Fort Worth Gazette. (Fort Worth, Tex.), Vol. 18, No. 234, Ed. 1, Sunday, July 15, 1894 Page: 14 of 16

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Blacks and Browns Ghe Way to the
Gaysst of Colors
Diagonal Strips n4 XnL In ht Silk
Ar AnDC ftoin of th
tU yr Jthtvau
mtm t
MV fi
W3 I
M ons of the top
trays ot Miss Sam
raergirr trunk til
year Is a Hits
1 stock of smart fool
gttr Tber ar
ttirslsz we
bolt I dm with paper
oIcsr and aucb a
variety of nun slip-
per and such pUts
ot bright bnad
stockings wber
last muco there
were only bUcfc and broirn and white
The gar ester cf a circus rider town art
n this year W Vlu Summergtrs collec-
tion of fancy bote and they art to pretty
cos raanct regret the doll anl somber
tine which altaough It made tb foot
took small got very tiresome after while
When as girl who will wear all these
gbrles kmi cycling or play golf aba needs
a btary Una pair cf bo which will not
rjy protect her from tb cold easy to
ratcb after violent exercise bat will gtv a
stability and support to th limbs wblcb are
called into taeb aetlv play A golfing r
cycling iioeklBg It shown In tbt engraving
It - wool wttb heavy braided rib aud
tUf ojrb it eorce In Tarouieolorsti pretUer
In bli a the dark eolor take a war from
1U 1 UK fitting clumsiness
Tb wln stocking should b worn br
ttv mmtnpr pedestrian always and whn
Ml ununerglrl goe away the take sons
carti t bos a eh J lighter ban merlon
t t ror Atbletlo Th tffced
UU tbrcid WbWdUk PUeooal 8WU
th uiirr ij mtocuiiffi L
hlch b dona with her brown iweed walk
lug costume These wooleu bose are warm
and ribbed but Try Airy Q1 not beavy
While lisle thread Is preferred by many
people who mould wear neither cotton nor
lilt cotton Is Tery reliable and ears
Welt ITMty ribbed cotton hose comes In
lovely shades and Is so cheap juat now that
even V Ineipepslro and 1 murk us Usl
thread btdea Ita bead In shame Tbe opsn
work stripe wblcb has been such a delight
and a nuisance ltb lis cool intcmtlcea
1U everlastlug rtpplog baa a very pretty
eucceasor la the stocking with tbe diagonal
stripe This 1s very ornamental and gives
tb leg a shapely appearance It la very
pretty for low shoes and slippers
Shot silk stockings sounds queer but tbey
are veritable dranis of beauty One of
fine soft silk Ja in red wltb gold and pur-
ple ltfbta shading and changing In Ita
meabas Tbls Is daztltog to say tb lea it
Another shaded color stocklryt U of sum
mer caabioere abot with pale hue and Is
very pretty for e tuning wear
Tba stripe tip and down In tb black
stocking in tb engraving la tb very new-
est of thlaga new It come In silk black
with red pink blue orange green or pur-
ple stripes and la especially stylish In black
and white
Tb pretty Hit thread stockings with
front pieces embroidered In colored silks
ar very effective as ar also the ptatn
black silk with clocks of different colors
Hosiery was never prettier tban Just at
nreaenL and althouah many smart women
hav discard black hose for ones ta match
their tuwm In color there aecms to be no
danger of tb dreadful whit affairs wblcb
used to go wltb sandals and 1V60 gowns
superseding- the pretty colored ones
Tli Crown of Cathrrine flie lreat
The Itoeslso ejmm and other Bute Jiwli
ara Tallied at the enormous sum mOOOKW
the erotu luelf U reckoned as betng worth at
but Q0000a It s adorned with hundreds
of dlatroudx Individual specimens of which ar
Totted at all the way tr wn k tew dulUre lip
to fiionnois KparkUrs worth thoasanda upon
tbwiuandft of dollars nesldos the diamond
which make this costly haddrws took as it it
bad U en hutloil In a howr W flllB stare
there am nttT toUr pearls each wlfoui a flaw
swf arund ike rim a roby of atrordinary
sUe anl brilliancy boloc ued as ctnler
pt Tba crown Wes by Pans the
old lime Genoeea eourt Jewslsr and was tint
onxl by Catbertn th Great
itigitlea Uuietnvnt
Tbe jxTirpres Bugenlo has gone bark ta
