Fort Worth Gazette. (Fort Worth, Tex.), Vol. 18, No. 234, Ed. 1, Sunday, July 15, 1894 Page: 15 of 16

Mrs Julia Dent Grant in the
Twilight of Life
I Woman Who Has Indirectly Known
the Horrors of Warfare
rbKoMof loutH Have Mml but Some
thing of Their fragrance Mill LIu
gen Id Her Memory
N ttiQ twilight of Ufa
unrounded by loving
children and grand
children and troops of
frlcnda Mrs Julia
Dent aranttb vid
ow of General U S
Grant recalls In her
peraonallty many
stirring historical
Tents It Is ImpossI
tin to sea her and
noi associate her w 1th
ths hero of Appo-
mattox Caesar bad
his Calphurnla
Mleos his Josephine Washington bis Mar-
caant demeanor mads me loss sight if
t background altogether and my imug
ailon returned from Its historical
ion Mrs Grant Is not tall but Is below
9 iSedlnni la height Her head would
raceJy res en to the shoulder of her late
tibaiad even when bo was a West Point
iQt and itOnd morn Brert tlinn hn did
tea diseaao had begun to drag him down
1 tbS liti 4 fnllnu in ir llm unr inn un
nith BtoUier than she now hut muck
iors actlv Her outlines are generous
uougn nowi however to Indicate health
a oia 8 fre8 rora invalidism She
ua herself a septuagenarian although
i iH two ot tavinB reached
mm ago ner nair nicn was
licit sod Irushed back from her forehead
r tDa arranged In
K tasbtOn 1IP nviva war a kIip anil
5W and ll4n In tnlltlnv ah umiiV
I the In way that Indicated
iii i p161 ueP t tlio past so Ailed
un wg events and people who ara no
At theSi mnminii T a nnsJ -
- nuumicu nut naa
Li Aiaf bB Parted from her husband
nvnl j1 I0rta tbe ar almost
1rhP D was recalling the
iSr -I rt daJri ot bl11 battle for tho
niOD Mhl ha fl iti
SS i h eventually placed
5 hca1 my Her eyea
ill it w ha law him after
asbaBifftin nd l t0 bfr tb
ir aiJr lr a not hIt0 then nor
help WIVU ne ootn in
oeir prime ami h in - - ki
IK oun o war had
Hat all01 J1 ll of th var
till It loo aoon ah aald In a aad
MeiiloJ iIrmV1i Mml to echo aom
M II I 1lledv Sht ah
ia b4 lved tbem all and
il Tn n Ther Jim a
10 ibL
baro111 th chief
tftlltlC of Gnl fi tt
Wit v wuin nave iaaea
Wri I inh rn indent-
TlVeH Tvl
tS11 fIIU Bartorla cropped out
5l JoS l D1H Picailr eithJr both
tor hJaS T1 lei Mr Sar
rtkahilh11 Pkllne air
Ml itdow I y her
t etpenaiT V41 drk
n lbiaM Klrthood all
kiS i o dUpoaltloh vai not
r nn hT ciiurn then aa In
V1 iracious
Tha rAAtV
MotnM to her daughter
It th L uUlc used ma to for-
- tamiiV nJents and ses the
I -v a lohabltea tb JVWU
who w B arnt thn irl
Si li ro hmband the
o k
Inn VS1 uk ku IWmb
hr often
mart u
of SttA1 ben N1U lh M
nmhJ1 erbap too re
22 m tmdaome Eosllhman
chani urioii many trance
In reference to her children hr bori and
ner daughter Mn arant ipok vltb ptld
and In every ay that denote th devoted
SfJ J r represented
all that helped to make III endurable and
lor tbem ah vould And much to coro
penaato her In her declining jean That
wan the lnternrtlnn fh nm k4 I
ttanco of her dealre and beyond all thla I
ther nMMnn v i t
eternity Thl vaa th ton In which ah
conversed h mnvil rrnm tn lA
and the quire bathed In th mornln aun j
Kwut icatuui auAuiuK iq weary
who had sought shelter under ths um-
brageous foliage came full Into yUw
scene who had such a life history as Mrs
U 8 Grant T Would that verdant spot
centuries hence bo the quiet background
of some great generals widow Who can
teT Homkr Font
Tunny tittle llotMwhfs
Funny little housewives are fashioned
out of a bit of gingham and flannel A
round piece of cardboard Is covered with
s1 KIS if Jill
CLssrs s onAT
CurtU and Grant his Julia Dent These
ismes ni live in history and ages hence
4 recited by school children to patriotic
ledsgogues who bellsra In perpetuating
sole deeds
Thre Is nothing of th stern Roman ma
Iron ths proud mother of the Oraochll In
aa appearance of Mrs Grant I met her
t tie Fifth Avenue Hotel recently Ir a par-
overlooking Madison Square She sat
3 the window and beyond I could see
pa putoral beauty of the square grocn
in leaves on low banging boughs and
Had to rest by the slow running fountain
u ts picture that met tny gate I thought
