Fort Worth Gazette. (Fort Worth, Tex.), Vol. 18, No. 234, Ed. 1, Sunday, July 15, 1894 Page: 1 of 16

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Announcement 01
IPaynblQ In Advanoe
ingle Column
Monday wo avIII give you
liaiico it tho check and
iped Kaika wash Bilks for
ista and dresses a Bilk
it is absolutely washable
ij will not fade best tulle
teia we Jiao Jinu tins
Ison at G8o and 75c per
Id Monday wo close them
8Sc por yaid choice of
tween 10 and 12 oclock a
we will sell 100 dozen
tea Swiss ribbed ecru
ts made of best Egyptian
ton a vest you have been
ing 25c for Monday G
68o no more or no less to
h customer 10 to 12 a
ales Duck Suits
Ready to Wear
final reductions n o w
ile 2 50 IJ375 4 50
and up
ne hundred gingham
percale wiappoia at half
i week Half means just
former price in this
onet Duchess
his beautiful 20o fabric
hoice tints and dainty
ems go this week at lOo
ard Tho lot is small
I choice and should b a
bk seller
ier Web Ginghams
or 13c
pieso are the most beau-
fabrics we havo sold
I season and tho price is
it 1 a Wo feel sure not
I rd will bu left Monday
imer Lap Robes
ler linen or cotton fig-
or plain It does not
Ito brush tho whole
pen you got in from a
i ana when you can got
m full si7ed lap robe at
price fiom 50o to 2
s Gauze Shirts
Biislot of mens under-
1 1ms iust arrived a
Me wo confess but tho
fit ia yours Prices 25c
Mo and 75a Tho better
p ate full fashionable
1 and are the most lux
lis Lot weather under-
that has ever been or
pill bo made
peek 175 to S250 a
The grades we havo
fold at 250 and
Suitings at 1 5c a yd
aw styles and the
and quality that has
Pk Juo goes thla week
Figured Lawns
Vhe Dress Pa tern
kind ot Utruied lawns
oversell less that 12 Jo
f week at 74c or 75o
t k TS
Tho Tariff COnferonco Has
Not Yet Ended
Iron and Coal Not to Bo Ad-
mitted Free
The ContiHr la t nnble Io Deru
the Itute of Ta un MakyThe
Semite nut Hoime DM cry
Little IliiNlurkN lriterrinr
fe ei
H The tariff eon-
vanced to such a
stale tin A llIe
the confer
longer for
natn features
of their work o congressional
associates Mu has been
ltely accomplished as reached sen-
ators and members not on the com-
mittee not In the form of rumors and
reports but as accomplished facts As
thus considered the chief features on
which the conferees hn tome to-
gether are as follows Pottery rates In-
crease 45 per cent making the lates
those of tho house of the senate amend-
ments the senate hating reduced
Glassware comes down to the house
rate the action in this caso being tho
1 e erse of that on tho potterj for
reasons hereafter stated The cotton
schedule has been Mcatteied within
nbout 6 per cent from the senate lates
The woolen schedule also has Ken
brought down a considerable per cent
making it more in accordance with tho
house intes The tobacco schedule has
bien i brought back to the hoiue rates
on the Important Item of wrappers
fiIUlnrS l ln8ted ot the senate
schedule has not been materially
iIVled fom the ruteB nd b the
rtiSM rn t has been car-
ried back to the free list as hi the
2e and white the dtclslon is not
S- here l8 eery reaon t0 bellee
that the Fenate rate of 40 cents per ton
on each will Bland The Income tax
lias not et boon passed There Is lit-
tle or no disagreement
except one Item
of limiting the tax to He jeara ana
on this conferees have not et come
ogethfr The Issue
between ad va
lorem and specific rates thus far has
not resulted In as much of a return to
the house ad
alorem rates as wa
expected as it has been found that In
some cases the ad rlorem rates were
greatly In excess of specific The
whisky Hchedule has been a source of
determined contest for two jears the
main effort being to secure a compro-
mise on the basis of 11 per gallon and
an extension of the bonding period to
fUe years This Is resisted on the
ground that while It Is an apparent In-
crease of 10 cents in the tax t will in
