Fort Worth Gazette. (Fort Worth, Tex.), Vol. 18, No. 234, Ed. 1, Sunday, July 15, 1894 Page: 7 of 16

arnciivriov was
mu TcsTUimAi
lrlnr lite HrS1 Hi r -
as stronit una cloud bat snle
nnd llralUatlons f rronis
Iul ft Hump
lew Tork Juy II Tlie aharo spocu
lon waa dull and uninteresting to
v the sales f y w lock KB
eedlnp WOO snares uumia 110111
m of business the trauma was Ben
11 Irons In tone and higher figures
e recorded me aprruavmiiK ww ui
strike Induce new lntestmenta
It causing n pronounced movement
oter short contracts oter Bundny
ring the list nour pi me inarvi
telnDer OI Bpevuitlliuil wuo Mcnjr
1 per cent last loan 1 closed l
Ine mercantile paper 85 per cent
I line e chance dull and steady with
I ml business In bankers bills at
l 14 for demand at 4 87 1 4 for
fty dajH posted rates 4 8304 S9
RnmerclQl bills 4 8C 1 4
Bar ether 62 Mexican dollars CO
I silver certlllcates ciCG The total
i of stocks today were 54 511
MeUl II in It fltntiiienf
lew Tork July 34 The weikly bank
ement shows the follow Inff changes
irve tncreise 1800650 loans
lise Jl 023 00 specie decrease 338-
tea tenders lnoreas kaww
iislta increase 926 200 circulation
Hasp iic soa The banks now hold
Ml 375 In excess of the requirement
r 25 per cent rule
I intluii llotidsi
rlon July 14 Closing Consols
moiey 101 5 8 consols for the ac
nt 1015 8 Canadian Pacific 67 1 8
14 7 8 Erie seconds 74 1 3 I Ill
Central 93 Mexican ordinary
4 fit Iaul common 81 5 8 New
it Central 99 12 Pnnsjlanta
M M Heading 8 78 Aiexican
tnl new 4 s CD
Imports far the Wrclf
ew York July 14 Ths imports of
ek Vere Oold 77088 silver
61 central merchandise 7108 Gil
goods 1486 921 The exports for
week were gold 650169 silver
ew nrlc Hunk Cleiirliign
w York July 14 Hank clearings
Mt balances 4761274 for the
VM 1 balances 32761814
linen on Ayrm Gold
ndOtt jUy H The orlce of irold at
nos Ajres todiy Is 2 65
ueriimenl llondn
CW Ynrlr Tillir Uilnitarnmsnt
jd strong stale bonds quiet
ni k ntiil llnnAsi
cwerlt July 14 Stocks ftni bonds
w Hie following prices bldt
ie4Ftatftnr rogtUrred HbV
hwita as couron H8H
Jhkite4s leglsiereJ 1UJ
alL ioion mIio
mm tesji i oKlfcioreiod Vft
IBs ltjO
n s 4 If
win 2 A QMi
tPftlPoclllo mius I 100
mule Tsoffoiod lin
iWiuaUloCjiands lLi tl
v on uariisburg and toan
Offered fin
L0 ilarnsburg and hail
- n sod 1 exas icntral 5s off od 101
Vid Icx Central tts 105
anu rio tlrst 4a 7s
i4 ban I raueliiJ guaeral
seconds HA
1tl Da Knt IJ
it Eh y
s sexlnt
ml Aton
wllnoon ana Quinsy
Un il0 lo mctorrea
hern tiiuT
i r -1 O
Jtlrn r
York o PJ HO
lis 1M
MMi r Iy
S4 hiiiSr nB
- a eeniral 3
W lnrLf
I sar - t iywu uiures
i rwi heavy No J ni i
Me NnS1 If - l Norths
end on an fVa W SecVeas l
iinpl but owln to
SKrSB5 uiie run n
faeJr ni1 cl at 8 8
tier we sget lie clowl OMe Sh
if Mf MOil S le cloned 64 1c
Pilo 4
Coffee Options steady at from nn
changed prices t 15 iolnl dvno
ruled Benerally nnn on Europe
nand and closed neady l
o 20 Point net adtance unchanged Sale
vuuwiK JUiy 16 1 AilBt
S iSSe0
Si5aS iBPrSPliiv
14 Hptemljer 14 30 Oclober 1 I80SJ
13 85 November 13 40 ani ni
lir to ale to realise the profit 1 US 320 bags Unltfd States stock las
k 775 afloat for ttiii n --
I holders of stocKS nunc aesirous 1
1 fttlng out of we marKec not Know-
Tibat tho railroad situation may
gelop between now anu cununy
early Impiovement was nowever
ly partially lost In a majority of
M r j 4L nlxfelnrt nelnaa ash mat n n
flIU lllC lIUBlllh flvvn DM
ntf on ine last ntjuren ui jtbici
mnsinff iron j i in - o n per cm 1
Iflttfr in uciamirr intunHHuiiiui
i wcBtcrn wiikii wns in boou ae
nl and fold up from 1 point 3 8 to
lerlcan cuttles snow a gnlr of 1 1 2
llmon l 3 S ft decline oC l per cent
In the hlKlient price of the day and
lilsiille ul Nashville 1 1 8 Of th
Ithwppt S 8 Ilurllngton Is un
Inecd anl M Taul Is down M
Tin r llrItT
ew TorK July II The venln
It eajB Speculatois of u few Jays
Id for the short account made a
lit effort today to close their con-
Icta and the result was a further
luery In prices The ndancea wero
however regiiiari aisinuuieaj in
I raul for Instance und In sugar
liflMtPM where the short Inlercvt
