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mm TMiMiMir. '
mw I Wwr TOOT IflOniW DOQN0
U flan *Sel**ira at or-
di—CT JMWIW of
HUwaAgr 'imHnimi
ehadraof fiM.tM.M doe by the Mm
*1 goeerament for Indian matter* aa ap-
TIm lahject uI taxation aad nrcaae
la wwapa one of the gte-Meet moment to
garemnwat and ebaaM net be overlook-
ed a* Mile time. The eaggaetbaia of the
OaapteoHer deaorrea yoar tenet aerioua
conaideration. There la no proposition
pgra true than that all who parlkipat*
at the blcaaing* of furoranuuA aid claim
tan protection of ile laws alteeid oon>
tribal* their ilae proportion to tin mahn
toaanro aad ammort. tier Oonniitatfon
eepaidallr pHrrtdea that taxation idiAII
bo COW arid uniform tel ill lirnawtr Id
pru|<r>rtioo t» it* value. That ]§0pt la
not attained In llta urcacnt aa*
tewiof aullBIcctinc.Uw »nd
operate* most unequally
Ike power and the liberality of tlie Stato
to ita utmoat can acarcely be enumera-
They warn you in language more for-
cible than any at my eommand of the
dangera of cxtrnvugaanec ami tlie ahao-
lule nccenaily for economy The vn at
taa aaMnw faiM to earrevt the error of
apMoit liable to noear amier any aya-
jMMtlfciUioat a single iiitermiMion by
tfMa who wen charged with harboring
dJaanloa eenthnmte and an intvnt to
anbvert it. Trnth falsified the charge
and along with it ovory prediction for
none of them have been verified ; ao Iar
from it the country waa triumphantly
conducted through the dangers of a
IdiHHly war with tlie most formidable
(tower of the earth and in apite of the
l.r«u.i'.:ahle measure* of tlie Hartford
Convention Federalist)! anil the asaist
ican ayalcm coninrialng the triplicate
piaam of Hank Tariff and Internal
Itnprnrerocnta may be aacribed tin' drat
great ilcpartnre of any considerable body
of tho parly from tin' States Kights strict
roust met ion doctrines of tlicac reaont-
tiona. Those issue* governed tlw rw*
ilcntial election of I Hit tie
whicli well nigh ended in ndtanalntmwaff
the i’nion on neconnt of the <"MP*a ekafe
tiona by tb« tariff which fnllwred H.
Tim inteltetiWWnwd patriotic Hffht" who
bad framed ttwCoandtatlea tMdffwd tha
eaarcct pttocipt# af lla cwwtrnctlon bad
nearly ail passed away and Hpae whose
rnefciaaa and anabHtnw apteWffmwdd not
taken the ptaoea of itswie* a»tpatr<otic
foamfcra lath* national eoanoiti.
The moat prominent meaaafeoof the
coal Wot or a* It wa* called the Xetion-
el WMdWtean patty were the tariff by
whbdf llm ladnetry ef one eecttoa of the
ITnlna wa» te he tiled for tho anpport
and protection of the mnnofhrtnriar in-
tenatt of another; a Haah In which to
deposlte fhe re re ii ue when entleotod with
the provl^M nf loaning three paper dob
Up for etety onfc received In coin to the
minnfadvrert and * ayateiM* Internal
Imixocewent* through aid# H wa* to
be evpoljdNb by digginf%hhte and
building tMcr to the door* of the maim-
facto rern fee their enure wiener. Thla
wan the ffrtt chapter in the lesaona of
ekfirrienec taught by the hietory of this
party and It might hare been hoped
would have been the laat. Hot not an
for though defeated in mii»HB nf tlie
eaeeeedlng Presidential eWpWHywae
meaanres hare cnaatltated ^jfeMwrtlng
issues ape* Which parties Mwyw di-
vided doff* to * recentjpevRlffr*fH»M
under anothtr new itiagfffffc jp ef;
Whig* the oppoeition mggprfMm
the Country with the aMMPlMMCff'tc
their Ihrmcr lint of mo*#Ufe*-tff'ydluttb
button of the prooreda
in the herd-cider cainpeBfca#f7iW<Vby
virtue of the aliolition rfflBSBIi which
had sprang up in the free ftaten com-
Mned with the monetary and commercial
crisis of 1887 -’88 Wtdoh proceeded from
their own Moated and eMmvsgnnt sv«-
tcina which had been for a time fastened
upon the policy of the count rjr. «o
sooner had tliey enme Into p^fjeThan
thf protective tariff was sgelllWflved
Iff Violation of the compromise effT 888
» which it was to Ik- grndnally reduced
the isUjhff ftamlniil and a dI*satin-
led SoillVnj|fecilv<l. The entire bntch
- cortWfft nnd dangerous measures
old coalition w-rc
and claimed to hnvn
tmefTsadostnl by the Asserican people.
