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: y
* kook
MIHtir/ PlaiiT***
ooidinf^ Co -
Che Cucjo liecoed
East Texas—Partly cloudy
night and Saturday. Slightly «
rr in northeast portion tonight
southwest and northwest
#0. 292
is to
,<te is forming.
;e . a Turkey
The .first note
ded Thursday even-
841 enthusiastic ban-
dy the Business,
mal: Women’s
ity. The club,
most wide-
ious organiza-
ve’as its project
j. Staging of a
and there will
g back. Cuero
r guests, of the
Thursday even-
the goo4 news
The Cham-
has pledged
ero will have a
cost will not
publicity gained
Cuero has
and noth-
years the
ted the
Trot and
' ^ .the
' t' # ■ • ?
s»: r»:
*» * - ■»/ .j/
• •. # ♦% . i. /1.
■ «pj
in this
of its
las 1834
Dead Negro Burned After
Being Dragged Thru
Streets. *
• ■■■» ■
Negro Mammy Says
“White Folks Did
What Was Right.”
■i -•> i. /i.
xz --
* * * /l> .< .
Water! After Fourteen years!
and sane
a timely nra-
The Christmas
the hap-
but it could
1 KOUNTZE. Tex.. Dec. (INS>
—A frenzied mob early today sat-
isfied its thirst for blocx^ and ven-
geance of seizing the body of the
slain negro attacker and torch
slayer of a- farm wife and burning
it in the streets.
David Gregory, negro ex-convict
hunted for more than a week as
the negro who assaulted and shot!
Mrs. Mellie Williams Brockman on_j
a lonely road and then set fire to]
the body, was wounded last night |
as he tried to escape. j
With their prisoner bleeding
profusely, officers started toward
Orange, where they expected to
loge the negro in jail for safe
keeping, the prisoner died on
the way a'nd the sheriff and his
party started bade to Kountae.
As Ujey. neared here a large
crowd ~&at had gathered, met the
sheriff and seized the body of the
dead negro. £ ’Jr ■
A bonfire was Ugh ted and after
the body had been dragged through
the streets ft was tossed into the
flames. Now and then the funeral
pyre died down, but members of
the mob tossed on additional boxes
and wood to keep the fire gtdpg.
Before being thrown into the fire
the body of the negro was riddled
with bullets, and dissected. It j
wasf reduced to aeshes by the blaze.t
The sheriff an dhis party were J
V '*•••
>V ,
# ’
m k
%’s hazard.
candles, and
danger of
In selecting
decorations be
•yoid|the risk of fire.
ible mater-
itions on trees
rodnp. Non-in-
decorations can
meet as cheaply
and paper ma-
ignlt e quickly,
a 3$fe Christmas* a
Don’t let
rtob you of the
the Yu etlde season.
I re-Holiday sale
crowd as usual
niomlig. This annual
always proves popular
Cueri shoppers have
to learn that' Koehler
offers quality mer-
at bargain prices at
\\\; j
\ ■ \
are urg- met by a mob of more than 900. in-
call proves j CELEBRATION
BIG SOCCESS Plans for the staging of a
- i city in 1934 were launched Th
Jewel Lodge Holds Most enthusiastic banquet given b
*M^r?S*Ve Professional Women’s Club
their employers and other
, It was at this banquet
president of the organization
Serve as Chancellor A ^ —
Commander Pf .FMF FLOAT
More than fifty Knights of F*y- j j
thias and Pythian Sisters were in I?|\0 1 AQ k TD/VT*
attendance Thursday evening afrj | £ f\\y 1
i Williard Kleinecke
'THE. OlDGttt
the annual Jewel Lodge K. of P.j
Roll Call, which proved as usual, a -
tBL,W' Ri^to Theatre j First to
ated with beautiful flowers, these! Fall 1U Line With
flowers later being taken to Hill-! Business Club,
side Cemetery where they were ” 1
placed on the graves of two past!. The Rialto Theatre^
members. John T. Wofford and C. i tries unit of this city, Friday
A. Sumners. : came the first “ *
The beautiful Pythian program in Cuero to pledge a float
was followed by a delightful social' 1934 Turkey Trot.
NS*. . * , J “We are all for the Turkey Trot
Of interest was the election of '
officers, the following being elect-
and pledge our
per cent,” Manager M D.
the Cuero Rialto' slated.
ed: ’ - ^ 4
Chilly C3m»ao*r. WUtard|, RiUk; hocored
Vice-Chancellor, Bobert,h>ee
Ray Barnes; Blaster at Arms, P. E. j p. „ f -tarirvr a lB34
Pliskal. inner Gueard, Cart Dorn- j Jf
bluth; Outer Guard, J. B. Johnson; } . ^ ,h Riwd««ef onrf
Trustee. thrte years, Berthokl I £ “ SLfiLj^
eluding many women The naked
body of the negro was tied behind
an automobile and drug through
the streets of Kountze for 2 hours
preceding the burning, as members
Of the mob included in an orgy of
hysterical screaming and yelling.