i ai a peaceful background to the life of
as who had known Indirectly the horrors
t vu and the Borrows of widowhood It
as like ths apotheosis of calm after the
u nas m serene poacciui totting
I the sun after a il y of heavy clouds
Tiie central QgUre lu this idyllic scene
rhlDs lived ontv tn tha nntt and hud
xi no joy In the pre sunt exctpi that of
qantrancQ Her Eeutlu Ertetlcii and
tha gingham to serve as a base and the
rull skirt Is pinned closely around this at
the bottom and gathered around the waist
which consists of a small stick at the
top An apron of cardboard Is covered
with tho gingham edged nltn plus and
fitted closely over the head while a Jilmbla
set on top gives the semblance ot a bell
crown A fichu qf the gingham Is crossed
over the stick shoulders ana across the
back Is fastened an Ivory crochet book
from either end of which are suspended
taps noddies stuck through and upholding
two spools of white cotton Two small
whittled sticks come out from under the
fichu for arras and the hole effect Is
rlulculiusly like a peasant woman carrying
her palls of water slung across a stick
VtetUlcnt Itohcrtsof tho rinnsvlvanln Is
lltlrliig uiul hnt Oeneralb Known
1 EMARKABL13 as It
y may
wg rn
em one of
railroad men of this
country President
George H Roberts
of the Pennsylvania
Is the least known
to the general pub
He was In New
York a short time ago and but a handful
of persons knew blm and they not until be
had sought them out On the street so one
recognized tb tall iparselybullt man
Yet be Is at the head of a system employ
lug 100000 men and directs 10000 miles of
rails over which more than 3000 engines
haul 100000 cars
Truly are big man overlooked In New
Mr Roberts now CO years of age began
as a rodman on the mountain division of
the Pennsylvania Railroad He has climbed
up stage by stage to his present position
though to be sure be was helped by
Colonel Thomas Scott ths famous railroad
Mr Roberts llres near Philadelphia but
Is often seen In New York He la one rail-
road magnate who la a strong contrast to
Chauncey M Depew for ho Is a student
and a recluse when at leisure thinking more
of bis skill as a farmer than of bis fain as
an engineer He Is no clubman and never
attends meetings save of bis employes
A churchmao a vestryman besides time
can be nothing more simple than the In-
dustrious llf of this railroad president
Among his employes Mr Roberts ajema to
enjoy as much popularity aa Mr Depew
does in New York and owing to bis kindly
just treatment labor troubles have not
bothered blm or hia company to any extent
Having been working man himself he
knows tho needs of Ws men
Mr Roberts sail when ha was hers last
that bt rather enjoyed his obscurity If
1 was as well known as Mr Depew be
i Bnoud not be atle to stand IL As
it is I can go about and no one points me
out or criticises m They dont think me
worth IL you see and so I am left In
PeMr Roberts says he would not exchange
his office for that of the Presidency of the
United BUtes In this be la perhsps rlghL
He has a better Job
Vvery VTMinaB Should Know
That a nice breakfast dish 1 made by
slicing three w four rip bananas In a
d ah and queering over them th Juice- of
a fk14 lemon Then put over this a
- nd a half a cup of
J fitsnd wbera It will get good
u I suaar
ana co
lemons Uke
Th away lb
jjji ftuni i Kit nuSi Kerrel Hopklns on the Character of
u iu VDII IIOUIO and th
artur if r T S5
i2 un from contratln lb
llmt then
nil nM ntl ii --
Jiutbter are ldoa and both bin child
i M cborlhe tb mem
Id Park in tbu cur nd tb other cm
ikiii rscl Jr ihappr experience Th
A Parnellltes View of the
Irish HomeTtule Measure
the Dead Leader
UndvT a Coll lttfrior Was a Warm Heart
HUM Uth Anient Lot fur Ireland
A UroaaniiilSjuipatlietle Mluri
OU know all tha
people In the
House ot Com-
mons Cham-
berlain with bis
eye glass and
orchid Got
cben with his
noaa calling ont
bank to tha
days when one Kent to Sunday school and
studied the books of the Old Testament
Dalfour and the rest of em Rut It Is true
here as It is with ou that the men who