pr was not lartre or had made a
Itlcutarly rapid and prompt retreat
1 e was little ciinnge or none uuz
VW Inland Louisville and Chicago
were marKs ror conimuea ouyintr
I even yesterdays sellers of distill-
certificates changed face on to-
Mmier foil
lew Tork July H Money on coll
II 30O1I 33
rtlo Wrm No T 1C 1 2 mild steady
iti9 M none
Hamburg Stead prices MtH j
pfennig lower sales sooo
Hat re Closed Iiolldoy
o 15 JL v1l1hAW
i j i K B3 hiock luruoo
the United Btate 180 6T0
SfrfSi VV for tie United
btatet S44t5 bass against 420000
Sugar Itaw strfng fair reflnlng
i 11 lCc OS degrees test 3 3 8c eales
none rteHned strong No 8 3 131811
U Vi -16 No- 3 6 S
1 13 2S Ji 9 -8 no io
Xo 3 O13 11 16C No
12 3 M894 6c No 13 2 8 802 lVldc
off 3 181804 1 4c mold A 4 9 18
J 3 4c standaid 3 IC04 E 8c contec
tlonera 4 3 itttl 3 Sc cut loaf 3 18JJ
5 6 16C1 crushed 8 1 8U8 lMBci now
Vt 4 Kri 5 granulated
Thltnitn triMlwtonM
Chicago Jul H Trade markets
were very dull today and September
wheat closed l8o lower September
corn closed 1 8c lower oats Mo lower
and provisions practically unchanged
Wheat was quiet and rather Inac-
tive with fluctuations limited to l 2c
range There was not much of a de-
mand and the bulk of the business
was within a lower range of prices
The market tldently was Influenced
to a great extent by the prospects of
a liberal movement of new wheat now
that the rallioads are able to handle
the same Cables were lowet and less
faornblc to holders
Corn was easy within l 8o range
favorable wenther and fre offerings
Oats were easy on frte offerings and
In sympathy with other grains Tho
range wna 3 8c
Provisions were easy at the start
but tinned up later on bidding by
packers Compared with lust night
September pork and lard art un-
changed and September ribs 2 1 2c
rr eights slow wheat and corn to
TlufCalo at 7 Sc
Uslimatea for Mondai Wheat 41
cars corn 125 cars oats 87 cars
hogs 28000
Chicago trnln
Ltlcsro 111 July U Leading futures
ranged as follows i
flgwdirs gTisr rwH
la 1
u S u l
O A S 6
H fi fa K
t I C
Cash quotations were as follows
riour W Inter patents J S0JI2 99
winter stralBht J24082 00 sprlnB
1003 00 bakers II C0J to
No 2 spring wheat 60 1 8057 Mo No
3 spring wheat nominal l No 2 red
No 2 corn 41 S lOlZc
No 2 oats nominal No 2 white 40SJ
41c No 3 white 3 l 239 l 2c
No 2 rje 45 12SH70
No 2 hailey nominal No 3 barley
nominal No 4 barley nominal
No 1 flaxseed II 30O1 31
Prime timothy seed 5 00
Mess pork per barrel J12 62 1 20
12 65
I aril per 100 pounds It 77 1 206 80
Short ribs sides loose 80 0517 10
Dry salted shoulders boxed 20 12 1 2
Short clear Bides boxed 80 87 1 2
7 00
Whisks distillers nnlshed goods per
gallon II 22
No 3 eIlow corn 42 l 4e
Hour ItecelptB 2000 barrels ship-
ments 000 barrels
Wheat neoelpts 8000 bushels ship-
ments 20 000 bushels
Corn Itecelpts CO 000 bushels ship-
ments 87 000 bushels
Oats Itecelpts 41 000 bushels ship-
ments 4000 bushels
It e and barley No receipts nor ship
On the produce exchange today the
butter market was steady creamery
12ffl7c dalrj 11815c
tggs were steady at 8810a
Llrerpool Provisions
Lherpool July Jl Wheal Quiet but
steadyi demand moderate holders of
fer moderately No 1 California 4s
iidSBs red Western sprlnr is lldOSs
red Western winter 4s 7 l Mtfls 1 1 Jd
Corn Klrm demand moderate new
mixed spot 4s
Flour spring patents ts d
Pork rrime mess
Bacon Ionr and snort
nnirds for 87S tdl lonir
Aiprlmi Western Ms
loouon tfnffr
Tendon July 14 -Cans sugar quiet
cerlfal J
fair reflnlng Us M
St Louts rtoTlslons
St toul W u -flour-Unchanged
Wheat Pull loner on the end of tho
strlks decUrIng 1 4117 8c No J
iJ Mhand July H Beplember
ggESFX ga
Lard i
rJiTfJrf S Srt xjw VWJlltW
news No 1 mixed cash 40 1- July
Vug ust J3 I- uptember 39 f
Oat 1 Depressed No 2 cash SO btl
July 3 1 4 August 23 M Beptcmlwr
Itye Xo 3 east track Si jj
Kuiisn City tlruln
Kansas Ctl J ily 14 At heat About
l 2i lower Uo 2 hard 47l 3 4 No t
red 47tt48l No 1 red 45Ut4 1 2 rejected
Cvrn Unchanged N 2 mixed 3a
30 1 21 No 3 wblte 3i0
Oats IMUf lo locr No 2 mixed 30
No 2 white 33
Fort Worth Tex Jul 14 Wheat to
da closed l 2c lowir corn 3 Sc oats
