Fort Worth Gazette. (Fort Worth, Tex.), Vol. 18, No. 234, Ed. 1, Sunday, July 15, 1894 Page: 2 of 16

t I
iiuv EfnnrwiinnR Arnmu tan
Tit Laboe lender Acknowledge
Tbelr Defeat and Ik Strike 1-
Offr Tfae Road iamlor
Their Canal Loadltlana
Chicago Jur 14 Chicago Is very
rapidly resuming Ha normal condition
The action or the conference of the
re deration of Latter yesterday after
Boon supplemented by a meeting of lie
XtuUdtog nd Trade assembly at
which tt waa resolved to call oft tha
strike and resume -work at once la
accepted unlrersalfy aa the death blow
of the Pullman boycott Of courts
Debs and Sovereign nre easing that It
la not over and that they are going
to light to the bitter end Debs gaes
ao far a to aay he will tie up every
railroad in the United States but he
6M aay In a speech to 600 strikers
The snly tains that now remains for
us to accempUsn U to get you boys
back at your work We made a prop-
osition to the railway managers today
regarding this We did not ask for
recognition of the American llsll way
union because yuu and X know that
nothing will make a general manager
sick so quickly as any mention of tho
American Railway union We slmt ly
made the proposition to tbera that we
w mid call the strike Off If they would
promise not to be prejudiced against
ou boys In taking on employes All
we ask d them to do vras to take back
the honest clean former employes
the ones who had not committed any
rime We offered to come half way
in set tiler the trouhlfc If laiv imn
work on railroads today The switch
men have more than once gone out to
help tho firemen engineers or con-
ductors but does any one know of any
othr brotherhood ever having guns
out In sympathy with the awtuhmen
If the engineers and conductor had
shown a loyal brotherly spirit In this
Debs statements during the lost forty
eight nours is accepted as an ac-
knowledgement that he recngnUcs his
defeat and is now engsged in an effort i
to undo the work he has been dulng
for the last two week Ha called In
conference this morning the mrabrs
of his executive board but they did
oot all respond FOr the must part
tho railroad are taking back Uiir
ld employes as fast as thty apply
and them were a great many applica-
tions this morning They are not dis-
charging any of the men who were
employed to take the places of tho
strikers and such of the strikers as
are re employed are taken as individ-
uals it necessarily follows that a
largo number of the strikers find them-
selves unable to secure reinstatement
and these are Insisting on a con tin
uancs of the struggle
The federal troops are getting ready
to leave The camp on the lake front
has been busy paeklng and orders for
their departure expected at any tno
rnenL It Is believed that their destlna
tlon Is California Btats troops are
also on the move but enough will bt
held here to prevent any possibility of
an outbreak It may truly be aald
that with enr fw exceplloas every
man In Chicago employed by railroad
cr belonging to the bulldlnr and trades
council is s eklng rork on practically
any terms offered
The executive council of the Federa-
tion of Labor finished Us work to-
night and adjourned Little Informs
tlon pf general Interest was given out
except that tho council has do Ued to
an appropriation of 3M toward Mr
Debs 3fens4 fund A mass of routine
business wat disused of President
Debs retired id his room early this
evening and declined to see any one
His representative satd he had noth-
ing to say In addition tn what was
given out today Grand Master Work
roan sovereign of the Knights of La-
bor left this evening for Dec Alotiiea
without making any further orders In
regard to the atrlke lis will probably
return early in the week Evi rythlnK
about the city Is quiet tonight and
there has been no developments In the
tle un announced tor today which
failed to matertallu
The following has Just bten sent to
a rand Chlf Arthur
Chicago UL July 14 1 M Arthur
Brotherhood tt Locomotive nnglners
Cleveland Ohio Tho newspapers quote
you as having issued an of tidal order
to your members requiring them to
work with cab Qrrmen or any one else
the company might employ It Is also
reported to us un what seems reliable
authority that you ore issuing letters
of recommendation to engineers for the
purpouo of MUni positions vacated by
atrtkero In other words that you aro
supplying scabs to iftke tbo places of
at rt king engineers a desire to do
you no Injustice and wish to bo ad
vWed of the facts In the tne We are
now making lilatorv nd do not wlh
