Fort Worth Gazette. (Fort Worth, Tex.), Vol. 18, No. 234, Ed. 1, Sunday, July 15, 1894 Page: 4 of 16

run iikam olu mai aiiiii mjv
unAt cuitii
II1H Conntr Vrouublr flone Into III
Column AIodk Willi rrretue
llel Ulver nnd Kaufninn Coon
4le Waller Far tulbero
Tho vote for eovcrnor thin mornlnir
I as follows
lor llrauatii
Ttendcraon 4 Vnn Zandl
Trinity si Loon
Ilaln II Mcidlnon 2
I lve Oak II Sherman 1
Jtco SI Clay 4i
Fannin 18 flunk
anderaon 0 ureaon
Mmaetopo 8 Javurro 10
TtobertBon C Hamilton ft
Floyd 1 f
roby l Cotllna 15
Dlcken 1 lrlon I
WIIUomiwnS -10 nentRralth 1
Tarrant T Motley 1
rranMin a coitman
llinfleda 1
Haskell I
Trlu 1
Onn 1
CnVti l
I ee
la Hallo
W nlker
Cum p
Tit ui
v nni
IMmno t
It 1 VfR
M iilnh
QIDticuck linandall
lor S1CCU
caatro 1
Itoberta 1
Hutchlmon 1
tfvalde 2
Jeff Davie 1
KlnK 1
Lamb 1
Duval X
lln ey
Lavacca 7
Fur Laiibiini
Donley il Ochiltree
IcmnUf t lack
Ial 1 WlJIIftiTiaon
Midland 1 Unllam
Jonev Knox
Kent 1 Ardrewa
OMlinin l Concho
Mclennan IT
nrror 3
Citor 1
Ban Augustine 1
Callahan X
Nolan 1
Itrtwuttr 1 lineiroD
lllleaple 2 Wilbarger
r J Faao ft Kcurry
Hardeman 2 Moan
Potter Tnrrnnt
Parker Sdmervell
Hood 1 Young
Wlnkltr i II riaher
Loving 1 Taylor
BwUlur 1
fjuimp H
WDIInrnunn 3 0 1ft
Han Hnoa x
Erath 7
Kl tribal
DM Ian
I trow
The deieaalea
Mltphdl IWMPt
Whirton J MbUtj
Tarrunt MHlp
Hopkins iivuiMlviuu
3 s io
rcrry 1
Yoakum 1
tnlo rinto 1
VVIllmrjrer 4
rttririruiit Ilo alitful
Slulhy t
nnuhttt j
ric l
v Timdulupo
Ton nrecn
r6rt licnd
Coleman 8 Wllnon
for Hon Jo Abbott ror congiesa Hon
H C Unshnvv for lloutonant iMvernor
and John D Pitta for floater and go
kNt 4 -
Upton 1
mil it
Kaufman 10
lied Ulver T
Kendall 1
rravia U
Menard l
Calhoun 1
Kapnta 1
Uorden 1
McCullough I
rtpftiRlo 1
DoWIlt 4
Crockett 1
Jocnto I
31 UhckwaH
lioua a
lor Itoii
Austin f 7
Itviiftftn 174 040 CuUxJrncii SOS Mo
I ai nb am 131 9 10 1 McCall 43 Homa 7
unlnntructeJ lit f
Ulii Cuut r
Hlllfboro Tax Jiily 14 The precinct
primary convention for precinct No 1
was called to order by Chairman Dr
J S Pc ho field and the objoct of the
meeting stated On motion Dr J 8
Hchoflold was elected permanent chair
man nnd Mr I Hawkins permanent
secretary The ilrat ordr of business
called wua selection of dt legates as
follows M P Hawkins d W Pat
terson Mr Henry nnd Jo Davis On
motion the delegates were Instructed
as follows Tor Hun Charles Cutber
pon for governor Hon 8 C Upahaw
for1 lieutenant governor Hon Jo Alt
salt for congress and John D PltU
ror floater and go unlnstrucled In re
fetenoe to balance ot ticket This
-ward has four votsn the county
convention Then wen only seven
participants and a list of vofcffs showed
limit for lleagan and four for Culber
Tho precinct prlmnry convention tor
word No 3 was called to order by
Chairman V V HpotI nnd Col John
D Vfanen waa ulcctcd permanent
chairman and Prof A T Lowery was
electod permunent secretary The con-
vention procodd through a commit-
tee ottlva to the selection of dWcgatea
ua follaw a Col Jul in D Warren T
C Turk Prof A J lowery J K
Ballard Joln Perry J B Hounds
W I Cunningham W U Spell C
C Jlunton A W lrtthttin John Proc-
tor John ilughOB T J Hiiwklns H
u carter u u juuups i jtosen
r r v by - v
wis m by jotir reporter declined
tn maita any statement ot hl poitl
tlon It Is thought that a majority
of thorn favor the candidacy ot lion 3
W T Mnham
Th pilrnnry contention for precinct
No 3 wss cnlted to ordr liy Chalr
mn It U IYnaler and Copt A 1