FarnNboroygh after antefescnr ot mr than
all month i Cap Martin whither she will
rrtara ta txtpber na cfKropreee is to make
ansbonUb her headnuarier unui tn end
oC Auaartl when ahe wtll co to BMUatd tor
a month rentdene at Abertatdio Castle
which tea two pUced at her disposal by tb
Clo o She will lar a vtalt during her atay
In tb oortb to the dowager Iady LanJwn
at Tullytllan Castkk rertbalilre tin way
pwwlWy bo to CarUbad loi ihre vveks ta
Jciy bvttala is notietseUiad
Iter D fcjroo Retd I ltg to see a world
In wbleb a mail beeaube is rfeb will pot
1 lAutlAnf aiol I tiBE td A WOfld In
bwnauMa man Is poor h wtu not be
tntiUnoua The beat thing S reniawber la
lloman JCmpetor aud aKoroen aUve Loelt to
gether in Lords sn spar
Uslqty Creations af Satin aed KI1 Which
Clow With Ilrlgfat Colvr
Villi Kit foot rear
for tbo amart wo-
man la ordered
wltb forethought
and coin non-
sense f o b turo
aba baa not inucb
use unless aha
Intend a traveling
or mountain
climbing for tba
h a t r dongel
boot wltb Its pr
f o r a te4 f oxlos
flat heel and
needle pointed
toe wbleb amart
nedeitrlana call
a a attractive and
common arsze sboe but while the can bar
prettr detlcsa dalntr colore and rtebtfa
tarlale ahe alio bvara In mind that beat
la Injurious to tb feet and that Terr tlcht
tboM will spoil their abapo
The light welsbt cool dandne slippers
for hot weather ere partleuUrlr pretty
tbU seaaoa Tbe Albany slipper e plr
turo of wblcb fa given la a pretty shoe tor
a narrow foot and eome In various ma-
Tbe ttaittta
TU Attr fueled 8Uo
inn lUtrxr xsr tvivrtiuu
unal Tbe black aaUn with pale gray
sued is very elegant It U ct of tho
nseful shoe which ar suitable fer say
ocoasloa and would maub almost any
JoU and Mack satin combined or sep-
arate are very popular this svsiea Tbe
Rlsinore shoe of brocaded satltt wltb a
pointed band of gold kid arostnd tba tcp
and elaborately onjaaeated wltb past
jr U repreeentlng ruble prls em
vralda or aappblres I both dreaay and
rfftive An exqutatie pair of slippers
mad after tbls deelgn for o
heliotrope chiffoa waa of ptnkiab b4t0
trope aailn wed wltb zuock aeMUytU
Tb effect was lovely
The Elsinor sboa of black satin wit
gold kid la very pretty and give a vsry
handsome effect wltb black gowns
Tbe Watuau court slpgr ta the simple
htgb beoled pointed toe design and come
in aatin suede kid and paUdt leather It
Is a pretty sno which IQ snap ta ex- i
tremely elegant It fa also mad with red
heels Ilk the old time shoe wbteb clat-
tered about on polished Ooora In tba days
of wigs and atehes
uurrv rtiv ttes or sun mutim a soie
are alsn mad tor these vtmpl sbooe a
black satin pair wttb great rosette ai
scarlet to the heart of which nestle Thint
atunn burklra ar very cote and Jaunty
Inly a Women With Very lUewtlful flands
Can Uu UltliDiil Them
8h A
VOitA with a
vory beautiful
band oDly can
go without
gloves even on
tb bottMt daya
If hb baa small
slim but plump
w fait a hands
wltb a tiny wrist
and tapering
Angers terminat-
ing lu pink pol-
ished nails she
can one In
awhile dlspeme
wltb la baut
mode tu gloves
Not becaus It Is
at all proper for her to d so but simply
became beauty excusea much that la an
ordinary mortal would be terrible
Tb girl who Is economical but llkea to
look smart purrbaaea dollar chatnnla gloves
and wears them all summer They can
be washed and look well too But the
process of cleansing must be carefully gone
through or one glove will shrink and the
yas tUTnet is gIvUtks
other most likely stretch out to a proli
glous siie and then she who poeseeat
tbein will alt down and ween
Tbe glac whit and peart gloves ar very
much worn for calling driving and the
street and tho wltb four buttona and
with heavy black stitching on lb back ar
tba smartest Those without stitching
have a tendency to make the band look
broad wblcb ol course Is not to b tol-
For shopping and trsmplng around when
In front th country for a day dark glac