to put any man on record Imp roper I j
An ealy answer wlU oblige
By order of the board of the directors
Ameiican Ball ay Union
The following telegram waa received
by Mr Db late tonight from Chief
Arthur dt engineers In reply to the
one sent to him early In the nfternoon
Cleveland Ohio July JTo E V
Debs My advice tu tho members of
- the Brotherhood of Engineers Wht n
allfd upon to give It hau been to at
ffcd strictly to their duty as engineers
3h their engine where thy ponld do
ho aafeiy regardless of whom tho com-
pany nmployes to lire them I have not
Issued any letters of recommendation
to engineers for the purpose of filling
Places by strikers Have
stated to alt Innulrtrs that members of
lha brotherhood could take lh places
vacated by other members of the
Brothrthood of locomotive TSnglneew
contrary to the Jaws of the order but
rould not take to the Place of members
of the Ametlcnn Hallway Unlcn who
had qtrtt In Obedlerue to the order of
that organization Have not sent any
engineers Hvo referred all nppllcn
ttons for employment to th chalrmnn
of th grnral committee of adjust
wenti1 P M Anyuvn
All lit let Ht Mtlle Hock
MtlJe Njcfcfc atK Jly 4 r Tho troora
1 avft been wlrbdrawu froiv Bar hit
Crpsa ooerYtbJl8 eftUd dqwt
to obout a normal cvndittou ttoti
1nle a depaty tlnitod Plates msrsi
wto accldintalU fa and fatally
Mounded n Fort Pmlth ards this
afternoon A pistol dropped from the
Ixit of a comprn rn rnd was CUUiarg
ed the bullet ntetng rates nbdo
iwo Pate who rrrldcd at Morrill ton
Rained national notoriety In 1M9 hav-
ing been charged by Pinkerton detect
les with being nno or th print Ipala in
the murder or Hon John M Clayton
nuwmervllle and the tragt dy today
Vividly recalls that terrible affair the
mystery surrounding which has never
been solved
jtnv ntmitMYu to woiik
The Situation In California Uesln
sitaa fo Clear I p
Fan rrancleco July M Tonight the
hopes of the mitirn Pacific managers
are rising Aided by tbt strong arm
of the fdra government they are
gradually gaining the mastery of the
American Hallway union Tin strik-
ers however ar not cving up without
a desperate itruggl and the end Is not
3 rt In sight Through passenger bav e
been running In pctthern California
today but It can not truly be aald that
the blockade has been broken The
trains that ere tunning have been
moved under cover of the military and
every train ttat has proceeded any con-
siderable distance hat borne a heavy
guard of toldlers Notwithstanding the
presence of these armed guards and a
military force of 10W men scattered
through the railroad yards on Oakland
mole the strikers succeeded In re
Interrupting train c at that
point About noon a mob of 200 strik-
ers stopped an Oakbznd suburban train
at Wood street and attempted to pull
a non unlun fireman from the cab
Prompt police Inuifrwice prevented
a delay of more than ten minutes La-
ter in he day another crow 1 number
In fully fcW strikers gathered at Sev-
enth street and stopped the first freight
train that was startrd out The non-
union fireman was dragged from the
locomotive lie was rescued by the
poltea and escorted tack to the loco
mot Ire Again the mob Interfered and
the engiwer nbtndtned his
tl pulled on to the next sluing The
here cftn tmreest tu us anr fairer tti
strikers la Ihe eany cwnlim the
it nav - vnt 1a ho m rfectiv
wi trkra rlorpcd anothes train which
Ulr InU rnaUer Mr heart
- bad been teken from the iarda under
as the bravest and nost loyl mm that th witmi7 f5
i one archlnc an either aid A mob of
strikers ran far ahead and i llfd rails
and stones op the track At Sixteenth
htrcet they succeeded la cutting the
train In two
It was several hours before the
trainmen Could be got out of tVlr tre-
at -cum m Jlut deep tt ail h rioting
and disorder the railroad official i rue-
trouble and acted as the switchmen ceeded In moving nearly all the local
did affairs would now be In a very rassner trains on uii A through
tereni condition i nope ooys v see j
the day come soon when ev ry rail- j
road man and laborer will b ready
ard wiling to lay down his wcrk to
fight for right oi ii body of
brothers who are being1 wrngd Not
until sou are ready to do this can
labor make any demands on capital
urns statement as uas uvea an oi
paasvnger fiom Ljs Armeies the first
since the trtke was Inaugurated arrived
in the morning On that train was a
pnrtv of astern tourUis in a Pullman
oach who had teen sidetracked to
tver two wewka at Mojave urruunoed
br the hot sards of the dosolate MoJave
desert The rvcrland train known aa
