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To Shelly Clayton - ,7 '; . , ■ , T
Miss Beaugh Is Engaged
Mr. and Mrs. J. B Beaugh of now employed at th
1500 Ash are announcing the i*n- Refinery,
gagement of their daughter. Mis* _ ^
Johnnie Cecilia Beaugh, to Shel- P'“ „ ^
ley R. CS^ton, son of Mr. and tended C*1** 1
Mrs, T. a Clayton of Cedar Ba- and served two years
yon. Force. He is how en
Miss Beaugh is a graduate of Shell Pip* line.
Robert B. Lee high echoed and is The wedding date it
Colorado Rancher To Talk Stork Stops
At Knife-Fork Club Dinner
Stock Quotes LIVESTOCK
Congress Wonders-
Special To Th# Baytown Sun
fort WORTH. Feb. 17 -UP-
C*t% 3,699- Sow. Weak. Spots
wer on all classes. Good and
twice fed steers. 17.50-22; three
toadstr bought to arrive at 22.50;
utility and conunerciaL 12-17; good
and choice heifers, 16,50-21; beef
..... cows, 11-11.50, in range of 10.50 to
jii 12* caoners and cutters, $-10.50; ... t*, *r
!.!" »% shelly caaners down to 7; ,huBs,
..... 20% M-Hi. medium and good stackers youth
ig« and feeders, 1349; choice 19.5M8; Problem.
1?? a few head stacker cows, 1M4. He will use as ea example his
exd 57% Calves *°®- About steady- Good own hometown of Loveland, Celo.,
giu and choice slaughter calves, 16.50- where a major crime hasn't been
2% 20; utility and commercial, 12- committed In years and which w#s
.....1Sk 18.56; culls, 10-12; good stacker dubbed a “Sweetheart of a Town”
aojy steer calves, 17-19; load 19.50. with by Collier’s magazine a few year*
;;;;; IS heifer* at 17. „ “W ——
exd 106% Hogs 400. Butchers steady to 25e
..... 50% higher; sows mostly steady: some
" jg-ii heavy sows lower; choice 190-250
He Sale lbs., 26.50-26.75; small killers not
«ir operating; choice around 180 lbs.,
;* •’ 54 26; choice 26&-400 lbs., 2826-25;
sows mostly 21-24; some heavy
31% sows down to 20.
E:it Parr-
.....27% (Continued from Page One)
No Sale ^ a time later in a telephone
*0% call from a man with a Spanish
i *8 Sale accent.
..... 21% “You’ve double - crossed George
.....84 Parr,’’ McDonald said he was told.
.....16% You’re going t© have to leave Du-
..... 37% val county. Nobody double - crosses
..No Sale George Parr and lives in Duval
..... 9% county. If you don’t leave, we’ll
..... 62% kill you.*’
..... 13% McDonald said he had been
.....57% threatened constantly since.
..... 6% - Parr went before a grand jury
..... 38 which Shepperd charged last week
14 was packed with the political boss’
.....67% supporters- Shepperd ashed then
.....63% that the grand jury be dismissed,
..... 20% and asked the grand jury itself to
..... 18% refrain from investigating the Bea-
.exd 66 avides situation,
..... 59% ■
•••”«% Drouth Is Over For
One Section Of Dallas
(eet« If 4
.....DALLAS, Feb. 17 -UP-D*llas
..... .ti, has been short of water for 18
..... months, but one area got more of
",M ,a3* the precious fluid than it eould
.....handle last night Water stood
..... -knee-deep” mi die lawns of some
..... 20 homes after a water main burst
South Houston, girt bom Feb. M.
stole any other place, are common Mr. and Mrs. Weldon Tallant,
in Loveland, according to Palmer. »lb East Fayle, boy. both Feb. 14.
Palmer say* th. city and schools Mr. Md Mrs. LouU Eugene Oon-
tag are lower there than ta*nearby
•as sfts
ver tongued orator of the W«8*t"
by a U.S. senator.
Tty Ban Ctoastfled Ade-Ofel 3661
— Ju*t Folk*-—— -
Names-'N1 -Notes
MISS ARANNA WATSON wa* mistress of ceremonies
Woman’s Missionary union of Second Baptist church entei
high school seniors of the chnrch with a sweetheart bang
night in the Humble dining room. The REV. PAUL STEP!
the Invocation, and MRS. H. M. MATHEWS, WMU presiden
welcome. Response was made by WANDA PRICE.
The REV. H. W. BARTLETT of Forest Oak Baptist
Houston gave the message, “We are ’Tators.” In his talk hi
human beings as “dictators,” “agitators,” “imitators,” “spect
“commentators" in illustrating his theme of being prepar
and for eternity. , , ..