“You All Done Right”
Only .Comment of
Negro Mammy
~ Gonzales Hunter
Loses Four Fingers
As Gun Goes Off
GONZALES, Dec. 8.—(INS.)
—Ray Christian, young • deer
hunter was minus four fingers
on his right hand todpv be-
cause he went to sleep in a
tree. Christian climbed the
tree before daylight to await
dawn and a buck. He dozed
and his gun slipped from his
grasp, discharging as it hit the
ground. Seme of the shot
tore off four fingers of his
right hand.
County Attorney Chair-
of Mortgage Com-
f _
- I Stephen Hebert. DeWitt county
KOUNTZE. Tex., Dec. 8.—(INS.) ) attorney, has been named chair -
—An aged negro woman, mother of man of the DeWitt County Farm
David Gregory, whose body was Conciliation Committee according
burned by a maddened mob, was j to an announcement by Governor
forced to stand on the fronfc porch Miriam A. Ferguson Friday,
of her shanty- home early today as j The committee will be composed
the mob dragged the body of her 'of Hebert M chairman. Joe Wisch- [
son through the streeth. kaemper of Yorktown. Louis Poth j
“Sou ail done right, white folks" 0f Yoakum. F O A Ladner of
ishe said simply. It was her only Nordheim and J. J. Olsen of Yoa-
comment. , j kum. • j •
V 1 The County Attorney has accept-!
; ed the appointment and expects to
perfect organization of his Com-
mittee at an early date. 1 _
The duties of this committee will Tax of 12 60
j be to deal with farm mortgages
! and the reduction of principal and
i interest. A state-wide effarr is be- mended.
—........ I ing made to reduce farm mortgages -—
Good Roads Association iand secure **«ement between the, Washington Dec
Seeks Members in ,armr and the man ho““ne
Schiwetz; and Grand Representa-
tive. 2 yean, R. B. Evers.
Football Squad to
Be Honored Tonight
J sional Women’s Club here
day evening. The
as its project for
Other business
valunteer their
in the 1934 oel
; Miss Florence Eilte, 1 ICu
Members of the Cuero High Pier, or can The
football squad are to be guests of
: honor at a banquet to be given at
j the city auditorium this evening^
with members of the Pep Squad as
U. S. Allot* 893,000
for Trinity Survey
Throws New Light on
Controversy Over
Radio Station.
if no
a host of
and Ko-
And this year’s
exception. You’ll
values awaiting
hler invites his
inspect his stocks
buy or note..
hosts. ■
A most attractive program has) ■ i» n ■
been arranged to follow the ban-| WASHINGTON. Dfec. I.—Secre-
quet. At the close of the profram j tary Dern Thursday Allotted $83.-
the guests will enjoy dancing, a ’ 000 for a survey af the Trinity river
radio being provided for the occas-1 from Galveeton to Fodt Worth,
ion by the ^towers Furniture Co. He acted on recommendation, of
-^—- the board of engineers for rivers
Dance Brawl F'.nfit i and harbors Which feaid preUcui-
: - _ , _ _ j nary investigation showed that the
In Death of Man j survey was warranted k1n the inter-
_ .. 1,1 , —jests of conhnerce and navigation."
M(,Lradk> ^ | LONGVIEW, Jex.. Dec. 8.—(IHS>—: The survey woaW <**** 561
contr:versf reea-dmv fhP A' brawl at * dance hall on the i of the rlver and would include
‘station, now b^ciitog ^ J Gl^water highway early today | of
• 8 r i ended with one man dead, and I exploration far determination of
J three seriously wounded Rud^ lodc and dam locationi^as weU at a
. . . „ purp06e! Lyle. 30 was shot throueh the study of the effect improvement of
rumors heart ^ jess Hate hell received a ihe river for navigatii
Gcang on the air for the first
time since Cuero’s, radio station
was opened. E. A. Davidson, owner
the call lexers DEC.
Davidson declared the
Per Gallon
Will Be Reeom-
regarding ownership of the station
and its regulations with the Feder-
al Radio Commission. , , .. , ^ . „ . . ,
I in regard to the he declared fh<HUler by ’■
he built the station in his own
shop 9 months ago. opening the:
station first in the Muti hotel. |
I where it was opierated for 6
j months. At the end of that period
of time he s-tated he offered the i-
station to the Recreational Center. | Reed Amendment
8 —(iNSi—»i an^ that offer was turned down tit r 1 1 !
Is Unenforceable
bullet in the throat Ben Carmi- UP00 existing local
chael. a passerby was shot in the! alcr^ a™1 a^oss the river.
A preliminary investigation erf the!
bert Cooper was s’tabbed painfully Project was ordered an act all
, in the back. congress.