ih Vrw Orleans duress was
raternid f r l Angelas The evening
train for Is Ang lo the ovorland train
via Ogden and tho Ogden exprtat were
not sent out An overland train wna
dls6Uhed for Oilen from Stcramento
cowtvrr um tturty paaaengcrs ten
of whom wero women were on board
Other ptuwngrr tralna left HnTtmentr
almost on wli dule time but no trains
were run without military escort
In Bacratncnlo the cxcjtlnjt event of
the day was the arrest vt Harry Krox
leader of the strikers at that point
for conspiracy in oonneulon with the
wrecu nrror at me trestle vvi r
for the arrest of two other members
of the strikers coinmttee on similar
enarges Knox who was taken
The nlteliiMc take a nivlslnn
Chltugo July II The switchmen
have decided their courso regarding
the strike A meeting held toda re-
sulted In the following being promul-
gated We the grand board of dU
rectors of the Switchmen a Mutual Aid
association now assembled at the city
of Chicago have ourefuUy considered
our position In the pending strike of
the American Hallnay unlcn and
whereas our grand master M les W
Barrett dtd not countenance the same
but held that nil members of the
Switchmens Mutual Aid association
bo governed by our constitution bo It
Ilinohed That is 1 the mnso of
this body the grand board of dU
rectors assemblcit to fully indorse our
grand master Iti his actions n the said
IQoarA of Dlrcotora
This Is lnlerpreM to mean that th
moat authoralive body In the awltch
mhnf organlxatinn have officiary dli
countenancel the atilk aiid the
avMtchmeii hailng been the backbone
of tho strikers forces the outlook for
the Debs Sovereign plan Tor continu-
ing the strike la discouraging
Kveml Arrests Made
3t Louis Mo July 14A11 railroad
trains at this point are now arrlvlnc
rested William Buck William West
rope E A Roberts A J RobecK
and Dick Brown foreman for laet
evenings switch wreck Brown has
been Identified as having opened the
runaway engine throttle
ili nn sTitonEn
Clraad llatler Saratrnl Talks of tfee
Great Strike
Terrs Haute Ind July 14 Grand
Master Sargent of the flremens
brotherhood said that the old brother-
hoods will come out of the Pullman
strike stronger than before It was or-
dered for It will demonstrate their con-
servative character The laws of his
organization he says are maMe so as
to prevent a strike ao far as possible
that such a eptrlt should actuate all
laboring- organisations He added that
at no time during the Pullman boycott
waa there- any danger of a s m pathetic
strike on the part of the Brotherhood
Of Locomotive Firemen and all talK ti
that effect waa by persona not familiar
with the brotherhood laws He was
aorr for the brotherhood firemen who
had gone out on this atrlke on their
own account and had lost their Jobs
but they knew the consequences when
they struck aa the firementa organisa
tion had no trouble whatever with any
of the railroads Chief Sargent say
h4 is a peonal friend of Debs and
admirers hU honeety of purpose and
his Intellectual ability but he made a
mistake In ordering on this sympathetic
strike of the American Hallway Union
Mhnt effect It would httv e on Deb own
organization he could not say but he
did think It would make the old
brotherhood stronger One effect It
might have for ft while would be to
nake It harder for all the railway or-
gan Iiat lone to get concessions from the
Th lllff 1oar rrcker
Terre Haute Ind July It The au-
thorities today arrested the supposed
wrecker of the Big Puur passenger
train which resulted In tho killing of
Engineer Mofhcrman and Fireman
Fleck nx Congreesman Lamb who
has been employed to prosecute said
tonight that the officials believe they
have the right man The prisoners
name Is Hdward II olio way of Indian-
apolis He was at the occne of the
wreck but disappeared Immediately af-
terward but was arrested today nt
Itockvllle und brought here He was
empIoed by the Big tour the day be-
fore the wreck to tnko a striker plare
but he at once deeerted al Joined the
strikers and helped to side track the
freight trains
IleeeWed Hie llovumvnt
Chicago 111 July 14 Upon his ar-
rival at his office toda Major Hop-
kins received the letter from tho gen
enl managers auoclajion returning
the prorosltlun for a settlement of the
strike as made by Debs Sovereign and
Howard with the information that it
would not be considered The mayor
forwarded the communication to Presl
dent Dtbv i ngret thit the answer
Is uch said tho major I think thtt
mUro id companies should have taken
advantage of such a fair offer In the
interests of pcave law and order O
