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McMurrvWAPWHnnP Feb. 9 1990
Ah the sensations of Spring at
McMurry. Blooming flowers chirp-
ing birds whipping breezes swaying
trees highclouds.anddccpblucskics.
A warm prc-summcr sun a thunder-
ous flashing storm a gentle spring
shower all sensations of Spring at
McMurry. Beautiful peaceful tran-
quil lazy distractions for the pursuit
of a higher education. What's a stu-
dent to do to remain focused to re-
main dedicated to continue the di-
vinely sanctioned pursuit towards a
fruitful and successful Liberal Arts
education? The McMurry commu-
nity's answer: join and participate in
McMurry's most protected and re-
vered institution the Social Club.
Ah the sensations of Spring at
McMurry. Shining pledge pins col-
orful pledge ribbons flowing dresses
creative uniforms dangling triangles
and hanging paddles. Flowing ban-
ners thunderous and bellowed greet-
ings unGodly rituals and traditions
all sensations of Spring at McMurry.
Ah the pedging ritual at McMurry as
hallowed and protected as the mating
ritual of any endangered species the
purpose however much less clearly
Ah die distractions of Spring nl
McMurry. As what one might call a
McMurry Dinosaur that is a veteran
student at McMurry I have seen sev-
eral Spring semesters come and go.
There is I would say a very different
atmosphere at McMurry during the
Spring semester as compared to the
Fall semester. I don't think I've ever
clearly pinpointed die difference and
distinction until now. One distinction
New beginnings can seem scary
and frightening at times. On die oilier
hand there is a certain level of excite-
ment about taking that step into un-
known territory diat we can't deny
exists in us all especially when we
have no say in die matter such as with
time which we must all go through in
forward. There is no turning back.
And so it is diat there is some-
thing special about starting a new year
that is compounded when it is also the
beginning of a new decade. We've
already taken diat first step into the
'90s but wc can't make a perfect
prediction about what is in store for
diat die '80s would end die way it did.
As 1989 came to a close die world as
we'veknown it since WWII ceased to
be and we started die '90s under a
new set of rules problems and hopes.
No longer can wc look at Russia
in die same light as wc once did nor
'" ' '
involves thebcauty and laziness asso-
ciated widi Nature's transition from
Winter to Spring. Even in dry windy
WcstTcxas thebcauty of a Spring day
cosily wins out over a textbook as-
signment. Thisdistractionhowcvcris
not unique to McMurry as on cam-
puses all over the country Nature
assumes it's place in the backdrop of
academic pursuits.
The other distinction between the
Fall and Spring semesters involves a
shift in emphasis and atmosphere on
the campus of McMurry from an
environment of education and learn-
ing to an emphasis on social functions
and related activities. In die Spring
die campus is filled with endless signs
and sounds of social clubs and their
related activities. Nowhere on the
campus is there freedom from being
literally bombarded by die endless
social club traditions pranks and
functions. The academic atmosphere
is shattered in favorof these meaning-
less pursuits resulting in the tradi-
tional social club dominance on the
Spring campus.
In die classroom we arc bom-
barded by endless pins costumes
outfits signs cards posters and other
assorted ridiculous material. In the
cafeteria we arc bombarded by end-
less rituals endless social club-related
noise and oilier mindless pur-
suits. In die library we again find
ourselves surrounded by social club
conformists passing notes and chat-
tering in dicir prospective pursuits of
academic excellence. And lets not
forget die dorms where those con-
cerned widi academics arc constantly
annoyed and beat down by endless
from Vick Maldonado
Europe China or die rest of the world
including America.
Defense policies government
spending social problems and envi-
ronmental concerns must reevaluated.
The world continues to shrink and
unless wc can start treating each other
as brothers working togcdicr it will
be hard to save our world. Will we
ever be able to slop seeing each oilier
as die enemy?
There is a strong concern and
fear ubout die ozone layer and die
massive destruction of die world's
rain forests and practices in industry
dial are harmful to our environment.
But how can Americans point a finger
at South American countries while
we allow our own forests to be rav-
aged? There is destruction disease hate
and famine in our world; yes even
here in our beloved country. If wo
social functions meetings and pranks.