MelCInnon placed In nomination tho
present chairman Mr Kraler and
stated ha vtxa u warm supporter oC
Hon Chnrlcs A Culberson Dr J r
Harris placed In nomination Dr II
Knox and stated ha was a staunch
supporter of tho frrnndeiit man In all
Texas Hon John H Uaffan Cheer
Ort count the vot atnod as follows
It C rraxler Cfl voloa Dr II Knojc
19 voted H W Hunt was eloeted
permanent scerctnry On motion the
chair appointed a omtnltte of threo
on resolutions compvsed of the Jot
lown gentlemen I Derd n VV C
Morrow and V A Culboreon and
dHo n commltteo of five on selection
of delecales as follows Dr I Knox
A I1 Mcftlnnon J H Thompson V
H Woods nnd John C Porter On
motion the committee was Instructod
to nelect elffhten iMenale to cast
thft nine volns of ths precinct tor th
county convention The uitrd Instruct
cd for Culbtvrtiftn
The committer on seecllns delegates
then reported the folio win jr nsmesi A
H Johnson J M Johnson A II Me
Klnnon K V Ilutherfnrd W A
Culberson V C Morrow II C Tra-
iler Dr J J Itnherl V I Mathews
H Derden Dr It Knnx M r Win
frey J JTTby Dr J T Harris W
H Woods H J llcklln Harvey Che
nault and O T Fennell Iteport adopt-
The precinct primary contention for
precinct No 4 was called to order by
Chairman Dr M D Knox and elected
for permanent chairman tho ram vn
ttemon with Krum Klrlcpatrick as sec-
retary A resolution Instructlnff the
delenatea to be selected by this prl
inory convention to tho county convic-
tion to vote a n unit and Instructing
them for Hon J A lloatt of Kills
for state senate Hon Jo Abbott for
congress Hon H C Upihuw for lleu
teiiautgoernor wua nimnlmoualy car-
On u vote for first choice for gov-
ernor the following wan the result
Culberson 0 lteagan 22 and Ian
ham 10
The tommlttee on select np dele-
gates then submitted tho following
names John Hchoiield Krum Klilt
Patrick A V Klrkpairlck W O
Wear J H Johnson Dr II T ly
Dr II H Vaughan A B Hone 1
A Carlton C J Tarlton W It
llragtf O Holland I 1 Works H
N Hpoonor T H Hmlth J M Mel
son Dr M D Knox D H Hamilton
C J Horn lis lieotKQ I lorter Tom
Ivy and I li Htroud llepurt adoptwl
nnd the convention adjourned The
precinct Is entitled to eleven votes In
the county contention
Uepmts have boen retelved here slat
n that lteagan can led Abbott pre
Clnot and that limit cm led tlm fame
predhot for ongiiSH over Jo Abbott
AUn that lUaguu Cntntt Upsha Ab-
bott nnd Morrlsiiti carrlnd Ilrandon
without ary inajnrttlr s being given
Also that KeuRim carried Itaaka for
goverror by ll v Aotes It Is also
c In lined Jhat ho carrltd Joorla Wood-
bury and Osceulu but im inajotitles
nre gtvon Tho lUagun men claim the
county by n wife majoilty H will
probably h Monday before cnoutrh
nccutntc i turns tiro In to show the
exact mult of todai s primaries
Oiceoln prulnct went for Culberson
Whltnry also wnt for Culberson
Lnnlnm sccnud
S C Upahaw Crane Abbott with
rolndextcr seoond cboloe Henderson
cuiniilmller No majority klen but
stated tint mnjtrlty was largo for
Culberson Claimed that resolutions
were passed strongly Indenting CIum
laml and his administration und the
Chicago piatrtirm
llubbunl City Tax July 11
klnn Hurt Davidson and J D Pitta
for flouter
Itaslcn Tiy Julv U TW precinct
lURtructtd for following oilioem For
governor John H Hmtgnu tor
Crane senator Chilton
oonuresH Joe Abbott
Abbnti Tex July 14 J H Ttengnn
first i Mae i A Culborson tteeond
Hlllsboio TeK July 14 Ho far as
henrd from tonight Cullvcnon lins 43