course they know their business better
than I do
It Pructlrnlly Ilndeil
Washington July 24 Dispatches re-
ceived at the postofllce department dur-
ing the dny report that the Interrup-
tions to the malls are ranldlv
Warrants were rlso out I ing and show that the atrlke Is prnctl
cauy ended He per is from Chicago und
other points In tho west Indicate a
general Improvement In the mails
f int0lalUHli7 tMhiI b a withdrawal of practically
liJLLSfUllm the obstruction to transmissions
charged and declare that the Southern
Iaoino nad enecteu uu arrest to ores it
his Influence with the strikers This
afternoon li was pubhihed that a con-
tention hed been nude by Warden le
striker under arrest aa a participant
in the perpetration of the crime at the
trestle In the allege 1 confession it Is
said that Wordnn Implicates Knox orr
others for hom warrants have been
The Southern riclno company has is-
sue 1 clrculnra announcing tha opening
of its ntllces for the sate of tickets over
laid via Los Anegt Its II Is state 1 hon
evr that for the time betng traits
will nut b run In nnrthrrn California
at ntgbt time To avoid possible disas-
ters when riarkneM coitus on tralna
will be tlde trarkeduntil morning
A small bridge wan burned tndny on
Lh coast dlvlnion prwiumnlily by tilk
i rs and t radio nurth of San Jose was
delajed several hours landing repairs
As et tha railroad company lias
been able to move but little freight
Homo Idea of the los to the fruit in
dustry on account of the blockada la
afforded In the estimates by lending
fruit men The estimate Is that at the
prcstnt time 100 car loads of green
fruit could be shipped dally to the
last forrn northern Callfqrnlt Some
of the fruit tha tcannot be shipped la
being dried but loss will be great
At Los Anvclts where the titrlke Is
as good aa over the Southern Pacific
superintendent has posted notice that
no mom men ar vvunied In Wan
Francisco at the coast division head-
quarters a list containing the names
of forty loading strikers hns been
pewted Tho other strikers will be taken
back it Is said At fUn Jose whero
considerable violence was done none
of tin strikers will be taleen back
At Onklaml and Sacramento tha
fiurstlon of returning to work la not
et under discussion
of malls except In California
It U Ilnnl
Chicago July II John M Fgan
chairman of the General Managers as-
sociation announced at noon to lay
that the action was final which was
taken laat night In returning to the
mayor the proposition for a return of
tc strikers to Mark submitted by Pres
tdeut Deba or the American Hallway
unton Thw announcement by Mr
Egan was anil t he the result of a
session of the gmergl manager which
began today aim it in a m
Ttnllwnr Trnltirt tlmumrri
South Knld O T July U The rail-
way bridge south of town which was
destroy id by rniagrd oltfzens y ester-
Jadge Iteaa an at ClalaesTllleMet at
the Depot by a Large Crowd
Alltanee Plenle at ttalywTbe
Kavarro County Ialr
Gainesville TexH July 14 Judge
Iteagaji reached this city this morning
at JO JO oclock over the Missouri Kan-
sas and Texas He was met at the
depot by a largo and enthusiastic
crowd of admirers and supporters
many of whom pressed forward shook
his hand and offered words of cheer
and pledges of support while others
took off their bats and exclaimed
Hurrah for Reagan
At 1 30 ho repaired to the courthouse
and commenced his speech A crowds
met him there and gave him an even
more enthusiastic reception He was
given the closest attention throughout
His friends here are more firmly con-
vinced now than ever that he Is the
man to preside over the affairs of
Hon Berry Camp Is In the city to-
day looking after his candidacy for
lieutenant governor
Lieutenant Governor M M Crane
came in this morning and was met at
the depot with a carriage and after
breakfast was taken to Catllaburg
where he addressed the cltlxens
The firemen who were brought here
from the orth were put aboard the
8 oclock Santa Fe train last night
and taken to Cleburne where they
were put to work In place of the strlk
Ink firemen One of them come In this
morning firing on the through train
from Galveston to Kansas City This
train arrived here at S oclock a m
and Is the first through train that has
passed since Monday night It had
a Pullman sleeper attached
Everything la quiet in railroad clrlces
Deulson Tex July 14 Four hundred
and ffty bunches of bananas were
fold by Hlbbard Brothers grocers es
terday for 2t cents pr bunch The
fruit had been Hid up by ihe strike in
the north and an immediate sale was
