Fort Worth Gazette. (Fort Worth, Tex.), Vol. 18, No. 234, Ed. 1, Sunday, July 15, 1894 Page: 6 of 16

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Sis 1
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iu ad inn imoorr vunc
jtnocciiT i oGimiuru
VTaat Thfaic Wit Ilone hr Thwe
Sine Kail MlleDrrer for Cot
crnor anil Xoi 31ek Separate
rrlmarlett for lb Black
Sharp dvmarkatlon of the color line
and numerical strength In politics
Itrublcan puHtlcs do not abide to
fetter ns did the Hon and the Jamb
In the biblical ltKtnct This the UUr
Whiles orrow fully discovered yester
It wan a sad nnd fubdntd haodrul
of rota who came UKtber yesterday
In behalf of the excluslte white Jle
publican pt I marie In Tarrant county
It la doubtful whether the audVrlum
ut the city hall wilt ever a fain hold
su h a sad body It waa an oppressed
eon ere Ration No extorter ever be-
held such a meek assembly In blfl amen
The chair looked aadty on a sea of
empty ae ats a did Actor James Owen
O Connor Li Hamlet playing to an
audience of eight and these the or-
chestra ft
And thla rabrjo ot a conrentlon
looked back at the chair and there
as mutual understanding
The Lil White contention began to
assemble about 1 p m There were
about twent nvc of them In the ball
at that time
The report wanted to count them
and the Lilies shovtedthem how It
was this way t
Whenever a new man came In the
Lille said make a mark like this
When nobody came In they told the
reptrier to put down a cyber like
6 v
When anybody made a noise they i
tola mm to put downanother counting
In thU manner H was aoon ascertained
thst tlte uumber of delrcatea present
Dlrctly Capt Ooffe laughed and tliey
said put bltii down
Ton made the number of those pres-
Th n tbey hunted for a colored man
tit m body -wanted to know where
W xxlward was w
Th n they made rwirnuch noise that
they required the reporter to put down
three naajchts
This made the total number of dele
Kate 1 Q120W
Then ome colored j men came In and
took eat In the gallery Thiy mr
evidently hostile and were not counted
Wjitn by true count- U wns nr
tan -d hjt about forty gentlmn were
present the roeetlntr waa aaHed to or
a r by Elmore ArmstronK und II
farineil waa chosen ej rman of
i mating and OJrUc 5oK aetrt
Mtstrs Fprinjcerv lartln and Ury
dt n mw appointed -a committee on
re lutu ns
3Urs J M Brown I V GowMI
and S llatney the commlltee un
anlxalKm and Messrs L Mums
l Got and T pJj Barrorf re ap
p ini J the ccmmlttefcn delegations-
Th committee onvperinanent organ
xat m reported in Lfurfer of making
Hi temporary organization permanent
Tlteir report waa adopted
The commute on resolutions report-
ed the following
The Itenubtlcana ofjTarrant rounty
horeb roafflrm the umrtrlnes of the
prt ha itntalnd -In th imtlnnnl
pittUurm ad pted atMinneaiMjIla in 18
A c ttdhtrre to tbo prlnclplt r nnjp
roUi und protecUon ua enacted into
la bj a ItepubUcan congn as ami
w i lit e that audi lobulation is
ain lutel ettaentlal tb tlie deeIpo
tin m uf the great mineral lumber
w 1 and agricultural Jntervsti of ihla
i i and we declare thAt but for the
tft atned repeat of thla law by the
- n of a IMmocratlo admtntraiiou
It isj Texas and the whole iMuntrj
v uld toila be enjoying piwtttrlly
anil oustnejia activity
i favor the use of both gold and
ptlvr a money mtias proMYl this
can be dont b Ise und Crntervml
It Kltlatlon bui we ar 6ppoal ti Un
free and unlimited coinage ot ilrr at
the ratio of 16 to J
We unhudtutlugly condemn the
wanton deittructlun ut proper whitv
er private corpora let or public and we
demand and commend thu en fort m tut
of the federal and stale lass and the
suppression of mob violence at all has
ards and at whatever cost
We rreogntze the right and proprie-
ty of laboring men organising to prtf
tect their Interests and better tlulr
condition we avmpathlxe with all law-
ful and well directed efforts to this end
