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flCOTiTiu 4 fiiom tiiij mv ionic
i n
Leader 1 > lentiir Opera dim
S iBar r llow leooiiil nud Flar
fcew York Sept IS During the bus-
ies on the stock exchange toda >
89000 share changed hands of
Irkich over 23000 were of Chicago Oat
Tim uar 6200 neadinir 4000 d uiu
fiat MW > 8t Pau nnd S2W Northern
SfcJfla preferred The transaction In
exceedd 2200 ihares
other stock and
l reached only In L
that flure > elns
1 j and Ulchmond Terminal prerer
rj At the opening the trading was
jfclmoit entirely In Chicago Gas the first
f le of which wu at C9 12 a decline
I of 1 lS rom > esterdayB dose Tha
foituuro to cell was heavy and a fur
ftfier reaction to 60 18 nan effected in
Jibe early dealings The depression In
Kbe stock was ascribed to the reports
Wr rt jesterday of a prospectIe war
of rat and to Browing1 titrength of
Uia ojposltlon company hut there Is
itrontf suspicion that the decline
VU manipulated In the Interest of In
rtfders v > lw desired to acquire stock at
pguren below the pro ailing quotations
tf the recent advance This Mew of
the situation wan Strengthened by the
1gi J buyltiK t the decline on which
Elbe early losses were recovered and a
pin of 14 per cent effected on the
fry The stock closed strong1 Within
IS of the highest point reached gugur
fluctuated within a range of S4 per
ctbt Tho bears eeemed rather afraid
K0 go short on sugar over Sunday pos
sibly t urlng u squeeze of which there
talk the board Phlla
Htu some on
dtlpbla aelllng depressed Heading
which broke 1 18 on a report that the
itcehers would demand that tho un
ttdjuited claims ot the Lehigh ValUy
road for oer a million dollars must
be disposed of befom the reorganiza-
tion plan shall be acted upon The
aires closed weak at bottom figures of
the day Distilling rose 34 per cent
on the coerlng of a smalt line of
shorts recovering 15 when the buying
bad been effected with final recovery
c IS having an advance of 38 pir
cent The grnngers ebareu moved ir
rtjularly hi Paul was s < ild by London
it the opening auoaoqucntly by room
traders causing a decline of 68 per
cent without a reeoer > ltock Island
declined 14 llurllngcon reacted 1b lose
18 reacted 14 und stands unchanged
vi the da > Nurthucst gained 14
Cuadlan Pacific broke 2 34 per cent
en a sale of 100 ahares Northern lu
clfla preferred were heavy on salvo on
liquidation of a lunn m rnunt the stock
hiving been accumulated It is said
In the belief that a contest would be
made at the annual election which Is
now out of the question The stock fell
off 7 8 per cent with a final roll of
14 Consolidated Cla shone a decline
ell 12 Norfolk und Wostern 1 Louis
nlle New Albany preferred 78 and
Richmond Terminal prefened nud lead
W the other losses being in email
fraction AdrnncH were recorded
ttf J 68 In tobacco preferred 1 12 In
lUtnhtttan and C8 in lead preferied
In cordage preferred tho last wale va
it IT a loss of 1 12 per cent but 29
in bid nt the close Tho market be-
anie heavier In the final dealings and
Closed weak The movement In the
ii re market during the week was Ir
ritrular but the majority of the at-
tire lists show declines compared with
tie figures of Saturday a week ago
ugir being about the only notable
exception making a gain of 34 Per-
cent The stock which show an Im-
provement are mostly those in which
ths transactions are usually limited
Th todaj was iriegu
Jir but g nernlly weak for the nctle
Vsulb d inn of 1 per cent being
wordi a in Kansas and Texus t > eeonds
Jjlzao th and ills Mndy llrata Read
Iflg Diidfi preferred and St Paul
lud North Montnna Central sixes On
the week the market ha moved gentr
IUy In the direction of higher valueti
stuck Letter
I New York Sept 15 To I a Me
feck Co Tort North T > sTlio
future of this mornings stock market
u the earlr raid against Chicago
Gas followed bl sharp recovery on the
Intimation that liquidations hae been
t completed a number of stop orders
sere caught at decline and the chief
ttanliulator of the slock was dlstrlb
VUng bearish points although It was
tinted ho was picking up stock
through channels ha dots not usually
Sugar was kept on an even keel nna
the bears hesitated to extend their
lines It is intimated that the scat
Ured short Interest Is to be squeesed
next week as soon ns tho tock sells
1 Whisky was In better request and