A new bridge has been comfleted
wst of the city and will greatly facili-
tate the couitry trttc between bher
man nnd Preston lUmd
Tha iUpublicnn league of Graaon
county met here last night to furfier
their Plans for the campaign Owing to
the slim attendance nothing was done
Mo Hlttar a colored man of this
citv jesterduy received word from Ne
hoba Mlif that his brrther had died
tlici leaving him a thousand dollar
t ank account
Several negroes wtro In the city en
route lu Hearne esterday They ha J
bftn sent to Ltlilgh to work In the
cpxI mines but ten they saw the
situation tly backed out
Sin Killer Grlrtin the colored evangel-
ist la doing a thriving bulnos here in
the Interest of the Lord
A Lame of baie t all bctwc tin the
Dsnlmm HVd Mnrshutl colored teams
Wds played here ycsterdit Alarshall
wij tne Victor hrore 17 to 22
IVul Uiltd States Marihtl
Puiighrrty of Oklahoma was In the
city today In ouest of a horse thelf
who It I clalnifd stole eight head of
hories n thRt district
J W Notl of Linn I T who dls
appfAred with S0 rorth of groceiles a
few days a an from thla city waa
brought In by Deputy United States
Marshal llershan this morning and
injde a sttlemnt
hieets at Dallas August t
day D I iSimliKlSrSS n
guard the track with an oitra fores
of ioIlce There ore no further acts
of violence and the lndloatlons are
there - III bo no more
Fnllrl to Aetept
Helena Mont July 14 The offer
Rclally made by General Manager
drlck to reinstate all emplojts who
arc now on a strke who are not gulltj 1
us criminal acis wniiT noius good till
noon tomorrow has not been taken by
any rmploves so for except the con-
Irnouiiiil tin Order
Auinra Ill Jul H -Members of
the American Hillvay unlun recently
ornanltd have surtM doted thtlr char-
ter claiming that they wero Induced to
iiuanlio thr uuh nitsrsirvrhntalliiun
Trey also adtped rsolulloi de
ncunvlng tho Anv rhan 2tallwa untoi
An Anprwl for Aid
Kansas City Mo July 14 George C
Ward local president of the Ameri-
can Hallway union haa Issued an ap-
peal for aid for the men who left their
work durlny tnt atrlke and aro not
out of employment nnd n d 1st reus
VVnutril tit Temiesmee
Clitcagn July it A summons waa
srrvi d today on Debs Kileher Ilogus
and Howard from the United States
circuit court fjr the western district
of Tennessee to ntip ar In August and
knsxver an Info n at charge there
against thein
Has IteacheA laenmn
TTasliltigton July H A IhtpatPh re
colWd at the postolnce department this
nttirno n announced tl at a train o
the Northern PoclMo had succeeded in
reaching Ttcoma fnin St Pau
Carrer ltpat Ullintt
Kansas City Mo July it Dr Carv-
er toda won the last of the live
llgoon anoot with J A R Elliott of
Kanras City ToJajs score waa as
clow and e v citing aa have been the
previous ones Carver killed nlnetj
livw birds to bl opponents nlnetj four
Several pheno nen U long distance shots
were made by bolh new The match
was for fift a gam with a side bet of
llw on the final outcome
o ltIIffl u HI ln
Kl Paso Tex July t the
ILIl Grtt1 on 1fnt rth belri Aisoclsted Press reports to the twni
Decatur July Jl Eight con-
victs In the Wise county Jail who have
received sentences for vnrious crimes
during the present torm of coort be-
came boisterous and unruly last night
breaking locks pots etc cursing nnd
swearing and maklnf the night hide-
ous with thelf jells After many
threats and muth pm suasion by tho
fflcers the were tin illy overrowered
and pow each of than woars handcuffs
and they arc chained to their cells
Th Republican ctutty convention
mot here thU afternoon Delegates
wore selected for tha ntate senatorial
And canvreaslona canveiiil nu i in
delegates to tH state cnnvontlnn which
wero in-
Cisco TMf July 14 The- board of
tharmnoy of the Forty second district
rnirt in Cisco and elected O T Maxwell
president and Georgo C Harris regis
trator Abilene
The following gertlemcn nreived
ominratea lAtnan T Gould H A
Bt Joljn T L Oliver A H Cames
A Hale II G Cook
The Cisco Hottllng company have
moved their plant to the building for-
merly occulted by the Cisco Ice coin
pan j
Fpper Uroa have sold their livery
and feed stable to Rhoades Harrell
of Hoby Tei who have located In
Cisco and brought their families with
Grapevine Tex July 14 There Is
a proti acted meeting going on at the
Raptlnt church here considerable in-
terest la exhibited Rev Ktncald of
Dallas is assisting the pastor J H
Contracts are let for two brick store
housm tn t built at once
Grain i coming in slowly farmers
holding for better prices