und we favor the peaceful adjustment
vy ainiraiion ot an Mmerciifes uu
tween oar Derations and thtlr emntos
But we condemn tbft attiko and boycott
now being carried un by certain labir
organizations as ruinoua to commerce
dangsigus to eoclety nnd Inimical to
the trua tntcreeta of l tbor W billev
that a moment reflection v Ill convince
the laboring men that they have ni
moral right to brlns ruin and dsanter
fo thou nands of ieople against whom
tny have no grievance and we com
ndnd the courve thus far puraued by
the laboring men of Fort Worth In re-
lation to the present srlke
Wo congratulate the He publicans of
Texas upon the fact that thu masses of
the party throughout the count r ur
awakening to a Juft appreciation ot
the demoralized condition of the party
In the south and that they are willing
to aid and encourage our efforts to
reorganize and uphold It We take
special pride In the fact hat the com
inittce o the national Ilopubllcan
league appointed at Louisville In 1SDJ
after a grave study ot the subject re-
ported In favor of the census plan of
represent allon Involving separata pri-
maries ror the white and colored races
We believe thl will prove to be a Just
and practical solution of the dluVuItlaa
which now confront the party In thla
Heeogniilng In the Hon Thomaa
Dwyer of Washington county a man
of high character and ftplllty who fnr
a quarter ot a century haa been Idenil
fit d with the Interests who
canlsm haa utood the teat In tlme of
art at nerll nnd ivho 1 mor Interested
In the success of the party and the
For Oats dnd Wheat
Large lot of bags and hay tlea re
nved Snd ua our ordtra and we
l 1111 them a the lowest prices We
aleo In the market for new cats
V trade solicit tfU
Vanhons Ccrar Thittinti ana
K71 Avu
prosperity of Texas than tn patronage
or v itni at rerolnl ftn w miktitt
our dftegates to the state conrentlon
to far hi nomination for the offtoe
of governor
The following reaoluUon waa added
to th report of the corrndttee on reso
lutlona and adopted with It as a part
of the committee1 report
neaolved That tr county executiye
ceromltlee when appoint- hall iiave
full power end authority to represent
and act for ns In reference to a county
ticket ut the support ot county carnli
The report of the committer on dele
a named the follow In gentlemen
to represent Tarrant county In the
state conrentlon at Dallas August t
Measrs M C Hurley Arthur Hprlng
er H C Caswell John A D Kvana
r K ItlrselU O A Carmine George
Walter J C iartln W P Ocff
Jouls Moas K Armstrong A Ouen
1hr 1 V GoodeJi Wblt Prytfen
O arlen Hvan and K O Barron of
Fort ATth and 1 M Berkley of Itlrd
llle and W D Lain of Mansfield
Whit Dryden waa then placed In
xomlnatlon for chairman of the coun-
ty executive con uittw and hu n rrt
it ttnanlnuunly IndorseJ
J C Martin pinced In nomination
Mr C IL LliMr as accreUry of the
committee and he waa elected by ac-
J C Martin was comlnated for
chairman of the First ward Kecond
Mr H C raael lMrd A Ouertber
Fourth F O Barnw Fifth J 8 Har
deaty Hlxth Aruur Springer Seventh
Thomas Bush FtrMb W C M Mo
Kee NMnth W H Matney Blrdvllle
L M Uarkley Manrfleld W I tain
Riverside Pr Htewarl Fralrle
C A W Caswell Smllhrteld O
KumflHJ Arlington Height William
Brtee Johnston Station W U Lewis
Men Brook W T Ladd and other
county member to bv named by the
commit te
Mr Cornwall was made committee-
man from Glen wood
Mr Hpringer wan aked to deecrlbe
the trip of the Texas delegates
tr the Denver hegue convention In
opening he aJ there were thirty three
delegate lnteij of three the year
before He atd the league bad grown
from 490 o J0W in two years
He said that the protect sent to
Denver from Han Antonio and Gal-
veston dll not cut any figure In the
race of hie statement as a member
or the excutlve committee that those
clubs had not conformed to the prac-
tice of the league clubs In Texas nnd
elsewhere He ra d thr census plana
had rec lved th warm Indorsement