glove are worn and th doep red ones
bold tbelruwn even in the bot weather
Long mousquetalre gloves to match tb
tints Ot tb gown are worn for evening
end tb tan giov for evening I not at
all fashionable a It Implies that th girl
who wears a xtov to match all ditia
does It for economy For evening wr tb
naif mitt Is really becoming fashionable
again It a plcureftomIy pretty and tor
warm weather delightfully cool
llotiffbnt Kraut Uadieev
Very cotjeeabte Is tbenumber of bodies
madif bouffant in fnnL Tb bwk ts kept fiat
but the tront ts blamed soOei to cu mil
round look to tba wat nitbovt railing otr
tb belt It rodueea ao outlin iui utterent
from th Hit1n Vt are awituntul
to in wauu fitted eh Osrts hvenlaa sowna
quit as much as day gowns are tau made
und the Idea Is psrtleawly harpy la bliim
terlatu which can be accordion oUited or
gathered altheut becoming clonuy
Each boy and girl has a star banging
over hlrn or her In tb heavens Now
toys and gtrU it you will aend m each
tb name of your particular star I will
tell you all about t and bar a talk wltb
you about it and tell your fortune at tbe
am tfina
Come what do you do with your time
Do you romp and play baseball or are you
studying hard for your examinations look-
ing forward to going to the country or
going to bav a good Urn at home Do
you gefup before S in the morning to row a
boat or do you por over fairy tale and
pioneer stories all day Tbe best life tor
you Is the heslthtest one that Is out-of-door
life Hay oa much as you can race
through the woods nlay baieball cricket
lacroeae any game you can find out about
or Invent Girls du tha same thing IMay
with the boys If they will let you They
play hotter than you do and bav more fun
at il Dont try to be ladylike when you go
out to play but romp and bar all tb fun
out of It you can Jut consider that you
can never nave as good a time again You
have the whole summer befor ou Let It
n a summer ot aporta to be remembered
I dont know that any new out door aporta
have been invented And anyway I fancy
thai you know more about those aporta
than I do Uut if a rainy day come and
you ar confined to tbe nouae dont mope
and be angry w iih the weather Look
about you and And something to play and
do Tuas In the corner and bide and sek
ar games very well known but usually
forgotten by sulky children Hut here la
a game about which Ill wager you know
liar you ever beard of Toeta and
Authorar Not real pocta and authors
tut Just tbe games Well get ibrm and
try tbem They ire gamea of card and
ther are beautiful aaylngs or sayings that
will makn your side acho with laughing
on every card and so many cards make a
book And tbey make about as amusing
a house gam on a rainy day aa any I know
of And then there are the old beautiful
Irish legend or fairy tales that are scarcely
ever to bo seen among tbe fairy tales here
but are more beautiful than any of them
Your mamma or papa could get those for
you without much difficulty I should think
Al least try tbe gsmea You can never
tell bow amusing gamea may b until you
bay tried tbem
Older Cblldren
And now boys I want to have a chat
wltb you about heroism and I want tha
gtrla to listen to It Of course we know
that everybody loes heroes J knew a lit-
tle girt once Just after th war who loved
heroes so much that she thought every
young or old man that passed her with a
crutch or an arm or leg lost must be a
hero And tbe decided that ah could
never marry any on who hadnt lost at
least an arm In lb late war for unleaa
a man waa disabled In some way she felt
sure hs could not b a hero And X sup
poa you all love heroes and want to be
heroea yourselie om day That Is why
I want to tell you bow to be a hero Great
warriors ar great heroes great poets ar
great heroes great men In any station ar
heroes became tbey hv achieved a great
victory In some on line But the greatest