Bet their a«hora were doomed to l« in
part disappointed. Unnlackily for their
Bank—the r»ntum for »lmo**wvar»#o-
ttteel evil the excliangee vnodtSm to
t&einte themaelvea ami thanOVperity
Sffit country returned without tie in-
tsteeadinn. TV auooeae of tint Ihimuc-
racy 4fc the following election of Mr.
Hoik tnfr ver etam|M'i the meoaure with
1 the eeal of popular condemnation. The
I tariff was reduced to the revenue stanch
ard and the Bonk bill having been ve-
> tged by Mr. Tyler and their extravagant
1 mrstem of Internal Improvements tU>-
ffmted by the veto of Mr. HoUffdlm next
•mumol wm that of too ” Ho-
Party "—aomeHieca calHug them-
ftanoeratie Whin adoeenting
dm only an tlieyeatted pMrtwulur
to and having noothirpWlthrm
■position to the ooaetltatiitod veto
•of the Pnrideat Having ren-
tliomaelvea odinua hy an unavait-
oppoaitlon to the Mexican war they
ited in thhi Inetanoo tlm artilioo of
Ing the general who had fought
of their batllea and bp Ifon adun-
•nay of aae aet of opinioaaTtodia Worth
and another ia tha tioetb. npimthd negro
question snocetxiod in tlwelcdpaa. Tbla
• dark piece of Political pmatllntion for-
• evar eMabiiubed their waul of fidelity 00?
' • party to all pndeaaion of priaotpiai
The brief bat amatcntoiia career of the*
adatiaietratioe ; faraiahea oaa of »4hfo
Moot diaaetroaa chapters in tha politiwi
Watery of the country Thaw waa of
eearm ao unity of i
Mends of thcadminl
daring the excitement
apoa the territorial qitoetioa.
era supporters baring bean 1
abolitionixed before the election i
oa operation with the admwatee of jua-
tioa aad the Ouaetitution sad buMfor
the patriotic bearing and «>lf raerMMng
devotion of the northern and southern
Democracy. the moat deplorable results
would hare followed.
*11 goiie tu the tlack Kepubl
Carnot lm diaintcd that their
•ad revolutionary uchoinee are at i
warafare with the ri'dit* of property a
the conatitntional I. w« by whichlt
protected. In tho South with no oilier
creed than empty profeauiona of patriot-
Win and love for tire I'uion the organi-
aation i* maintained by feigning iaauua
which never exiatod and ia auataiued by
malcoatenta wlm uan it for the indul-
gence of thoao bail paaainua which al-
way* actuate dcaertora from a good to a
bad cauae. At Ixith the extreme* of the
I'uion the opponent* of the orgauiaed
Ihinocrai y have one common aim fit ia
By whatever tmmm the om
the legato Democratic orgnnL
hare passed tm half a etatory whc
M r«M Aftn or Wfktr tow Afc I
radical difference or opinion which l
cxiated in regard to t* natnr»
MW of theuovcrnmeot hnsmsau
•d itself in that Federal aad latitndii
construction of the Uonstitation eo often
and ao lopg repudiated for iU daaacroua
tcaihWciM Jt can acarcely boloUevud
LtthoS^p hare Wl-dlhto
iuuc« of Holer* FederalUimtaJte fall a*
a national organization cMjdfe he aha
cere in tlicir ptofcaaiuua of loyalty to
the Union and at the same time trim to
their auction and tlic Constitution
A Party which united With th
cttcrt uf tlie WMniot’FrOtloo i
the support of Taylor and
voted Tor Fillmore with bia Fr
IdtfiH i(wiUT? •
test aeeecas) thereby
W fur the ole"
- „ which bee
. --by every word toad not
M'ntmwtit of tlieir whole Utw. Tta
hypocrixy and ridiculousness of each e
preteheion uc too tmnapaient for com-
ment. It la to be preatimed that all are
for tho Union Infer the Conatttntion faa
no orgeniard Fart* (a known to eiUt in
oppnxithm to W—but if tbe opinioaa of
thuac clniniinglu ndvooaey na tlicir own
peculiar creed imply obedience and un-
conditional submission to capricious sec-
tional and unauthorised exaction thou
fealty to it would lie inconsistent with
the right* of the freomcn of this or any
other country. It does not partake of
tlie spirit of those who pledged their
lives fortunes and saeredmmors in de-
fence of the liberties oftfce States.