of Northarn del K ire They were will-
ing to give the Texas league their
He waa eonvhc J the national con-
vention in ISM weuld recognize the
rnsus pnn or ov egates which was
regarded na a practical and sensible
solution pf the lur problem presented
In the nth
In conclusion he said Woodard was
etlll enjulng t1 huiUallty of Col-
orado Itepubllcins and riding on free
pa see ns a 111 whlte repnteentatlve
When be gt ndy he would coma
home and cad hi part of the census
plan delegation trgether to elect six
delegate to the mile convention
If the Hatty t tittlnir teeth
Be sure and use the old and well tried
reined Mrs Mlnslows Hoot hi ng
hvrup for children teething it soothes
th child r often the gums allan all
pnn cures wind colic and la the best
remedy ror dlarrhooa
li n ml Itetrlfferntor
The best nn earth or dont buy them
Coats nothing to look at them or Ut-
ile mre to get one Maddox Hlllaon
4 Co sH them on nay iaments
3lMyrnlll mnrnlluti
Major Brj an T Barry of Dallas haa
called a convention of the mayors ot
Texas at Dallas on the 21th lust It
IG1I Of mLiir
How iUe SUtp of Affair I Bummed
Ip Jlro and A ht I Thooaht of
Jllnnicrr 81 fohn Pclulane
A Wf rldd llettermenl
Tort Worth commerclallr iJrew a
deep ldH or rellet yesterday
You take ui taek wltbout prejudloi
and to to work laid labor to
capital We Impoae no other
Aceretrateil capital ha been dealt A
heavy hlvvr by organized labor Neer
In the history of the United Rtatea
has ao fierce a flRht been fought be-
tween them The battle Is generally
regarded here as a draw That capital
will accept the ultimatum havlng
nothlng to lose thereby and everything
to gain not a business man In Fort
Worth csterday was found to doubt
Manager St Johns petulance was
more than once sharply criticised Tie
appears to tie one of the tlass of fools
who fall to recognize that the working
yeomanry of Amtrlca hae rights
which all the Insolence and arrogance
of soulless corporations cannot over-
ride or wave out of existence The
American laboring man has rights us
welt as the capitalist and lust about
enough American manhood to see that
these rights are not tampered with
Thus a gentleman commenting on the
Insolence of Manager St John Friday
who said he would not meet the head
uf the aggrieved labor reople but
was pleased to hear what Major
Hopkins had to propose
Fort Worth buslncs people and not
last among these the railroad people
were happier and more hopeful es
terday than they have been for several
The strike Is regarded as ended by
everone here and the Intelligence con-
vened by this mornings Gazette re-
garding the settling of the difficulties
In Chicago will be watched eagerlj by
thousand of people In Fort Worth
In tho railroad offices where for
one contlnurus week freight trafllc
and to a large extent the passenger
business has been stagnant the present
week waa looked forward to hopefully
lhislness there alwuys registers the
condition of general business of the
cttj and stagnation In these arteries
of commerce means stagnation
throughout the entire sstem of busi-
ness The statement Is comprehensive
and esplalns 1ort Worths commercial
condition durlnc the wetk Jusi closed
Uettemtnl Is already manifest Ical
rnssengcr Arent William Doherty ot
the Panta T route was ordeied five
days ago v sell no tlckts south by
reason or the tie up at Cleburne and
Temple Fr das night as told In jeifr
day mornings paper a number of
engineers and firemen under the pro-
tection of lnlled States marshals
passed south to lake charge of the
idle passenger trains at those points
The cnglners and firemen who ad
refused to drl them were members
of tho Hall ray union nnd
had le n ilKcl ordered to take the
course tlie did 1 he engineers rud
Ilrcnwn who passed through Trlday
evening to take their places and who
vre nlsguldidly shouted at bs scabs
a the depot b B mpathlzers who knew
abOlutel noining ui uuu w