Vote ltengau 4 with It country bnXfS
to In nr from with 71 vote it tho
count v e invention These will bejond
doubt give the count to lleagan Ab-
bott and tlpshaw have can ltd tho
ouuntj from best Information tbat can
be u btu In ad
Ilnmncr Nominated
Hxakell Ilnskell Co Tex July 11
The Democlrttle convention of thli the
Thirty ninth judicial district baa been
In session here four days and nights
nnd upon the 1201 ballot nominated
Hon IM J Hammer for district Judge
Hon W T Andrews of Throckmorton
county und Hon C P Woodruil of
Jones county being tho other tanril
On the 111S ballot Andrevva with-
draw but Judgo Woodruff rouulned In
the inoe to the finish
Hon V W Heal of Fisher county
was nominated ror dlntriot attorney
and Judge 11 O Bmllh of Throck
morton county was unanimously elite
ted chairman of tho Democratic ex-
ecutive committee for the Thirty ninth
judicial dlatilct
Ianiiltat Ilnciiiiipment
aien Hose Tex July It The third
party encampment held her closed
jeitfidny evening In a joint dttctnwUn
between Judga Demunebte Populist of
Hill county and Hon lw lttddle
Democrat of tn anbury The Judge
opened In a speoch of two hours und
closed In a n joinder of a half hpur
Mr Illddle spoke titu hours nnd a half
In which he Mry nbly dlstnisavd the
gnat Issues of Democracy and score
the PopulMa nn their visional y
scbemee of money and tho tccoida
miide by their party
Throughout tho entire meeting was
well attended The other VpeViker
mTi Jtr U VkXm nt bMin vid
Poputl t Pro tent
Ban Saba Tdt July llV The Pto
plea party executive committee ron
slating of the cltulrtneu of the voting
nerlncta met here on Saturda July
iiihrihtlrniln Jame JJun Pte
Charles Whitmiro ami v u jonnson - o ue
Hy resolution ire delegates wr Jg rir i prlniwles
structud tt vote ns a unit uu all qus urw hlinSr B5iTctr nU ai
iiumlwr of oandMates
iinnf wi4r inirnoi1 were ams
r t nmiiicu raiiirtiav Kpninnn t
ni it vaa decided n allow them to
retire and fix tb date Tho rn
that the whole aimbljre a ruse as
uninairucted in reference to bna i JflJ lrt a lh
of the ticket 81- ol0fr ne Is denied fpr two
Ttesolutlope IMtrittojr for lleagan I w aLlVLa fn PlMor re-
Lanham nril iuiocrson were all tabled
i vii n
and tkcit tv which nxctA - no itate for the nrlmai i
no Vote was the
bitrpiitnMat ranSlitiiten W on 7
mount of the 1ntt thut this pn tton Tex July ha Culberaon
mry inntlon rU IA th ramlWnT lu worsranla hero flllu Ham-
ot lion s C Upahaw for I melt watlHMen rhali mku ani 711 n
WWW 7 PlUnct M ten vnl Ivnlao FCioVar Tho SL uZ l
eat bflm U iitretl foi sot rnor u Jopt ia u twfiSliS 1
Breat Ital Inurnl u eett man- liU atauf i IIU InmuJa J i n
Itwiwj by friend ot lhv flllrrnt can- wy be hr 1 IchorH hia juiii if
saitta ttana Cy ry i of thm tiit CUrkvU T July i nurM o
far as In from yesterdays primaries
how the following stato officers have
carried the county lleagan Camp
Tuller Henderson Dodd and Carlisle
Hodges carried iho county for congress
Crawford second
llngtlsh Tex July 14 This box
vots aH follows C A Culberson 12
J II Itettgan 28 S W T Mnham
2j U T Jester 6 li W Camp U
Hon Tom Itcnilemnn nn tht lolltl
rnl Bltiinllnn
Waco Tex July 14 Hon Tom B
Henderson of Cameron spent today In
the city nnd talked of politics In Milam
county which ha represents In th
legislature We polled over 2000 Dem-
ocratic oten In our prlmariea nnd we
nra going to cirry the county desplta
the confident prediction of the Popu
lists Two yars ago Ilarber tho Pop