l4c pork S l2o htKher lard and ribs
unchanged from last Haturdays final
The wheat trade has been sort of
demoralized tho entire week Then
has been nothing In sight to encouraga
holders and consequently the fcehcnl
public has been loth to take any con-
certed action In the market until con-
Warehouse delutl s from New Yertr dtl101 change The raising of the i All
yesterda 9Jio bags New ork today rond leUD 8 a8 causing as wo
lous much apprehension that receipts
will be heavy In the nsAt future and l
tnus tne return of confidence noted the
past two da Is being Cully tiltset by
the above Xeafs and natural ha n
marked tendene to hold back the
more conseratIe traders and money-
ed men who belltve In present values
until the disposition or rarmeis Is bet-
ter nscertIned
This has thrown the market Utgely
Into the hands of scalper who have
taken both sides In a pinnll way al-
though their selling ha tfoen the inor
notable 7n a statlstlenl way the liu
a Hon lematna nomlnnlly unchangbd
except perhaps In the Norlhwet where
the condition of the growing crop hns
fallen nearly 20 points during June
as estimated by the government and
there are also some fears expressed
that the seveie beat that has prevailed
In that country the pat week has
added considerable more Injury Crop
abroad appear to bo in a lss favorable
conditlm than first reports but thers
still appears to be a larg surplus hel 1
nt the lialtlc and sundry ports and
although the wheat It Inferior In tiual
Il ns rompared with our A met loan
Set the price Is so much chettper that
It Is to n grtat extent taking the place
of out wheat the shipments Into Liv
erpool being so large during the past
three months that the large deficiency
In stocks noted there In liny has been
overcome and that market made weak
in consequence up to this week PI ar
ances from American ports hnve been
disappointing small but there wns a
marked Improvement noted this week
exports amounting to 600 000 over Inst
Trading today hns been of a holiday
character and prices were Inclined to
seek n lower level although the decline
wns but small Clearances of wheat
und wheat flour reductd aggregate
280 000 bushels Cloving rabies report
Paris closed Uerlln 1 2 up Antweip
Corn has been moderately active the
enllro week und prices ranged higher
until todaj when reports of rain In
Nebraska wheie Is It so urgently
needed caused considerable selling
a great deal of long stuff coming out
During the week September advanced
to 48 18c but the closo today was
about 8 4c lower at 42 14042 3 tc
Oats for September are steady but
cash ptopert closes weak
Provisions seem well supported and
close firm The trade however H
larireiv nmontr the oackers and It Is
hard to form an Intelligent opinion of
the market under present conditions
1 tun ni f
Open High Low Close
Wheat No 2
July f8 1 8 M 1 s
September 68 1 8 68 1 8
December 60 7 B 61
Oorn No 2
July 42 C 8 42 G R 42 5 8
Septemuer i i j
October 42 1 4 42 1 4
Oats No J
Jitlv 26 1 2 S3 1 3 2S
Auirust 13 1 2 2D W M
September 29 -9
Mess pork rr barrel
July 12 45 12 41
September 12 52 12 52
Lard per 100 pounds
July 6 75 6 75
September 6 80 6 ftO
Short ribs per ion pounns
July 655 6 f5 6 65 6 15
September 6 47 6 65 6 47 665
Cash Closing
Wheat TAVl
Pork J
nnpnf d dull and
nr HtM nnd hlzher
65 Vt r 1 8
67 B S 6T 3 4
CO 1 2 60 3 4
6 SO
42 6 8
42 S S
41 f S 42 1 S
2S7 S
12 45
12 60
6 75
S3 1 1
12 45
12 62
Chesapeake and Ohio 78 off Lake
Shore 1 8 up St Iaul 1 8 up Louisville
and Nashville 1 2 up Frle 1 4 up Union
Pacific 1 8 up Northern 1aclflo pre-
ferred 1 4 up Heading 1 8 up Atchison
1 4 up
Atchison general system earnings
first week In July decreased 3477765
London bir silver down 116 now
28 716
Th stock market opened tame but
there was no special pressure to sell
The grangers wero bartly steady and
St Paul and C li and Q were sold In
a Bmall way for Western account D
C F was decidedly firmer on a re-
newal of operations by the directors
pool Chicago gas was the strongest
of the Industrials and was In demand
from both accounts There was wms
shorts selling sugar but pool brokers
took all the stock on a scale
