Fort Worth Gazette. (Fort Worth, Tex.), Vol. 18, No. 234, Ed. 1, Sunday, July 15, 1894 Page: 9 of 16

30 inch White Lawn
L 27- nc
i Corded Dimity
30 inch Sheer Printed Lawn
27 inch Figured Colored
27 inch Solid Gingham
22 in5h Colored Chambray
22 infh Figured Crepon
Novelty White Goods
Value 15c
Clearahce price 7 l 2c
7Ae Bargain of the Season
Printed Lawns MuWs and Batiste 10
yard pattern for 75c For beauty of
style and vaiuo in price are unsur-
Real Value 20c and 26c
Best 35c Solid Colored
Satines Clearanco Price
115c f
Jhirty Six inch Printed
Irish Lawn value 20c
clearance price 10c
Thirty Two inch Scoth Zephyr Gingham
value 35c per yard They must move this
week Clearance price 10c per yard
ite Goods Specials
A Choice
Figured Lawn Dress for
Mack Goods Specials
3UR Fineplack Famise zephyr
125 hams clearance nrlce I JO
UR Silk Warn Black Bombazinn Cf
pi 50 rlncrnnrn nriro iUOi
yiLi hiivw j w w - --
UR Sik Warn DrandeLvon clear- PI OC
1200 nnrfi nriiR JiLOi
TA A L717 T irrfc h 2
No Limit W the Bargains
To Clear Out
l I At
Lace Curtains
At Half Price1
To Clear Out
To Clear Out m
I7T 7
Childrens Mull
Hats and Caps
I- A1 I
jl o uiear uut m
Hosiery lo Clear Out
Sweeps Bargains in
Corsets to Clear Out
ton Stanwood Gamble Engines and Boiers Thomas Steam
resss and Cotton Elevating System The Celebrated Smith
Gins and Murray Ginning and Elevating System
e alo carry large Stock Rubber and Leather Belting Pulleys Pipe
nirgs and can fill orders promptly
riteus for prices on Complete Gin Outfits or Machinery of any kind
fry the best line in the state We are also agents for Harrison Wagons
tardard andjFavorite Buggies that we are offering at Low Prices in
adf from factory or local here We also have bargains in Sucker State
Djlls Rocklslnnri Southern Agricultural Co and Norwegian Plows
fell them beloV their value to make room for other goods
Jtjor aome uood tern
ts Past TlTtn 1 -
1nVL hV fJohn
but he rilrinj SJ
I it to bo atipposed that he l -HI to repeat
thi beautiful self denial In Or
talnty not-
florae TlileT HIH
Special Teleerani
I Bacwelli Tex Jnlr H -Deputy
i United States manhala tame up on lUe
I thle In the
killed three
i leelerday near Bafletown
I of tbmaSa captured th other one
They had stolen a horse and buggy at
Pilot Point They captured th horse
and buggy also with other stolen
6frmblp Arrivals
New York July 14 Arrived In Toil
ralne from Havre Gellert from Naples
Paris from Southampton
ppjoff hoh FoiTMt i onristi
FOIl Till M 1VT UI 11WS
Rirere Halii Mill IoIIoit 1i
IHitorhnnpea Iilrh Will lltittn
Da rlii it tltt rt P lor lit Minr
Ilrontlt LsprcicJ In inuniil
CopjrlghteJ lnj hi W T TcJir
St Joseph Mo J nl j 11 My last
bultetln rave forecast a of the stoim
wj Arrow the cunlintnt from lth to
16th and the nxt will reach the Pa-
cific roast about ha Kth croia the
h esttrn mountain by clou of ihe
JSth the snxt central alis fron the
19th to 21st and the aatrn states
uhout he It 11
Tl pilrdpal frnture ft U U disturb
ancc will be the excesaHe raltm It tll
cause but It will still laro many places
fchort on rainfall iA poorly prepared
to rreet the Austit drouth
The warm av will rroij the west-
ern mountains alvout tho 17th the
rreut cenial allfo about the 19th
and th easi ni stutei ab5if tho 2lst
The cool wave will cross the western
mountains about the E0tht the Kreat
central u11ojh nbul fli 2SndanJ the
ear tern stale nbot L Ihe tXi
The fifth principal alorm wave of
JnH will tach thJ Jacitlc conat nbout
the 23d cross the western mountains
cke of illh the irreat eenUftl al
laia from 25lh to 27th and the eastrn
Mate about 2Mb TFils dUturbince
wlil Iruitijniiate a heau d lerni tht
will bcom s iry opprisle durnff th
last part of July and the first part of
Ihe w irm wao wll ctoss the west-
ern mountains about 231 the Rreut
central valleys about lUh an the
taitern at it abuit a7tli THj coot
will citiss thj western mountilns
almut SGlVi the grtat central alleB
about 2Sth and the eastern status
about Oth
Like the seventeen 5 ear locunta the
spMntfen year weather pe lods appeur
to nae little regularity but when once
undei stool when one knows how to