mau and tbe great eat hero 1 the man who
baa learned to rule himself as well as to
achieve something beyond Look at Mr
Kdlaon and Mr Gladstone Tbey ar men
ao great that do not really know how
great they are But in history they will
lit among tha greatest name of any age
ther Not very mau can be ao great a
that Hut very boy may try Mr Glad-
stone mad hlmaelf th greatest man in
England by hard study and hard work
and by always doing tb best be could ta
every way Mr Edison did it by constant
work and by baring tbe most lnventlv
mind of tb age One of tbem Is a great
Inventor tbe other a great statesman
VoulJ you Ilk to follow tbem Uut to
be a really great man tu the world it ta
necessary to be a great man at bout first
that la to ray a hero In yourwlf You
must learn to conquer y0pr temper and not
to b tbe first in quarrel or W atrlk a
boy smaller than yourself or to do any-
thing mean Leirn to obey for that Is
the first thing a soldier must learn Learn
to endure tor that Is tb second thing a
soldier must do Work bard study hard
help every on you bar cbanre to help
and you haT no Ilea bow strong you will
toon grow B brave Do not court tn
aut and do pot permit It Begin by being
little mau ot bouurj tbta crow up one
lift pollt to littles girl and to ladlea Walt 1
on your si it era And IX you ar brave and
bonorablo and plucky as ltttl man why
1 can see you growing up already to be a
hero to b a great man And though
you may not be called a great man or a
hero you will be one still For It Is out
of such stuff that heroes and great men are
Grandmothers Morr
Tbre apples tell off a big tree Three
small boys bid behind a hedge An old
gentleman who owned the orchard and waa
walking about under tb trees beard the
apples fall And poked about for them with
bla ease Six small feet twinkled over the
grais Presto No magician ever made
applet dfsappesr mot wonderfully more
quickly or mor campletely In a second
mora six bright laughing eyes peeped down
from the tree where the oil gentleman was
still poking away in tb grass
Teste raid tbo old man I mutt bar
been mistaken At arty rate It Is dlnuer
time and one cannot spend ones day look-
ing for apples Besides ray eyes are bad
my ears net so keen as tbey used and I
dont feel like a boy any longer I will send
a servant for them
Thea the old gentleman hobbled out ot
tbe orchard toward bis bouse
In a twinkling three small boys brow a as
berries were at tb foot ot tbe trw each
wtth a great apole One look a laugh and
tbey were off oer the meadows
Ita ha pspat tbey cried as they
ruihed pellmcll into tba family dining
room We have teased the old man at tbo
corner to his fill and for once well have
a feast on tb old mlsera apples that I
believe nobody but nlmself eer taated be-
How la this r cried tb father furious
You stole th old man apples You
young rascsls wait until I thrash you
thoroughly tor this
But w did it only to teas him cried
th children and to give him a lesson
bestdes lis Is so miserly
You mui b punished eald tb father
Nol cried the grandmother sitting In
her chair It was a Jeit William and
tb children shall return the apple But
tbey shall not be punished
You are too easy with the children
mother Tbey will turn out thieves
The old lady smiled placidly
Children ahe said I once knew a ltt
tl boy who mother was very lenient
with him II bad many trouble at achool
and b always came borne to bis mother
and ahe soothed btm Tbe boys about
blm ssld ha bad a Jolly mother and so
they tame tec sometime to ba soothed
But tble little boy kept getting Into
trouble continually Once even be got Into
an orchard and robbed it One he took
down a bird nest wttb eggs in Itbut
then he waa sorry wban be saw bow
grieved the mother bird was and bis
mother knew tbcre was much good In httu
because be grieved for tbe mother bird
Yet he waa always In trouble and It took
all his mother tenderness ta have
patlenr with btm One he was