fact leld the goernmcnt no additional
revenue It la quite definitely settled
that lead ore is to remain at 3 4 of a
cent per pound as fixed by the senate
bill The house conferees are willing
to grant an extension of two years
oer the time fixed by the house for
the bonded period on whisky but the
Benators are holding out for the entire
period of eight years and for the full
i0 cents a gallon Increase of the tax
AT AltlMTlt Klia llllli
JteprmrtitulHr Springer Inf rorinrra
Niith n 31 en euro In tun Ilonar
Washington July 14 Representative
Springer of Illinois has Introduced a
bill to create a national board of arbi-
tration which follows in Its main fea-
tures the suggestions on the subject of
I resident Clevelands message of UbO
The board la to be a part of the de-
partment of Justice and Is to consist of
three members tippoitfd by the presi-
dent or two appointed memberu nnd
the commlsslonei of labor The mem
lt m shall hold ofTlco for Ix y eats at a
salary of J300 They are to be em-
powered to settle controversies between
railroad companies or other companies
engagid In trnupcrtlng proper ly rr
plsstirgers firong the slates or ti for-
eign nations and their emplojes which
differences mtv hinder tl e transport
tlon ct property passengers or mails
IJthtr party way petition the board in
writing whereupon a copy of the peti-
tion Is to be furnished the other side
by the board with notice to answer
within a certain time If the other
party muses to alvser me nonra snnu
investigate and render a decision not
withstanding protiuingr wnen me an-
swer Is filed and questions or deter-
minations ere mutually submitted the
award or dlDion shall cover all ques-
tions so submitted but when no ques-
tion Is mutually submitted the opinion
shall so only to enforcing the rights
which the petitioning party may have
Jn law or eqult It is pioposed that
the board shsll have power to Investi-
gate all differences whether called
upon or not and report to the prest
dnt and that in ease of troubles with-
in a slate Mi- Interposition of the
biisru may be tendered by tie presl
-run not sis
Mr Ilouek t Ohio
July 14 -The house
transacted no bwlnew today before
the hour arrived which had been set
apart by special rule for eulogUIng
O W Itouck
the late
of Ohio Many addresses were made
Afler presenting a bill
In his memory
construction of A bridge crois
for the
at EIo llnt Du
the JlisilMlppl
uie il1r Into commit-
which he oJJ Tcmturj No ten
umtnul fraud tleldcl ut4 Und
sUm 5S
fpif JW
over there how many British soldiers
were sent here drrlng tho revolution-
ary war The applicant replied that
he did not Know the exact number
but that he knew a sight more
came over than went back Laugh-
Mr Mai lory cm of Florida made
a strong plea to the Justice of the
olices of the reenue cutter serlce
Ihe hour expired without action
Under special crders the remainder
of the day -was devoted tb eulogies
on the life nnd crarncter of tho late
Oeorge W lloucc of Ohio The fol
Ion lug members paid tribute to tho
memory of thel deceased colleague
borg Ohio Curtlr New York Ulnck
llllnos Ji ian Xt brnnka Storer Ohio
McKalg Marland Lay ton Ohio Pat-
terson Tennessee Donov an Ohio j
Wilson Ohio ltlichte Ohto llaker
Kansas Springer Illinois llaro and
Xtlchard Ohio
Then at 3 33 as a further mark of
respect the houaa adjourned
icikio haiiww ninis
A llltl lint llrrn Aurrnl t iiuit nnd
Wilt In flulitnlttfd
Washington July 14 Hy a meeting
which lasted all day the house com-
mittee tjn liiclflc rail wo s was ubte
tle tlnlsnk the problem which has
been discussed throughout the
session and to reach a prac-
tical agreement on a plan for
the settlement of the debts of Ihe Cen-
tral and Union Pacific The bill which
wlU be reported to the house will be
the main features one Introduced by
Chairman Rellly with some Important
amendments of the second draft of It