will be held at the same time as the tuns were union J VVVmer
county judge- convention a reporter l n mcmJrSd unoV no
en and if h7 wouldaV1 t J TIT
ir inuw rj l mnnlhl
i Iiave had an Invitation rsmmlnri
- Mtend g KhiS they Sldstrlke
If nothing uufnnsiiti precludes my do-
ing ao I had an interview with ilayor
Harry before going North and we dis-
cussed the mattir briefly
What ur the objects and purposes
of th ctinvenilon
Tliat I cannot answer d finitely
We will dlsi tun municipal government
and em1iair from nn itHt rrhunge Of
Id hh to rilwovtr the tmst methods to
be pursuwd In the mnnnRoment of ha
truHiK i4inmittM tn our hunda A uni-
form teui of tranaucttng buelneas
minngement of Art and police depart-
ments and the care and custody of the
sick nnd Indlgint would I fruitful
fields of discussion
I know nothing of the work mnprM
out or plan of work but t think the
convention will be Tmductlve of ftood
nnd hoe vwry ttmor in the stale
will Im present
Ther Is miie Ciinrrl in thl section
of the countr than all othr dlsensee
lut together and until the last few
yearn It waa supposed to be In
cut uble Vi n itroat in iny t m h
lortore pronourced It n local dls
enre and prewrllied local rente
dli s and bv cmistantly falling to
cure wph local licainent pronouurel
It Incurable Hclenct has proven ca-
tarrh to be a constitutional disease and
thtrcror rciulra consiitutlonal treat-
m ut I hills Catatrh Cure inunufne
tured by V J Cheney A Co Toled t
Ohio Is the only i onstltullonal cure on
the market It la taken Internally In
doses from ten drotin to ft leaimoonfil
U i Is directly on the blood and mucous
aurtace or ine sysn in Tney orrer one
hundred doltam for nny ease It falls
to cure hend for circulars und teatl
monltls Address
fold by d rue glut 8 T3f
rin fiootlti lint ta r Trlee
Are what do the business Four large
floors crowded with new gcod and
sold on easy payments are what Mad
doc Ellison Company claim and
prove too
Of the Isrentesst Iniitortnnee
to the city of rort Worth Is the special
home nnd Immigration Issue contem-
plated by the Oatette for July 8 The
time Is short and the best spices will
soon he taken Shrewd advertisers
should telephone our advertising man
to call Many thousands of copies will
e primeu
The LUIle Lmly
Can ride easy these days for her
mother bought her one of those cute
buby buggies from Maddox UltUon St
Co Got on ea y pajmenta too
If you want to buy or sell a farm
call on
SOS Main street IVmell Huttdlng
lie ievee Mays Oat at Mali
If he known he haa one uf those easy
chairs at home td sit In Sold by Mad-
dox Ellison Compan Ea y pay
went too
In our Immense special itjue of July
SS and make Fort Worth and Tarrant
county loopi up before the country
It vvll pair you Telephone our adwr
tUIug man to call bvfore the beat
spaces are taken
UNbtes Unities A ho lias n llnbr t
Call around at Maddox KlUsun A
Contcana and see tbelr cute baby
bungles Sold uu easy lainu 700 70
Mala atrecL
ieiimninti if hard feeling letween
the Amertcnn Itnllway union and thes
now recruits cornea from either of tho
points In question as far aR muM he
learned here yestenlay and a reiwiL to
lh contrary l l to come
The aale of tlcktts south on the
Bnntiv IV route wua thrown open sea
tuda In this cltj In nccoriancj with
the folia wins ordtr v1red tho local
VUIIam Dohertv Vort Worh Tex
IntmuciUma contained In my tyl gram
of th eleventh relative to the sale
r n if- nn cnncelled I nni Klad
t sa tht ur lire la now op t for
limlne M nnd you may n aume the aule
of tickets to all points
v h kihnan
Oenervl Isnenger Agent Sunta Fc
The Bant a Te might depaitment
bulletlnrd similar gootl newt W i re
now prenaral to receive freight of til
kind for all polnta n our lie vth
diit leatrkllunH Thla Hire fram 1
J Volk general freight ig nt c W
B H Iarker local freight ngnt
This la the last or the Interruption
In the freight and busi-
ness here The Ib ck lilind selling