t1 tnA olt cron now nearlvall
threshed the jleld Is good Corn Is
damaged by the dry weather Cotton
growing and fruiting nicely
Alvord Tex July 14 The produce
dealers and farmers nre loading six
cars of melons tods On account of
recent railroad troubles this is the
first lot of melons shipped this sea-
Our canning factory la doing the best
business this jear It has ever done
The factory haa put up to date 1000
case f blackberries sots cases of
beans and TWO cases of corn
lll IMIToVr
Arlington Tex July 14 The 4-month-old
son of Mr and Mrs A J
Rogers died Wednesday night
pimlP01tRl WUm - ylnla a
iS JnrV i3ffaJ Sweetwater Is
VUltlng her mother here v
Mrs H K Goldlng leaves for Ken
tucky tomorrow to stay during the
Claude Tex July 14 Oar new Jail
Is now completed H as built of
rock frm a nuarry located on Palo
Duao cunon in thla count j and la
Italy Tex July U Today the AIM
ance had a plcnc at South Italy Dr
Tanny Leak of Austin was present
from tho state Alliance and delivered
a very Impressive address The county
lecturer also spoke for the edification
of tho Alliance members The day
passed pUosant The protracted
meeting at the Baptist church con-
tinues and much good is being done
The pastor He Selvlge is aided In
his noble work by Rev Riddle from
Rev Clay Collter of Joshua came
In yesterday and last night began a
meeting at the Cumberland lresb to-
rt an churoh The pastor Rev N C
Howard Ins not et returned from
Tennessee His m tslon there was the
burial of his wife who died so sud-
denly snine day nno
The work of Improvement goes on
There Is now a movement on foot to
build a public school building As
the college butKUng Is not large enough
for the number of pupils In attend
ancc during the pubPc school
Corslcana Tex JuIj 14 The Navar-
ro County Fair association directory
met here today A large attendance
was had
Luther A Johnson corresponding
secretary of tho Christian Cndeivor
society of the Cumberland Preabj ter
lan church hsa been notified that one
of the t went j -five diploma lvcn ry
the International society now In si
alon at Clovelntul Q do foi rffUlant
I vi ill VI Win I vuuii VI UVW VlCUCf
comes to him
j Jas M Rainwater committed sul
1 clde last night by jumping in a will
i forty feet In Cepth nnd drowning His
l rcwalni were token from the w 11 this
mornlr g Il hcnltb is ihe cause at
I tributcd to the rash act
Wnnewood 1 T July 14 A countv
convention wna held here to day b
the leaso men of the Chickasaw nation
to select doletates to the Ardmore con-
vention to b held on tho 3d The
Ardmore convention will then send
delegates before the Davis commission
at South McA tester to see what will
bi done In regard to the leaue busi-
ness Tho leas men of this nation
number over 100009 and are preparing
to taka th proper strpa to protect
themselves In case a change Is made
In thla country
Two Itervtirr Appnlntrd
Springfield III JUly 14 The Atlan-
tic Trust corn pan j and the Railway
Kqulpment company both of New
York instituted suit In the United
States circuit court against Henry
OHara at Alton and the Mobile and
Ohio railroad asking the appointment
of rwlvers for 1 400 freight cars which
O Hara puichasM of the plaintiffs anJ
which he leased to the Mobile and
phlo they claiming O Hara owes thera
160000 for the some Judge Allen to
night appointed Charles K Kimball
of F Tork n4 fl p Wheeler of
Springfield receivers
Tit AfchUml DUtrlct
rrAnkfort Ky July 14 Breck
enridge stroke to a crowd or 1 000 peo-
ple at Stamping Ground Scott county
the home county of W C Oaens to-
day The band played The Girl I
Left Behind Me as he waa escorted
to the stand nnd he was enthusias-
tically received He dtllvcrod one of
hlB most eloquent sneecboa There were
a large number of ladles ptesent
Another Ynrhf IIAee
Southampton July 14 At the
BouVhampton regatta today Lord Dun
raven ateered his new twenty rater
Audrey n her maiden race over a
twent Mix mile course Hciv rain fell
throughout the race The- Injonl after
a good start secured the lead led
throughout tha race and won The
time was as follows
IrtyanL J fcfi
Deidre J M Audrey SRsJb WVI
CUlelct Court to Cntene
OatesYlUe Tex July 14 The dls
trtct court convenes Monday District
Attorney Jr t Cartels t iitr ready
for IL
- -3
391 IV TartSAm
TT IJtl i3 - At jrrw wi i
14 Wfl I i rlurr
irtV MMWS33esS33sessSTSi
Frenoh Guyot Suspend
25c a Pair worthy
30 doz Negligee Shirts colfM
ached and detached
Sizes 14 to 19 145 EapU
thuv Ann aooi soininns ad
Alii l III LLP O llAUU
Wliat They- Io ln the Time
Al Lots of Work unit a tlrent