ullnt candidate for congiees it gainst
Pdidlcton carried the county but this
time Pendleton will beat him We had
a most enthusiastic county convention
and our ticket in made up largely of
young men who nrr the hardest kind
of workers The Populists In our sec-
tion are remarkably strong They were
so two years ago and they am work-
ing hard but nevertheless wor going
to carry the county Hits ttme
Senator Cono Johnson of Tjler Is
In the city and was busy all day talk-
ing with friends and politicians Ho
dlxcusrd the Bltuntlon with Hon Geo
Clark Chairman linker and others
Hon Roth Mills declares he Is meet-
ing with ronslderablii encouragement
In his candidacy for tho speakership
of tho next houso of representatives
and believes that when the legislature
meets bt A hi tin he will have the posi-
tion secured
He Is recti vlng offers and tenders
of support In almost oery mull Yes-
terday he received letter from two
ministers proffering thrlr hearty sup-
port of his candidacy 12ach lettor con-
cluded by stating that the writer Is n
candldato for chaplain nnd would be
delighted to number Iteprescntatlve
Mills among his supporters
Trnvla Comity ltiiiIIUiini
Austin Tex July 14 The llepub
llcan county com en tlon met In tho
county courthouse this morning at 11
oclock and elected U C nnrlholomew
temporary chairman Isaao Henson
temporary secretary and Alex Chal
Tho committee on credentials were
appointed by the chair consisting ot
the following nine members lllran
McGnr J M Odel I re en Durtnn it
H lid con I M Kalu J i Williams
Miller Alexander D Campbell and
Alex Hell
The committee on permanent organ
isation nre Ad Anderson John Tay-
lor W IS Itaaher W P Mulisou and
J it Warren
The committee on resolutions Chas
A Nownlntf U II Harbert and Hugh
At 12 10 the convention adjourned
until 2 p m nfler hearing an ad-
dress from Major Hurke
In the afternoon sestlon delegates to
slate conguftfilonal und Judlml ton-
entlons v ere n i pointed Tho con
unlion refused to put out a ticket A
resolution was paused tlatterlncly oom
nurdalcry of County Treasursr lid
MnrrttMl Mm Only
Abilene July 14 Tho Tnjlor county
Dumooretlo convention was held hero
today The meeting was called to or
dr by J I Stephenson W Thomp
ho n was appointed temporary chair-
man Tho meeting then went Into per-
manent organization and elected II
A Co of MprltM r hnlrman The meet-
Thn 1 lug pusned off cr harmontoudly until
Damooratlc ptiinary hero today was tho following resolution was off tied
Minted by Culberson Upehaw Abbott Resolved that the delegates to our
for ooiigtess Chilton for venule Cm no different district conventions be tn
h i lisle lnley IKker Worthain tuiuctrd to u fuse to vote for any un-
married mun
After a good denl being said for and
ntiilnst tho resolution the pnme was
mtotct Thu following Insiructlona
wre given B W T lanham for guv
inuorf J V Cockrell for congicsn K
K legate for state senator W II
midland for rebieaentntlvu and F H
lull for district attorney They wero
uppisel to the abrogation of the two
ihlids rule Tlmy funhcr Indorse nnd
nppmvu the action of the Democrats
of Text in harmonizing tho fHctlnns
nnd oxtendlng to tlm Hon W B Ha-
lt r our at pn clntlon ror his services In
bringing about harmony
Knnfiiiuu tuuntr
Terrell Tex July 14 The ote for
Ueagatt and Culberson as far as heard
from Is as follow s Ten ell tin e
wards lleagan 33 Culberaon 463
Tawictice Iteagan 11 Culbetxon H
ltmtry Itengan 9d Culberson CO