The tlmo for settlement of the debt
to the government Is nxed at fifty jears
semi annual payments In liquidation
ot It to be made Interest U to be at
the rate of 3 per cent per annum The
principal amendments agreed to today
were In the direction of making iron
clad the governments hold upon the
property and Insuring It from losing
anj of Its rights by the new arrange-
ments also In obliterating the provis-
ions for a purchasing committee In
case the proper t shoul 1 change hands
the committee not deeming It best to
anticipate such a contingency Ac-
cording to the plan the first mortgages
amounting to t5000 000 will be paid
as they mature clearing the property
of debts on whtch It U paying 6 per
cent The sinking fund now amount
lng to 1S00 J 000 will be devoted to
paying the first mortgage The gov-
ernments Hen which will become the
first lien under the plan will draw In
Urest at 3 per cent tho principal be-
ing paid In graduated semi annual
payments throughout a period of fifty
years Propositions wtru made during
the discussion to have the period re-
duced to forty earw but it was con-
cluded that In tho present condition of
the roads they could not be expected
to meet such requliements Tho period
of fifty years Is a reduction to one
half of the time originally proposed In
the bill One member of the commit-
tee made a stand for government own-
ership taking the position held by tho
California members of congress Ma
gulre and deary Ills views did not
gain the support which they might
have won If it had seemed clear that
the railroads would become paying
property In the hands of the govern
menLi Even had that been the pros-
pect most of the committee men ex
presed themselves as opposed to gov-
ernment ownership on general piln
clples Under the bill however Ihe
government will foreclose If the cor-
pora ti on f fall to meet their pay-
ments The amended bill will be print-
ed and submitted to the committee
early In the week when a formal te
wilt be taken The senate committee
ot which Benator Lirlce Is chairman
has held no meetings lately It Is un-
derstood to have been waiting for the
house committee to take the initiative
and frame a bill which It can pass
i in MNAn
The Proreetlliittn Wrrr I lallcsa nnd
I Itlln Vm Duiia
Wnhlngton July 14 The proceed-
ings In the senate were listless and de-
void of Interest tho one thing that re-
lieved the general monotony being a
personal explanation of Mr Allen A
recently published newspaper cbargd
the senator will being intoxicated and
Indecorous tn 1 Is cenduct last Tuesday
which Mr Allen denied At the same
time he arraigned the fabricator of tho
story as an assassin of a personal
character more dangerous to the hap-
piness and welfare of the community
than an army with banrera
Consideration of Ihe leglsLiUvifiPT
ecutlvejand Juaiclaipproprlathn bill
wim nbntd but It was not passed
owing to the tendency of senators to
filibuster and the lack of a quorum
and at 4 IS the Benate adjourned
51 iianlnh Schooners Helieil
Washington July 14 Lieutenant
Wiley In command of the revenue cut-
ter McLane has made a report to tho
treasury department from Tampa
Ha stating that on the 7th he seized
six Spanish schooners from Havana
for violation of the state quarantine
laws and regulations and the Federal
customs and navigations Tor some
time past fishing schooners from Ha-
vana have been suspected of carrying
on smuggling operations along the
Florida coast on a small cale and the
McLane was sent down to Investigate
Small quantities of wine were found
on board each schooner and they were
takn to the quarantine station It Is
probable that they will be fined and
turned loose The names of the vessels
are the Cuba Don Jeglto Bardlna
Carnine Juan Capdebon and Atalante
Aftks fur an APP011
Washington July 14 The secretary
of the trcasnry today transmitted to