measure their i erlods by planetary po-
sitions they i rove tlemseles true to
tho seventeen Scar rule establish elec
tro magnetism as a cause and plane-
tary mterology ns the onl true sys-
As a sample of the fifteen td s en
teen year period of recurring weather
lt us take the temperature of Musca
lln Iowa for the month of April ISM
lSr 1856 1871 and 188C Tor these five
years the month of April neer failed
to dmelop an excess of temperature
and the u erase excewi was over four
deai ees dally for the fve months or a
total excess of more than COO degrees
In some of the EifiWrn states we
htne longer weuther period and when
they have been worked out I will be
able to show more stilklnr evidences
of the mtcen seventeen ear weather
periods although the Muscatine rec-
ord as shown above Is poiltte proof
that such a rerlod does obtain I have
not yet worked out the rainfall record
for Muscatine on the seventeen joar
period or 1 would give it here
ISO farther doubt can exist that there
Is a seven ear weather period The
reason that It has eluded the guep of
meterologlsts it that It Is a double
period or rather two seven year perloda
running together I will give the proof
of this double seven year period but
I will not give the key to It
Take St Louis July temperature for
the years 1841 42 48 61 SS 61 C8
74 73 bl 67 88 These thirteen perloda
give a dally average excos of 238
degieea or a total excess of ft9 degrees
No one can deny that this la positive
exldence of this recurring weather je
rlod and as Jul 1894 Is the next in-
curring date we have reason to expect
an excess of temperature at St Louis
this month
The ex ess arles greatly however
on account of the Influence of other
planets and I have only completed the
calculations of this one planet for July
at St Louis therefore I am not yet
ablo to Bay whether the excess will be
great or small for this month In fact
the excess might be overcome by the
Influence of other I lands which 1 have
not jet had time to calculate
Now let us take the rainfall at Mi-
ami Mo for August a critical period
In the corn crop season tor the years
1147 C3 9 0 CO 67 11 737V 80 86
92 93 the average monthly deficiency
for August was 83 of an Inch and some
of the most severe drouths occurod
In these recurring periods Ten of
these periods averaged a deficiency of
173 Inches for August and only three
of them gave an excess owing to the
overwhelming Influence of the other
planets combined
According to this record a forecast
of a severe drouth for August In Cen-
tral Missouri based on oi e planet
would rrove correct ten times out of
thirteen and by learning the effects
the other planets have all errors may
possibly be avoided
1 have one Illustration completed
for the Eastern states Take New lied
ford Mass temperature- for Decem-
ber 1817 25 33 41 41 87 C5 7Jr 81 h
and the average dally excess Is 31
degrees or a total excess of 989 degrees
This Is tho eight year period and
without an exception universally
causes a warm December at New Ied
ford December 1897 will be the next
date and a warm December may be
expected at that place and time When
I have concluded my calculations on
the other planets I confidently expect
to be able to correct forecast how
warm December 1887 will be fat New
lied ford Mass
hlle high and low temperature
usualy cover large areaa there re
always spots In these areas iUat are
higher or lower In temperature than
the average cold or warm field and
therefore while a warm December at
New Bedford would Indicate a warn
field over the New Fnglahl states he
reverse of this woutd be true Irf oro
localities because the earths ebelro
currents are not the same la all parts
cf Nv rn gland
Ta And ilia eot of the mD or
tote AJto jaLWj sVi
4mPmJ Wfen3
5jreTiiouisnoVfe5 lSwfea JvSSiSSt
Projected aud Donated by 0 A an 1 Mrs 0 A Parr for tin Highsr EdaonUon of 7oman
Dear Fir It Is with pleasure that I
submit the following urcouut of the
Drlgln and building of the new lollegn
for girls at B her man Texas honing
that Its establishment maj give an
Impetus to college building In Texus
and that before unulher decade shall
have jasset our leautlful tame SUr