Ieut of Pun lntertnliinients
uud Ualls Afford Ilenur
Camp Mabry Austin Tex July 14
Mhen the sun rose esterday rriorning
It found Camp Mabry afl busy as ever
In fact with the advent of each day
the boa seem to take more interest
In the work and go at It with more
vim and energ The usual routine of
morning drills Including guard mount
keep the boys busy The second regi-
ment had inspection yesterday morn-
ing nnd It was certainly n hot Job
Two of tho boys fainted and had to
be taken to the field hospital where
they wpre well attended to
The usual quota of visitors thronged
the tented field all da and s night
various headquarters were scenes ot
many gatherings The ladles especial-
ly seem to enjoy camp life and as the
gallant officers are charmed to have
them around and everbody Is happy
the band plaja merrily on
Today the sixth day of camp life
at Camp Mabr opened up as usual
with the regular morning drills and
guard mount The First regiment fur-
nished all the guards and necessary
o fllcer s for guard mount today The
only accident to mar the pleasure of
this morning wna the fainting of three
of the guards during drill mount They
were promptly carried to the field
hospital where assistance w as ren-
dered them
The Third regiment Infantry were
Inspected this morning at 730 by
R Xi Oaston and Ma-
jor Bpencer Hutching They stood a
splendid Inspection although It was
terribly hot
Yeeuiday afternoon at Z 33 oclock
the Second regiment band was men
advancing fiom the quarters of the
becond regiment Immediately In the
rear of the ban was the Governors
Guard of Austin attired In all the ra-
diance of tlulr full dress uniforms
The company had the samo sized team
it took to Little Pock at the Inter-
state encampment which w as forty
strong The bright red of their dress
uniform coats their plumed caps and
white trousers made a handsome cos-
tume and the crowd cheered to tho
tcho as they marched on the field
The division review yeaterdaj after
noon under the command of Gen
Openheimer pnseeil off In the most ex-
cellent manner Ihete was not a sin-
gle hlUh or accident to Interfere with
successful execution of the review and
It passed off In brllMant style When
the reviewing ofllcer took their stand
lb ere were at least iOvO people scattered
over the truunrt wauhliig the grand
sight The Wilted Mates regulars Ir
cludlnb the band en horseoack alwojs
take part In tha review and are til
ways applauJed as tl e pass tho grand
stand Tl review of Uit evenltu was
gotttfu up In fine Ehapt a ltd tie man-
ner In which It pissed the reviewing of
flrra waa certainly deserving of ah
Tho Texas Volunteer Guard has qual-
ity and strength and I oth r illun
trated in the best nosslule manner at
the dally revision revtevta Today be
Ing Saturday the tovlew will probably
be witnessed by fully 10000 people
On Monday night the cltiicns of
Austin will give the visiting mill tin
a grand military ball in the state carl
tol and It Is said that the bail will
be the grandest society event yet ar-
ranged and executed In the hlstor ot
Texas The Fifth regiment band of the
United States regulars will furnish tha
music for the occasion Neither time
or expense haa been spared In looking
to tre complete success of the ten-
sion The saene of the batl wlllcer
taluly be located in one of the most
magnificent buildings In the world and
the nleaiurea of the occasion will
doubtless be of equal magnitude if that
companion may be admitted Visi-
tors from all sections of the state have
signified their Intentions of coming to
the ball
The management of the encampment
haa concluded to change the hour
for the sham battle announced for
next Tuesday from 10 o clock In the
morning until ocloak in the after-
noon the following order having been
Issued over the signature of A 8
Roberts major gentral commanding
A sham battle is hereby ordered
to take plsce at Camp Mabry next
Tuesday afternoon at 6 oclock The
ceremony of review will be omitted
on that day
This chance Is made In order that
visitors from a distance may be able
to be In attendance at the battle which
will be given on quite a grand acale
The boys In the Fourth regiment
and especially in the M B Lloyd rifles
are hrvlng great sport in holding kan-
garoo court every afternoon at which
time some of the oncers op privates
are arraigned before the court and
tried on some charge Yesterday the
Quartermasters ot two of the com-
panies were tried on a charge of not
Ljpir eiugl1 Tfad for their
companies They wire found guilty
by a Jury of twelve and sentenced