the senate a request from the attorney
Kneral for an additional appropriation
of 225 000 to be used In df fraying the
expenses of the department growing out
of the recent strikes and disturbances
on railroads which are In the hands
of the United States court His letter
to tne secretary Attorney General Ol
ner y that from reports received
from the marshal definitely ascertain
ed as being alrendy Incurred as being
9 MM The aggregate amounts esti-
mated by thsm U tiCp
The Cnah llalnnre
Washington July 14 The cash bal
ance in the treasury at the close of
business to day wa 121060 806 of which
54ZHWJ was gwu rntcrvK
A nnllrond SoltL
Kansas City Mo July If The tan-
caslty Wyandotte and Northern and
all Js oeionginiT wr u mhicttu
the new Kansas City Northwestern
railroad today by th lUUig of four
vol xvm yo sat
separate deeds of conveyance In the
otneo of the register of deeds In Kan-
sas City Kan The deeds of convey-
ance are In favor of Oeorge C bmlth
and IJailey l Waggener the purchas-
ing trustees Mr Smith and Mr Wag
gener then transferred the prsnertj to
the Kansas City Northwestern com-
pany ot which Mr Gould Is presi-
emtisriw KMiimoiuiis
The UiuTTPntiUr Uont 41 en Ur io
it I iMttillrfeav
Cleveland Ohio July 14 The op-
pressive heat of jesterday was fol-
lowed by a refreshing take breeze to-
day which had the effect of Increasing
the enthusiasm if such a thing were
possible of the great multitude at-
tending the morning session ot the
Christian Endeavor convention
The big tent meeting which was pre-
sided over by Itev II B Tyler D I
of New York was opened with tho
usual praise and prayer sen Ice An
open discussion cam next upon What
are the Denefits of International Fel-
lowship conducted by Dr James
Lewis Howe of Louisville Ky Arier
many brief reports from the denomina-
tional rattles and prajers for brothers
and sisters In othtr lands Itev Way
land Iloyt of Minneapolis spoke upon
the topic Inter denomlnatlonal Fel-
The morning exercises at Bacngerfest
hall were largely devoted to lite Junior
society followed by brief reports pre-
sentation ot diplomas praise servUe
and short addresses
Ore of the most prominent services
was the union rnlly which occur nj
this arternoon In Sacngerfest hall An
Immense audience was present After
a song service Master Ernest Fisher
aged 14 of Washington delivered a
temperance address that was warmly
npplnuded He was followed by Itev
Arthur fiporeher of Cumden N J
whose subject was The Hoy at tin
Throttlo Miss Patlne Hoot M V
ot Maruu India spoke upon the sub-
ject Our Uojs and fllrls
Rtv II W Cope of New Haven
Conn delivered an address on Show
Your Colors An interesting service
was that entitled World Wide Juniors
in Storj nnd Bong nrranged bj Mrs
Alice May Bcudder of Jersey City
and which consisted of brief talks by
juniors from all parts of the world
Mrs 8 M Fexklns of this city con
ducted this BerVlco being mounted by
Miss Nellie Stockwell of Cleveland
Just before the close of the rally Miss
Francis Willard was Introduced nnd
made a short address Mlna Ann
Gordon of New York sccretnr of
tho oung Womens Christian Temper-
ance union and Mrs 1 M Arlder
Ians also spoke briefly There
were no services this evening the dele-
gates gathering ut their various stati
and territorial headquarters to attend
tho receptions that weife tendered thun
by the people of Clevelaud
A IVrirro llrnfr
Colmesnell Tex July 14 rrom Ches-
ter comes a horrible story It appears
that n farmer living four miles rrom
that place had working for him a ne
gro boy who on June 2 ravlsied tho
S y ear old half witted daughter of hit
emplojer brutng hvc in a horrible
manner He had preiousl attempted
an outrage on n older daughter The
m6lher was Informed on both occa-
sions but being behind with his work
tho farmer said nothing about the case
and tho negro continued with his work
until ytcteulay when a neighbor who