state shall be dotted with similar In-
stitutions from the ten ltor to tho
About six stars ago after a long
and arduous term of labor as adjutant
professor of English and principal of
the ladles department In the Missouri
Htate unlvtislt my nervous system
broke down and I was compelled to
suspend my work Mr Curr accepted
a call to i reach at Hprlngfleld Mo
believing that the altitude of th jlato
would conduce to the restorallgn of
ri Zenith Urea thing the oione of
the Ozarks and devoting myself to
the recovery of m health I was noon
a new creature and l determined to
resume my irofesslonil labors
Like an Inspiration the thought
came to me llulld a colkce for girls
consecrate your life to It and leave
It as a bequest to the church I told
Mr Onrr of my hearts desire and
afltr praytrful consideration we ie
solved to dcote our united lives to
the wprV
I visited a number of tons and
Cities In Missouri Tenreee and Ken
tuckj seeking a desirable locution for
our college Aftei I had given a edr
to this work Mr Can went t Sher-
man Tex to conduct a series of meet-
ings Some of the prominent citizens
of Sherman having learned what we
proposed to do expressed n desire to
have our college located In tnelr city
A jroponlllon was submitted which
Mr Carr forwarded to me ut fining
field anl advised me to lok Into the
matter I came amurd at the lieu
nf locating our llfework In sml clv
lllzel Tcxhm Jtut I was Ignorant of
Texas and of her marvelous undevel
opend resources Hhe end litr gool
peoi le and her Incomparable climate
were a revelation to me After vis-
iting u number or her splenlll towns
after ascertaining that Jn the wide
territory of the stale the church of
Christ owned no college exclusively for
girls we determined to locate our col-
lege In Txas Mr Carr and 1 were
set king to place our best gift on the
altar and we believed that our
lego locaiea in tcxo woum reuouni
more to the higher education of women
than if located In Any stale In tho
union Heveral towns weie willing to
du nume thing handsome to secure the
college but Sherman being the school
city of the slate and having made
us the best offer financially we de-
cided to locate our college In Sher-
man and the beautiful elevation In
her eastern suburb overlooking an Im-
mense circuit of country as charming
ns the blue grass region of our native
slate in the chosen site
After about six months spent In wea-
risome negoilotlons with committees I
sjecteded In securing on satlKfat tury
conditions the privilege of selling
a planet on the electric currents of ft
loutllty and consequent on tho
weather long weather records are val
uable and tedious calculations are
I cxicct by January 183C to begin the
publication through the japeis that
us9 these bulletins of long range fore-
casts of tcmpciature and rainfall that
will be of vastly greater benefit to All
Interests than anything ever before at
tempted In this line
I am not writing books and am not
preparing to writo any The news-
paper Is tne best medium through
which to reach the public and my work
will continue to go out through that
medium Correspondents who enclbsti
stamp and addressed ev elope will al-
ways receive a reply
Hin iiMAM Dianiici cki5iuck
The labors tt the 8elm Closed
Wfcltesboro Tex July 3 The dis-
trict conference of herman district
Methodist rplscopal church south
cloned here tod a Bishop Joseph Kvjr
presided Filday was devoted to edu-
cational work Itey W r Llloyd
piesldent of lolytechnlo college of Tort
prth represented Ma college and
preached on the subject of higher
cation Itev J A Wyalt reprewntd
North Texaa Female college DVv I Z
T Morris of XrtXorth la here rep-
resenting the Methodlbt DepoM
tor itev J A Vaughn arrived In
time to get a subscription for the Meth-
odist orphan home located ai Waco
Sire 1urcell general oiganlzer of the
Woman s Parsonage and J loir Mis-
sion society Is lf with
tain lots around h chonen Colkgi
ramUt To el 60 lots ill J21H tuili
and to colh ct the payments wub tin
work to Iw atcomiiithed In oidei lo
secure the college u work that tv
inudel uinriiious rourigi hid unltiibh