wield political power ara not given to play
Ing to the gallery In Irish affairs the man
behind the oratory Is J KeppeMlopklns
the agent and lobby representative of the
Parnellita party Ha and J J OKelly
are the Eondon correspondents ot ths paper
rarnell founded The Irish Dally Indepen
I met him In the lobby this afternoon a
well-set-up earned young man with Celtic
eyes black eyebrows and mustaches waxed
up like the horns of a mountain goat To-
day be stands for the Fa nielli to legend
the old belief lhat Ireland will never
achieve Homo Rule If her politicians are to
dance to the tunes of Kngllsh Liberals or
Daniel OConoell laaao Butt Charles
Stenart rarnell this is tho succession of
leaders In th free lance movement
Each In his own way tried to win Horn
Rulo for Ireland and stumbled over the
fatal almost Always tha pack of Irish
members In full cry has been disorganised
by the little dogs barking for bones Now
the old free lances still carylng the ban-
ner of Parnell are led by Redmond
Parnell s friend for fifteen
years and for many jesrs his colleague is
the party power
Wa sat In the smoking room of the
House ot Commons and talked lis talked
as an Irishman should with fiery affec-
tion for the ould sod and an antipathy
equally hot for the tneu who have dis-
rupted tha one tlm powerful Nationalist
What will be the future ot the National-
ist movement In Ireland V I asked
That Is not by any means an aaay prob-
lem to work out was the reply Per-
sonally I can see but two alternatives
the final triumph of tb policy ot Inde-
pendence of both tha English parties until
Home Rule Is definitely won that Is tha
policy of Parnell r a relapse to the old
revolutionary movement
And the pressnt position of affairs In tb
House ot Commons
Ther Is but on word to describe th po-
sition of th Irish Nationalist movement
chaoal Tho Antl Parnellltes aro all at
sixes and sevens and the whole Interests
of Ireland are being obscured by the series
of fierce personal quarrels now raging ln
bat camp about the leadership AH tbla
was foreseen when the first propoaal waa
mad for a reolt agalnat Parnell and sow
e are dally baring mors and more humil-
iating evidence ot th fact that tb Jrlah
poopio nav maae in fame miatak in re-
ward to Parnell that ths Israelites did with
Moses when be had almost ltd hem out of
tb desert and Into the promised land
You had an Intimate personal acquaint-
ance with the 1st member for Cork wilt
you tell me what impression he has left on
your minur
Welt during tb Ust twelve years I
tiara seen a grrat deal of the Inside of
British politics and so far as most states-
men here are concerned know very well
the difference between tha man aa be ap-
pears to the outside public and what ho
really Is to those who com Into contact
with blm Ther ara one or two details
hlch I will glvo you which give soma In
eight Into tb real character of Charles
6 tew an Parcel It Is I think pretty aafe
to say that even among Irishmen at home
few know the real Parnell th iron willed
resolute statesman who will figure In his-
tory sa the most remarkable parliamenta-
rian ot our times Those who did not know
him regarded him as being cold unsym-
pathetic and taciturn but that was because
tbey had never penetiattd th mask bad
never seen behind that calm Impassive ex-
terior he presented to tbe world Rut to
his friends and those admitted to his In-
timacy Parntll was a different being and
exercised an Irresistible fascination ovr
those bo came Into contact Mth him
Strange to say although Parnell was on
of toe handsomest men I have known b
never mad a good portrait His features
were of that regular cut with th waxen
pallor and beautiful clear skin which is
a somewhat rar type with us in Ireland
but which is often met with among tbe
wnAithter Arabs His eyes bad a magnetic
influence ou must men and gave on tb
Impression that h could plerca with a
glsnc and read th thoughts In tb inmost
soul of ths person b conversed with I
am not alone In this opinion for at th time
of tho first negotiations about Horn Rut
Mr sexton in apes King or mm aaia a re