tkkcts to Chicago without in- custom-
ary caution as to he comlnon of
affair there nnd the posslbllllt of
delas etc
It Is likely that berore th end of
the present week tho Fort Worth atd
Denver hop will open 1 will all
depend upon whether iucf U wcik
to be done
Clrnnil Itenrlon to rrr orL
For the meeting of the notional ed
ucatlonal association at Anbury Iark
In July the Great Koth Eitland Houte
wilt sell tickets at rate of one fare with
fZ added for the round trip
The tickets will be sold July c
6 and T wood for return If deposited
with Joint agent until September 1
1asscngers can go la the direct
route from Chicago and reiurn via
Lake Chautanua and Niagara Falls
with stop over at these latter places
All tickets are good la New York
For further Inform 1 Ion call ot city
ticket oftlce corner or Fifth and Mtin
llovcn tn 7em
flo the prlcea cf Maddox Kill son
Co on nil hinds of furniture They
sell on easy payments at that
Borne riino Denier i 11
When consignment dealers and oth-
ers who must take notes for balance
due on pianos and organs they sell on
time with which to buy credit from
manufacturers or to sell In order to
raise monej refer to banks and busi-
ness housca for financial responsibility
their cheek la most remarkable We
nre ngenta for the beat nnd moat popu-
lar pianos and organs We do not aak
for notes on time aales
T1I03 OOUQAN lino Dallas
ainrllox Klllaon t Cotnnany rnll
To harge high prices but thei do the
taurines All kinds of new furniture
until ou cant rest All on easy
payments too Think of Itl
A ttraud Field In le- for
prUe d
One ot the signs of the times Is the
tendency to establish manufactories In
the South some of the Southern Mates
having already come to the front In
the manufacturing tn4Uea to ah ex-
tent that In the dui befor lb war
would hardly have been deemed possi-
ble The Pouth haa ao long been con-
sidered strictly an agricultural country
and the old condition of things rendered
It almost impossible for It to be any-
thing else1 But the people of the
South are realising more and more
every ear the vast Importance of
diver Med Industries and manufactories
have been springing up in all direc-
tions utilizing almost every kind of
raw material
Foremost among the Southern manu-
factories is cotton The ertabllshment
or great mills and their successful and
profitable operation in many Eouthern
cities Is a conclusive proof that the
hlace for the establishment cf cotton
manufactories Is among the fields where
the product Is grown The Northern
people hav not beei slow to avail
themselves of the opportunity and a
asl amount of Northern capital haa
found Investment
The great need cf Texaa la In the di-
rection of manufactories Here we
bav a i tale ho magnificent re
eources are not surpased by any state
in tne Union an immense amount of
rptv material wnlch mui go out of tha
Mate year by jear to be w irked up for
th lack of manufactories at home The
gr tUBt ccttcn produclng state In the
Union thr re ate but four or five cotton
minuf act cries In the otate This is
not as t should be If other Southern
states have attracted capItillsU who
hove buil lirlvng manufaclortei Texaa
can do the sine and the time will
come when the busy hum of manu-
facturing industries will be heard all
over the great I one Star state
It Is encouraging however to know
that a beginning has been made and
already tho cotton looms aw at work
and goods turned out that can bear
favorable comparison with any manu-
factured in the New England states
or elsewhere
run it vitn uth es ij biiv
for the establishment ot all kinds of
manufacturing industrls With
railroad facilities and alt the ac i
cesaorles for commerce there is no 1
reason why Fort Worth should not be-
come a great manufacturing center j
A beginning has already been
rUhcd In the marufacture ot cotton I
goods in the Manchester cotton muis
of this citj These mills hii be n Ir