I as a long-time student here at
McMurry as both a participant and as
a victim of social club hysteria as a
student concerned for the future of
McMurry University I submit to you
die students you the faculty and staff
and you the administration that this
type of social activity exists within
the grounds of McMurry University.
There is no place within die class-
rooms of learning. There is no place
widiin the private dorms of study and
academic pursuits. There is no place
on the grounds of the campus cidicr
before after or during classes en-
gaged in learning. Indeed there is no
place for constant social club harass-
ment and hysteria even in the cafete-
ria where students aspiring toward
higher education and excellence have
no choice but to dine.
I further submit to the McMurry
Community that so long as Social
Clubs arc permitted to engage in their
social conformist pledging rituals
within die boundaries of the campus
so long will the entire University
continue to be detrimentally effected.
The administration here at McMurry
University has an obligation to recog-
nize die detriment which pledging
brings about and take action to protect
not only those not participating but to
protect the overall academic atmos-
phere which should prevail on die
McMurry Campus. Then and only
dicn will the sensations of Spring take
their rightful place in die backdrop of
die best Liberal Arts education in die
country here at McMurry University.
stop to dwell on all the evil that exists
it would be easy to fall into depression
and gloom after all "What can I do?"
Let us not forget that in spite of
all die bad dicrc is also a lot of good in
our world and that in die last year
many good changes have occurcd.
Although at times I fear that
people as a whole have lessened die
value of life individual and other-
wise I have not lost hope. I've never
been one to expect things and I have
no great expectations about what die
future holds only dial hope never
dies that life is beautiful and u firm
belief and trust in God.
Can one person make a differ-
ence? Yes I believe this with all my
heart. And if there is to be peace in this
world let it begin with me.
Welcome to the '90s and wel-
come to McMurry. If you ever need to
talk I'll listen.
Do you know that Student Gov-
cmmcntfccoftcndollarsthatyoupay every semester (for those of you who
arc full time students)? where docs it
go? What is it for? Do you ever benefit
from this expense?
As MSG treasurer maybe I can
help. Almost all of this fee goes to
make up your student government's
budget for each semester. Such activi-
ties as Homecoming film showings
in Radford the Super Bowl pizza
party and dances are all sponsored
and financed by MSG.Thcsc arc your
activities and arc payed for with your
money. Do you have a vested interest
in attending and planning these ac-
tivities of yours? I should say sol
Each year approximately
$15000 will pass in and out of the
go to special events improved music
at our dances guest speakers what-
ever you feel is important but your
input is needed.
Right now MSG members arc
making die appropriation decisions
but diat is not a restriction. MSG
EDITOR. We want
letters submitted
llie cuitor and staff
Russell Robinson
Staff Writers:
Victoria Duckworth
Vick Maldonado
- Ito'
meetings are open to all students and
any student can speak give ideas and
make requests. Rcccndy in an effort
to increase its accessibility to stu-
dents MSG decided to move its
meetings to the Mabcc room of the
Campus Center at 5:30 on Mondays.
The main student activity week
of the semester Spring Tiling is cur-
rcnUy being planned. Wc encourage
you especially those of you who arc
non-traditional to think of activides
that you would like to sec take place
cither skating barbecue scavenger
hunt putt-putt swimming or others.
Let us knowl
Foryoudancin' folk tell us your
favorite songs and we'll try to gel
them in our music selection. Wc have
all new sound equipment and would
like to maximize its potential.
Do you have a vested interest in
participating and planning UicscMSG
events of yours? I should say you dot
Show us your crcadvity and ideas.
Join us at our meetings every Mon-
day now in the Mabcc room or come
by the MSG office in die afternoons
or drop us a letter. Our box number is
Box 335.
The McMurry College WAR WHOOP is published
every two weeks during the fall and spring semesters
except during school holidays Dead Week and during
final examinations.
Editorial statements of commentary appearing in die
WAR WHOOP columns articles and letters nrc solely
the opinion of die writers and in no way reflect thcofficial
position of die newspaper or die McMurry College ad
The WAR WHOOP encourages LETTERS TO Til K
your views ideas and comments. All
will be published only under authority of
The Editor
Andrew Shrojcr
Terry Ment.os
Head Photographer
Zackic Van Ilouten

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