had learned of the circumstances Cam
to town and swore out a warrant Tor
the negro who was nrresUd at the
farm of the man whoso child he had
outraged The people are ery indig-
nant at the action of the man and
express It Aery plainly The negro is
In no danger or violence ns the people
are not disposed to take a hand and
tho law will take Its course
llnttmitlna 1etlmmt
Kansas City Mo July 14 The tcstU
mony In the Battie trial today was
very damaging to tho defendant Ap-
praiser Mark Copplnger who testified
cstcrdn took th stund agiln today
lie was examined regirdlng the report
of the banks condition made to Hccre
tary or State Lesuer b 8itlle and
Darragli on April 22 JS01 If tho tcsil
mony of Mr Copplnger la correct the
rigurea in the report wire fraudulently
manipulated In order to make tt ap-
pear that the bank wits sound and sol-
vent when it was actually Insolvent
and In a railing condition He ex-
amined the books nnd found first that
43 000 of Interest long punt due was
carried as an asset In the report The
credit side or the report was distorted
nnd made to represent tho tnnlc as in
a flourishing condition Mr Copplnger
enumerated several suspicious mlstnkos
In the report and was thru turned over
to the defense Tor cross examination
Ills testimony was nut changed
-a -
Clin ram icnt Crittenden
Pan Antonio Tex July 14Copt
William IMgar of thla city ex Vice
Consul to the City of Mexico has pre-
ferred charges In the state depart
meut at Washington against exGov
ernor Crittenden cf Missouri consul
general of tho United K lutes nt tho
City of Mexico The charges are mal
administration In oillco and accusation
of dlshonestv growing principally out
of the administration upon the estates
of deceased Americans Capt Ld
gar disavows having bexn Inspired by
Minister Gray to bring the chnrgeH
against Crittenden as was stated In
the St Louis Republic Ah Investiga-
tion will be had
A Netsrn ly ncltpd
Tilloxl Miss July 14 An unknown
negro was lynched her early thla morn-
ing On Thursday evening a negro
bo about 16 years or age attempted
to commit nn outrago on a womnn
living about three miles from the city
but nftir a desperate struggle she got
hold nf a sttck and succeeded In driv
lng nit her asnallsnt Ho wns cap-
tured tried and after confesslnr tho
crime was committed to Jull in default
of ball Hhortly befoto day break tt Is
morntnr he wns takm from the Jail by
unknown parties and hanged
Oklahoma Divorce MIIU
Guthrie O T July 14 Clifford W
Hotden Is finding that an Oklahoma
divorce Is not such a soft thing after
all Last fait he secured a divorce from
his wife In tho probate court and at
once married Melifsa 4ACI wife No
PTtioK ttvjj oiara s
Hondrjoks Building Main nnd Sowith qtreots
rnium io prontf for nnlancQ o llih raupn Wo om rtiioncli
- i - uui uuanco ol tu
mii kmu i
Not on n few lenders Every-
thing must be rcailced so a to
make our stock as low as pos
slb before our buyers loava
for Hio cast to select fall goods
Bargains in Every Department
Js now io cry Como to us if jou want Io lind the heat stock of
In Fort Worth nt
court where the divorce hus Just laen
annulled Ituldwi is thuri left with two
wives on his hands and the ilrat ono
hai Juii had hi in hrresttl tcr iilsnmv
and the setond brotiKht suit for dhorce
rntnl Ilre In Hun I ru initio
Pan rrauclscvi Cnl July 14 Twenty
mail dwellings wire destroyed nnd
two human Uro lout In a fire on North
bench today Nearly all the bulMlnm
on Ili9 block bounded by llroadway
Ieavenwoitli John ntul Ofmcr streets
wtre wiped out ot existence Thine
houses wern the homes of iunn poor
families inott ot whom lost cvpry
thlnjr The property load Ih estimated
tit ISO 000 After the lire two little son
of H lAtdecker axed 2 and 1 yean
were mlsslnir Their bodies were found
burned to u crlsu In tho tulns
Tlio Knle Ctinliriueat
KunvIIle Tenn July 14 The sale