ksdlng rommlstlon houses were among
Sthe principal buyers
Heading was diplossed on sales lor
FMladelphla account There was
on mlsapprehenilon that recilers
Mil Insist thnt the hew claim of the-
M V Khali be passed upon before the
Win of r organliallon Is announced
The granger wtre ntclected al
tthough room traders were inclined to
Hmmor St l aul while Cammack brok
put out fresh lines In Hoik tslsnd
f Tours truly V D
Total tales nf stotU
Sew iork Spt 15 The totnl sales
c st ks t dav were 78 rl shares ln
tlming Atthlson 10000 Sugar S 0
fWtllngton 1GO00 Chicago Oa 23400
plilllliTs and Cottle 1eedlng 6200
Ll nn and a llllle 6200 Mlnne
kjfolls and bt Louis 2200 National
a 300 Northern Pacific 3300
SgMSIng tCOO Illchmond nn st
fniV certlncates 2400 St Paul W
Weekly Hank Statement
Xew York Sept 15 The weekly
jUnk sttement knows the following
triaiiBM luserte decrease 31980673
> < na Increase 33 S85u0 specie in
ereis 3 0o legal tenders decrease
MsWo dpjslts Increase l28f4 W
Kula ion Incriase 3203100 The bank
ojf hold 859 953 700 In escess of the re-
tirements of the S3 per cent rule
eTlew of the Ioeal Money Slartet
by I a Melrsk A Co-
t fort Worth Ter Sept M0 ln
i to the Inclemency of the weather the
conditions thl week ay > not
V h tether kept up with those of Jast
k However the trade has by no
tens been unsatisraetorl and mer
U are ull > ery enthusiastic over
outlook for the fall business
Hankers demand
rep < rt a healthy
isoney flu mainly to the mow
> of ctton which is becoming
We liberal ai comparcl with Pjst
Mens whne prices seem rather
u t 5 J4c yet the Wrmers realUe
aL S fct leat avoid phrlnkagK
iil 1 > epu ftr
Mti reported as be
SJTK iSM Jn4 wPr fal n r
fact KFf y leinc m and
Sim i lhfr Is VerJ outside
i fi tldnt 10 On of people gn
Slyi A rKrd their prwent ne
msities Mechanics and all branches
or labor are
receiving regular em
JjTri at tbfra
of a aubatahtlal
character are eauig
P In
many quarters of our city and
the people a ra prosperous and pro
T ° F OMehtk Co Broken
I ouUMIIj and Nashvlll has baa tlio
Kt WBglar iome mock from Lon
aon There ii no queillon Of lhl rant
The stock Instead or golnr tnto a re
hand n had heen the case hereto
fore when I ndon has sold has been
distributed and Is in a considerable
numbe of names scattered throughout
the street The London selling lias
been duo to an Idea that the price was
high enough for a nondlUdrnd slock
when St Jaul a reasonably certain 4
per cent stock Is selling only 10 points
higher There a an Impression
Thursday night that the Grangers nero
temporarily oereod ahd would rally
yesterday This led nt least two large
ttrcover shorts In Chicago llur
llngton and Qulncy and St Jaul dut
Ing the day
London bought St Paul but orders
to sell If the price touched T Some
traders nho hae been long on St
Iaut sold out Mr Sage waB quoted
as talking bulllshly on Missouri ln
clflc The break In Northern raclflc
preferred was caused chiefly by Decor
ilon who had an Older to sell 1000
shares He found no market and ns
soon as traders siw that his order was
large the > held the price down Divi-
dends pajable today Lead preferred
1 34c Chicago llurllngton and Qulncy
1 1tc I i l4c
London 1 10 p m Cotton oil lS up
Tdke Shore unchanged Bt Taul >
higher Louslle and Nashtllle 3S
lower Erie 18 higher Union Tactile
18 Northern raclflo prerered 181
Heading 18 Atchison 18 lower
London sllter 39 8t
Tin 1iiMts Helen
New York Sept 15 The Kvenlng
rost in Its review of the stock mar-
ket today says There was some light-
ening of their luds today by specu-
lative pools w hlch resulted on the
stock market In a majority of frmtlon
al nt decline But there weie few
changes worth of special mention and
the dajs total transactions In the stock
mjrket were less than 7900 shares
I i ndon Mw k
London bept 13 2 p m Closing
Canadian rncWc CO 1Soi irle 18 1tc
Erie 2s 7 c Illinois Central SI lc
Mexlcnn ordinate 1 84 ht Tnul com-
mon CJ 34 New York Cential II 01
Vennsyhanla 53 38c Heading 11 lSc
Mexican Centrnl new 4s CO l2c
Xltrrlc Ilxporls
New York Sept 15 The exports of
specie during the past week were
Gold none slUer 518571 Tho im-
ports during the week wtro Cold
8189078 silver 313 < 02 general mer
chandbc 35 J05903 dry good 32254982
London Bept 15 Gold Is quoted lo
da > nt isutnos A > res at 2 20 at Mad-
rid 18 CO Lisbon 29 18 M relersburB