mnrffi him of a statue On tb surface
you might brush the dust tbla way and that
way out men yuu viuv iii ma aunt
JtV When Tim Healy cam back from the
memorable election for Gal way in which
Captain OSbea was returned u waa aaked
what Parnell looked Ilk when b fought
that BtrugglsT
He looked like a man of bronxa waa
Tims reply That answer describes exactly
my impression of the dead statsaman as I
knew blm
II had tb moat absolute contempt for
all tbe aaaaults made upon him both by
English statesmen and their newspapers
H waa a proud man and paid them back
scorn for scorn I will never forget tbe
haughty glanc which flashed from bis
fierce brown eye when he read th famous
Morley letter of Mr Gladstone Clenching
hia small fist h struck tb table be sat
at and exclaimed with alow grim emphasis
on every sylabl If that old man begins to
fight with me I will show him what blood
It Is which flows through my veins When
some condemnation of tb language of Mr
Healy was expressed In his presence tb
concentrate scorn which seemed to burst
forth desplta bis efforts to repress outward
signs of being moved 1 could not readily
deacrlb In word
I know very mean llttl trick of
Healy said he striking tb table again
every mean ltttl trick 1 On tbla point I
may mention a very remarkable statement
blch Parnell mad to m In tb presence
of two wltneaaes whom I may nam Mr
McOuffln Greaves of Manchester an Irish
gtatleman wbo waa In th New York
cavalry at tha tlm cf th war and Mr
Henry Campbell now Town Clerk cf Dub-
Hn but then rarnell private secretary
II aaked us were we aware that but for
Mr Tim Healy Mr Gladstones Horn Rul
bill of 1S88 would have been carried f We
vT all astounded at this news and looked
at bim almost Incredulously It read what
vaa passing in our minds
Imly eain
feif f K -Hit Mi trJ
plained that at the time he received a
late letter from Mr Joseph Chamberlain in
wmen tn latter hiinwed tiiat tn member
for Iitrmlngham and his Liberal Unionist
friends had been so Incensed at certain
sctlons on the part of Mr Healy that they
Yeieu against ins measure
f am jrfoty aware pursued Mr
Krppel Hopklns of th responsibility
which sttaches to this statement but that
Mr Parnell mad it ther Is not tb shadow
of a doubt both Mr Greaves and Mr
Campbell have a clear recollection of the
m tter and moreover I understood from
Mr Parnell that lie bad preserved that
letter If so tb probability Is tint Mrs
Parnall has It among bts papers I should
mention that we received tbla Information
In confidence and when we tirged him to
publish th letter he smiled grimly and
dded that he did not think it necessary
for th prMcnt
Parnell loved Ireland I asked
lie was a truo Irishman In spit of his
English blood KeppeMlopklns said
During tbe crucial portion of th pro-
ceedings cf tb Times commission Mr Par
nell wss In tb habit of visiting a firm -of
mining experts In tb neighborhood of
niackiriars linage ana n used to nave nis
pockets filled with lumps of qusrtz and ore
which he wlabed to have assayed Ills
object was to see If th quantity per ton
ot metal would pay for tb mining ex-
penses II was moat anxious to have the
coal and miners wealth of Ireland devel-
oped and was most passionately fond of
his native Wtcklow Indeed he mora than
one expressed wonder bow tb outlawed
insurgent cmci ancnaei uwycr ever no
cam reconciled to bis banishment from bis
native mountains He always had pictures
of Avondal In bis residence la London ex-
hibited In a conspicuous place with affec-
tions t pride
Thar ar on or two Incidents th
Irlab lobbyist addtvi which I may men-
tion of my own recollections of tb 1st
msnfber for Cork which touched me very
much and at the same tim gave me an in-
sight Into the broadness and th great mag-
nanimity of bi character 8am person in
hia bearing referred with some contempt
to cruln of tb mors obscure members of
Parliament anl condemned their abandon-
ment of their position of Independence
Poor follows said Parnell somewhat aad
y after all tbey ar but raw recruits
and did not sfr that tby should never al-
low tbalr Hn to b broken In th fac ot