active operatic i for about three vears
except a short tiut down last year and
since the 1st of March this car they
Lnve bten running in full force and
are now a firmly established industry
with very encouraging pro3pecte for
eunstantial growth A victor to the
Manchester cotton mills will be
at the eatent of thelrpratIor
There are new 112 looms In active oper-
ation al the improved machinery being
In use nnd an extendve dicing room
Fighiy six hands are employed The
mills turn out an excellent quality of
goods denirrs shirtings hick-
ories cheviots tickings etc Hitherto
the trcde has been largely In Nebraska
Ml sourl and other states but re-
cently the managers have turned their
attention to suppl tng Texas with goods
and have met with encouraging suc-
The Manchester cotton mills looms
turn out 36000 jards per week for
which there la ready sale There waa
recently an ordsr for T0O0 more pieced
cf goods than could be supplied
The Manchester cotton mills are an
example of what can be nccompllshd
In the line of the manufacture of cotton
in Texaa The industry Is et but In
Us lnclplency but the future will
bring forth manlMd results
voiir wuiirii wmpaviiji
Wlntilntc jolleu Opinions at the
Mnle luet iupiuent
From a letter by First Corporal Hay
Simpson of the Loyd Rifles to his
brother Hoy Simpson It appears that
Fort Worths companies of militia are
cr VIng a very Haltering Impression ut
the state encampment at Austin
The 1 oyd Hlrls was the only com-
pany cf the rourth Regiment applaud-
ed aa It passed tne grind stand and
such exclamations as What soldiery
handsome fillonar were frequent
Cnut Lojd has appointed ns sponsor
for the compins a vary popular joung
lady of Austin Two grand receptions
will be tendered before the encamp-
ment breaks up
First Lieut Ilaysor has been appoint-
ed officer of the guard ard Cupt Kelly
was selected at once for officer of the
Thus far only two of the bojs have
bc n placed In the guard house against
ten lant var Thtlr ofense waa n
malntng out of encampment after 12
othxk and It la aull that two of Aus-
tin preMy nun ladles are responsible
fur the casual t
The Fenclblea will win first prize for
neatnoss Neither of the Fort Worth
companies tan win a pilse for drilling
as the Fenclbles have thirty aud the
Loy 1 liim s thlrtv eight member
fotiy members being required to make
a company eligible to th competition
Chen Iirnr lnn tn CnUetttnn Tin
the nnln le ltoule
On Saturdava July II 21 and 5 the
Santa Fo will stll excursion tickets to
Gaheston and return at tho low rate
Tickets will be limited for return on
special train leaving Galveston on the
follow lug Monday evening or on first
train of Tuesday morning thus giv-
ing the excursionists two Uajs In Ual
A special train conslstlnir tt rAm iM
free reclining chair and Pullman sleep-
er wilt leave from Clalnesvllle Satur
da evening reaching Galveston at S
oclock Sunday morning and returning
will leave Galveston Monday evening
at fl oclock
Dont lose the opportunity of seeing
Galveston this summer
Surf bathing Is now at Us best
Crabs achrltnp and other good things
to eat
1 t Sivenr
And say jou cnt Jlecp Go to Mad
dox Rlllson Coa at TOfl 70 Main
street and bu a new bed Redroom
and parlor aulta oi eav payments
Ienve Saturday evening fbr Galves
1on via Santa Vo return Moida even-
ing S round tripv
Irs J K riiiMUitsni lien a
Mrs J E Thompson wife of one of
rcountya most prominent cltlaenj
thelty Friday evcnng and was burled
at the family ccirur yesterday af-
ato10 famIV cemetery thU afternoon
fiho waa t most estimable lidy and
has a large iuinoeMf frlenls who aln
cerU mourn 1 er loss
The Trinlt Mlaalon Workers of the
KiMsconal church will give a stx lal mu
slfale t tho SwmHMi church corner t
ISroadieaj and Ht Iuls avenue on
Tuesday evening July CI 18J at S
r clock A clly railway enr will be
heM until 11 oclock Tleketa includ-
ing refreshmenta I5c