6p Atheja T Home Hy40 VlennaJOS
rlhe rirnrlliRS
New Yulk Sept 15 Clearings ISC
029 677 bulancia J0f274M for the
Week 31W 1W 13 balances IW70IJ71
c r Yolk 1ept 13 Sloolti and bonds
clokeo st Hie followiuic prices oldi
fi iteit states ds lemutrcd 1 > H
United Mates 6s coal on Hf1
Iilodblatos4s rOKiswrad <
I lilted SUMS ts coupon 01 Int ll
MissouHOs V
Atllii on4 > <
Atchison bocoml A J
Central Iuclllo llrsts of m bM JOSh
Denver and Itlo Orande r >
Denver and UloGrainlots iu4
altoston Hnrruburg and him Anto
Golvt ton ilarrlsburg ata faun Anto
Houston and Tesav i eftlral 5 Jo
llmiiton and lens CantralOs Iw
Missouri hntillil and lexns Ilst 4 > eO
MLouil Kansas and Joxas second
St luui c mi P W Vs S
stLoulsaid Iron Mountn geueraUs Wi
loxasaud IaollloCrsts 8J4
Texas aad Ijclllo ssrosilt
Union 1ailllu llrkts otlbjil JO
West blior 4s
Atchison Topsks and hanu Te
t outrnl Iuctlio
CMutLonnd Alton
tliliaso norllnoion and Qulnur
Cotion oil rcitttevtos
Delaware Iludsoo
Denver in J Itio oruniio nrerorroil it
Dutlllcrt and tatUo I oodera Wj
Illinois Conlral
Kansas and lexas pw
I akebhonj
Missouri DaclUo
Northern 1aclllc J
rthnestern >
Mirth western preferred J
IacWo Mam
Heading SW
Hlo Ul ando Western
Hock island
bt Isul prererrod
Suear rtflnory
Texas 1aciBo
lcntcsveofciwi ana irou <
Ulillid States Mlresv
abuli bt Louis uUd r ctilo
Parso exir is
10HJ <
Ucl s
Western Union VYii
Denser aad ltloraod
Houston and oxas Uentrat JH
art Goods
Neve Yort Sept 15Dry Ooods
There were a number of telegram or-
ders for moderate quantities of spec-
ialties but the general demand was
confined to requirements of an urgent
character As usual large sale vrr
Reached through deliveries on prcvloua
M Tases The tone of the market
PsTtwdy to iron and of th mur
there are no tovk
rrtntlni cloths are firm at 3o bid and
VSiiniKl Sales for th week wire
J 1lecei woek 06 Only IV
pieces of tl square
gt I jalsWnoI
gt Louis Sept 15 WoolQuiet tra
e >
on of Erin sold his wool to
Sil huV recently lie r
a Mlchlg 1 ders Faith an
marked w th amJ rrM w l
0l voted Jtw i0n tin rlnt
r begorra 0 t < Rtpubllv n
ticket next
iTTB OAZCTTE FOUT > ORTI1 TKC VJ Al oniirMHEH in xtttvej
wiuvr II < 1II0 > WAl AG1
mii nic
Uootl Ocitl nf fcvnliilnic un 1 > anK
lfnr urn tint tit 4tt OpvulnK >
Ctirn Opetteil r W nmt Cloinl
Lim > Ouf Uu Ft TliruitHUwul
Chicago lit Sept 13 Wheat opened
very weak December which closed
> csterday at 53 7Sc and that was the
bottom of a 3lo decline sotd a mo-
ment after the start this morning at
5Cc The corn market was suffering
from what tho speculators chose to
regard as very heavy receipts of that
article und tho NirthwesV reported ft
considerable increase In the number
of carloads of wheah at Minneapolis
and Dululh Those were the Influence
which inaugurated the weakness In
wheat here
A fcood deal ot scalping on long lines
came out at the opening and the chief
suport after that apepared to come
from buvlng agalntt puts and covering
against shorts The estimate that to
da > s liberal receipts or corn will be
repeated on Monday and ruvurs that
the receipts of wheat At Minneapolis
were likely to be 1200 cars on the same
da prevented any change In the
heavy feeling which has prevailed all
da The pi loo kept bumping on 68o
for December not rar from the close
and finally rested nt 58IJS6 180
Corn was weak curly heavy ull day
and limp at the cIobo It did not
however stll lower at an > lime than
It did Immediately at the opening
May orened at from 53 730 lo 63c te
covered to 63 l4tT5 38c broke off to
rV roso to 63 12063 55o tumbled
bark again to 6ftc and closed ot S3o bid
Oats were quiet throughout the en-
tire session A nrmr feeling was no
tlciable Influenced by a better dlspoivl
tlon to buy September ranged from
301So bid to 30 3Sc closed SO 3So bid
May started at tram 35 3Sc to 35 l2o
sold up to COo and closed at 33 343
35 780
The receipts of htcs at the yards
were nnl 9000 but he quality was re-
ported to be poor and the price from
10c ta 15c lower than on the day be-
fore The wenknes of corn an 1 wheat
gave the additional encouragement und
tho packers did the levt
lurulHlietl ly the fNlvrnton llviurt
foiitmlaolon luiuimn
St Louis Sept 11 Wheat 60 corn
56 onts SO 12
Karens Clt > Sept 14 Wheat
40 14 corn 58 oats 30
Local matket prices do not include
commission for iwelvlng or shipping