caught In an orchard and then
be had a hard time of It For the
dors wer set on blm and tb farmer ran
altar blm with a pitchfork and thero
would have been great trouble bad b not
reached his motner arms before the dogs
caught him
Th boy father reddened and walked
over to the window Tbe old ladys eyes
folloaed and a tender light filled her face
Tbe boys taw tbe situation at a glance
Ah ha It waa you papa tbey cried
you wcr grandma culprit It Is you
who must make confession now
Tbe grandmother smiled again and said
The riddle is solved and you see boys
In spit of Ills mothers leniency what a
good man your father na turned out to be
And now children after dinner you will
return tbo apples to tbe old man with an
Then th old ladr rose and walked over
to her son and placed her band lightly on
his shoulder
W must be lenient b youth Will
lam for It Is tbe perfume of our old age
The children bar tb world to romp in
when they are youogTtm will glv them
it ancb lofdsblp again
Just then the father caught sight ot tb
boys playing lespfnjg below II laughed
and hallooed tn them
Be off to th woods boys and be sure
to brlrg home a birch witch for m to u
on myself when I am forgetful And dont
forget tbe biggest and finest nosegay yoy
can pick for grandmamma to whom next
to Oxl we ow all th blesalngs w bav
1p lit
jtttAm rou Tiin kaci
tjl mm t
Hooks of tarlaiMl
Tbls Is what Miss Mary Proctor says to
the kindergarten people about books that
tell ot starland In response to many let-
ters which she has received asking ber tor
a list ot books which will be ot value to
those Interested In tbe study of astronomy
but who do not have much time to devote
to th subject I have had many delight-
ful hours reading Astronomy Wltb an
Opera 01ass by Garrett P Servlu pub
lished by D Appleton Co wherein leg-
endery accounts of tbe constellations for tb
four seasons of the year are especially inter-
esting I am also a great admirer ot Pro-
fessor Balla charming little book of chil
drens literature Starland which has
f roved of great assistance to ins with my
ectures In Starry Realms by the same
author la also very profitable reading To
obtain a thorough knowledge of tbe con-
stellations for every night In the year I
would recommend my father Half Hours
With the Stars published by Longmans
Co New York Tbe Expanse ot Heaven
and Other Worlds Than Ours are also a
great assistance tn making us acquainted
with tbe planets and tbe possibility of Ufa
In other worlds tban ours
Tbe flertnan Kindergarten
A kindergarten in Germany has always
a plotot ground however small where tho
children plant seeds and tend their own
plants until tbe seeds are stored In the
autumn TbU la made a very delightful
and uaefut feature In all parts of that
country but tb plan It practiced at tbe
PeataloxzfFroebel House In Berlin nn
rttSWIJ55sKJi T
Tb Uteit fd among women It the col-
lecting of buckles Tbey prefer a new
buckl to a box ot bonbons or a bunch of
violets and when presents ro no numerous
diminish with
ous their own
startling rapidity Cauao th boom In
buckle Tbe dainty gammer shift waist
responsible for tbls buckl
ar In a messur
crsxe Tber reiul a belt and a belt
require a buckle Th silver buckles are
the most popular Ther loD fn1
narrow or round and much ornamented
eom ar of filigree wWlt others are P tata
or oxRted Buckles of black enamel In
fald with silver or gold e ffectlv upon
a dllcatelr tinted ribbon belt The gold
buckles ero beautiful enough to warrant
the price at which they are old One
hoop around which i a
represents a gold
snak t baa tdned hie hr- Th eyei art
glistening emeralds Plain gold buckle
bate th owner monogram engraved upon
tbem Among the newest silver buckle
are those inlaid with pal blue enamel
Delcat buckle of tortoise shell are also
een this year Inlaid with gold or enamel
Tbe buckle which adorn th tennis ben
ar sure eomewbere to show a ficqwt A