The advance In Louisville and Nash-
ville this morning Is partly due to the
belief that there are orders In the mar-
ket to buy on a scale up It Is believed
that these orders are for acount of a
prominent director of the road with
Important foreign connections
The sub treasury has a debit balance
at the clearing house today of 11818 000
which will be liquidated In notes
Traders er disposed to even up
their accounts In the final hour and
there was a slight recesion In the stock
naijcet from the highest prices of the
The soiling or sugar for one outside
operator was continued on ft large tcnle
but pool brokers were willing to tako
all the offerings at any concession
There were realisations to take pro-
ms In Chicago gas and as a large
Costing short Interest had been cotrl
In tha first hour the reaction was only
natural although the pool brokers
were rady to buy on a down
were firm and there was good support
to Heading and eordagu on ram op of
favorable developments In both
Port Worth Tex Juy H The total
llb1e supply of the world today hi
3 604 000 against 2752000 last earM
showing a loss since Saturday of 120-
000 against a Ib of 67000 last er
during the same time The world
islble of American slUooo against
2274 600 last yvar a los Hiicq Satur-
day of 95004 against 4KtO last ear
The Chronicle makes the amount that
came into sight for the week It 433
against 22407 last year and total In
sight since September 1st 7515 000
against 6474000 last year The amount
that came into sight after estcrday
last rear was 226 000 Port stocks last
1 night were 261000 and 20 000 on ship
i board ntjalnst port slocks of 26SOOO
I last ear and 4 i 000 mi board The
Chronicle s iys tuday crop advices for
the week ore generally of a cry favor-
able character Italn has fallen In tu-
rnout a localities Uuilng thv week and
the crop has us a rule been benefited
iitport Uvm Tts nro ns i rul
iulta satisfactory but In aonie section
ninlfture Is needed
Vert irevlptA todaj TOO aghnstflOO
Hst tear tU t market tcdu tjelud
a luwtr point than nt any time during
tno ason closing v nly barely stead
Itnituf f Irl rr liirk
Open High Low Cloio
Jul 6 S5 6 iJt 6 si 6 h7
August 6 tfl 6 9S f W JO
HipUmhcr 6 93 6 9t 0 03 6 94
O tober T 00 7 02 7 M 7 01
November 7 08 T 0J 7 08 7 IK
December 716 7 16 7 16 7 1ft
Januar 7 22 T XI 7 21 7 21
February 728 7 28 7 M 7 28
Dull fifties U 100 spats quiet 7 1 fio
sales 45 Liverpool cloned dull at n
decline of from 1 Ctd tu 2 61 1 from last
nights final prices plot steady de-
mand moderate at 3 li ltd sales 6000
licPtnij i rN rirctihir
New Orleans July 14 MeKlruy
Co sayi
Iutti res A no ther dull dsy has passed
J u Liverpool sates aKBregntlnd only
6000 bates while futures arc 1 lZ 64d
lowtr the only Item of Interest In the
market is the talk of more new lmls
and It Is quite surprising that South
em Arkansas expects to shin out a
Hi it hale njthtn about ten Oayi U
such should prove to be the rase the
movement will be a decided earl one
but the rumor is Klven little credence
there and prioea at the closing ore
practically tho same as yesterday and
emt sahs ucre lQf0 bales The Inter
est in the market is riulte smalt but
the long continent sticks to its ground
wait I nit patiently for something favor-
able to develop In the direction of
higher prices hence present steadiness
In the face of Generally dlsmurugliiB
trades advice and good crop news
Ilverpool tot I on
Liverpool Jul U 2 m CloslnR
Cotton Bpot dull American middling
3 15 16J The sales of the day were
6000 bales of which 300 were for specu-
lation and Included 6400 bates of Ameri-
can receipts 100O bales all Amerl
Tutures opened dult with a poor de-
mand and closed dull ut tho decline
American middling L M C July
3 T6C41 sellers July and August 3 64
64d uguat und September 3 ft 4 64 if
3 65 64d Aptember and October 8 66 61
ff3 66 64d October and Novimber
3 TS 64IT3 ET 64di November and De
cember 3 R7 64d buj era December and
Januar 3 M 64d sellers January and
February 3 63 64 1 sellers February
and March S C0 Q4d sellers Alarch and
April 3 61 6403 6264d sellers
INeir Orleun Cot Ion
New Orleans July 14 Motion Quiet