HeaV rains here anil at lllllsboro
this morning apparently general over
Central North Texas This weather
still checks the movement of grain
from first hands especially corn
Corn Iractloally nothing doing
owing to continued wet wealher
lrlces nominally 43 lo 45 sacked f
ii b
Onts Quiet 30 to 31 for fair to
choice f o b Texas points 29 to 30
fob Indian Territory points saiked
Ha Dull nominally 3160 to 3300
f o b Texas and Indian Territory
points for second cutting
Wheatrasy at 62354 basis Oat
Cotton seed 3700 f 0 b Texas
Knnvas City Bept 13 Private es-
timates ot tlie corn crop far In excess
of the government estimates caused
a Ktiod deal Of selling of futures in
Chicago with the result of a decline of
futures In rhlongo with the result of
n decline of 1 1tc In the May rrico
There was some teactlon from the ra
treme low prices Tin Hilling vvns
large by holdirs There was morn
long ccrn on the market competent
obecrvers said than herw has been on
any single day before in a long tlmp
Three ril estln att a were made public
this morning The Cincinnati lllce
Current said the crop would be not less
than 1400 million bushels and probably
ns much as itoo million bushels lSx
Pert Thomau who hex an Independent
lot of crop reporters makes the lei 1
1657 million buthels The Irslile
FttrmT whose estimates have or late
attracted some attention makes the
crop 1640 njITllon bushels Iheue fig-
ures In conecllon with John Ingllss
I ers1stency in claiming Hint the crop
is upword of liOO million bushels ere
ated a strong sentiment n gainst no
oeptlng the government estimates and
It Is probable that the majority of
traders today were inclined lo Ihe be-
lief lhat n ciop not very much below
last years has been raised This sen-
timent In ilsilf was enough to mnki a
vveak market The weakness was In-
terfiled b the Chicago estimate of
tomorowss receipts which were 425
tars That Is mure than double to
days reeHpfs The falllnv off In the
mnvel nt of onls was looked on ns a
sign that farnurc were liking advant-
age of the high prices to sell tlMr corn
and were holding oats to reptae Hie
corn The temper got Incieaslngiy
bxarlsh nil da >
Todnvs Cincinnati Trice Current
ses Ilalns are Improving pasturage
onlltlons maleilally The minimum
basis of corn crop calculations is re
cognised ns 700 million for seven sur-
plus states 560 million bushels for
fourteen Southern etats 160 million
budiels for all others aggregating
llfttl million bushels with chsnees for a
larger outcome possibly 1500 million
Car lot receipts of wheat
KC Oil St I Mns Dlth Tot
Today 85 IM 1 SI
Yoio l J 183 2W 287 433 1 2
Carlot receipts of
I g u To
Open High Low Close
Wheet No 2
Dctmber M 14 W 14 61 18
May t H IIH >
Delsmber 6134
May 52 78 83 1J 6J 73 u 18
Oats No S
October 30 34 81
May 35 38 30
Mess pork P r bbl
January 814 M 11 5
Ijird r r loo lbs
January 8 07 10
Itibs per 100 Ibs
Junuury 7 10 7 10
Cash close
tid September 80cl December 836sc
la 681tc
Corn Lost l2e on weakness ot Chi
ago and depressing foreign quotations
No 3 mixed cAeh Kk Heptember
1 tS Dcvember 41ct M y i0o
Oats Strofig NO 1 cash 31c Sep
trmben 3018C October 31 tfcc Ma
36 >
ltc Depressed ISO bid for No a
cash reguier
Dane No trading
Hi an Dull eaej C5c east track
riaxsecdllUhert 3131
Clover Stead 87J 8J16
Tmothy aocdPIrm M4i < 5 60
Hay Dull Drlme to choice timothy
Uutter Staid Separator creamery
JMrJSc gnod to choice dally 17U81C
Eggs Klnu 13c
Corn meal 31 tlMj C5
Whl ke3133
Cotton ties 46e
Hagjlng 612JT < e
Irovlelons Dasy very quiet
t > rk standard mess jobbing
ill 0212
Lnrd Irlmo steam 3SC312 choice
3887 13 drented meals and loose shoul
deri 30 60 long and libs 7 75 shorts
IS oo
Ua > n 1acked ahoulders 87 3 longs
S3 62 13 ribs IS 75 shorts 39 00
Heoelpts Klour 4000 barrels wheal
49000 bushels corn 8000 bushels oats
31000 bushels
Shipments Hour 7000 barrels wheat
2000 bushels com 1000 bushelsi oats
2000 bust I Is
Vew tnrk Irov lalins
New Yutk Sept 15 WhcitUecelpts
1S940O expoits 13100 sales CbOOOO
buthela futures 120000 bushels spot
Spot steady No J red store ind eleva-
tor 67 5Scj afiont 57 7 8c f 0 b 58 7Jo
alloat No 1 northern 81 l4o delivered
No 1 hard Ct lo dfl vlrod
Options OpenM weak and heavy tin-
der simpathy with corn large hotth
wcetern recslpts foreign selling and
small exports ftom both ooanla Later
there was ft partial recovery Willi corn