Hcurry ltengnn xd Culberson ft J Ugypt
ltengau 4T Culberson 16 Kemp
HeAgrtii IM CulbtMsou If Lavvndale
Iteagan 6t Culberson 4 The county la
conceded to lleagan The Indications
to tho following state candidates as
successful Jester lieutenant goWrnor
nttorney general M M Crane j comp-
troller Hendersoni treasurer Worthatn
land commltLLouei Doddj superintend-
ent ot pubtlo Instruction M rirllb
congress It H Hurke sitininr rvii
fjultt leglslaturt IMrmpaas and Dievv
Heagans sliungeat opposition was In
Inmnr Comity Pop
Paris Lamar Co Tex July 14
The Popullata of Lamar countv met
In convention hero today and nominat-
ed the following ticket a J Wright
and H M McCuhtlon for the legln
lature J C Weddtngton for county
Judgo Tom J Anderson for county
clerk J C Phtlllpa sheriff John PiU
ton Jr assessor II L MnChrlstlan
Collector J M Hhelton district clerk
D P Holla n treasurer Gibbons po
test superintendent Of publb n chimin
Instructions were given for 10 L Do
honey for United btftten nenator and
a hmg series ot resolutions were adopt
llupkln CimitrV
Mack Jack Tex July 14 At the
precinct convention toda delegates to
the county convention were Instructed
to cast tha vote for governor for Cul
berson first last and all the lime
Hy bare majority of only two the
eonventlon nmrmed Its adherence lo
the carshed platfotm of 1S3 and of the
coinage of silver at 16 to 1 Delegates
were Instructed for Chilton for UrUM
States senator and Cranfoid for con-
Freeatone Connly
Worlliam Tox July 14 Following
Is the vote pulled here In the primary
yesterday Culberaon 48 Heagan 38
Lanham It Jester candidates for
other stale ofjlcen were not voted on
At Manner box Ileugan Ui Culber
son Si Lannam 1 JesUr 60
It will be Monday night before the
full vote will he counted tut he coun
ty VUl go for lleagan as this Is Culber
sons strongest box
PUber CAuttty for IMnhwm
otrtiefwnter iex July 14 At thn
teenth con irresi tonal district J V
Coplcrell for senator Twenty eighth
senatorial district H D Oage for
reprwehtnttve J II Beall being In-
structed for by acclamation
lted Ulver County
Detroit lex July 14 With returns
from most all the boiei this county is
conceded as follow t Oov ernor
Ilea tans Lieutenant governor Campj
attorney general Fuller land commis-
sioner Doddt congress Hodges county
Judge Durdett district clerk Morri
son county clerk Taylor collector
Honlen treasurer between Norman
and Hubbard
CNiryell Coiiuly
Oatesvllle Tex July 14 The coun-
ty Democratic primaries the two wards
In the city give a majority for repre-
sentative Martin district clerk Hood
county Judge Taylor county attorney
Arnold county clerk West sheriff
Haminacltt treasurer Basse Assessor
McBeth collector Hedgpelh Heports
from other boxes elect Martin for rep-
Loving Cnuntr
Pecos Tex July 14 Loving county
hold her Democratic convention on the
12th Instant and Instructed dclegatoH
to vote as follow Lanham for gov-
ernor linker for land oommtusloner
MoCalt for Comptroller Dean for con-
gress R D dago fur atata senator
and Ueall for representative
tpuhur rnimt
Ollmer Tex j Jily 14 At Democratic
primaries today Gilmer precinct voted
462 votes Out of 2CT vote counted
Culberson received 17ff lleagan CO Lan
ham 2g Heturns ivlll not be In until
Indications are Culberson has car-
ried the county
Knit fin an miiily
Forney Tex July H In the pri-
mary election here today Culberson
leads by a Kmall majority Iteagan
next then Jester CrMn Flnley Walsh