There can Is- lb# SO Mind to tlie lights
which arc gathering aronnd us as not to
nco that cvuuts are fast converging to u
fcsHW (Xttnaroplio : Witness the recent
irWSsitgl and attempted insurrection at
flarp«% PBWF and wliieh though differ-
lug in tW eflmmlsslcp pf the overt act
events hiire had counter parts in our own
State withth the last six months not less
ominous. From the open avowals of tlie
opposition in Tennessee Kentucky Vir-
ginia and Maryland of tlie intention to
ueopornte mid join hands witli (lie Black
1 liepuhlieans it is hot dfllenlt to foresee
wliat will be the conduct of those who sru
hastening the approach of danger by vol-
untarily pledging thsuilves to nnoon-
dilional iinkmisWsn and heaping upon
those wls) Wtti Mt’ bow hi so bsse and
slavish a hcregy tho threadbare charges
of sreessiou and disunion. The attitude
or affair* ghwh reaembWu that which
enisled prior to the American lie-rotation
when the patriots under the lead of Jef-
foreon franklin ami other sage* and he-
roes enhnauted every reeofwh Of Mi-
ment and entreaty in the* yniihMrto
the British Government for Ulfbbscrv-
anee of ine right* under it* aitelcnt ron-
Htitutlon as subjects of the CTMWt. This
I regard so analogous Iff Ihu pBMMUU of
the States’ Kights Democracy of the
Month and of tlie Union.
A diasolution of the Union has not been
sought and perhaps never wltTbe ns long
ns its enistenco t* consistent with the
fight* guarantied hy Ihe constitution.
|)Hf Ml sltcrnstive which would t* pre-
Mhreed ouly to those ta tolerable and great-
« evitoMbich caused the Separation of
|M SHpea sailed (Monies (town the
Another Country of which Mr. Mhm
has well said there eoald he ao«e greater
' ‘than submission to a gnrsrn—at of nu-
limitod powers."
Thr'Mater Righto Democracy roly
am lift ionvictioa that tbc government
wnilbendad In the latereato and affec-
tion* of the people and that upon them
It meat rely (hr maintenance and aep-
port; that It haa derived it* jaat powers
Korn the consent of the ffovtmed in the
form and to the extant preacrilied by the
Conatitntion as their onlv aonree and
when it ahall have ceased to fulfill the
hhji't't of it* creation and not till then
will ari«e a aufficient cause for it* disso-
Hut the >r a louse construe-
tion of ion have always
claimed ft al Government more
extensive an are warranted by
that instruni From this view results
as a natural conaequence their doctrine
of anconditioiul submission which I>y a
Higher law construction nukes the agent
Hperior to the ptincipsl and binds the
latter to oticy without s murmur the
§ ^outrageous usurpations of the for-
r No mo will pretend '
Hie pf destruction
ud It efiamoa law
weea Individuals;
may seem no other is
he drawn than *at a
urn clearly limited sad
i&astltuUoLMv aaeiwcn
■ Wmt mmj
loo'welt-rfFttleJ P> admirtZHjr refutw
tion. Tlic constitution of the United
States lias recognised property in slaves
to staud upon the same footing aa other
property and therefore entitled to protec-
tion in the Territories. In Iks Bred Scott
decision it was held that neither Con-
gress nor the Territorial Government
could prohibit it in the Territories and
that it was the daty of Congress to pro-
tect it. The Territorial Governments
mlt to N> eWMttd.
mend a clear and n».
-«lf opinion by thelx*|
f^fett It not be aald that lb* tJoptkm of
gMeaaggcstfnn will be agitation. It in
Tggtelet that whit* jins already been bo-
JMhMid !• hot
to enA^ww'donteatlo polityja^Sj
peace mid seenrity #*■ eqoal MMMn
of the confedtwt abotiM eeeffK'- ©nr
prayer* haw net been grantedflU «ow
Shall WC etMhdt withont the Wfhfce of
a mntnmer m complaint—witHW^fri'ti
offering fWtmon to mmW> iy*fhlse
dogmas nfljWMtslillfyp^plWItm
however M|hNM>'aiiaaiMMlhfftirm nr
hidden in *» »
| frTMSW at tfnelttnetnce. in view
[ uflbs metnfhli political position of Texas
may Wmlscmieeivod and niixi-onstrncd.
Kqnatity and sernrity in the lilUynr In-
dependenee ontsidc of it db^hwbe the
motto of every Sonthern MtttdP'*
I entertain the most dovoiff tittSvirtioo
that if gnided l>y wisdom pflflrncn am
gaeity and patriotism the IWbie Iteing
will smile on your iKImH* and that all
mar yet lie well. ***' *
minim ro* m mpobumx.
r> •»
s no
tmm a mw.
Mr. ffc—w M. k«n IM lahul CM «C
tar linn «T gapaaaaalalH**. will art u .air A|M|
at tat Capital daataa taa ambia id the neoaoat La*.
Man. Hi* raaalpl arUI In food [<w all enaaa daa
At PepuNlaaa
W* ataiaqnaaMMcall aanetla* a* llw eMIaana
at Mafttana raoaly n* Halaiday taa talk Inal.. In
nanaldaa taa I’abner latlar tat attempted iaeuatec.