tb enemy
On another occasion some on spoke of
an artlcl written by a certain Irish poli-
tician for a magazlv and It waa mentioned
that b thought h should receive as much
a Mr Oladaton for bis literary labors At
this tlm th battl btwen Parnell and
tha Liberals consequent on tb publication
of Mr Gladstones letter and tbtr fcraors
manifesto account of lb I la warden delib-
erations was In full blast Uut despite th
bitter nature of tb battl with rarnell tb
latter when h beard that his countryman
measured his abilities by tb light of these
of ths fstersn Liberal chief exclaimed
with a smll of tb most contemptuous
amusement Th Idea of Ms comparing
himself for a moment to Mr Gladstone
a statesman a gentleman and a scholar of
extraordinary cttalnmenta and erudition
i why It Is absurd This u a tribute to
in roemDer ror anajoxnian wntrtj struck
m as a very generous ana at a time when
tba whole Liberal party and th Irish de
srtn from rarnella standard war heap-
ing abuse upon blm from evc ry platform
in mis coua try
where he was waiting to take th mall
train for Ireland In th coursa nf vmr
and amlllnr I satlon a member of rarlfaiieit atvih with
Yral but for Tlta Healy that I aom bitterness of tbe violence of action-
County Carlow Parnll llstenel In alienee
and emd to be deep In thought Then
he quietly turned round and laying his
hand softly on bis rolleagues arm said
with a ting of sorrow In his tores After
all wo have tn Ireland tbs most virtuous
priesthood In b world I rueubr that
the kindly magnanimity of this statement
caused the llttl group at tb station to
glanc silently at each othr with a mutely
exchanged sign of smatenitnt will t
qucntly expressod their admiration tbr
loiiycnaracter of tills extraordinary r j
While conversing In tba train vltj t
Parnell on hi way back from his laat
visit to bis constituents at Cork b sud-
denly turned to mo and said So you know
that somehow I have a presentiment that
unless I can get poor Ireland Home Hul
now she may never get It Ther wai a
depth of ssdneas In his touts as he said
this and gased moodily over tb distant
Tlpperary Mountains ss th train crept
us through which would have thrilled
evsry fiber in the heart of tb moat stolid
IrUhman tbat ever drew brrsiu
For mr rsrt I think that th an
dole win help to show something of tb
real character cf a man wbj has been
alwsr fin enigma to lb English people
because he cared not a straw what they
said or thought about htm end whose prld
In bis couutry and ancoatry would brook
no attempt on Ibe part of any Englishman
to treat htm otherwise than as an equal
Th statement tbat he bad a great billet
In tb future of hia raoe Is perliapa th
highest Praia that could b nald him bur
Jt would be bard to attempt to define the
ji urns oi mi usion tor tn ruturo grandeur
of tb Celtic racM Vakck InoMrsu
A Pay Urtfptlon lrM
White anl black gowus prevail at dsy
receptions tbos of last avason being silk
cf narrow strip bll tbe nawaat ara
checked lit small aquarus or el so of white
ground finely crossbsrred with black A
ceclal cachet Is given th latter br a col
Urett or bolero ot embroidered mull or
batiste though the greater number hav
deep collar of whit gulpur accordeun
plaited waists ot pal blue or pink hltTron
or ls there Is a basque waist of black
molr antique in tb new waterings Th
whit and black silk sown with a pretty
yok waist Is seen at evsry fashionable
function rcplcd Ja various materials era
pon taffsU grenadine or barsge
no iuu lurreMTo u AWAitiar
That searra ar no longer used to drap
pictures and chairs For tha matitsl
cblna silk crepes ar popular
That Iced tea acquires a new svor when
served In long thin glasses with a delicately
out slice of Ismon floating tfl fop
Tiiat tnonuirams worked in th finest Prmch
embroidery ar rapidly bacuiQlng popular aa
decorations for bed spreads aad pillow rows
Tbat pstent leather sboea ar really Uutfl
rial for tbos who bav dry r While moist
fet ara a real anUetlon to bar them perspire
ocrasionaily soTUaa tbem and pt TetiLs callous
apou forming
Tbat In putting down carpets la rooms llttl