to buy three sxtnt loaves of bread
each day for their respective com-
JT bnt utenant will be tried
V v vumtWB turn ennp At
t riii VT ix
l in lieutenant
twm be tried on la tharge ot high
I treason ant rnimn -
vmivwv Vfc VVUlfa
smnm iiini GiotiE
of the finest quality of sandstone The
total cost of ths building was SISMK
Our commission era court meets to-
day for the purpose of accepting the
Ardmore I T July It Editor H
W MoAdams Is back from Washing-
ton D C
Miss lleulah Fitch of Sherman who
has been visiting her aunt Mrs W
II Gardenhlre returned home Thurs-
Mrs J It Mason haa returned from
a visit to her old home at Milam
Mrs Hudle Wilson of Marshall Tex
Is the guest of Mrs G W Stewart
Arthur WaJcott Kii of Muskogee
Is here
Mrs H W McAdams Is visiting
friends In Cleburne
Mlve Luiie Halley or Savanna and
Ciockie La Hore of Limestone Gap
Choctaw Nation are the guests of
Mrs Lee Croc
MM Maggie Bruce has returned from
South McAIestcr
Judge and Mrs F G Harry have re-
turned from bherman
Misses Minnie and Luclle Pouttrell
of Longvlew Texas who have been
visiting Mrs It W Randal returned
home Monday
Judge Hlnkl and family Silas Uoyd
and famlb together with Misses Maude
Llttell and Hdna Duston are camping
at Hock Can on
Mlas Ida Want of Denlson Tox
Is visiting Mlas Lem Nolen
Miss Kuta Handle of
ivw nam ucvil KltVIU t
the M H Lloyd rlttes u
me ooya a grana reception
reception will bo one cf t7
Miss Handle Is a highly
to bo the prettiest aponw
ul least inai is wnat ths
jjoyu nuea ininK To r
Sunday no driltlng will
evervhndv will nk -
boya will attend morning
m uif 4ii me aiierticw
sacred concert will be gji
Bin Hianti on the
ETOlinrt Tt ttIII Vi I
by the soldier bos and v
Captain M B Llojdof
will entertain tUa n
fit thA rMna Af Mn
Tobln on Tuesday nlsht At
nine virs xonin vui enl
Belknnn rlflAM wltti -
Penclbles entertained thetr
ansa jsannio weal of H
Jllsses Hart n ml Burke fin
eral other lady friends at
terday w
inp m u no j a rinei
their sponsor Miss Handl
lady friends from Amiii
tn rffiv dL
To morrow Sunday thejlj
itn ivtu niienain quite i m
their lad friends at dlow
tur uiurnwn ine Lioyd if
lady friends will have their
At Cnmp Slilirr
Avwtln Tex July 14 Aa
crwd attended the dlvainn
day at Camp Mnbry Mijep
the Fifth regiment was pi
ft hnniltnma muNAhnM
second batalllon of the FlfiH
uovernor Jiogg spent the
or me aay The Bruce
drilled for Tuesday
The Crr of llnllitia and Its
ken Cp jsl
iew ictk juiy jl a
demonstration was helll
square thin evening DtU
the municipal and park p
hand to preserve order
no trouble Superintendents
malned In his ofilce thi
evening to give directions N
tiouble The cry raised
ers at the start was ballot
This cry was taken upfcN
cecding speaker for the lis
eociallsttc party controlled t
and wanted to work It far
worth for their own lute
blned with tne ooclstlstlo
in the demonstration wen ll
Labor Federation and 11
States Hetrew trades Aitl
expected numerous rea wail
placed and but a few An
were visible
Each divUlon of the r
rled a number of transpj
various mottoes such u
capitallss and kindred I
About Union square sovs1
had been erected for
Addreues were made In I
man and Hebrew a pkfl
liaIirnorf In tm anoaVtri I
guage JM
Lucius Simuls aikry
Pallpd nnnn tn tin aide I
speech strongly cordemajl
io iits treatment ot m
then denounced capital i
fimhtnn niirUn MitM
the socialist candidate ferf
thla state was the n J
referred nt some lerjrtn
strike and after candrjw
and the railroad majni
we must met tnera
vveanonii nvnllable th
ballot not bullets Pusffl
After him cams T Su
who waa a candidate on J
ticket for a Judicial j
He followed In the sanw
Daniel Deleon formW J
major Mrs Imogens P
uaiunsgy ana many i
rnlli iTulnir vsanliil InnS WSl
Whrwm tha fOWTt Cf
tabllshed on n basis rlW
liberty giving to Its ftg
Its people tlrollar to tg
Whereas the fbtrlke tfj
or luuman w i
flhilhn Anrt ntltrfltTeS V
ana Inevitably arise ttvi
Whereas the armr a
the United States wefJ
ten arrayen on ic -
mri mnlrnf tO 11 V
the protests 01 Ui nJl
Invaded By me
ulnlaKnn n Ih POnS
United States to h 5
W saiilKfllWT
monopoly uj iiuh
against tne proaJvT
t9Vn laan MVHtemSUvS
m i tnll IS
Resolved that we J
an ev1dnce of the 4rrpl
liot un i rtrndUCCrS
era which must c0ntJf3
AMiurll1nn m UnDlH
tlon which will WJ
th full proaucv J
itesoivi i
wage earners oi a
country lo sever uti
Uon with me
nhlAl km tinder IM
tallst and unite tlJJ
tor party n
the overflow ot w J
opoiy anq in cv
operam comit
ures ual luillc
le oc tiviM

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