and the close was at l4o net decline
No 2 red May Co 1StiCl 3lCo ilosed
65 18C1 September closed 67 6Sc Octo-
ber ISJ6S lSc closed 68cl December
CO 1lCfltO 140 closed CO l4c
Hides Quiet wet salted New Orle-
ans selected 45 to 05 pounds 404 l2c
Uucnos A res dry 20 to 24 pounds
20 l2 < Texas dry 24 to 50 pounds
IS 120
Leather Steady tiepilock solo Hue
noa Alts light to heavy weights HW
lc Wool Steady dcmestla Heccs 1S
20 pulled SOUSu
1lK IronDull Scotch 318601723 60
American 310O0U13U
Copiier Firm lake 9 lc
l ud Quirt demand steady S3 60
Tin Nominal straights plates quiet
Cotton Seed OilStrongly held prime
crude nominal uff crude nominal cl
low butter grades 870880 choice sum-
mer > ellow 36c prime ellew 05o yel-
low oft grades 340 pllnie white 3 e4oo
Coffee Options opened steady al un-
changed pilcis to 10 iwlnts advance
ruled steadily generally firm on Ilurn
pean buying and advance at Havre
closed firm September at net advance
of 13 points and other months un-
changed to 15 points lower Sales 28 OoO
bags Including September at 13 4W
18 M October 12 Sofjfn 90 November
11 15 December 12 00fJ13 20 March
18 861118 9V May 18 80OI8 00
Spot Coffee Illo dull and iiomlnsl
No 7 a 1tc mild dull and slow Cor-
dova V ei9 l4c sales none
Bsntos Steady al 8 00 tela decline
gooduverago Santos 14100 rets rcuelpla
20 000 tags stock 32 OOO
Hamburg Stead prices unchanged
to 1ta higher
Havre Opened dull at ttte advance
closed dull at Vf advanoe tola sales
17000 bags wot
lllo v M rfai f H8 iWjtrrlsrCsV
change 10 l3li receipts 9000 lairai clear-
ed for the United States Bono cleurml
for Europe 8000 bsgsi stock 276 000
Won house deliveries from New York
yevterday H287 bags Neve Yolk Block
today 180608 United States stock 201
625 bags alloat for the tnlled States
23 000 bags total visible lor thet nlled
States 1SC25 bags against 223 817 bags
Sugar lUw firm fair refining 8 t 8c
ci ntrlfugal 98 test 8 S < tale none
refined quiet No 6 < 3864 l e No 7
l 7lCc No 80 3loc No
9 4 11604 lo No 10 49 3180 No 11
3 151CB4 1Se No 13 3 14 1160 No
13 3 51c otf A 3 7t 3 Stc mould A
565 3180 standard A 11160 7 c
confectioners A 6 71605 Sio granu-
lated 4 1S1606C cubes 5 11615 140
llvrrpiol 1roslslms
Liverpool Sept IS Closing Wheat
Stesdy holders offer moderately No
I red winter 4a 2 I2d do sptlng s
T l2d
Corn Dull holders offer sparingly
new mixed spot a HIM Iiiture
freely September s
easy holders orrer
10 l2d October 4s 10 l4d November
rfour Steady holders offer moder-
ately St Louis fancy winter 6s 9d
ljirdBltady holdera offer moderate-
ly spot 4ls 6d rotures roldors not of
Sorkralri supply poor prims mess
western 7ts M do medium 6H
Ileerrirm holders offer sparingly
extra India mess 77s Cd prime mess
HamsIul holdera offer freely
m co Btedy holder offer moder-
ately Cumberland cut 46s short ribs
42s 6d long clear 4S pounds Bl long
and short cl r 55 pounds 42s 6d shoul-
ders firm SJ
Knnsns rilr Irovlslons
Kansas City Mo Sept lS Wheat
rraotlonally 1ow r No l > nl
nA 4Ca
use No iu No
MC l2o No S red 46 J46 12C
Corn 112020 lower No 2 mixed
tofltle No S white 6236312c
Oats Vry weak No 2 mtxed S00 >
Sle No 3 while 81c
Firm 12e
liiittorBieady creamery l 023o
tlwlpt W1 > eat 48000 bushels com
pmem heat 16009 bushel
corn none oats 1000
> Vsfk Cotton Letter
New York Bept M < To V O M
Peak It Co Fori Worth TexLlv r
pool v ls the vulnerab point The
decline there was surprlstig tu It did
much to precipitate tha decline lre
lTlces dropped 1 points In Liverpool
and 6 lo 7 points In New York closed
steady here Bales C8 U0 Ilecnlpts at
porta werealso an element of weak
nesa being e tlmatel at 1 1 5 bales
against MM last rear On tho same
day in 1IW th wsr 19 1 sUwing
113 75 thtt the reclpts today were dosly
70 proximate to Hose ot the big croil
7 CO I year Houston Tex receipts wore
I over were 8450 against 3973 this day
slllng for lontr ao
si L M Irovllens last rear
S Loul bPt 5nour uIt and count tSS SS TSi
unchanged wesknes wblie the declln was also
WheatLost Mo on HMPpointlng n a Mwn due to Liverpool wlllojt
cables n4 txpoitaUou No J cash A I00d man stop ordir wisr caught
n tha way ilon The neathr at
tf KnitU was Bnerallj clear The
Oiinyilclf rvport toda I hulllsh U
nfils tlmt In Texas and numeroun
Ioints in tho Mlsnliwlppi > tley and
along the Gulf time ha bvtn too piutli
rain and damnge from tutt worms