Used It is an ticelJant plsn to scatter tobaeoo
over lbs lining ppr lo auatd against moths
and th buSalo bog This is said U bt laoea
xcellent prsvtnuve
Taat tb round top trunk Is quit gone j
stvl lb newast and most conv nlent has no
tray la tba lid bat I so arranged that it
can b l lIom agalPsi tb wall and tpssd
VlinOUt Mini hvw tvixih
On one of tb last occasion that I met i io c batter U u In ih waUr tor baUiluc
hlta befora hU death w weea walklna un rpos thai ammonia whl h hardens tha
and dowTr outald of Euatofi Tennlaus I
3 It mit b UalS uaarl trarv
prtcry at Infrequent perlotta
Tbat rosenfary Is r6tuldr4 an eiflellent
hir4r t lifreat tb arowth of tha atlr
Del a snail qaantlty of th Ivates and boll
laaM ni jtr a otuffk Ara tmmt iUniu
I measur would bav pasad through tb and laairusg of tbe priests In the freely atrain afla a llttl ivoaaut all and a few
jCccimeBS br Jt ht ottr 11 then ccntwled cvnltat tor Lb rtvrtieataUcn bivy il tebna
tines It Keetut Unlet In Dlamior hihI
NANC1IH3 recog
nise Jamas IX
Kern aa on cf
their number who
has more than a
nsilonsl reputation
and wbo hss mat
with mors u snd
downs than falls to
tb lot of most peo-
ple He cam tu
New York to leach
Wall street some
nw things and Jay Could aM bis allies
stripped him of pretty much everything he
had Most men would have given up then
and thfiro Mr Keen did not He started
all over again with the result that be has
woo back all b lost and a good bit be
Tb writer saw this nrry man on Wall
Btr mt a few days ago and bo scarcely
looks as It he bad passed as many tough
fights sb b really has HI bslr ts not
yet gray his fac Is that of a man at peso
with btmatlf l Is not a much larger
man than was Jay Could though mora re 1
Is reckoned tb best gentleman Jockey In
America wis with bis father and tho con-
treat tha lattr presented to tntt
ably dressed dashing yuug Lion was strik
Mr Keen is just now on tb high wav
of success aKsln and his brother
I tier ar glad o it for Mr Keen has
mad blmsoit rry popular la rstw lark by
reason of bl pluck and other good quali-
ties II I making ur amount of money
In bl business and la one mora a cblaf
flgur on tb turf
Mr Keeno has few fade Outald bis
family and his business be loves a good
bora and a raca though b Is not much
of a bettor Society be care nothing for
prfrrtogr ft b says to let Foxhalt
attend lo tbat end of th business Mr
Keeno lives handsomely In a fasbonabl
part of New York and ha a country place
beside bis paddocks for his horses a fow
mils out of be city lit may b seen now
and then at the theater but scarcely over
in any other public place H 1 a good
deal of a bom body but It la his custom
and has bn sine b cam to New York
from tb West to spend a portion of each
nlgbt In tbat resort ot financiers th big
Windsor Hotel on Kiftb arsnu wber b
nitft with cronies and discusses tb un-
certainties attached to tb business that
tbey follow No on Is batter qualified to
speak on tb matter than he
Btejl ornaments and buckles ar quit
fashionable but tbey tarnish easily Crush-
ing tbem with unstacked lime ualog a
small nail brush will roaka beta almost
Jlk new
lloyal Telegram U Cipher
Tb Queen of England rarely sends any
rlegrams to any member of tie royal fam-
ily or to hr lntlmat filwvis other lea than
lo clptar a ayatempf flitur rfhr haw
Ing bn carefully prrorr4 for ir and
their use
In Order toj3eFu Style1 Here
Is What Yoi Must Get
At i if You Cao Alfori It Silk Slock
11 iumer lllrt hw
tmrllt J
ll II II 1 M nn
NEtYPOltT It I Jul
il ii
tfl Lou Uranch
ot Uar Itirhor I a
VUlon of lovellnei
thla year a kti
4V cornea from the em
iv ui ia sroaK
r drlppln Jolly
UiitliltiK her hair
- rllnntnRtn wl round
- curl to htr bl
i forehead her Una
red and tnoltt and her Ionic iaahee hum
Bh affecla brltbt colnre or vary dark
one and If ab ralbr mrry and larky
and a good Mmlner he la dreiidd In
crlniou or icarlel from lb crown of her
l 1 br I
Oood aviimnm ar alaaya th onea nho
at cramp llr and halt tbrlllln led
dnl very year and tha aouatlo maiden
owe it to honlt and hr family to ar
uu t am J