Man »l Harper'* Kerry and kladrrd eol.jecU.
U Ima ala* Inca annealed Mat Urn uamlblilMd
attack* at Auailn and eiacwlnn. *(«* taa Itaataaaa
Pacldc Mailruad votarpriao da»i*a*d in |nev*wt Mr.
Tb.aupaun fnan ac apoa* ilia I'raaidaaey tad Ik* M-
lardiale pnwcc.ltl.ai nt till work draund* aynnp
aad ladliaaat rapr.-a.iua ul dlaapproballow frata Ik*
people of tala count/ We bare aa daubt that Ik*
arUaa wHI ba taka* la ***** aaaaly alna* Ike line.
Manta Woau*_dm tat adrarlleeawM nf Mean*.
Hacwck d Co. dhtetapoM. Tb*f wdl b* prepared In
.apply order* open tha*pkWM* of nayrpallnn
low* Rmduii i roaTSaut—M«o the advar.
ItiiMBdl el Mr. 0. K TaBay. TUt propaaty
on rf ttp —t altanwtag leetlMwa lw MMtall.
ttT On tWaka are taaa float. X. T. Craig.
K II. Buter. 0. W. WUtaor* aad F. B.
Lubbock ft* Awtia pi|nra mhI jnAUc (bn>
IA» The «oM weather her paaarri at mA the
laa» tm Akj* hare hccu a» hahajr end pleeaent
aa Mar.
who bare andeavored to amalgam* ■
party with lie oppoaltlon and to haM
aline it by a renunciation of Ha MM
rharicbrd doctrine of titaha right*.
Tha great body of the Moaaaga ahtfl
laagaa oar hearty approbhtion and M
therefore regret the more that w# ahoafl
feel tailed apon to diaaent from aay M
tioa of it. A acnac of public duty aiJ
of profound eolicituda fur our woriU fl
internal improvement eajoina apon s|
to expreaa oar moat emphatic dlsapprdH
al of that portion of it relating to ttaj
aatyectof intetpai iiaprovemonte. WIH
w* tecognia*^*|p*rly the daty of (M
State govcrnmMh t» ndopt anah legiMI
tioa aa wijhpB*ct tlte honor nml intael
eataof tba'State are cai.not enaction |
and we do not believe that tha IglM
sauce of the State will reeugniae aa lathi
f recommendation that the Stale sheaftl
invested with tl>e controlling InflM
enee in all railroad couipaaioe. Ml
a recommendation lian never been af
raneed by nay Governor in tlu> I'niotu.
ft al variance with the policy of every
■ftit". nud JSadoptcd would result at
ft appeam Mipaary sensible tana auMfc
arc in ttiefaptiiatloa of all nnr work* at
inUrmil improvement. Tlte proposition'
amount* to thia: That Met of agent*
nominally repre#eutl»lf"iW‘ State eua>
(rolled by acctioaal or pemonal infl*
jgdMas or representing It m*y be tip
pspjmtier* of the Oovsvaor with no pd^
Nate pccnttiSTy interests luvoleed aad
therefore subject In he eunlrolled by as*
toward influence* or by bribery are I*
control Ilm vast monetary interest* whftkj
are to ramify our State with rsilruadhi
With anch a provision la a railroad
charter wlmt prndent aeasiblo map
i would invest hit money la It?
The remarks in relation to the Sue!*
ern I’aeiflc Railroad tiompany art asaa
thnriaml unfair ami in every scan
objectionable. They betray a degree d
prejudice and malovolence for which pt
were not prepared ; for we have hilkm
to defended him against any anch ftp
plication. This opinion Inimical to ftfll
prospect*fl|i4hP.l*lc election preraiftd
in this sdtiMft* ami one which was*
ceodingly‘flnRcnlt to control. We fosli
ample and to ne snitofactory apology *
the course be pureimi in the paat alb
management at tbe Company and IA
want of correct Infiwamtioa iu reform*
to tbe rr forme wbich bad been inaaga*
ted. Hnt what arc we to think dl
we And ia bia meaaage aa aumerl|4
aesaait open tUa Company la which A
main facta eat no IgareT What ■
they? Unauthorised by law aad real
lag a pewat which the flap roam Onrt
the Malt decided did eot per tail to I
executive department cl the Oum emm
be ordered proceeding* to be inctitai
againet this Company for a furfeitnmt
Cbarttr. TUroo able lawyer* aaattl
by coanael aa eminent aa can |a-(bii
ia the Stale of Tex** devoted tWr bm
energies for months in prepartlon of A
ease. Tlie case went e§ on demurrerIf
favor of tbs Company ia ih* Court
low. It wee earvlsd la the
Court and there the State trt
The caaewaa remanded for
The Bnpreme Court decided bo
that there vaa bat oaa point

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