rot nd Blii > ldisr U al claimed In
Jvoitlom of Tnnea AlaWmn rV
nM and Ml ijlppl whil picking
hnfl heen retarded by wet leather
lJertH ol dmihlleRs had this report
thj fint Ihlnp this mornlnc out la
norel l The dominant nenUmtut h io
Is ho bearish that J urone n HvhIihI
with 1 > Ir cron estimates fand ftwtable
crop re > oiis hut many consldrr the
rrlcet very law Cotton good ro fair-
ly flcihe nud hmi Pom ot the tak
Ions int wst was MftVd out today
anl nt tho samtt time the thort Inter-
est xtn vncouraifhiir by thi larner
crop moement of Ute Wlmt er
may tw said in raor o cotton therft
> cem to b no OouH thnt distinctly
bad crop reports und an otl und
trass tshert wl inaikft nr nsceMary
t rroeit a further decline Tours
truly frniVKNS A CO
I Irrrimol Cotlmii
LHcnnwl Sept J54 p in Close
Ootton Spot modtraU buslneeit prices
flsy American mlddllntr 3 SMM The
sales of the day < r 8VW bales ot
nhlch CM tvere for speculation and ex
poits and Included T100 American He
celpta none
Vututea Opened dull > UU the dc
mnnd freelr supplied and closnt qultt
nt tho decline American middling t
M C September 3 4 iJ 45CtJi 8 p
icmber and October S 4SttHfJ 43Ui
Vtober and > otmbrr 3 4M103 41Cld
November und IVwmUrS 4SCld teller
Utceiubur and January S 43 6d seller
January and February 4t Btd buyer
IVtmuri ami March 3 4 64d seller
March and April 3 4T0I4T3 48 Cldt April
nnd Mm 3 406U buyer May and June
3 MC4d sellen
Nrr Orl itits Cotton
New OrleaiH tJt M pt 15Cotion
JUsyj fairs npot 200 bales to unit
WO receipts S18 exports CJrent Hrlt
nln 377PJ wastwlsrt 3J loclc 303
rutUlca Hlftdj Vl 3930J SeplsnHnr
Bit October CliQToSU Notmbert
fiHpb31 ltnembr CS101U JAnnarj
C 411 13 February 64j6Ui March
csgom a pi ii chccJi ccsa
6 7Ct Julyi QT3 bid
ltrelit ninl lUpurlai
New YorW Bepl Cotton Net te
rdpts none sross SuO bale for-
warded VI aales 1C9 all plimrra
atitck K8027 Total todayi Net ro
colpts 18 m export to Urtat Ilrltaln
rn < 3 lock 141 T4 Total sluw Hep
Umber I Net reolpls 14IW export
to areat llrltnln 3UU to 1iame
to to thv continent Uti
er lurk ttilluti
New Yutk Hept OotlonBpot
clostnl dull und easy middling uplands
6 7S mlddlli8 iinlf 7 1So suliw 1U0
rutures Closed vteady saleit GJ1M
bale September t8 October 06T No
mber fi CI December o 03 January
fl T4 IVbrunr fl SO March 0 Ofl April
C i May 8 nn JunwT 03
lhllntlflphln IoIIiih
rhlludilplilu JSi Hept 1BOotl0n
Qultt mhldllna l4c low nilMltng
B ltci urood oidlnnry c 7se Net re-
ceipt nunc slots Hit bale mock
2331 balts
Mrii > U < 8lItii
Memihli Ttiin Hept 13 < ollori
bteady and uuchnnKed HillOHng
C l3o mI m IU bales lerelpts n
fliiltpslun Ciiltoit
Oaheston Tex Hp id fltum
gulet iiinMling 6 7lev salts U if
ctlpts 3t > U vitports nonv Mtuik B j2I
IIchuu IlTf HtinU
ChltiUjro Kept 15 Only 600 hrad of
hatlve cattle urrlVrd tind liad wnn al
moat ut a sinndstlll Thv tiud uf tin
supply fonslsiiMl of Suoo l xans nvHrl
nit of which went diroct to sluutritttii
ers Tho dfinand waMn IndllTertnl
for the laxutiM on aala and bii > k t4
bid a iN > iut Jower ill round Th > > f iw
small ttnlea wtre mad ut S3 AOtfl j
fur slrers und valvfta ntuund W 7
Ther Was no trade of ltnpurtiui In
notl8 steer tvv luts uC clioK bu
sleeiM went to ioo l butthcls uround
13 fcd uud cow and mlxud lots wer
luMed cried ov flWOt fctt Ubviul iv
oalpU wen ksiraliy prcdUtid tor
There va a itutnp of UV for all
cradea of how today Thu I0 > W frssh
unlvals and nuiv huldluics of about
t < W9 hiad provd too jTmt u burutn
for Ilia market liuyers weru not ea tr
and buslu
IiecelitsCattle SSI calves looo hots
llow sheep 1W
Kansas I llr I lie meek
l ans City Sent mCattls 1U
c ljit J0C0I shlnnenta tw > market for
Ijest stendyi others slow Teiae steers
MSI W oeet steers IJ75OC10 na-
tive envrs tUVKiS M stockers una feed
era 1 HMIJ0S
IIUBlleoellits 4100 lpnwnU JIM
market slow to loo Inner toll of sales
It woo oo heavies Jit raekers
is moow miied istowa iibi tvr
bheeprfoslPts W > shipments M0
market slow anil attadr itooil to rholes
illllvea it UtUtii ood to choice west
ems i25C Wi common Blocker II M
CJ M Kood to cholos lambs litlu
4 a
lnuU live slock
St lauls 8ept It CatlleJteMlpts
JOO shipments 1M0 market nominal
hftftUBeof lick of tnlppljr
JlotsRowilpui JIOOi shipments JIM
market SSo lower Ught buUher
rradu 15 fair mlaeil UtT 18j rot
ilium to fair rolled UtCSMi common