Help the poor by spending a delight-
ful evening at the lawn party for the
beneilt of the Atoctttrd Charities on
Friday July 10 Admission Including
rerrohmenis jic
Kevi Ctl
And use a Lapland refrigerator The
best on earth- See Maddox Ellison
Co They sell on easy payments and
their prices are way down
Cool jourself in Galveston round
trip IS ou Saturday good until Mon-
In the county court Aaron Redmond
waa tried for earning a pistol and
was acquitted
James Ramey waa tried for earning
a pistol
Harry Keja pVaded guilty to as-
sault and waa lined 5
enll for IJeht
C J Shapard 1 ai filed a suit In
the Forty eighth district court against
II C Howel et at for debt suit on
a promlssoiy note for I77U03
llelt nnd FtirfeclcNure
The ljind Mortpage bank of Texas
limited haa Hied suit In the Seven-
teenth district ciurt against T B
Wood et al debt and foreclosure
MMreinut LI re n ut
A marriage House has been Issued
at the office of ui county court clerk
to S Helm and Lotla Spraglns
Jl ul lottite 1 rniisrers
M D Gee and wife to J T Hurt
lots 5 C 7 and 3 In block No C6 ot
Chamberllna Ari ogton Heights addi-
tion SttO
Win J Ralley to Mrs K Bennett
Kta 11 and 12 block 12 Daggetts ad-
dition TChK
Wm J lint ley to Hyde Jennings
part of block No 22 In Jennings west
addition 110 and cancellation of cer-
tain vendors Her notes
W H Iiell anj wife to Fort Worth
National bank lot No 2D In block No
78 Fort Worth Companja addition 910
and cancellation of notes
John Morlarty end wife to T R IIol
leran an undivided one fourth Inter-
est In 100 aires pnrt of the A Castello
survey 225
John Savles anl wife to William W
Jane C9 M acre of land part of
the J McDonald survey 1316 25
J V Meek and wife to George II
Wray lot No J of block No 3 of
Grangers first addition 11500
I R Menifee eUal to W D Teak
trustee and R I Reall part of block
No of FieldV edJltlon J250
houth Tort Wotth I and company
to Hannuh 1henix lot No 14 In Mock
No 13 In Lawn Terrace addition
A lteprleve of Ten 1 enri
An average business mana life can
easily be lengthened ten jears by the
occasional ue of RIpanjt Tabu leu Di
ou know any one whj wants those
ten jtars
loYii Vtiy IleneClt AuoInteil
The simple announcement that the
tr asury ot tho AftocUlcd Chart tia in
almost ttnptv should be ttooRh to
make the lawn party on Frldav July
20 a succeat
The liittteu Dprelitl Jamie
On Jul SS will deal exhaustively of
the gteat natural resources of Fort
Wortl and Tarrant count
Rvery erson in Fort Worth should
send copied to friends and the leading
advertisers wholesale and retail
should ring up our advertising depart-
ment for a representative to call and
write up their business houses
The Cold rvnve
Waa set In motion by a Lapland
These refrigerators cc
est this side of Iceland sold by M
dor Ullaou Company 70S 703 Mar
Rvcrjbody should call at the Art
Chariot for photographs Satisfaction
guaranteed or money refunded
If you want to sell vour hone
lota call on
203 Main street Powell Ruildlng
Aisoelnte1 Clinrlllet
The Associated Charltltij will meet
at the nrst Raptlst church Monday
afternoon July 1 nt i oclcck Eacn
menib r la earnestly rcqutsted to be
Tak your bibles to the Art Charlat
for fins photos
J5 to Gahcston ana return Saturdays
Jul II l and s Ma th Santa F
Vr A 3 lurenco will put in your
lelh without plates rine RUd work
oniee corner Sixth and Main Walker
building- Fort Worth
Attend the lawn jirt fnr the bene-
fit of the Associated Charities nt the
lawn tennis crounds Ijmir and Jack-
son streets Admission It eluding ri
frcsiments rsc
Cill at the Texas Art Chariot and ex-
amine specimens ana team prices
J t J urdej It D IlomeopathUt
dlsesee of somen a specialty 2i3
Houston street Vapor electric medi-
cated and magnetic batis J ady as-
i The toelty In photography
U tbs Texas Ar CharloU
Ifc yMllv n Fne renh Kid ilj
p Wt French Calf in Tan Russlft
tim n an u3Sett n PatentSB
fc er We carry the best iB1