and stead t sales t DOO baUsr to ar
rive 100 ncelpts 316 exports coist
wlt c to itoik4S0l Futures Jull sales
600 Jul 6 fO bll Auirust 6 70fT6 7l
Septemlwr 6 67T6 6 October 6 70fl6 71
Ntvember 6 77C6 7S December t 9LPt
6 M January C l7 B2j rebrunry 6 7
l to March 7 03T 04 Apll 7 CO
7 10
rw A ork Cultuii
New York July 14 Cotton Total
toady nud eonnolldattd net receluls
J 5 62 -bales exports to Clrat Iirltaln
2410 to the continent 409 stock 274 -705
Total since September 1 Cotton
Net ncLiits DbC27M exports to fir eat
lit I It III 28Z2 Ll to France G98073 to
thi continent l6C306i to tho channel
Iitlvmtrm 4TII
rifilvoatnii TnT Tiilv M Rnnr
665 ton dull middling 6 7 Sc Hales 0
New Tork July 14 Th only caute
Piven for selling D C F was the
probability that lis eonfoence com
mitter may report the tax of St as
oilRlmll flxeil bv the Jiujq Instead
of St 10 as determined by the aenute
A prominent oiilcinl ot the Loulavllla
nnd Nashville tells u collections tils
yar aro much betitr than they were
n ear uco Iluslness cundltlcrs show
a distinct Improvement befoto the
strike and there Is every reason to be
lli mb this wll continue The company
has considerable of unified bonds in
Its treasury available for usu beside
37 200 000 or SIOCK
bales Itecdpts C bales exiiorts
Daies BiocK aivi uaics
New Orleans HiirKptN
New Orleans La July 11 Markets
steady and uncharged
C hlmuti 1 Ite Stuck
Chicago July 14 It as a dull day
In cattle There was nome demand
for local account but shipptrs did
not appear to have any orders that
would not keep tilt next week and
holders found It necessary to make
further concessions on such grades as
go Hast alive Tho receipts wero
London close Market for Americans mated at 4500 head of which 2C00 head
steady and closvd
were credited to Texas The receipts
for this week amounted to 28 COO head
against C41I last week und 72 639 for
the corresponding wetk last year
The hog market was weak tarty and
unevenly lower but It braced up a lit
ffi -TOT b
The STANDAUD wauld be vU used to
bear from all cattlerotn In Texas and
the Jndlan fcrrltory who contim plate
chirping and we will furnish markets on
application We make a specialty of
the Tixas trade nnd If guod care of
ctKk In the yards and good ales is
what you dmilre then cnd us a trial
shipment and wo will endeavor to make
you a permanent customer Write us
Iloom 173 Vew Exchange Jiulldlnc U
a Tords Chicago iil
v A Banrom Minager formerly of
The granger were siuggisn ana
Western houses sold a few scattering tic further along tn the forenoon ami
lots of Ut Iaul and Callage Hurling 1 was firm at yesterdays closing Them
ton and Qulncy was a good demand for Jocat packers
Western Union and general electrla 1 pearly all the buvuuts belnr uuu oiurb
It equipped for business und with f
shippers also bujlng mora freely the
Iwinty odd thousand hogs on salu
wero closely bought up From ft 6fl
i10 was paid for merchantable lots I
Anything selling lelow 4b5 was wry
common und lt7touk something exiopt
usually good to bring moro than JSt5
Uhls Ytcik receipts foot up at 470m
head against 4044 for last week and
1S00W a yur ago
In sheep there was almost no de-
mand dutinu tin rati huuia ui Uni
day and not much trading was done
later The few sales reported wero on
a oasis or i tows w tor poor to cnoice
La ml a vure quoted unchrngtU at
Heceipts Cattle 1021 calves Sj hogs
wit snecp none
Knnsns tit live Stork
Kr Nis Clij July
2300 shipments 1700 market
steady to weskt Texas steers lfStilBO
Tcxua cows 1 46Q2 W beef steers 2 50O
4 76 nativo cus 1 WflT2 til stockers
und feeders S 30 It 3 60 bulls and mixed
1 502 0
lKKLUcripU 6000 shipments 601
maiket 10uirc lower bull of sales 4 65
tti 76 heaves 4 6SV1 SO pacKtts 4 Tilt
4 50 mixed 4 501f4 li lights 4 60S470
porkeis 4 CM plits 4404M
Sheep Ueclpls luw shipments 200
SI 1 nnls I It1 Hnk
Bt Louis July 14 Cattle Hecilpts
none uhlpnviits none market dull
ptlcH nomlnvl
IIokh Ueeelpts and shlpn nts none
market 10c lower good butcher grades
490 good mixed 4 7C4T4 i pigs 4 K011
iSheep Itecelpts and shipments none
rarket stinrti Inmln 160 ewes 200
tr nrU llry llitodH