will power and peiKisumn Wc tilicK
out the word full and utt of Its dt
ilvatlvts rmni our ucalniUrj mid ad
drvfrsotl otnst Ives lo th tusk
tiavOed In live dltfertnl stattsi and
timid the distinctions of the most in
tense i ultllcal excitement uud under
the i reesure of the bcvctest ilnunrlul
crisis the counlij hits ever cxpeilenccd
since 1437 wo completed tho wale or
tho lots aftir uuatl two longj iaw of
laboi worr and auxlvt Ineii nlbh
Ihe sacrifices that wo mudo und the
hurnlllatlona that we endured am
known only lo our own hearts und to
Ood Itut we cuunt them nil Jii anl
would mdurc ten fold moie If neeil bt
for we Iclleve that for the dear gills
that shall he eduiated here from gvn
iratlon lo genetatlon there shall woik
out a far more exceeding anl etunal
wiight of fclorj We ute building not
for ourselves but for coming gencia
tlons of uhls This thuuLht bus been
lioni the beginning our Inspiration ami
our strength und It were usehss to
fii that we donate the CAHU WH
DLTrjClIHlHllAN OLLl OP to th
ihuuhea of Chi 1st In 1 eu Is the mi
premest hiiulnma of our united lives
It Is tho child of our ndoptlMi and to
tta Interests so miuot to our hen it J
we constcrate the eneigles of fur re
malnlng years Ihe good imu uud
women who have wi generously and ah
pUiuouitlj coitpiiated with u to p
cute the consummation nf our heart n
dee 1 to win hav an abundant teward
Wo njolre that wu shall have the pi 1
liege of i cording their names In our
1cr Hlstor together with th
names of other tonset rated men and
women all over tho stole whoso him
llonrt aro coining routlnuously as the
advocatis of tin hlglui i lucatlon of
wontufi Ihe vltlory Is theirs bs well
ns ours nnd It perch is utm tho shin
lug steeple uf lu finest colli jte bull ling
for glrln In our lone Slai stale a
huttdln with nil the comfuilM un 1 Hu
nrM t tin t modi rn aixhlterture Ins id
nl ant Inferior to wne In the gicat
enuthwest lit tho llmttrl spate all t
ted Ihta announcement no a Uiuat
men t Inn iiu be tn le of thn wink that
created the rolUgo Ha hlstorj would
nil a olume whkh In due time will
be itihllshtd
Tin coLLrnii campuh
contains about right acres the Mnlr
part of which Is ornamental and luy
ground Outsi hi the campiiH we have
ample fruit and vegetable grounds und
our deep well now I elng con l rut ted
for will afford facllltlen for lrrlguttoti
that will enuble us to have froth tgs
tables the gituter part of tho yeur nn
unusunl feature In a girls Poinding
b liool
Is a two nnd lhreo ouarter story brick
whose Vails aro one foot and a Jiulf
thick faci d with the flneat Ht Ixmls
hydraullo pressetl brick wltlf Atone
trimmings and with massive stone
foundation three feet wide lall on
solid rock The walla and ceilings of
tin nllr hulldlntr nr of Acme oe
inent Its roof Is fire proof It Is htate J
by hot water with Perfect boilers and
1 erfi cllon radiators It Is lighted by
gas and eteottlclty and the bolkr
room and kitchen to whkh all fire Is
tlvea of thi various districts Dele-
gates to the next annual confeivnce
which tiiei at Jionham In November
are J T Uurgher J 1 U McKlnney
II IL Itobertson and C 1 Jacobs
li A flobertson and A O Nobloweie
lcted Alternates Tho next dlsltlct
conference meets at Whitewrfght
The Ftnnl llecrew Intrred
Phlcngo July 14 Judge luley has
entered his final deciee In the SturgUs
Psrwetl Texas capltol arbitration The
original decree given June il Is un-
altered except In finding as to the
amount J V Parwell on Blurglss
JH0 0O0 note This amount la changed
from JM3rT to J29 457 The objection
of Parwell to the dfciiton upon the
eighty Mai quelle lota was overruled
cuMiniiiiAii iiizt Mov
A llnppy livent it Ilrnfoii lllue And
Denton Tex July If Today was the
grand ex Confederate day at Denton
All the Confederates of Denton county
Wire the guests of Bui Ho camp nnd
preparations had been made fur a
grand commemorative love feast At
least 4000 ex Con f f derates anl ex
Tederala and their friends assembled
at the picnic grounds lion 1 M
Davidson made the welcome addroea
and music was furnished by the quar-
tette and tela club of Denton Col
Wm WoAds of Denton Introduced tti