Jess Hatchell is said to have been '• )
shot first and then Lyle was shot________i__ ffur
and killed. < * i
the : A federal tax of S2.60 a gallon on He then leased the station to an-
. . j mortgage in order to improve credi whiskey was recommended today ;other Party, he said, contract call-j -—
This City; * standing of the Texas famer , j by the inter-departmental commit- ln« for 70 Per cent of the gross WASHINGTON. Dec. 8.—(IKS)—
- j Duties of the commrtee will be ‘ tee aPPointed bv Presiden- Roose- receipts to be retained by the’The so-called Reed amendment to Man Convicted in Poison
A membership campaign in in- . rt r n , ' Phai * velt to study the liquor situation., lessee. A few days later, Davidson j wartime prohibition law prohibiting
Tt, f thLT'^ <tTd, , Rf<t: H^S “ This iOgeiUr w„h ,,ues ehh *» ^ ««* «
Association being conducted here | fPH«r9i !!,««« ,,VK ua i 1 <-ai^ellation of the lease and magazines containing liquor
by O. E. Baer, representative or j----i t vield W60 000000 in a * of ';nd :hat by ,he end of that time! advertisements, is unenforceable,
the association, was meeting with U b<isk business activTv " * _ no satisfactory lease had been ■ under present conditions ’ -cting • rt. "SLD„
success here Friday, a number of Coast Gu&rcUmeil . . , ** ‘ niaoe.^an that he. for that reason. Postmaster General OTitahcnav f
clawed toller.pHs expressetl Pn n
Murder Gets Life
For State Texas
Dec. 8.—(IMS)—
-RttbUc wor a administration
•Hotted ! 41^88J269 for 63
member's being secured for the or-;
ganization in this city.
The Texas Good Roads Associa-
tion has been effective in prevent-j
ing diversion of the gasoline tax.
The automobile and truck user is j
now paying nearly 50 |>er cent of Canadian coast
Released By Rum
Runner Kidnapers
He stated he wanted Cuero to opinion it would he repealed with-
j With the beer tax estimated to t°ok the station over
yield S156.000 009 annualiy iota
federal revenue cn whisk y vin« havp a radio station as has 65 m a few days after congress con-
and beer wculd exceed *500.'C0G.<kM other towns in this state, and that: venes January 3
I a year under the mter-dep .'n: n po-icv of *Jie station would be t-------
HALIFAX. Dee. 8.— flNfP— Four committee recommendation.-, u> support civil enerprises He
guardsmdKi who The committee^ proposals added the would continue to broad -j
the entire tax burden, and is mani-j were kidnaped by the crjw of a pectcd to be laid before th
festly unjust to require this class to! rum runner have been ‘landed a
assume any further burden or pay 1 St. Pierre Mic.. according
j< in
ral pro.ecto in 21 states.tany taxes that are not used to im- wireless message received |iere to- Monday when consideration rt
Included Cameron county j prove the state highway system, in. day at the headquarters
•hannel, S2.472.000. Hams the words of W. R. Ely. member of Royal police.
county, roads, $15 654 Weslaco, se- the highway commission
$90,000. 1 •armei'sville, water-
8911100. 1 hree Rivers, waterl
IjBnwwenfntz, $28,000
Earlier attvice.i tcld how
ca: until he was ordered to stop
session of the senate finance and 1 !le F'fdgral Commission,
a ways and means commute
j board,
f production of
8. (INS} ,001 tort
was sen- thin year’s
r] - tenced to life imprteofrment in cAr- yteid 0v —
' L cuit court when he entered a plea ^ aC] p
of guilty to placing rat boison in the ,w>m<>r ^ of a$.4
family coffee pot la$t August in an 144.000 acres in
effer: to kill his fat ierj.,but instead ■ if io«»
c u«ing the death ‘ jf (Mrs. Lucy j
Tucker, housekeeper for the Hailfc
In Fire Friday l;ali a wcaUhI li,,ng
Five Person* Die
near Detroit. 111., was
critically ill
report of
the liquor taxes will be stai\ed
The mtei-dejiartmer. . ;
the ruin u-e recommend.-d radical
The association is working new runner had. turned the tables 01: m me levying «.f nip-
: to finish all key; roads in the state 11rie guardsmen and takenj . them prhoc.-ed a dn *> ...
• by 1936. (captive.
——-— i for several daj,-* from the effects of
MILWAUKEE Dec 8—(INS)— the poison but recovend. - j Arthur
IIIKK FROM HOI STON F<ve persons were burned to death The elder Hall previously had fl-. Grahaifi 1
h -b Wofford of Houston spent today w hen fire destroyed their nanced his son in several business! the
couple ».f da\ wbh in- moth r lufue cn n farm near Frit iicLslup enterprises, all of whicji failed, and spend
Jno. T W fl 1; s.- in--week rht iuctuu- wen- Wilhaiii the voung man’s act is believed tojteHs
o Cuer>- u it: fact a i|iatie\ 04 ir dau i-rii-i .v hav-. ' ben prompted by disappoint-, ing to
it ate gnyernir.
i ,,‘iiyc ;.h* - ft ■-
ihe dejirew-ion
't 3’
’•t’t <' mt :it caused bv his father’s
p ;.nance one more vertture.
refusal i LeSage |

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