new bockla to ba worn with rJ
gown Is of Itoman gold
nchor with bronzed cords Colled about It
A dainty buckle attached to a white ribbon
belt was formed of a wreath ot blue enamel
Hygienist all agree In telling ua that we
do not eat sufficient trult which Is Infinitely
more productive of health and beauty than
candy and patry RlP apples are espe-
cially healthy and children may eat them
without danger Some doctors say that an
apple at bedtime producea aleep Pears
ar more tasty tban apples but not so
healthy unless cooked ITun a haye medic-
inal qualities wblcb cannot be denied They
are better cocked however Apricots ar
also more healthy cooked tban raw Peachs
are Tery healthy Th most healthy of
ait emir hnwrp nr craDes Consump
tion has been cured by grapes Goose-
berries and currants are best cooked Figs
are also excellent tbey were In great favor
with ancient Roman ladles who alway
ato tbem for breakfast Tlneapple aro
said to bo tb best euro for dyspepsia yet
known Nuts ot all kinds are indigestible
Oranges ar also excellent as a cure for
dyspasia Lemons produce cheerfulness
and prolong life
A crusad Is being started against the
engagement ring One of tbe reasons
given for Its proposed abolition Is that
many girls become engaged for no other
purpose tban to add another ring to tbelr
collection and break off th contract as
toon as It becomes convenient It Is al-
ways good ase to return engagement
rlng which are tokens ot plighted troth
and not the useless baubles tbst some con-
tend At tbe same time anything savor-
ing of too much extravagsnee in tbe pur-
chase Is to be discouraged but there are
many pretty rings to be bad to suit the
purses of alt
Smart New York women have taken to
wearing flowers during tho last season It
Is certainly a charming fancy and in many
Instances tbe flower Is an Index to the
Individuality of the wearer Women used
to like to associate themselves wltb a par-
ticular perfume now it seems It Is to be by
a flower that we -hall know tbem
The sleeveless Jacket Is on ot the most
stylish noveUW ot tho season and has
evidently come to stay It has all tbe
advantages of a cloak as far as dress
sleeves are concerned for It leares even
the most elaborate ones uncruahed At the
same time It sets off tbe lines ot a grace
ful figure admirably whereas these are
entirely lost when a cloak Is worn
Many of our girls bare got Into a way
when they aro at borne ot sitting with
their left leg drawn up under tbem
sitting on their left leg In fact It Is more
habit tban anything else for the position Is
not one of unusual comfort as any one can
easily verify Nor Is It wltb tbe view of
looklns yourg and childish for as a rule
they do not do it when men are present
The result however Is hat the knee is
unduly forced out so that It bits the own-
ers skirts when she walks and her walk is
lopiided in consequence This Is why so
many girls wain so badly tor the sake of a
foolish habit
It Is the fashion now for ladles maids to
keep diaries two or three week ahead of
their mistresses probable engagments put-
ting the name of the dress agalnat the day
The lady looks at the list at the beginning
of each week and II sb docs not approve
ot tbo gowns to be worn sbo alters It It
saves a great deal ot flurry at th Urn ot
rfti ij Tb 4 i uUai
Is under the natron
of Fvtpm Frederlka aud It bos the
Immediate supervision of Frau Henrietta
Breymau Schroder a niece of Frocbela
The three story house which Is In the
heart of the city Is built with an Inner
court which contains a playground and
a garden A recent vlsttor tells of tbe
tall linden tree In a grass plot with a
rustle summer bouse built around It and
ot th Ilttl garden ot the children She
Is under the impression each child had a
separate garden of flower There were
roso buthe aud lilacs and wltb the
flowering shrubs currant bushes and goose-
berries and other small fruits all skill