New York fuly 14 JUerUiundlw hns
ben of the nominal pmiwrttons of
Jul urdn und motij sellers and buyers
weru nut of Die market New business
w fli very light but theio wna a frur
movement or gooas on pn vious iui
chases Printing cloths steady at 2 B Ko
hales for the week were 238 000 pieces
Htock 70000 pieces Production 10
000 pieces DclUetHs 211 W0 1 letfi
St ImiU Wont
Bt Iouls July 14 Acol Moro att
le firm without quotable change
Vturlik VMilnk
Feorla 111 July 14 Whisky I Inn
high wine basis 1 22
Mtiplo rrotUloiiH
Meats Dry salt clear shorts 8 l 2c
bacon shoit clear Be bacon beltles
9 l 2o dr salt bellies 8 3 4c medium
hams 12c latgc hums 11 3 4c small
hams 12 1 2o bieakrast bacon 11 l 2o
Lard Compound 6 l 2o pure leaf
I 1 2C
hUKarHtandafd granulated 6 MCc
towdered brie 6 VBci jwwdered half
brls fi cut loaf brls 5 3 8c cut
loaf half brls li 6 He ellow clarlileU
4 1 IW4 S 8c
Coffee Arbuckln a Arlosa 32 l 2f
midland 22 l 2c Lbm il l 2c Alaroma
il I 2c 1 leuclt mniket 22 l 2c XXXN
22 l 2c
Uruen CotTee Ity the sack good 3ic
cholqe 21ci fanc 22 L2o peabvrr
24 l 2c old guverniiunt Java 37o
Mocha 27c
Ulee Common 4 l 2o Irlme 6c head
rice 6c
Molasses Hane lots fancy sugai
house 35c choice per gallon 3cfanc
Hrup pei gallon 3fe cholco torn
rup per gallon 26c
Halt 1 Isli New mackeral modlum
o i nan narrels 7 60 No 2 io lb
Dur 10 nltun NN J 10 lb bet
Kill 1 Z
lrl Ml medium
bat brls II 75i mll brl IS M small
half brls 13 28 io ksIIou keim 82 40
C sllon keits II 2S jilnts 85c nuarts
Jr dos 1110 half gallon utr los
1175 American Lallon pr dos 2 7ri
hexnirou iuIIoii 14 00 Imperial nuli
Ion 8C 2S
I Jour iiml frntn
heal No J 45o No 3 42o
Corn Car lots fob fort Worth
Kansas shelled bulk too sacked 120
cur local wucon lots Me per bushel
rust pioot cur lots f o
b tort Worth 23o sacked ICe
iiran Per 100 pounds fob Tort
Worth co
1 lay Car lota f o b Tort Worth
best Tornej 88M er ton InMt up
land 18 00 alfalfa loose local 17 00 per
ton Johnson ernes bale 1 local Is 00
per tont looso pralrio loent Hr ton 10
Ilour liest patents li go per loo
pound half patents 81 43 third trade
II 21 fourth eradt 0c Northern put
en ts 12
Chops Corn nnd ontn mixed per
ton IIS per 100 pounds II
Cotfim unit Wm
Cotton tow tnlldllnr I 2CI strict
lou ml 1 Jllnff r 3 tc pllddllnK Cc strict
lillddllnr 0 Ie Knxl mlddllnif I 14c
Wool I Icht medium 10c low me-
dium T9a heavy line CTe
ririiln Snel s mitl Ttrliie
Cordage steal rope hnlf liirlt basis
6 l 2o mnnllla lope lialf lneh basis
Oc rolton tope nit sixes Un eoltoii
twine 15o 5 ply Jule tln 17 l 2o
rive bushel oal baits k 1 Zi corn
sacks La 1latl 5 l 2c 3 bushel corn
sacks l 2c n ounce wheat satks
8 1 tc
roullry Under iiml iitum
IVlllllrv 11 liana n n Ai M
2 25 spring chlrkens per dozen 31 IZQ
t tv luunirin irf uunrii j t IUI Key
hens 60c gotblers geese per
doren 13 60 dutks per doxen tJOOiJ
2 25
Fggs Iresh without case Cc
Hutter -Fresh tmntry 1010
choice creamery 2023c oteomirglne
82 pound tubs J5c per pound 10 pound
tubs 16 1 2C
Frvitli V rwlnliot nnd Irulln
Vegetables Cabbages per lb 2 l 2c
potatoes LOt per bushel onions per
pound 2 l 2c hteti soo per dozan
bunches tomatoes per bushel 1125
watermelons per dozen eocfJtlOQ can-
taloupes per dozen 2CC0o
Fruits Lemons fancy 3i0 per ho
15 KH9 00 apples 1 3 buihe box tOty
65cj peaches 1 3 bushel box CiGc
plums 1 3 bushel box 7Cc prapes
Concords 7So per basket Iielawares
II 25 per basket
I etleral Court nl InrU
rarls Tex July 14 -In the Federal
court today Judge Hryant mm U need
John Dall H K Iloutwell and Tllmore
Dal convicted of the murder of W T
Hux In the Chickasaw nation June
tf 1H89 to be hanged on Beptember
28 They had been tried In November
1890 and John Hall nnd It K Houtjyell
were convicted and Tltmoro Halt ac-
quitted An appeal was taken lo the
Xfnltcd States supreme court and the
case reversed because the Indlvtment
was held to l c voll All wero rein
dicted District Attorney Manner uk
Ing the position that If -the foimer
Indictment was void Tllmoro Hall had
never been In Jeopardy The case will
be appealed again upon a number of
i ii
Makes dyspeptics
Browns Iron
ir ss