1004 ft
ltetp llecelpta 300 ahlpmeiitd nonit
market dulU Q < xx mlxttd ih ep and
iHnius JtMiSlO best Iamb lWlt
tncL MMtKiT
i IV in
Klste i > r
r ilie fear
for trudv at tn detllne e
draKRed from atart lu tinlsh tint modi Wt ut1
unsailsrootory inwo eral wiika loney
Mild to i8 60 but aihuj J MAhm
it pound hor
there wtre very few sales above 16 60
Unlit soria could be bought at IS 00
and Inferior urades If ltirht around
1500 Moat of the usual packing IiokH
were bought ut S75fl6wo und plain
Mb around CCO About WW hed wnt
over unsold The market ilosed weak
ond fiat at thobiff decline
In sheep less thrt 10 < jo head arrived
for todayi murket T re were many
lota of stale stock acnttered around
the pens but th y met with no demand
and wen nearly all left unsold The
only sale of Importance we that of
CW choice mixed Montana feeders aver
acinar M pounds which were taken but
by an Ohio feeder al 7tt A few small
Males of thin mixed shirt were mad at
31 S50300 Late salon of arood mutton
have beeu chiefly t SI Mai M with a
few extra duality at V IWt lambs
are quotable at I 7l 4 00 and fair to
rood grade at SIC0M3
Xort Vorth Tcx Bept
Trada fair rhe neatly all
Kbiplsi VrnvltlmiB
Moats Dry salt clear D t2c bacon
short clpr 10 l > 3 i bacon bellies
11 l < c dry salt bellte 10 ltc me
dlum hams 13c largo hams 13 l2cj
small hams 11 lSc breakfast bacon
13 1cn
l ar t Comround T J Ic pura leaf
10 1So
BuRnr Standard sranulatod t 3Sc
powdered barrel 6 34c pondered
half barrels c cut loaf barrel fi
8ti cut l f half barrels 0o jttiow
clarlfled 4 TStftck
Cortee Al buckles Arlosa ts 121
mUland S3 le Uon 13 lIo Alaroma
SI lc Trench market XS le XXXX
23 120
tlreeti OoffeeJly the ack pwd J3ci
choice 31c fancy S3 Mo pe btir >
31 lSot old itummneut Javi STot Mo
tha XTc
Illee Common 4 1tei i > rlmcl > ci head
rice do nen head IIT7 1io
Molaseollarrtd lota fanes ittcar
house Mo choice per ftallon Idofancy
s > rui per gallon 23 to 40c
Bait rich New Mackerel medium
No 1 half barrels S7 Rrti No 3 ioli
net kits S110 medium No lolb
l net
kits II S
11 cklea Medium barrels xSJIV m
dlum half barrels 33 00 small barrels
34 T8 small half barrel SI 00 tojiallon
kega 13 40 gallon kres lts pints
7tcj auarts tr dotcn 11 t5 hulr kiI
Ion wr doxen SI Ui Amerlean Eallon
per Ooten 300 Hexagon cation SltO
lhtnerlAl crallnn J5T3
Cheese Vaney full ci am singles
14 12CJ cholre full cream 3 lb It
3toi fancy full cream jounr Amerl
can 15c
rlmiF nnil flrnln
Wheat No 3 45c No 3 48o
riour lUBt patent II is per 100
pound hair patetiis II 30 third erode
II10 fontth grade fce Northern pat
ehts 12 W
Corn New ear local wagon lots
ibc per bushel
Oat Texa nut proof ear lot f a
b rort Worth 30o sacked BSo
tran Ter 100 pound Tort
Worth 5o
Jav Car lot f o Ii Port Worth
bfst Torney SlR0 per ton Mjt up-
land ISDOi aHaira loose lovnl 87 > 0
per lout loos prairie loial pir ion
38 00
Chon Corn and uata mlte1 per
ton SHOOt per 100 pounds 31 24
tlrnln iirl B mi it T lne
Cordaite Klsal rope hull hull bmili
7 l3ci ntanllla rope halMucti b U
cotton rope all slits lie uu i i isu
13c t > plv lutu mind 17 1St
IKo bushel oat bog R 1 Ao run
sacks Jm rutttf t 1 1V buil l v tu
sacks 0 130 Vounce wheat okUa
g i3a
Collmi nud UtHil
Cotton row mldilllng ft 3 lOe siil
low mUiailiur o 7lCo mltidiitirt t
llieoi sulci middling 5 11jg > goo i
iiiliJlinif 6 lftJOc
Wool Utfht medium Hki luw m
illuin tut henty tin COS
IuiiMrr u l Iuhm
1nuHry Old hens wi ihircii SJ ft
JtiOl priiig ohkhen pf tl en HC0V
XDO ioo tei per doitii 11 M tmkej
MVtst uubM i m < i
dofttm S3 oo fu p r ilovi I vjw
iCjf Frl wllhout c 17 13 >
tiUtesVl W J V sMU
ewutnaiy itiXKk
rroii eatiii > lr > > innl rrulU
V KelftWfrittbages par lb s 1 i
potatoes bOOIIVo er bu liel < it onN p i
lb 3 I P iltw hunt rt
I ItitiiaUw tier bushel iV win u
oh per doaun Uwl ro en t u
wr flsraen M iiil m ix i
half bushel brk > i un
OatAtjloaftu ctifiA W BLI1 bn
irruitr lemon fano uftJti i b >
SlfDtMAO irrnpf Cn inid 10 pir
ibnaUol III rn pt b nl tt tu
vat roniln p a t t
roltf in n i i >
Norihiin uppi n lUtl It liM
KrtlUll Ii t f i I H
atlfrnlu iiiusr l i t lb
iat > II M > f i t h i
Ji pound friil n 11 n t t r iU
grape 34 r ntui < r in i bo
Aid In HflMllI It
Kinm Vt i i i
Teat hi is mi l H i > > l i
Texas i nr II s v i
ful cyilin wl I li i
our ititttt n i n i 1 IT 1
irst 11 unit HWA Ml i