Carlisle Hlmkln Henderson and Hurt
and Hurke
The race Is a close one throughout
the county
Got to I nu limit
lllg Springs Howard Co Tex July
14 At the county Democratic conven-
tion held hem today lids county goes
for Lnnham Puller Wortham Wig-
gins llaker and J V Cockrell for
congress Clngu for state senate und
Ueatl for representative
Wnller Conntr
Hempstead Tex July 14 The
county convention today Instructed for
Culberson with Upshur for lieutenant-governor
No other Instructions
County ticket headed by A a Lls
comb for Judge
JVomliinled u nudldale
Gatesv Ille Corj ell Co Tox July 14
The county llr publlcan executive com-
mittee met today They nominated H
J Hnochs for representative
Kit r iic Oouiitr
Karnes City Tex July II The pri-
mary here Instructed for Culberaon
Crane Schleicher Flnley Worthnm
Chilton and the majority rule
Atiilertoii County INtpitllnln
Palestine Anderson Co Tex July
14 The Populists held their county
convention here today nnd nominated
almost a full county ticket
Culberaon lu Auatlii
Austin Tex July 14 Culberson
came buck today to look after some
business in the attorney generals of-
fice and will sptjnd ftundav here
Pnitrtlr Mlii
Muldjon lex July 14 No Inctruo
tlons for state otnoors wmi given to
the prnclnct delegates to the county
U nee ii of the Ken
Uoston Mass July 14 Tho new
crulwr Minneapolis anchored off Bos-
ton light ubout 8 40 oclock this after-
noon She la tho proud holder of the
vvorlda record for warship speed Two
hours later tho party who had enjoyed
the distinct lun of being present on
th fasteat warship In the world landed
In Hoslou The contract stipulates
Hint she should make twenty one nauti-
cal talles per hour nnd for each one
fourth of a knot above that figure the
firm of CraniD R011 builder were to
icoelvu the sum of 5000J hence when
the five members of tho Cramp family
who were preaent on the trip and saw
tho big anchor diop out ot sight In
tin water1 at the close of tho trial they
had the satisfaction that they weie
402 500 richer than when a few hours
before they embarked upon the exem-
plification ot the naval architects art
Ibe dn and tho elements were all fa
vornble to the queen of the seas and
not a single accident or mishap ot any
kind happened to mar the trial trip
101 0 liU OIJirtAflKI
An LiikMtMXi Aaullnt CuU Her
lliroiil mill Lai ape
Humboldt Tcnn July 14 Miss Tnr
tla Watllngton tho G- ear old daugh-
ter of W T Walllngton n wealthy
Planter Was outraged and murdered by
nn unknown fiend near her fatherj
home at Plnson late yesterday Miss
Walllnxicn left home in company with
H oniger nlJtr to gather Unit Tho
ulila btrcanif fotpnratcd and after boiho
hours the lounger one sturted lit search
her older sister but she could not be
found An alnrm was given and the
wholii mlgkborhbnd was nrouped Hhe
waa finally foul d about unset in a dy
Int condition IKr throat won cut and
she had been rtlmlnally assaulted She
was taken homcr but dtel without
speaking a word The crtmo has
aiuuited tho whole count und hundred
of men an scouring the wood tonight
searching for the fiend If he Is cnughj
he will be burned at the stake on the
spot where the murder occurred
llenn Fnd CultUlon
lulsliie Ky July 14 Passenger
trttn No 7 euth bound on the Louis-
ville and Nashville road and freight
No 7 north bound came together In
a fcead end collision at Colesburg Ky
at 6 10 oclock tonight Uoth engines
were badly wrecked nni Engineer