11111 Hit Lift FMIt IS ALHUVin A-
eiMiMi IiortmTiuMt
Hoiur vt Wroc Wliu Have Made
nntlniiN fur Sptclnl Fremluitii
LlborntPi FuiiKins Mltlturr
Hand tu b Trefiesit
Dallas Tex July it The manage-
tnent vt the fair Is In a predicament
In reference lo being ablu to Und place
for al applications for space thus far
made Tho space In the machinery
hall i already entirely taken and the
pi osptcls of a like occurrence In the
power and exposition halls Is nppmach
ing With these facta staring them In
tho face they are itow contemplating
t n -Mains alt the buildings
The fair msmmment takes plensuie
It announcing tha enicagcinent of Fiof
A Liberal i famous tnllUar bnid for
tho coming fair ftlsa that of nn ex
celbnt quartette The established repu-
tation of this popular musical otgnnl
snllon la well known tu visitors to
the state fair and hardly mefli any
Introduction to the public except to
say as jrof Ltberatl writes that he
will bring Hh him to Texas this fall
a bnnd in ever way more excellent
than bis former ones and llml his
quirtettc competed of male and female
voices will be tho llnrst let hmrd
lit muslo hall
The following parties hno mado do
nKtlohs of special premiums to be
tiffertd for ixhlhlts at the comlnr
fair Munger Machine corn pa n Mer
chsnl U lutinlng W T Ikaid Oenrse
Mummert J O Terrell II C Ithone
J I Oray Averj 1lnnler compans
John V urltj L KnepD Oom
puny Max llahn John J Conruy
Khook A Cooper I Utait Manufnctur
Ing utmpau H Heck li alt Food
oomuny Hanger Hros
Thi mntlir nF innital lrmliiniH m
on In which the exhibitor alwais I
lakes a great Interest ami espeiial I
Htttmtton this season li being gtv en 1
to the securing of it largo list of both
valuable and handsome premiums The
same v 111 be published In clnular font
and thunuiflhly distributed Hpecbit
premiums am almivs tlven In ndill
tlon to mopey pijxua nnd In many
Instances this season the wlpnei of
urat prvmiums will hnve an oppor-
tunity of winning two prlxes instead of i
ek ji4m42ji
jrvny one uesiring to qtTer special
V l0m lieM nt tho
fair this fall and siiaacstul that It
woum l tt aouj id a ti oirer jrls
ror the hanilsomest balles Tho
fement Is Blvlnt tho matter fainr
obi coiislileratloii nnj would he clad
lo have suirjtrstlons from all the
mamas who desiie to hate tvlr tmlles
iarllclata In ll KrMl UR
Kesllon olTned by one of the iorri
spoiidenl is that a lire else i alntln
of the winniiijt t orrd J
Pflfn r olllered one
J Heutt who Is now north In tho
hnK iwUenM inns of tlio
horiimen here and fltd that Ihey are
making preparations lo he with us this
Ih i f U cnmplalm hre
Htatff fr nm RW
TU m lnr w fnl al t
will keep them hustling to keii the
hornes In this section I never saw
more Interest taken In the fair than
th n season and not onl will there be
n Isrrer nunibrf oxiitbltors from t
north hut thern vt also pome a big
number of victors
Tlo fiiUlng Is from Ih Sporting
News HieaMUdl feir of tha sin- lf
Tixas will be held In nnllns commone
ing October JD and closing Novembir
i An tittse ball has tnkun unite a
hold on tho people of the Tnf Htar
state the manngoment of his fair bs
llevo It Imperative to give the publlo
what It wants am are according ur
ranging datcH lor games bslwccn cluls
of ret Ute
The fair Committee have through the
endeavors of Mi U i Kegun of the
Ttnas and Put I fit railroad arranwd
Ihtrs with the New irhnrm oluU or Im
ftauthern Kngue It In highly proba
bie that the closo of the chumploiuhln
sntsoii that timwns win not only
visit Dallas hut alsu mako a tour of
the sKite of Texas if they so decide
they will bin during fair week nt tha
UJlliis fad grounds 1Uy will then
vtut Oorslcana Waj Austin tn An
tutilo Houston Unlvvston and then
either out via Maishul or oer to New
J he fair association has Just closed
ntranMmontt wltn 1iofcssnr Atwaler
of Han Antonio to ptato on exhibition
his ejection of which controls hrtloil
ture forestry llorlcutturo AurlLUltuir
mint ra Is geological specimens game
lih uaturiil history musiuim of nn
tlqutty and relits This Is one of tha
finest collections In the south and will
be one of the Interesting featuies ivf
the coming fair