fully arranged with most beautiful effect
A M re th Wn Mek partition
dividing this ground from th nelgbborins
enclosures in a way to add beauty to the
whole scene Back of the garden la a
chicken yard wtb a wire screen between
where tbe children could watch th mother
bene with their young broods getting
many lessons from this observation
31 Im A 1eott Many Hook
More ot Miss Alcotta book are still sold
than of any of th new books Among th
popular ones of comp ratircly mjeut date
are Tb Light Princess and Other Fairy
Tales by Oeorg Macdonald A Tin With
tbe Tiffins A Childs History ot Spain
similar In pUn to tb Childs History It
France An Archer Wltb Columbus
New Ht tat tons Zigxag Journeys by
I lei eld ah Butterworth An All Around
Boy From Headquarters The Days of
Chivalry Facing tb World by Horatio
Alger Jri Th Knockabout Club by
Fred A Ober Stories of Tenon and
Places and Great Cities of th World
The Arm of llookniKklng
Tb fact la learned from persons fully
Informed In tb bookmaktnc art that at
present gttding over marbled or plain
hlgh colorcd edge is the acme of lux
de llvrea When tb marbled edge have
dried they are lightly rubbed with fine
grained sand paper and agat burnished
Tbe six Is afterward delicately applied
Next comeA tb leaf at tn ordinary gliding
Th effect of the marbling showing through
th gold la thought to b more striking
than any plain subcolor A new color of
leather tor bookbinding bat recently been
produced tn Rurope Tb shade resembles
magenta and tbis appear likely ba again
beoonw a favorite one as happened thirty
years ago The color Is not exactly th ma-
genta red of that date and caramia It
tb name given tb new tint Tbls la to be
found in straight grained morocco crushed
levant polished croccJ akin and other
again Of late years it has rather gone out
of style but now when many persons wish
to be courteous they send their letters
sealed It Is much more polite when a
man la writing to a lady to tako the trouble
of lighting a match and Impressing the red
mark that fattens the envelope with his per-
sons mark tban fastening tbe flsp down In
the usual manner
A revival In favor of old fashioned names
for girls l taking place Vor a long time
past few parents would have thought of
calling their children by any such homely
cognomen as Mary Martha Jane Sarab or
Ann preferring prettier names iueb aa
Ethel Blanche Maud Dora etc Dm ibe
tatter bavenow beconoe to common that it
Is proposed to go back to Old World names
in which our grandmothers and rreat
grandmothers delighted
The bead ot a big Crm ot London tobac-
conist says that ot
many their lady cus-
tomers bav their own paper daintily
stamped with monogram for
use la the man-
ufacture ot tho clgaretto m d for them
Skirt dancing is to give place to tableaux
Tlvanu a a fashionable amusement tbu
season for which welcome change tbe
enormous success of the liTjDC pjcWte
at the theaters is of course responsible
Ample cope la her for tbe dtapffir cf a7
tlstictait and ingenuity whll u ned
hardlf be said that th de of posing U
for an audience in a variety of mora or
less becoming costumes Is being Joytuiiy
anticipated by the votirle of fuLion
Mr William Morris
poet A
vMmana special
ou of the
most difficult and Important
branches of study pMpla nft ti ejw
brows over women mastering the higher
St emaVCI Dr- ft u oflnirely mora di
Kftr Aabo4r can learn mathematics
ft Wi to A S5
wau uoai Ui tbe modern woman neelect
or despia housekeeping
Something new In the way ct albums
is tbo dreaa album It consist ot a blank
book ot good uuck paper anu m u i
pasted a scrap about two Incur quar
ot eaeh new arr
mcb tn owner
of tb
album purchases Unuer eaoa dres la T writ-
ten tb dat when the Ore wa nrst
worn and th cost may alw b added la
cipher tor tb owner prival reference
Confidencn cushions are tb pillow that
stand to a corner near tho Creptac mben