which we hnJ J is tu i
ly sratd At tin I i
> m nt or
tlon wa oud un I1 i JHWl ull of
which was lost < u nhiy nk > nu
to aid us to cn > t niith > r bulMInc an-
t ic llino now at hitn4 wh n Oir
luthool xlould b < < g n li I wtll liuoVn
that w cannot pisci upon the ntnilptt
Ncliotd wairam f > hny will brlnir
but little Kerid wi at you urn b > It
ever ao ainsll W h h pupil wml it
10 eent If Any one < 1hj will aid u a
Utile It all will b leonlved nlth JrraU
Itude from n nvfilful peoi le Adilrtss
1 l ftutnerlNnd 1rimipal Kmory
is llexerlheil lr n Neillea Writer
The teioilar old fashioned fever and
aixue or cMlls And fever Is tmlee1 had
enough hut far worse to hear Is that
Vlndred disease known as thronlo ma
Islla The old time ohlls and fever
would produce a distinct chill followed
by fsver slid swesllnr when the vlo
tm would have a respll of one two
or three Oay lit which to recuperate
and rraaln his courage uid strength
Hut not to with rorotile malaria rivery
day morning noon and nlK Mihronia
malaria will plague and lease lis vic-
tim with miserable creeping rigors
nasty cold swssis hitter issie ooated
tongue sallow skin loss ot apprtlto
twnftlaed menial faculUes heavy slu
ild Hstleuness and a host of similar
symptoms as Infernal as they are f sr
slstent not a day lnermls lon nor
an hour cessation Work Is a wearl
iom worry study sickening and sense-
less and play a rrosy Impossibility
The ordinary tiealment for malaria
Is not the least poislole use In such
eaies U only seems to aggravate It
Unless thoioush course < f Ieruna
Is lakan Ihe patient will s ek In vain
fur medical relief The effect of 1Ci
rufin is iiltasaut posltlvo and perina
Bueclno directions foe ths maty
runa In lhes cases van h obtained
Lv sendtnr for a free hook oil malaria
tiubllstied hy the leruna Drug Manu-
facturing Cotrpany of Columbus Ohio
ItelNff llespondent lie nbonls III
Wile < Mid and lllasrlf
Tacoma Sept A douhle murder
and Suicide was attempted early this
evening at HOT Bouth 0 street hy Al
bert MtJSchrcn who sho id wiH
through the head tired a shot at Olef-
in tie Klrl and then turned tho utapo
upon himself sending n bullet Qrfiejl
lu through b bran The woman wSJ
unhurt M Khnn wae fiiilly oul
ed but may llto untl toM ront TNjj
famljy came from 1ots itti a vtm
ago II U a locqinothe ftromn Vrt
ha been out nf cmplein nt for some-
time and hl dan > vn < Micy aas the
cause of the crime
After shoollnu hi vtf In ttirtr h
room Mclhr walked Jnto ih kCh < Vnf
nred at the child d tr n rcdja
bullPt Into Ms own head Tie bulet
passed through the wraps J cal
from Vindor one eir n d rf id
throuirh th oppnMI cheek Mlv e nc
put a hola clear thtough Ma ownh n-
and yet nftrrward washed hi pi
and anstseita qttestlrn b r b > inr
removed to a hospital
1000 PAIRS
> JL V uJ7
We have plaoed
in our north b1iow1
window a lino of
Soliool Shoe signs
Childs No 3 to
Mi3ses No 4 Yon
om buy choioe of
tho lot at
They are worth
50 per cent more
than we ask for
Sixth and Main Btroots
J Willis 1ieitD a luilwleii Jle
uahcsun Tea MUX WOftTH 1TX
Willi Hi neli ille whral cor tiaUirahair
I Ilillllnu I l ° collonM seevl ntwsu tit weal
teiil all cuiiuuloalteaAiiHd uai >
vr lu Foet VVarlU udloe Vfm scat
Its leleasaM ttr m t OUS1 p teo s
an consumnsv oil trletly a
i 1 mm lieu basis Wa har T1l41tn
liv o s run
rmrs e erl noe In lals tlllners <
whli h Willi our loeatlsn artj taclllttas
ehlle ts at all Umea to Uc shin W
m its or supplr th v iils of ths con g
snmtrs to test uesslW ilvanl rs
Yusr ortler ana oorrswrxMileiice re Ct
snevtrulv solicited g
Aud IaUls la Ik ealheiuil
Take lie SL LiiU Linitei
Setwran FOUT WO HTM DAItAfl Rt
iOUlS and lb KAHT Tlis illrccl
llaa lo sllpoints lo MliXICftHKW
mO snd CAIllOllNlA 1
Ttnrough 1uUrisii Uuffst I > ls4slnx Cars
etwesn Usllss t ort Wsrth sad bu
Louls sw Orissus and Dearer
ht x ouis ssd hsn rlanclsca
Offlolal Tims Oarcl
votiT vvonrn iikion dkiot
Slav > 6o > o
Ho 5L Lsste a m a nl
Noo M s ani
NoN lum
ho ill lio pm
3vo M I svtimam
Ko1 Arr 7iMpn
Na3 U ve o a
has Arr lODQpj
M r S al
No 9 mt pi
Ke 81 Arr 1 y ij
Tor reus llckels sad sll totoralalt
addrss ot yekytduMaMi l
apply or say try
Osol Issk Ticket A WL
JAKE K ZUUK O ty Tloksi Agent Foera
W A UABlltBUa T H AnOattaa J
U 8 lllOHNt Third Vloerresld a aa41S
Osneral Uanagsr Dallas Tela tgg

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