Frank Dudley of this city was killed
and Fireman McCoimlck slightly In-
jured None of the passengers were
hurt though badly shaken up The
accident was the result of t misunder-
standing on the part of the deal engin-
eer of his orders
Foil ml tl Safe
Helena Mont July 14 The afo con-
taining 112000 stolen from the Great
Northern Express company lat night
Was found thlav Vfii Via t - l
f a mountain creok about five mllea
from WlcVes The robbers had buried
nrMiKAiun timij Htnia v
le Lower Hie Ileronl for One Mile
on K 111 eyrie llnth Btnndlng and
riylnx Start tnnher Tan
item IteoOril Vinaslied
Boston July 14 Jultfin P nil
known as Pinkiy Hlisa ot Chicago
succeeded in luncrlnv the recur 1 for
one mile both standing an I fijlng
start at Waltham thla artenioon He
also bnkr the rtcord for twi thlrds
and three fourths of n mile The two
thirds record was smasned In the last
part of the flying mlc Nat Duller of
Cambridge was nlio successful In bis
tnsiauht en the ona nlto icmd for
claas A riding the mile In 2 01 2 5
F M Haggerty und 1 Williams
established a tandem record for clasa A
riding the inllo in M 3 5 JLIIIm was
piced sotns of the bst riders In class
II that could be gotten together
Derlot ehd Cutter the two Uoatou rid
en brought Ullai down to tha statt
like a whirlwind HlUa clung to the
rear wheel and seened to be nnchnred
there Hmndt and Hlcle McDuft link-
ed Illlm up nnd the first tandem felt
out without the Highlist hitch The
pacing on this lap was steady but the
pace was a furious one and many
thought It would be too warm for Ullss
but the plucky little man held right
on and swung down on the polo and
froie to the third tandem atlil riding
steudllv and without wavering The
time for the quarter was 28 1 5 one
tlilid J Jfi halt 55 1 fi two thltda
1 15 1 b Ihree fourths 1 25 mllo 154 4 5
In tho trial for tho standing stnrt mlb
record Lllsa was paced by Mwl5uff ana
Prandt and Glthcm and Lumsden on
tandems The time for the quarter
waa 32 for the half 1 02 2 5 for the
three fourths 1 il 1 C and the mile 2
minutes flat This broke the previous
record of 2 02 2 5 which was held by
Harry Tyler of Bprlngtleld nado on
the Uprlngfleld track
At Cincinnati Clnclnnntl 14 Uoaton
At Grand Itaplds Grand Xlaplds 8
Kansas City 9
At Detroit Detroit C Milwaukee 10
At Toledo Toledo 13 Minneapolis 9
At St Louis St Louis 3 Daltlmore
At Chicago Chicago 8 Brooklyn 8
tie gatnt
At Loulavllle Louisville C Washing-
ton 3
At Indianapolis Indianapolis 8
PIoux City 5
At Cleveland Cleveland 14 Philadel-
phia 7
At Pittsburg Pittsburg B New York
Untied In n HnnhMe
Longylew Tex July 34 The game
today at Cfty Park between Longview
and IlGU4ln1 Bujod 8 to 5 In the eighth
Inning when a squabble came up and
Houston quit Bcoie Ijongvlew 9 Hous-
ton 0 Ilattery for Longview McCain
and AUxander for Houston- Street
and McQowu
Till TUltF
At Cblenan
Chicago July 14 Like many of Its
predecessor st the meeting the stake
event at Washington Fork UJy went
to a deaptsed outuder Henry Toung
at 15 to 1 won ti 0 Columbus handicap
beating the best lot of horses that has
faced tho starter this season Cash
Day and Yo Tamblen ran on nearly
even terms In the ltal for a mile Then
Henry Young raced by them and von
by a length In Ltd 12 a second and
a quarter taster than the record for a
mile and threc sj teenth s
First Ilace Flv and a half furlongs
Ltndolette won Lawyer second Vola
dora third Time 114 1 2
Third Race Columbus hnndlcap one
mile and three sixteenths Henry