a JrM so striking in tint that It can b
ann from th shore hn she la braving
tlin billow out beyond bar diptb it la a
safeguard agalnat atrdanta which Is tcv
efficient to be Ignored and th girl aa ted
aa a sand bather on a hard whit beach 1
always ytttj picturesque
Mack satin licking denim alpaca anl
flannel aud Jars y goods ars th material
which the smart woman hav had made
Into nauy suits tits yar Tb eulia In
flaoDt ar warm and comfortable but ara
so heavy that unleaa mad without skirts
and there la a field for lbs draa nt nnera
who advocat bloomera and 00 1 hai
beon strong minded enough o try
it la very difljeultio awiui vtitU thr i o
gool awirarasrs Ilka Jeraey suit tvoi
thee shod tha water are light srd t li
have lb warmth which th denim ad 1
rar eulta ucH
Hut th prettlaat and by far th mt
serviceable suits ar those mad or blatc
atln A very smart una recently seen 4
of heavy satin and is inad In tb yt
The full short skirt Just reaches Jwluw ti o
knooi Th waist Is msilir full and ratu
rrexl Into a belt which Joins It to the aVfr
Tb neck I out Juat a bit low with fir- n
six rows rf shirring around ths dccolli
Th big puffed sleeves do not rwh to th
rlbiw with tbla ar worn blak eilk
tlahts and natty llttl cap of black satlr
When His plump llttl bather gets Into
this Jaunty rig with curls rluattring co
quettlsbly under h r cap her duupled U
bows ahawlDg under tb treat satin puffs
sol her rosy face beaming radiantly undr
her satin cap ah looks very Ilk Marii
Jensen a Javotl or any other plump IU
tl sotbrttla of toralo opera
A charming suit mad cf flannel It n
clart notcr mad with a sailor blouse
and no erorlecemejt In front which is
broad at the ibicat and graduatea to a
point a few laches abou tho walat Una It
a trimmed with horliontal rovs of broad
whit braid with which ih deep sailor
collar was also edgvd The wld belt
which Joined waist sod aklrt waa formed
ot three roB of wblt brsld on a broad red
band Tb skirt was finished by four rows
of bnd and th abort puffed avs were
gathsred Into bands ot white braid
A pretty suit ot blaok alpaca la mad
with a box plaited welil the trousers and
waist being in cue piece Tho deep aallo1
collar of light blue cambrlo baa black an
bust and Ilk that financier b is very I chore embroidered tn th corners and tb
a - 1 II 1 llal I tla h lrrnsl nea rr a
quiet as to areas ana manner Tn buain
suit b wore would bar been cast off by
on of fata darks a being shabby His
son loxball Keone tb tucloty mail wbo
full sash which Is tld las knot on on
hip Is or blu lb skirl which has two
narrow tucks la bordered by a narrow
ruffle vt pal blue
Tho Jeraey suits and tboa of ticking
and denim dtpend much upon their color
aid aldom need any trim wing Ticking
ntd denim ar now cot sa much used as a
fine clot light denim called 04 la tea which
la used for boys anlti It com in blue
red and browns and In very pretty com
bustions cf nbaded stripes A pretty Bolt
of Galatea has a rsrrnw strip ot red and a
wld atrip otdark blutt It Is io gay Itself
It neoda no extra trimming It Is mad
simply with a bloua walat lb neck cut
slightly dewlist and fini ha with a rov
of Rather th aleerca long and in aklrt
mall with two tucks to rollave Jta plain
nes With Ibis U wmb a dark blua easll
of silk or flannel snd a turbau handker-
chief of dark blu Ton piiIU lo Mot and
red OalalL a trimmed with braid ar
m1 twiwitf Jry ault U ff bVk
lericr kwls ade4 with red th aklit
edga cut lo scallop losklog Lk a
scarlet sirpant Ths walit has a Mat at
In of red Jraey and th collof u dgad fita
tbThVSr oMMfJSr ni b tut i
wll know how to swim as well as rtr
brohara and when sb dona her pretty
suit her curls Penplo w benaath
B iurbarTand Owl Jul in bcr joi
drtvB sb will b a pleasant eight for th
men as well aa for tb gods and IJtll
flabea r ioarrni MwotfiK
Lndeigfoutid Indoiu
tmpreaslr IJea of what Mb-
It glitt n
brruau London I ft becoming to leua
MMw4Wm th rirar lb naw
Ctlr and WI J llt n IU P
SrPiha Ulf m
war lUU Vn
htt id along banaaih
TJ IM41I SflhirHaVl Railway B
will Com
holOW th

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