M 5k est Procucts n finfifB
4 f Mill
We have secured the exclusive sale of the celebrated Blue Label Union a
made by union men and indorsed by the American federation of Labor Wil
carry a large stocK ot tnese goods we will nave Union Bhoes tor Unioal
Women and Children They are good honest goods Come and see them
men s 53 onoes cannot De equalled Mail orders nave special Attention
2UZJliJ fttU
ETouston Stanwood Gamble Encines
Boilers Thomas Steam Presses and
Cotton Elevating System
Tho Celebrated Smith Gins nnd Murray Ginnitij
tern Wo carry largo stook Uelting Pulleys Pife
Fittings and can fill orders promntlv Write us fori
on anything in the Machinery Hup or Complete Gin
the best lino of Gin machinery in tho Ptate H
Wo aie also agents for the Harrison Wagon
Standard and Favorite limraie and enrrv lnrpn sG
store heio that wo are anxious to hell at small profit
We also carry lanre stock of Hock Ts lnnil and M
Sulkey Plows and Sucker State Grain Drills that
selling below their value
miiiiis mniii
111 One Itespeft In Hie 1nilllier tlty
Why I he Are IIUe
You clfi arette smokers mind -here
sou pitch your snipes list you
stumble across nn ordinance nnd a po
licemans MHy
Berlin the f rtot and gay rapltal
of the Herman empire has ordinances
preentlntr Its ctixens from so much
as throning a clj ir or chew of tobacco
on any uf the tidy thoroughfares It Is
the model city ot the globe In this re-
spect and fort Worth Is close on Its
heels Hear iha Its solons enacted
Article li riocutf an- waste sturf
uimn the street etc It shall be un-
lawful for an ferson to place upon
any sldenalk etrtet or alley or fruiter
of an street within said city any
dlrt nilh ahi chips shells paper
class or other rul blsh or trash and
It shall be
unlantut for anyone to
throw place or sweep an paper dirt
trash or rubbish from nny store Into
the streets or sutlers of said streets
The penalty for Molatlon and conlc
tlon of this article Is placed at any
sum not -exceeding S
Fred D didnt know about
IU1yealdsy afternoon Patrolman
ake rers uson and he came toRether
UHU6 uu nui commit the of-
fense hlmselr but It was done by one
of his salesmen The adlertlsements
are said to ha e beet thrown on Four-
teenth street a toot deep almost
The ordinance is four or tli e years
fire nr hn llatel e-
Mr Whlllnsr ess he will make a
test case of the alldty hlle those
who would know say it is as valid as
any of the city ordinance
Tor Snle Cfaenp
One 100 Ight Thompson Houston dy
5SPKJ wlh armature In -rood
and lirt e dnneries We also liaio
several a light dynamos for sCll Sn
nerlcs at a banraln
llahles llAlile U ilnbrt
fL f run1 nt Maddox Klllson
Companys and see their cute baby
v8 8oM on terms loj lis
tUatn street
e7rftxwArt Chariot Is located on
ClKhth and Houston ireVls
Tnslr -lot c i
Jaml v
a - -- TnVlr
trVi -- decent urand Jury for
M5vSVUlEe d District Clerk
We positively cure Syphlli V W
ojiJ licztma n thorougli car J
ey unutMice coniiuenitui ij
Effiii Ti s ViirPll
40J 1 2 Tine street nnd 20 NUJ1
sireei hi jouis uo 1 TI
40111 riri IrMf
Makoa Peopto Welj
WAailliNUlUS U sUtrs
upon nenu jt or
ItAMlWUil tl
Penhn hculun ttta rrpt f1I5
ariwnr itutru JonlnAoultBites1
CoialrsRuta udditw
- at h 1hst OUtf 1
Cnlrje la Amettaa tlist allss 3 J
o auvDit s mouth on trial PJy j
RHiuttiiy at tow t lerm Jj
loJgfiiS una lalilen In alMVSS
4lifclfBl cl rt S
n 11
I Tai
noun- oa nr uwu i JHn
3ati Wr tu nt for IcTi
Taylors plan la to car JW
here His bail has been
by Judse Green
Mao Junuaan Loilaed l
Mac Johnson the neffrj
XVnxnlnlila licensed Of
hiima fvnnt ChM HaUSS
live miles from the
nere and lodged in jau -
Deputy Sheriff Joe icn
- I
Tlie tssetle s sp
Cm July 28 will deal 1
the eieat natural resuurc j s
Ker nenon In Fort We1 J
send copies to friends and iw
should rln up our adtcrtuj
nient Tor a remvson v-
writs un their business

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