of the Kast Tennessee Virginia and
leorKla to the Houthern railway com-
pany was confirmed In the Untied
Hi a ten lljlll 1VUU Thu llHl
1 carried the matter to the district men I will lake hold August 10
The fort Worth Qasette ntwayn
first In any enterniiso which will bono
lit lort Worth and Tarrant county
will Issue a mammoth sperlat edition
fully dcacrlbtiia and illuitrstlnt tb
superior adantRffes of our city aitU
county on July 33
This Issue will be run away un In
tho thousands and thoroughly dlstilhi
uted to do ftectlvo woik both at home
and Kb ond
Irficnl business houses wilt bd wrlt
ten up and a Kmlttd amount of IHU
clans hontu ndverttalntf sCepted
Now la th time to mepam aoeuiata
Jnformntlon In convenient form lo malt
prospeollva rsnlty tujtw aitd nu tlmo
can be better than tho preaiMit
tmluoe Immlirratlon and fortlirn capital
to soelt the queer city ot Ttxas
Advertisers dlrlnff to plac matter
Ih this Issue should miff up our udvrtt
tlstnir departtnenf
1 in
Great Kemnant and Out Sale Next Week
jtJ - IKut
We commence invoicing Monday Morning at our other stores and will not be ready for
this Fort Worth Houso until a week later so have determined to make it a great Rem-
nant and odd lot closing out week Note a few items below that go awfully cheap
Ladies Waists
JUO lidltV walalf cut tol 11
IL2A ladlel ttalstf cut to SO
1100 ladl waists cut to S
1100 Percile walsU cut to S
5c Tercale waists cut to LQ
II 00 Dimity waists cut to n
tifO White walsM cut to CO
ISM White waists cut td 4 00
J5 00 Bilk walsu1 cut to 4 00
Ladies Vests
10o vests cut to 6
20c vests cut to f 12 12
ZSoests cut to 1S
35c eets cut to M 20
75o Lisle vests cut to S0
Biff bar cams tn Wrappers and Mus-
lin Underwear
W cut all mlItnery IncI idinir JTtb
tons Flower Biapea Hallora Trim-
med Hats etc to half price which
A too sailor for iS
A COc phape for ZC
A 12 shapo ror tt00
A 2Co ribbon tor IX
A BCo rlbbrn for S5
A 11 CO trimmed hat fyr 74
A 13 00 trimmed hat for 1C0
A ST trimmed hat ror I CO
A u flower ror fto
A 7Gc flower fcr 29
A 25o flower for IS
Furnishing Goods
COo and 76o Calbrlpgan drawers
cut to -per pair 23
7Sa bleached drawers cut to per
pair SS
Fancy front puff bocom shirts
cut to 70
f6c and 0a scarfs cut to 23
White lawn strinir ties and white
lawn bnwa cut to Lalf plce
DrIVE IN BIIOES No 1 Forty pair
ladles OxforJs sample and odd lou
Wt out of II CO 12 and K W linn
Jlcmnant price St
DIUVB NO l Bmalt slie S JJ
an 1 3 were 12 aud 250 Remnant
prlco J125
IlltlVK NO J Small sizes tn IJ and
3 0 Oxfords our own brands Cut to
12 00
DMVE NO 4 Mtna shoe In all
tries for II CO
DMVE NO t Men Ooodrear welt
21 calf shoes In all style for 22 Cu
pitlVE NO Ooulan fine kanga-
roo nnd fin Cordovan shoe for 3
and 13 M
All oOd lots Corsets at Half Fries
1200 changeable silk parasols cut
to 11 03
17 09 J ons black tllk pnrisots cut
to iM
12 tO tun thsdes cut to 2 00
1300 sun shades cut to 2 25
Minn alt wool cheviot suits cut to ti75
Mens flnw all wool cheviot
and woisted suits cut to 7M
9200 jriade merino Jeans pants cut
to 126
250 straw hats cut to 15
tOo straw hai cut to 23
M 00 straw haU cut to 60
UW straw btta cut to llOu
10o fans for
15o fans for
25c fans for
7o fans for
II CO fans for
12 00 fans for
Wash Goods
Fin French orjrandles cut to
IllK drive In striped and plain
wash silks for
PI drjvo In flwred jawhs and
efffandtes at x
Drive In 16o and 20o omandles
half wool challieltta at
Nico sephyr jinghams small
checks -
Shirting prints
Kleured lawns
Ilwiry 84 Island Domei
So cotton towils for
JOo cotton towis for m
15o cotton towel for-
75o white ijullts for
1100 white quilts for
II 10 white quIIU for
II 25 whit quilts for
1150 white quilu for
lz 00 white quilts ior
Ttitf tut remnants of
calicoes do-
Twenty Fr Cent discount on all
whit ubl linens
White Goods r
t 81 jjffi
V til l it JSW Sftf

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