W. J. STOKELY gave the bene- «*!»« jaunts includin;
diction. the Sunken Gardena
The table was decorated with Ala-, Qypress_Gardens
potted red azaleas, white styro- hav?n, and Bok Towt
foam hearts and red sequins. Red Petersburg, Fla
and white programs completed the MARVIN TEAGUE o
Valentine theme. was elected president i
REV. AND MRS. LEON FRAZ- Upsilon Rho, a Social i
IER returned to Beaumont Sunday ganiiation, at Souuiw
with their daughter, MISS MAE- *»te Tgachers colleg
DEL FRAZIER, after she visited M!,rc°s- „
end. Miss azi ■ * P F who are interested in
therapist (or the^ippled Ch.l- organiMti0n's air
dren’s society, plans to give her understanding
committee and a number of com- gy UNITED PRESS which to draw, and many ate haul'
mittee witnesses say- private health Th* severe drouth of 1953 has inf in water. ■
insurance programs aren’t doing continued into the winter in many A recent report bv the
toe job. They think toe federal areas and pose* a serious threat state water survey division said
government should assist. to crops, a survey showed Wednes- 41 cities and towns had or soon
President Eisenhower has pro- day. wc*dd face water shortages in the
posed a 85 million federal pro- Nebraska experienced its driest southern half of the state,
gram to help private insurance January since 1906 and the second Th* Indiana Conservation De-
groups extend coverage and in- driest on record. Other drouth partment reported the state’s mois-
crease benefits. area* include southern Iowa, north- ture situation “critical” for this
The American Medical Associa- ern Missouri. Kansas, portion* of time of year. Southeastern Indi-
tiTVXr onrSordfcr or Illinois and Indiana, and Callfor- ana wts hardest hit. and many
IZm St PresidentG^plan. But it nia. farmers there were hauling water
argues that M million persons ai- But crop experts said good spring for their livestock. _
ready have some degree of insur- rains could restore the soil nuis-
ance against hospital bills, 73 mil- tore and wipe out the crop threat M ■
lion against zurgical andj6 in most of. tee dry sectioM. ^ BftflV aa
million against other medical bills Some stetes stricken by drouth — ww wte W
Edwin J. Faulkner, president ol lastsummer h^ mwhwi p Q.
the Woodmen Accident and Asso- improvement, the survey showed (Continued from Page One.)
dated Companies of Lincoln. Neb., Among these are portions of Texas to be from Alabama, was touched
told toe committee that insurance andKentoeky. off Sunday night after a woman
companies can "bring a satistee- But in the Midwestern drouth who identified herself as Mrs
tore measure ct protection t© prac- belt many Jermers have had^ to Flora M. Burges* of Alabama told
Realty all of the American needle.** haul water tor tomr livestock, and poUetfet Midland that her husband
haw testified som* im*n towns have been had been shot down in cold blood
Pla«ued by shortages. by a couple who then attempted
there gaps m pr^itwv^ffe in Iowa, toe nation’s No- 1 corn t© kidnap her. The couple, whose
f1,*,! „„ AhmtofS »tate, January precipitation over names hav* BOt been released, are
insurance NansM short o( gi g most ©f the state amounted to 25 being held in jail at Midland,
famines toe protection they neea. wm ^ «■ less. Only * revealed a(ter
The Health In&rmation Fouada- ^ ^ northeastern corner did *at^v™“r
tlon- * “fpr2L>nSP^,w1Yort! mo!*tUr< total 5# per cent of nor- ^toba^a liee^Tplates Sunday
told the committee that “streams, wefls and Pond, have c^tUy^tey »to^
pays only 15 per cent of the 8R2 dried up in southern and central ^ the car afterMrs Burgess
bdlioo-a-year hffl.incurred byUR. Iowa. ^e servlcHta^aSnt
families tor medical and hospital Kansas, thejstating that her husband
care- . ket, experienced fourth driest ^ mu^erw) and she was
The foundation said it* research January and had no measurable ^ kidnapped
also shows that: . rai^to during the fart two weak* Police Chief Late Sanches* of
1. Seven per cent of American of F*kru*ry J *n^?. pf8C P“*t~f Lordaburg said Ttxas office* ra-
famflies. some 15 mfllioo hag a ^Ster P0^ w th# woman told the
mndiert m^ rangtag toom » ^ -__
Radi# and Television Service
1*66 & Pruett
Pound Con Pro*
Witit Purchase of
S10Or More!!
to help her recover tyome broken
hip. Mrs. Frazier was 'injured last
te^MR^^^SPEOc!1'ta^tico. S/l/Cfv C? TC
mrs. Frances McCullough D r
Harris county home demonstration / rt Kfl r“Otl
agent, demonstrated the making »V6^wf WII
of cornice board* for the dining |” f
area at s meeting of Highlands rrQm / gfjf
Home Demonstration club Friday * «
in the home of MRS. J. B. v ,
HANCE. A covered dish luncheon Mrs. J. L. r ranklin .