Young 10S Clayion 15 to 1 won Yo
Tambten 120 Thcrpe 2 to 1 second
Cash Diy 101 L gh 4 1 2 to 1 third
Time 1 53 1 2
Fourth Race Mile and a sixteenth
Linda won Rtnithmeath vecond Prince
Carl third llmo 1 48 1 2
Fifth Knee One mile Senator Irby
won Flora Thornton second London
third Time H40 1 2
Blxth Itaco Six t u r tonga Pop Gray
nun VH4II1HUII ct wviiu iiivi uin
third Time 1 14 1 4
At Veiv lorlc
New York July 14--First race One
mile and 11 furlong selling Mary 6
won Tiny Tim second Harry Alonzo
third Time 1 53
Socond race Blx furlongs fltoncllle
Avon Florence eecondllacqueen third
Time 1 10
Third race Five furlongs Jessie
Taral won King Gold second Golden
Clata third Time 1 03 1 4
Fourth race One mile und a six-
teenth Sir Walter won Comanche
second Gold Dollar third Time
l4fi 12
Fifth rate One mile Chant won
Arab second Capt T third Time
1 42 3 4
Blxth race Ptoepleehoe short
rourse St Luke won Ullllngi second
Japontca third Time 3 yS 3 t
Fort Worth llmtn Cleburne
The Fort Wot tli and Cleburne base
ball cWbs crossed bats yesterday at
tho park and In the ninth Inning Fort
Worth had beaten Cleburne by a score
of 18 to 10
Had It not been for a series ot errors
tho game would have been a very In-
teresting one
Cleburne was bhort three men and
had to substitute Fort Worth recruits
for these In the game this afternoon
Cleburne expect1 to have its own nine
and picdicts that It will slash the
Considerable Interest U developing In
this game on account ot the good show-
ing ot yesterday
UHt SI Lonla
Bt toula Mo July II naat St
tula rpsulti rirst rice thrcoiuarter
mile Bchuylkhltl won At Krrow mo
oinl Aellojam thlrvl Time 1S0 S-
Second race ulnalxteenths oC a mile
Maud McMillan won Larry Kavanaug
eoond quMii Fauatua IMrd Time
1 00 34
Third race nv olnhtlu of a mile
alllng Tom B won Cenaon aecond
lroclor third Time 105
Fourth race handicap en ehtha
of a mil Experience won Yoaemote
4 noequefort third Time 1 a
I Itih raw aelllnr one mile Ballard
Tlml jirey ev01 Mxteo third
KaplM July 14 Arrlved 8uvla
X i
j V
COUntv tfwlnv ii mi- iu Hheritr Vjiii r -- 1 r -
- - wllu11i4M vniiuiuHiee
were Ihtructed for For ornor 8
Y T Lanham No other Inatrurtloni
tor tat uinnra For consr T I
eraon county nnd Qucenatovfn Julv H Ami tt
f ie after huutlus all nlht on the I brla from New York
tra 1 of the roobern found the af j New York July 14 Arrived Vene
i Itottvdaja
- -
Mountains of Dry Goads Bolow Cost
Six Days Only Monday io Sotd
Wo will pluce on palo on Monday our oiillro j
Spring nnd Suinmor goods bolow cost
Bargains in Dress Goods Bargains In Notions BarJ
I nrfloc Wntete Rnrrrlln In HnHnnunir A
Bargains In Clothing
All tnblcR und counters loaded with bargainsii
noxt week nnd look at tho cheapest lot of good goi
over had ho pleasuro of Booing
Dealer In Iron anil Brais Flttlnga Go Fixtures BalU Tula
Wator Cloaols lumpat PIpos oto J
m WMm mr ff
find it to their interest to corre
with us We are overstocked in thesego
mifloTO linvrfoini
vUNUw Uvxm KllifetiilO
9 1
leiepnone 332 d F MOORE Manflgi
Corner Main and Fourlb Rtri Vn vrty Tnv
Capital and Burplu S3 7OO00
ronT wonra
Rates 250 Per UayL GEO C HUDGINS
C HAMPTON ProDi letor M
Cor Fifteenth and Main Sts FORT WORTHJ
skLiLViiwf JM
PanJ lTnlea p J
Jno R itoxla 1
it W T7iuiama J WJ
mbo xiaraon
a n V
nler nntldln rorivik CMtal and Surplua
Corner Ninth nnd Io
ort Worth
Cuoutlou CLmtI ullj imd Pt

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