7 ho la lies of the Drat Methodist
church Girls Lo Operative Home end
the Herman Lad It Aid society have
each scouted restaurant privileges for
the coming fair Other churches and
socle U eH are ngi Hating for like prlvl
Itgvw und In a ftW da a all privileges
of thti kind wll be disposed of
The circuit ratng program for the
Texas fait memiiga u now tesdy for
distribution The purses aggregate the
sum of JIODQO and the following meet
lugs comjose the circuit Calvurt Hills
boro Curslcatis Dallas Taylor and
Han Antonio
The attention o the adls Is called
to the great variety of articles In-
clude 1 in tha piemlutn lists begin-
ning with old lades over M years of
age and ending with childrens work
No need for any extra effort or ex-
pense In making an exhibit but they
can select Just tuch articles as are
required tar ever day family use anJ
In making them up consult the rata
logue and see tttt the style of work
conforms to wiiat the premium list
calls for in fancy work of all kinds
there Is an endless variety suitable
for handsome prostnts or holiday gifts
and as exhibits can be marked for
sole tq be sent after th fair to th
erson purchasing It will be a gol
opportunity la dupote of them In the
special premtumn which are to be do-
nated by the Dallas merchants the
little folks are not forrotten so they
must be on the mil vivo and comnetB
for some elegant prises suited to their
tastcfl and nees The express com-
panies only uiarga one fare on goods
pent to the fan so Jt Is expected that
all ptrts of the Hate will be repre-
sented In a not heretofore
excelled Bend for catalogue or rail
on Mrs fcydnev mlth for Informa-
tion nbout the irt textile or culinary
departments room 31 e Lxall building
A IMI Man IuUntB
Dallas Tex Jiy l ThebojIy of
an unknown man was fogm bt tha t
mouth of Farmra prnnch lift mile I
from he town of Farmers Branch
yesterday and JoitiM 8 k el ton Jit
auctftad it but wJlbaut UanliXirln Lt
Ji i
r - -
t JTEXfS t
To New Orleans ftls
And IMoU la Iht h0THKAST
Tate lie a Li Limilei
cSrfiroT woirnr Dallas stl
lllll MKX1CO SfW
ThrouEh lalinin Uoitct Wilnc car
heliteen C1U1 ctl Worm umI bl
t 1 CI fw Orlenl iuj Denver
bwUvw sad Mn Jinntlico
OKloiaXTlme Card
kOht uotvui tioN iiiior
Na D larolldsni1
Not r si p rn
Noil osu a m
Nan JoiBam
no in t m n tn
Na itJ I3fl4RRl
sit aawtn
No 1 Arr TVlpai
Nn Lear V 03 a ra
Najl Arr lUddnut -Nat
No a ilOnnt
No Ill Arr U
Tor mte Uriels ihj all lurorniutloa
ntIly or uiMies siiv el t o llrkjiue un
01 lAtlXN Ml SLI It
OMilllM Vfleltet Alt
JAKCP ZHItV City llrkv At est tort
DAhlltr MT I A Dollnv
U ft UIOKNI llilr1 Vice In sulent sal
Ocneral Mnaar Dalits Tyss
mJw T2JS
y ix
City Ti ket OlDoe Cot Main flt I i rt
Worth All thcu for tlchuts to llous
ton Ualvitvion Austin Hin Anunlu
Kow OrlMtia Mnnlgnitixlj ltlrmlng
ham Mlldlsn NatHvllle Chattanoo-
ga Mobile Allsntsete Bhoit and nulck
line between North an I Hmith Txas
Ilriuiiiiiia hid imr iiHMutiniinu win in vv v v t
ver irli i nBu it inruuan ntprr in ri uiurnion
WwKi U inWre of fr rCanlrrusir
irmi IMiiununiiHiinns rrim inini in
ami out of DUIas asklns tielhrr or
Orleans nnd Denver M Houston jid
Fort worth Ttsins leave j r vvcint
houth bound HM m 6 10 p tn t
tiorth bound anlve 10 to a m 7 t
P m
11 n Ttobtns T r A W T Orbm
Olty iirket Aeeul nl Msln street C
1 Tu H Tlclte A rent Union Depot
M L ltoMM OTA Houston O
V ltin iminu rslstinrr Houston
Do You
a Malay
from a Migyar
When You See
Very few people do anil
that U why everybody
of the
That will inform you
and also educate tha
children t
The great Congress of
Nations at the Worlda
Fair was or service in
an educational way and
lliu tujierb eeries is
the SerlMl
Clip the rP lb tutorial
Oar OalmUm sad ail
ir briaw with l b SI
tatlrllookf llpurtMnt
yort Uitrth lesas
Tbe state Capital
Austin Ten Julsr H In the eompi
AUMU truitiv tatoo lull bonds
On yesterday the city of aUnrsvlll J
registered ivw mvi fcvinvwc
11 Ullh Hon Tbeff
Jilton ttxi Jul llAih puty 6be
uewman orrlw
Will Bmim Ul Will llobettson J
It is a1Hl tol l f
Texa som ln M ami so
to It K Kul t NwaaiU T
claims lo Jt

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