tbey ar ool In use and they ikon a rest
lng place when in use for th lowly indl
TWdai who likes to sit at ber f rleqd feet
They ere big square and frill UM corered
with denim or mohair plusn
Idkuud Chester
The Expert U NcccsJjiI
Ileal Woman of
Having 1aated tit Mas
i Affairs fthols Ahleuri
Ml b
picture of all women and eovye
as past mistress of that subtle ii
quire as much fllplomicr ul
ship as much daring as batu
cunning as mw as muca kei
alchemy as much endurance i
as much mimicry a acting m
originality at Invention jj
Your true coquette Is a prtcbW
ot the world a woman ot itnit2
not a human butterfly shoWnll
stage of serious love affairs safli
no a Die io gauge consequences j
Sho Is a witch and Is foriw
lng as a metamorphoslzed Ciag
is neraeir ana tor ner admirin
stnts tho picturesque delusion tf J
but capricious womanhood ahi u ftl
tbe luxuriant passion freighted
thousand perfumed breathing skl
can ine rose wun a lew monnhy
contrast and for protection Na J
lleves in human perfectIou ritwl
coquet know this and vtrlrtjtl
nrst law ot coquetry fbra toote
slnuatlng she does not challeoflt
lion she seducea It AM she ImJ
of human nature thla coquet i
ber subject carefully she lesrubil
nesses and flatters tbem notae
vuljry but delicately emd siuidjl
ba t Sho associates herself Utl
cum ic s Six realizes that
1 tl est compliment one bw
can other so sb pays It-
anct tat B
Sb wonder firm pit belli jM
serve iClouyet exacting tie
yet i ous and deltcatelyfn
She v tho exact value rial
tton a moment of slltou c
neat be brings los
now f her subject Into octal
awar enthusiasm sb i
lmaj a she brings bis alnggutfl
tloni i ay She Is an emotes j
to b ie doesnt know t I
AQ J uuuvi a
maci probes the tempt
her i Old finds OUt WtlZt kH
aitboi nay not know hinul
she e tlm Suggeithavx
bit of b sure sue nwi
want i makes mm i
It la in she Is a wpi
the is mmata actress
elates i I
caters u
Sho dt
the eye
voice to
plclon of a
becomes a 1
clatle the 1
Idealises hef
cumbs sho fl
she denies a
Is capricious
There Is a ta t
deny the flfti
That is one of
Sb Is a cr
coquet She
her capriciousnet
principle Myster
cl nation Never i
seK be seen or
fathomed She ap
ferent lights but
She advances a hu
Is as careful to hldt
Is to conceal ber cos
Admiration Is ber V
an autocrat Love
setting sin And sbo
until it kills nearly
nature Tbo greater
greater ber conqaestst
warrior in one respect
ponent worthy of her sk
But wltb all her at
materialist With ber
Jectlve or objective a fl
hr plans Her operatic
cat at thooe ot a buzlne
osophy la the philosophy
sequence somewhat bai
intuitively to the point
is ner creeu fane isn i
cident She argues tbat
should provide against l
careful to leave a loophole
wall of triumph Con
danger signal On past est i
ive method she build her vt
watches for consequences s - d
for signal and ports at tba l 4
in She never goes too far i
Aa in her vletlma safety
other matter aud must depei
manlty or hi common sens
modern Borgia In temperaa 1
htm tn ftunratlnnt It
tin will MrV herself With f
- ---- --
wings If possessed oi a i
clence sb will let blm go M
mg experience iiS t
As tor the rest who shall W t
spider for taking adranUga
W sj
Getting IXUX of fnweleew
a meuicat journal rv
lowing fashion of turning a 7
a summer visitor t i
Expe a Ilttl oil ot bay fl J J
your window f r KW T
i4rt with in celor of P
containing a llttla as A VJfl r
bay wmen is tar iruw
s hri nrwher and nOtaa 1
snter y house
Test fur a p
Th late Pwtwsor Andenwa
hlmaelf tha Wizard or we - flt
amused by th real or pr V
some ol tbe old folk v
bad ot him as a maglcUn ft
Tber seemed to t nit
1 k - fMinr f tbe tT 71
r dlitrltu l iS if
but a th iJ i Sf
h locked 11 th - JJi J
knock cm th P8 Z I
la ihrtlHolc
dvsnnj f So rr cot 1Z1
Ndr In th Cnltca SU S- I
Swrry VtBtW t
Ubt U Ui uallrl 3UU
tiy that ltna - rf
IU b a trtk 01 ti

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