the audience the orator of the occasion
Ctl S W T Iantmm who for nearly
two hours held the audience in eager
listening te the nwfcle words that
Zioured from the orators Uoa JUr
confined ah seiaratel from th main
1 art of the building by u Hull tf
wall i that we ion coiitl i u mm
10 oiu putt ns thut the lire t ni fu
tuic of our wtirxe Is s n I tual
ornyitliti allege in thi n at Mouth
vit et ut nil tire encAins arv ni
ldetl uud ait building Im vNUnsUe
tmndas n bah wile It huw niry
thrct wide siultwayit mil an i at r
cxtondlug from tU Hrnt to the third
flooi 1
The depaitments of musl nnt mt
itul elncutloii Are on the thud lion
Uur laigo art studio with its fin
not Hum sky llsht will ntuari pie
best siudtnts of the Houut ant of the
The wping roams or the tfnehers
and the mudonti are on the shmii J
iloi und ur thoroughly venlllaied
nitu wa i i vio in h di
rectly or kndincll gels th rvot Oiitf
brex iy Itjor Is kUi lied with
hot and lold laths
On the list floor are th recitation
mums llbtiir parlor prcsljrnta
suite ktichtn dnlng room etc
All the rot ma wilt ha furnished neat
Jy nnd artlsllcally Urn various depuit
inputs will b thoroiigiity eciulpred
und iverjthinr prjlilnlng to the col
kge will be new an first class
in shurt the bw t Ileus of molern
Hoiiod nrthtltrttirn and nudvrn seh6ol
furnishing are tmtxidied In our new
tJlUgf ihstluvd u4 wo believe It 1
to lu lie Assiir of the New South
This hamhmnie bulking s peifectl
ndiptd to nelmut purpose was plat
i ed b ilw elllcleiit architects Mat
thews U Clark cf St Iiouls and Its
tipcuoii was siuerild by Mr Mttt
tv ws himself
Then Is no reed of tie Southern
kill n going to Ihe rlimmuii cllmatu of
11k Norlli ftr hir elucitlm io receive
luKlcad pi ilmps a ruined oonsilluiloii
Ihe table an turning and the North
em girl will come to the Southern iol
leg wher her educational faclllthH
will it bo mrtrl r tf th tw in her
Noithont home and whirr her wholw
jtijflcdl being wll br nulrlt ned lu a
new mid dilltluus ImpplUtsK In th
balmy mt of our ncum uiable ell
hi thoroughly competent and exper-
ienced Wo have specialists In every
depurtmcut trained by tho host Past
em anl lurteni talent We lnvlie
a thorough fnvestlgallcn of the that
nctei or our building of the rimplete
nes of our rviulpmnt and of the
flflcUuov of our facull
Will latio rliue heptembtr 10 IStH
and nil the friend of tU colfcg rg
coidlally hulled lo be present He
duccd rates oh the lollriuuhi will
doubiliUs bo scured for thm And tlw
homes of Sherman will be oeu lo
help the vollege entertain lis guests
Parents wishing to secure rooms fc r
their daughters would do well to oi i Iy
at once for Already the looms uir be-
ing liseu mill and M
of Utters of inquiry fioin various lati
riceived dally This Is peih the
result of our having oiterd n w il
some prle lo one who shnll be
imtrumeiilnl ia ngir tw a mrtiiy
as five glrh fl plemir 10 1S3I
nor eitku I vim
Shfrmfln Texas
were produced rr6m bkl Irunli
and toxin ond all wcn frd J
After illnntr lhr nH
and hand ihaldw talkliw amon
oil ldler unci M frlnd o M il
eal owaklnir wa ollofd or Ja
I it It
permitted to announced even
wae otrtctff a day of reunion and en
loynwnt for tho old oldlera
mildlrd Utillel
Clarkevllle Ten July -
reached hero from Dlckiwn county thai
a body of mmked men took n ner
named William Bell allai Drew from
hU home loai nlirht cjrrylne 1 m Bt
the wood anl riddled him Tilth bul
Iota The netro ia a urnJrS
conxloled of one nuch trlme and
uepected of manyother
Par rrnuTlbe JIdillK rd-
This l what many a lierwm uf
ferer whehlmlf even day But
iako the J
of molropoliuu life If ll ner-
vous Invalid will betln and perIt In Un
uo of Hoeletler Stomth Bitter nleh
will apetdlly brln relief to a eak a
and ovemtrun ntrvou aJ
by day the body acoulre vr ttroufh
tho Influent uf th U reliable tonic aud
In the lumy whid U jMhJ
th nytein the nerve cnpJCTiouly
Bhare Sleep appetite
Uee are priVouled by ih popular In
ntiorant ami If lf5 r 11
doubt that th acilutlUM fcl5
and aerv quieiui win - r
rapkl ConatlOft MIWMnwJ ft
malaria nauB
crampa In Ihe uwich jlld loUiu
s A

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