor might rely upon... with the least pride, who often populated poor facilities. Governments viewed these paupers as hopeless..., deaf, imbecile, criminal, aged, and poor often were placed together."' Texas should not be mistaken

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... in public institutions, this law directly affected the decline and closing of county poor farms. Gov. James...). For most Texas poor farm residents, living at the farm was all that kept them from eligibility... not attempt to-qualify for Old Age Assistance."7 The process of closing a poor farm usually was gradual.... Counties had to find a buyer for the poor farm land; land sales often were made piecemeal, with counties... leased the property. Selling large tracts of poor farm land-if not done earlier for economic reasons

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... in their state in 1932, Texans were faced with a different situation.32 28Stow, "Cass County Poor Farm," 64... accepted poor farm operations because, first, they involved no federal aid, and second, they cared for a... of the Depression and to realize that neither existing facilities for the poor nor new but limited, narrow efforts... for the unemployed and destitute were sufficient. Initially, many Texans believed the "new poor" should simply help... and thus avoid the dreaded "dole.""29 Whisenhunt notes: In keeping with the national attitude, many county

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