was served at the noon hour. The hostess to a, meeting Fri
next meeting will be at 1:30 p.m. ing to form a study g
March 5 In the home of MRS. C. the League of Women
N. ADAMS on Battlebell road. The first course of
Draperies for the dining area will concern Item* on toe sri
be the topici which particularly appl;
MR AND MRS. WILLIAM SA- ToPic? “ iuver
, v .... ou, tt,riA Jury service for women,
VBLL ce ebrated thelr l lt wd- m/njt t wjl, ^
ding Anniversary on Valentines * *7 J,,, mept
ir,Y* £JKZ
th!l.r,.h.T.e: on. interested in state 1
wKMtasnAT xvzjon#
fitallworth Sports Show
to 100 per cent or mace of sh* *nd hw Bu*Mna w*rp
^tadiS?WIlsb^h ™famity kept imder protective cover. [Steb^hes. Mrs. Burgess said she
lected persons under tor toe corresponding period « year Jg
S-'aged. airt’lndlgents. *% Dunklin county. Mo. more ^^^toen* into MW-
jssaestaiiaff: v^sSaSrS fc&a
grams, particularly the AMA-en- jam, flour apd bed under gw- uu Nm officers found
ETT, 318 East Hunnicutt, recently
returned from a trip to Tampa,
Fla., wher* they visited their chil-
dren A-lo AND MRS. D. R.
CROCKER and new grandbaby,
ER of Lake Alfred, La.
The trip included many sight-
Sick Ust
highway department employe., told
Bertie Derryberry—510%
West Mata.
’ Richard E. Tannich - 3*»%
Ohio- . _
Mrs. Karl W. Hansen-Le Porte.
Steward Mlntefc^WO Bavou Road.
-Mrs. Earnest Owens—Baytown.
Mrs. Louis Eugene Oonneally —
BMra*Ls(c**Ur D Wearer — »10
Fortune Drive.
Mary Melanaon-Hlghlanda
the brush near the highway Sun-
day aftmxwn.
Ashbel Smith Pareni
association, school at 2:1
Beta Sigma Phi, Oc
house at 7:30 p.m.
Lydia circle of Grace 1
church, church at 9:30 a
Lamar Parent-Teacher
tion, school auditorium
Reviewer club, Oommun
at 9:30 a,m.
Sam Houston Parent
association, school at 2:8
West Bay Home Demo
elub, Camp Ross Sterling
"See Me Before You Die”
VI/ KQTe up ((MM from Page One)
_ ■ leased without hurting natloosl se-
In Lawton ^^elax certain personnel se-
curity rules to do away with "cert-
LAWTON. Okl... Feb- lT —UP—
S^LS'dSsfts arffiswf
Police Chief Ralph Heopessse in some bf, it* rettriettons aUnort
used right! priced right!
• % r-;'” 7 ’ ■ - ■
cars we know were treated right, serviced
right, make your wisest used car buys!
New you m be sure tfw u*6d w yw' buy ha*
baan rarad tor property line# th# dgy jt wn now,
and you oan buy R *t * pfto* you'll Hk»!
-A private
A known record of cartful ua* I* the beat
assurance anyone can giva you of a sato uaad oar
buy, and thaf* exactly what we offer you I
To Rnd the oar you want, a| tha price you want
to pay, aba your Plymouth Dealer. Make him
your teadquartera tor uaad car value*!
Our new car customers are our old friends
Year aftor year, th* Rfeat majority *f our n«f oar #rta« am
repeat *ale«. We know thee* ouetomen am rmponetbie, prectioaL
st*watic mmkjT"
minded people, and wa know how «mM they take eve if Mr earn.
Their cars get regular, factory-approved service
Almotf an of mu amrnn depend w our "Marftf Ta#r»
aervtoa to keep their ear* In totHWtoh condition
Aa a reeu»L we towj tech oar pat* tha bail poaaibto «*»vtoa,
Matme wa dc H puriatm..
First-class trade-ins make first-class used cars
mn in tnM In m mv vgntohb wv taum th^t
Wilt make **tm-pood, ertra^ato uaad av buy. btotuat their
q««y hM been cerafutty prokectod v* prmrved. They
thaunanda af mS«a of aoonomlHd, aatMactoiy driving
Plymouthj Q
• you many
Used right-priced right-sold right
N you want a wad aw«Wi a WPM
ami wa wo*¥* ■** jtl Wetoa >*t jtonty af car* thto
have boen ft|ht tor you to choeo* from, and i
prised tham »i|W to itoo you a drt yort taoil

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